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  1. Darcin

    Go go gadget Targeted Advertising!

    • ZV

      Alt-Text “That’s an ice cream shop . . . I think”

      • dalonewolf25

        So does that mean that they’ll have to pass by a theme park made out of ice cream in hopes of a great escape to the Pet Palace or be sucked into the depths of frozen delights?

        *thank you*

      • Mika

        The Great Scoop? Right beside Pet Palace? We can only hope…

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Is it moral to advertise to cats? Probably, they are probably finicky enough to know what they want.

      • Darcin

        Couldn’t be worse than advertising to kids, I’d imagine. At least with cats, you can distract them with string.

        • Profesor Rod

          Go go gadget Ball O’ Yarn!

        • Chip Uni

          So THAT’S the secret to cat advertising!

          Who wants this string? Does Kitty want this string?

          Then COME ON DOWN to “Less for More”, your one-stop shop for expensive pet products.

      • Flexico

        “I used to think cats were finicky eaters, but they will eat ANYTHING. They can’t keep most of it down, but they WILL eat ANYTHING.” –Jeff Foxworthy

        • Mordark

          I resent that actually…

      • Argent Stonecutter

        The whole issue of advertising targeted to pets opens up quite can of worms. Especially for our bird friends! New, improved, with 35% more worms per can!

        • Frank

          LOL I’d buy one

          wait, are the worms also intelligent in this world?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            As is demonstrated by the farm arc, that’s not necessarily an issue.

            And you DO look delicious.

  2. AvanWolf

    Citty Cibble now? XD The C’s are getting all the fun XD

  3. Zaneko

    See, this is why I hate commercials

    • Aldon

      The cake(comercial) is a lie!!

      • Rocket Knight boy

        Because it is a spy! because IT IS A PIE!! (comercial)


          a Tf2 player? yay :D

          • Rocket Knight boy

            Team fortress 2 FTW!


            Do you have a steam by any chance?

          • Rocket Knight boy

            no i don’t sorry xbox guy lol

      • Frank

        Aren’t all commercials basically an elaborate lie? I mean, how often do you get a hamburger that looks like the one in the commecial?

  4. Wilford B. Wolf

    So, do we finally get to see the author of the Prideland’s books? (And watch Grape totally go fangirl on us?)

    • Filiocht

      Not that we haven’t already :P

    • Trefoiler

      I suppose you can’t discount the massive portion of the pet population we saw at the release of the last book, either. (So we might expect them totally go fanmob on us!)

      – (Being something we actually haven’t seen yet! Could be entertaining!)

  5. Alex M.

    Toymatix = Tomates D:

    Also good marketing work there, Unconvincing Santa.

  6. IceKitsune

    lol at Grapes reaction. More brand name that start the wrong letter.

  7. ReCreate

    Haha(and why does grape leave the tv on when she sleeps?

    • Zaneko

      Just in case they randomly announce the book signing of her favorite series.

      • Naylorfan90

        Of course! =D

    • Argent Stonecutter

      She falls asleep watching TV. Even humans do it, and they don’t have the mad sleeping skillz of cat.

      • Trefoiler

        Yep. Although- cats’ mad stoopid sleeping skillz be so mad stoopid they be noddin off at the beginning of whatever and still wake up when stuff gets real like this straight up Pridelands stuff.

        Stuuuff, son! Hardcore.

  8. Ken

    I can imagine the third panel with a “glass shattering” sound accompanying it.

  9. rtlstien

    Grape + New Pridelands book = Her at the front of the line with a bunch of knocked out cats lying behind her
    Max, and possibly Peanut will be joining her

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      And maybe Tarot, she might have read them by now or at least thought about reading them then looked into the future to the point by which she has already read them.

      • FinalSilence

        Didn’t Tarot say that kind of thing wouldn’t work, she would try and see the future of her reading the book, but then never will because it never will happen… someone help me out here… I hate explaining things…

        • Kamoku

          I think it would be more along the lines of;

          A: She would see herself reading them, in which case she would read them because of the obvious.

          B: She would see herself not reading them, in which case the conclusion would come up that she saw her reaction of not liking the books in the first paradox, thus creating infinite paradox’s that lead her to believe she does not like the books.

          …If this is at all comprehend-able.

