Disposition Of The True Artist

That’s it for this arc; Christmas storyline starts soon

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  1. dalonewolf25

    Napoleon Complex!

    • dalonewolf25

      Alt-Text: come on, this movie could be Sasha’s meal ticket…or gravy train!

    • lightwolf21

      Alt Text: come on, this could be Sasha’s meal ticket . . . or gravy train

      • lightwolf21

        Really? -_-’

        • AvanWolf

          Well, lightwolf’s was more accurate – there is “!” at the end.

          • AvanWolf

            no “!”

          • lightwolf21

            I even refreshed the page before posting it, to see if anyone else had posted it. O_o

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            but dalonewolf gots practice!… X3

        • Frank

          You didn’t count on someone posting it while you were posting it!

          • Skykitsune

            Apparently not…

    • Firewolf

      Secret (TINY) Text:
      “Dry Food brought them together…
      but kept them apart.”

      • Rocket Knight boy

        you sir have good eyes…very good eyes…holy trevor belmont! how’d you even read that!? lol

        • Frank

          Zoom in… plus a lot of practice reading cursive?

          • Skykitsune

            Not really, it’s not that hard to read. Although reading lots of small texts books might help…

          • Rocket Knight boy

            well i must have bad eysight then lol but to be fair it is VERY small

      • Argent Stonecutter

        “I’ve got a good feeling about this.”

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        fer dis… u win a cookie ;)

      • dalonewolf25

        That sounds a lot like Romeo and Juliet…I don’t know why…

  2. Ryufire

    Ooh I love the last panel!! ;)

  3. PrivateElliot

    What the…

    • Frank

      Who cares what the elipsis it is! It’s laugh-out-loud funny!

  4. xhunterko

    way to go shasha!

    • xhunterko

      every face is a new avatar.

      • silverfang16

        For the right people. I’m waiting for Fox or King.

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          ai took dis one *points at avvie*

      • txteclipse

        If you scroll down the comments reeeally fast, it’s like the faces are animated!

  5. AvanWolf

    Lol – well, there was the spec script…

  6. Alex M.

    Rock the SuperFerret Hero!

  7. Asteri

    commercial to movie…. that’s quite a big jump there…

    • Leinad

      it’s happened before. remember MacGruber?

      • dalonewolf25

        …that was a commercial?

        *i’ll save that confusion faic for someone else to take….*

        • Nohbody

          No, MacGruber started out as a series of SNL skits, then later was made into a movie like (off the top of my head) The Blues Brothers, Wayne’s World, and It’s Pat had done to them, for better and worse.

          (No, that “better and worse” wasn’t a mistake. :P )

          • Tom Flapwell

            Also Ladies’ Man, A Night at the Roxbury, Superstar, and Coneheads.

        • Frank

          Uh… what’s a faic?

      • enty

        Dare I say… Space Jam?

  8. Vespier Leo

    Well, this turned out better then expected….. when did they make that poster?

  9. ReCreate

    Haha, lol at that last frame.

  10. IceKitsune

    lol at the poster in the last panel. Rock seems to be rather pleased with himself in the third panel.

  11. dalonewolf25

    It’s official now…actor dog is now a character…

    • Alex M.

      Well Sasha looks very happy, so…

  12. Leinad

    the real question here is… who buys dog food on black friday?

    • xhunterko

      parents looking for stocking stuffers of course
      *did i say that right?*

  13. Snowmon

    Well, why not? They made an entire series based off a shoe commercial. Know what I’m saying?

  14. Russiarules1

    They made ‘Yellow Submarine’ (Yes, THE BEATLES ftw!) a cartoon series.
    Anyway, I totally saw this coming…

    • Snow

      wait..they did?

      • Russiarules1

        Yes they did and it was great…

    • Alex M.

      It was a movie and I already saw it.

      • FinalSilence

        “Help” was a movie too! I thought it was pretty good… although I haven’t seen it in about 3 years.

  15. Elwood Blutarsky

    The alt text is funny because Gravy Train is an actual brand of dog food

  16. silverfang16

    I…….would go see that movie.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      It looks like a chick flick

      • Profesor Rod

        The guy is hot… >_o

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          so id the girl X3!!!