          • Trefoiler

            It is conceivable, but only through use of rather excessive mental acrobatics, which is (as NykVarien says below) apparently extremely aggravating to the spirits.

            Although, I’m not entirely sure Tarot’s powers are actually spiritual at all. She is, after all, that extra-dimensional dragon’s avatar in Babylon Gardens. I guess that doesn’t necessitate her invoking her dragon powers in that she could just choose an avatar with inherent ability if she wanted… I guess.

            The rules regarding the matter are a little obscure, but I digress. It does create a paradox, because having read the books through precognition largely eliminates one’s motivation to actually read them… UNLESS one is preconceiving the future as it can be expected to form at the time of the vision! In such a case, having not read the books with intention to read them alludes to a future wherein one follows through on such intentions. Post-prediction, however- where both the motivation and intention is all but nullified- the psychic is not likely to precognate of the same future she had previously.

            It’s all just as ridiculous as the next theory, but maybe that’s what pisses off the spirits: Our cheating butts always changing our answers when we receive a hint. Messing with the natural order!

            FREAKING corporeals. >:(

        • NykVerien

          I think she said that she could do that but “the spirits really don’t like that”.

  10. ZV

    I hope maybe our bookworm Fox shows up in this arc…I miss him. :(

    • Naylorfan90

      Nah, I remember him and Bino talking about how much they “hated” the Pridelands series. So I doubt it.

      • ZV

        And then they admitted to liking it. :P

        • Trefoiler

          Rex did. Bino and Fox admitted to liking some of it. Like it was a total load… an excuse for a series… except for that one part, and that one character… and that other part, all those were awesome. The rest? Blagh!

          Or something to that effect.

    • Rocket Knight boy

      but we should definately expect some Peanut intervention!

      • FreakazoidVocaloid

        My vote goes to Peanut having a fight with Grape over who gets to read it first. Again.

        • Rocket Knight boy

          or peanut gets his signed but grape is too late to get hers signed for some unforseable reason lol

  11. Asteri

    sweet, we get to find out who the writer is!

    • dalonewolf25

      But we already know what she looks like, see?
      *shows empty hands*
      …I got nothin’…

  12. KimbaWLion

    Am I the only one who was under the impression only Babylonian Gardens had anthropomorphic pets? I know it has been said that pets are the same elsewhere, but I finally realized now

    • Profesor Rod

      No. You’re forgetting the Barnyard cats. |3

    • Naylorfan90

      And that dog, Rufus I think his name was.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      And the “indian” coyotes in the History of the World story.

    • Trefoiler

      I believe the non-canon record states that only ‘pawed(?)’ animals (cats, dogs, rodents, lagomorphs… uh… orders of similar inherent anthropomorphism) will share the form. Also, the court case mentioned in the A Sinister Shadow arc implies that the phenomenon is widespread, at least in the United States (or North America, the New World at large, or both the Old and New world and whichever other world(s) dare to be seen with them… at large) to the point of divergent judicial practice and notable cultural impact.

      ‘Course, its likely to be just as legitimate a phenomenon as, say… air. In such a world, I mean.

  13. BlueAnubis

    Punkin Latte Mochaccino Burrito… Santa got my letter!

    • Bobcat

      Urgh… I think my stomach may have preemptively put its metaphoric foot down and said ‘No, I don’t care if it’s fictional, we’re NOT eating that..’

    • Kakurady

      So it has no pumpkin, mocha or cappuccino in it; that leaves latte and… burrito…?

    • silverfang16

      So, a coffee burrito then?

  14. Z24

    Well, that’s the secret to wake her up!

    • FinalSilence

      Without her tearing out your throat! (Just don’t lie about it)

      • Z24

        Just change “Grape” to “Pridelands” XD

  15. Russiarules1

    Ol’ capitalism at its finest!
    I would love to send a letter to unconvincing Santa.
    CoD: Black Ops – Got it!
    12 month membership of XBox Live – Wanted
    Sweater – Wanted
    Some Russian stuff – Wanted

    Come on Santa, I want my presents! or Tiger will hunt you down like he did to The Grinch…
    Happy Holidays, 20 more days for Chrismas!

    • Russiarules1


    • BeatReaktor

      Why would you ask Santa? 2 words for you bro… Snatch and RUN! I used to do it all the time. :D

      • Kamoku

        D8 Such a bad influence! Lying to people like that…THAT’S THREE WORDS!

  16. Alan

    I just noticed that the sofa arm is lineless except for the third panel…

  17. xhunterko


    (i just typed that didn’t i? *hides in a corner*)

  18. CalaverX11

    That’s it. I’m renaming next year’s Con Suite at MFF to “WHODATHUNKIT” in your honor as guest of…well…honor.

  19. Pseudo Faux


    • Naylorfan90

      *starts to bring his half-naked lion poster out, but then stops*

      Wait…why do I have this…

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        oh srry dat’s mine *takes poster and walks away*

  20. Firewolf

    LOL May I ask where’d you pick up the “Whodathunkit?” For I have been using “Thunk it” on the IRC and forums and etc.

    • FinalSilence

      I thought it was a joke at Wataburger. Maybe I’m wrong… only saw those things at one place.

      • Firewolf

        I was just thinking (hoping) that it may have been more then a coincidence that I’m the only in the world I ever knew to use the words “whodathunkit” and then saw it on here. lol

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I’ve used whodathunkit for at least 30 years, but I don’t recall where I got it from.

      • Firewolf

        Neither do I. I guess some people are just born with it! =D

    • Frank

      “thunk” is in the dictionary: As onomatopeia, it’s existed since 1947. To mean “had thought” apparently comes from ALGOL 60 (yes, the programming language), where it’s bascially a precompiled memory address, because the compile already “thunk” about where that datum ought to be.

      As for when we went go from “thunk” to “whodathunk”, I have no idea. I started hearing “whodathunk” in 2002 in the school hallway, but if Argent says it’s been around for thirty years, I’m taking his word for it.

      • Frank

        I can’t believe I missed this one:
        “Who’d have thunk it of ‘im?”
        – W. S. B. Mathews, 1895. You read that right. Eighteen ninety-five!
        This means “who’d have thunk it” is older than “thunk” itself! (Whodathunkit, however, remains a mystery)

        Also, “went go” should be “went”, and “compile” should be “compiler”. Here I am, making fun of the inventors of ALGOL 60 for using, and I quote, “thunk, which is the past tense of ‘think’ at two in the morning,” and I can’t even do it in proper grammar

        • Firewolf

          So basically, to sum it up, you said (AGH! Smart Person talk! censor!) which means that some people just inherit the “Who’d have thunk it?” phrase?

          • Trefoiler

            We do inherit our dialects from those who raise us. Even if you live in, say, New England; if you are raised by a family from the northwest, you’ll sound like a north-westerner.

            Me, I have the northwest accent, but I do use terms like “quarter ’till/past” (quarter past five=5:15) and call soft drinks “soda” and not “pop”.

            As for thunk, I believe my family has used it for generations, albeit rarely. Whodathought is virtually synonymous, and sees far more use with us.

  21. Acefighter028

    haha that woke her up. I think that is a win for clever adverts.

  22. The Wolf Kin

    I was wondering how they’d drag Grape into Christmas. A new Pridelands book signed by the author definitely works.

  23. FinalSilence

    Finally I Got A New Stand! The Bets Are Open! This Time It’ll Be On Which Pets Will Be There And What You Think The Author Looks Like Or Is!

    Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    • dalonewolf25

      NOT YET.

      • dalonewolf25

        I bet 25 cookies that it will be Grape’s mom’s long lost relative…
        I also bet a cookie crumb that I broke something…

      • FinalSilence

        Why not?

        • dalonewolf25

          I meant to say it’s not christmas yet….

          • Frank

            I thought you meant we couldn’t be merry yet

          • Trefoiler

            That, and this particular subdivision isn’t zoned for commercial use.

            When you do open, do it further down the comments, or under a neighboring strip… or on the forums. Then you can take bets! :D


      I bet that every cat will be there, and that dog that dresses up like one (I don’t know his name)

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        Joey, Fido and Bino’s youngest brother

      • FinalSilence

        How many cookies?


          CRAP I don’t have any cookies, all I have are these useless 24k Gold bars!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            “SO, Saint Peter asked the Rich Merchant… ‘Why did you haul a bag full of paving stones up here’?”

  24. gaboris

    A commercial pointed at housepets… NOW I’ve seen everything. Of course in the HP universe that must be normal. XD
    I’m not good in understanding commercials, but this is a good trick. :D

  25. Rocket Knight boy

    lol at grape

  26. Foldo

    “Tired of feeling naked this holiday?”=> Wait, it’s a channel for animals? O_o

    • Trefoiler

      Well, there’s networks such as Lifetime… Spike… Food… Evangelical World Television… etc… Why not have a channel for animals?

      It could be called… Animal, uh…

      …Planet! Yeah!

  27. Squival

    “now that your cat is paying attention” defintly the best line of the strip xD

    • dalonewolf25

      Which will definately include Max’s attention…

      • Naylorfan90

        I just want to say that I love your gravatar. :3

    • Gabi

      Agreed. :)

  28. Salenstormwing

    New Pridelands book? Oh yeah, I get the feeling I know what all the cats are getting this Christmas.

  29. dalonewolf25

    Oh, the irony of Escape Cops in a great escape movie…

  30. T-Squared


    • Argent Stonecutter

      Wait, what?

    • Trefoiler

      -”Hold still… good. All better.
      Now, what made it pop out in the first place?”


      -…*sigh* “Hold still.”

  31. Ruu


  32. NightFox

    When reading it, I can’t help but pronounce the “Canine Cibble” and “Citty Cibble” as “Canine Sibble” and “Sitty Sibble.” It disturbs me slightly to read it as “Kibble.”

    I am too familiar with spelling.

    • dalonewolf25

      I think it was on purpose to parody the usage of K instead of C, when in fact, some k’s modify the pronunciation of a word that starts with C as well…
      Ex. City -> Kity (which sounds like Kitty)

      • FinalSilence

        Such as in… MORTAL KOMBAT!!!

      • NightFox

        I knew that, I just felt I must post that.

  33. FerreTrip

    Oh, Grape X3

  34. Hopper200456

    Ive been saying it for years now….SHE IS SOO CUTE!!!!!

  35. sonic id furreh!!!

    wut does the txt bubble under dey other txt buuble say :| ?

    • Sperkle

      It says MOOOOM!

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        oh…. ai wunder haow ai didn’t see dat :|

        • FreakazoidVocaloid

          Forgive me, I know this is going to come out wrong… But what the heck is up with your spelling? o.O

          • Trefoiler

            You’re not the first to ask.

            I believe (but I’m not entirely sure- could be wrong) the answer given for Aerix’s type was exactly this:
            “Ah sez it az Ah like it, nya! >:3
            And iz not speikin’ iz typin’. ;p”

            Approximately: “I say what I wish to say in the fashion I prefer above any other. [This may bother you, but I stand by what I have said and will not substitute my preference for another.]
            If we were speaking to one another, things might be different, but we aren’t; we are typing. [You may not have considered this, but despite how I may look and/or act, I do maintain a grasp on English allowing me to discern the two.]

            If I’m not mistaken, Sonic Id shares this philosophy.

            P.S.: I am fluent, but do no render regular translation services due to radical differences between this and traditional English dialects. For example, emotes such as ‘mischievous cat’ and ‘winking tongue’ can have as many as SEVEN distinct meanings, depending on the context in which they are used! To say nothing of how they interact with each other! Luckily, there weren’t any conflicts… this time.

  36. Sperkle

    Go figure Pridelands. Catches her attention.

  37. Rayne

    So are like no humans into this book or something. I mean when they released it at the store long ago there was only loads of cats.

  38. Trefoiler

    I couldn’t think of a better strip to welcome me back to the internet. Always good to see Housepets! is still going strong while I wrestle with a broken registry.

    I remember- somebody predicted this visitation after the last Pridelands arc. Surely, it would have been an example of downright creative irresponsibility not to open this particular can of worms!

    You’re my first Christmas miracle, Rick! Much love! ^_^

  39. FinalSilence

    Has anyone noticed Aerix kinda… disappeared? It’s kind of weird for me…

  40. xhunterko

    *trying something for the sillies*

    Welcome to Barlliad!!
    The pub at the centre of the comic!

    For your enjoyment there’s a bar, where the furreist bartender in the comic(not me, I dunno who he is the ferrets haven’t said his name) will mix any drink in the world -except- a Frying Pan In The Face smoothie (something about his brother and childhood trauma) so don’t bother asking.

    There’s a pudding-wrestling ring in the back, and a pinball machine with a broken coin box. The pool table is always racked and if you need some catnip, lift the table leg to the north, if you can find north.

    If you choose to imbibe, the standard denomination is the ‘Pun’, though you can run a tab for a good while if you don’t find it that punny. The bartender suggests an Orange Soda, but these days that’s near impossible to find.

    Have fun!
    *a post for posting any silly, nonsensical, meme-filled, and trivial posts, enjoy)

    • Foxstar

      Oh no.

      We have a fourm for stuff like this. Use that. The comment thread is not for this.

      • xhunterko

        Oops. Oh well, I thought that since it was a pretty common thing in the comments, why not collect it all in one place? But ahem, this is not the pub your looking for. *waves hand, pub dissapears in an smoky explosion, which left many shiny things in it’s wake*

        • FinalSilence

          Awww man… I didn’t get to order my Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster…



  41. WingedWolfGirl

    I wanna go to the mall, where we always end up wasting tons of money just so I can get a few scribbles in the front of that book I’m so fanatic about even though there will be tons of other copies, also having the writer’s signature, thus making it not valuable in 10 years!!!

    • FinalSilence

      Hey! My mom went through the trouble of getting my favorite authors signature in one of his books… not nice… of you…

      • LethalWolf

        Now, if only my mom could hook me up with a Deathnote replica… and mom, if your reading this, I love you!

  42. Sansash

    “Pet store?”
    “Yeah, like, I’m from Bob’s Fish Mart.”
    Pet Palace!”
    “Mail order!”

    • FinalSilence

      “I’m from the ocean”
      “Ahhh the ocean… AAHHH he hasn’t been properly decontaminated yet!”

  43. silverfang16

    How dare they try to sell what everyone wants!

  44. txteclipse

    The author’s a cat. I’m calling it now.

    Or better yet, a dog.

  45. Hoheh

    True fan reaction works a lot like that sometimes.


    This is one of those things where it’s so funny it cannot be explained to someone who does not get it at first. Either you get it and it makes your day, or you’re sitting in front of your computer thinking “I don’t get it D=”

    …but of course no one here is thinking that. Housepets! readers are all generally intelligent, just because they read this comic. This comic is magical. I hope Rick is proud of himself =D


      I know what your name is from. ELLIOT

  47. I Am...

    That TV got Grape: Hook. Line. Sinker.

    ‘nough said. ^^

    • Firewolf

      No It’s NOT ‘nough said! There is more! >=O ….somewhere.

      • Frank

        Uh… what do you do after that? Get a net? This is Grape we’re talking about. That honestly doesn’t seem like a good idea

        • Firewolf

          Man, you are logical smarticle person aren’t you?

  48. Hera Ledro

    See, now I’m starting to think that Pridelands is a comment on the ghastly phenomenon that is Twilight. Both seem to target pre-pubescent to pubescent cats (Twilight targets figurative cats while Pridelands ACTUALLY targets cats), and both have a fanbase that seems rather exclusive (Peanut being the exception to this exclusivity).

    Spectacular introduction to the arc, but it’s spelled “guarranteed”, not “guarunteed”.

    • Frank

      It’s pretty much any big-media best-seller series. Twilight has only been going on for five years, but didn’t become big until about two years ago. Before that it was Harry Potter (started 1998, became “big” about 2002) and before that it was… dunno… Pokémon? (started 1996-98, became big 1999-2000)

      Hmm… maybe the real problem is what literature had to become to wrestle the audience back from TV and video games.

    • FreakazoidVocaloid

      Nah, I think it targets a few actual cats. *cough*cougars*cough*

  49. The Wolf Next Door


  50. Nia

    Reminds me of when the last Harry Potter book went out and people went nuts for the openning nights

  51. Frank

    God, I laughed for five mintes solid! My classmates must think I’m a nutcase

    …more than they did before, that is

  52. NexusWulf

    Useless Advertise is Useless XD

  53. Argent Stonecutter

    And the mall security gets practice in herding cats.

  54. Hopper200456

    I guest noticed that she’s like me when I hear that Russtle T Davies is coming for a DVD signing….I can still dream…

  55. FreakazoidVocaloid

    Oh my fur and whiskers… So many throwbacks…

  56. Duskyo

    “Arc” the Harold, angels sing! =D