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            just reread mai comment
            and ai realized it looks like i’m sayin “I’d”

            but i meant “id” as in “is”


  17. Argent Stonecutter

    It worked for the M&M guys, and the California Raisins, …

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      And Johnny English too…

      • Rocket Knight boy

        (if your talking about the british spy comedy filmstaring rowen atkinson) a johnny english sequel is on the way! my older brother was in london to comfirm this as he accidentally walked onto the set of a chase scene involving rowen atkinson being chased by armed gunman in cars while in a wheelchair lols

  18. Firewolf

    Yes! Yay Rover! =D
    Don’t you love it when Rock’s hair/head fur stands up when he’s all confident? =D

    • gaboris

      I can’t decide if his hair stands up on it’s own or does he use some hair gel in between panels, but I’m sure it’s funny. XD

      • Argent Stonecutter

        It’s cartoon physics. Like how being hit by a baseball makes your shoes and pants fall off.

        • Firewolf

          I <3 Peanuts XD

  19. ZV

    rock is quickly becoming one of my favz

  20. KHGV Defenestration

    This meal ticket makes it’s own gravy train – just add water! :D

  21. 2MK

    The actor dog looks like Dug.

    • Firewolf

      Was that an insult or compliment? Cause he’s on my top 3 fav list.

  22. gaboris

    So who would go and watch that movie? Raise your hands! XD
    I knew that this commercial would work! :3

    • Firewolf

      *Raises both hands eagerly* XD “HECK YEAH!”

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        who WOULDN’T see this movie!?! XD *raises both paw, the same as firewolf*

        • dalonewolf25

          *goes back home and waits until the movie goes on television*

  23. Firewolf

    Sasha + Rover x Poster = ONE MAD BINO! XD

    • Pokeblue

      Agreed. I had the same thought running through my head, I can somewhat imagine it now.

    • FinalSilence

      Then, when Bino sees the poster, he invades the set. But Rock happens to like his attitude and rage, which gets him put in the movie too.

  24. FinalSilence

    Sasha probably doesn’t even know what’s going on. She just knows she’s getting her picture taken. XD


    The next blockbuster will be based on a dog food commercial….

  26. Lycos

    Last panel appears to be ripping off Twicrap

  27. Nia

    An this is how Twilight got made….

    • Lycos

      Twicrap was made by some fat chick having a wet dream about a pixie and thinking it was a vampire



        • sonic id furreh!!!


          • madmoney

            plus why would they make a movie

          • silverfang16

            Fifth and beyond. They made a movie because there are lots of people that, for whatever reason, actually……ugg…..LIKE Twilight.

        • madmoney

          do u silver fang like twilight?

          • silverfang16

            You’re kidding right? I think it is about the worst series I have ever read.

      • Naylorfan90

        Now now guys, let’s keep this civil and on-topic.


          You’re right: Back on topic, twilight is a poorly written book, and the movie is a bunch of chinless emos staring at each other. Derp

    • Foxstar

      That’s enough about offtopic stuff.

  28. Kurra

    Sasha, totally not with the right expression for that movie billboard. XDDD

    • Frank

      And that’s why it’s so great!

  29. Mika


  30. Tom Flapwell

    Say, what’s with the red bar on Rock’s chest? It doesn’t appear connected to his collar.

    • Wilford B. Wolf

      That would be his “symbol” to identify him, similar to Peanut’s bone and Grape’s fish. Rick never draws any sort of connection, so they kinda look like they are floating. However, I’m not sure what the significance of the rod is…

      • madmoney

        no its a tag or a RADIOACTIVE SUPERBUTTEN!!!!!!! :D

        • madmoney

          or just a tag
          i think i over did it there
          i think its beces i am not as funny or a good speller :(

          • madmoney

            would it be bad not to feel sad now

          • dalonewolf25

            1) It defies the laws of Cartoon Physics!
            2) Your spelling doesn’t matter as long as it’s legible.
            3) Depends on the person…


            If you misspell because you’re doing it wrong

  31. FerreTrip

    Phew! I’m glad he realized that. Now if only other companies would realize that before making some of -their- movies…

  32. Yuki

    And again a picture of Cold.

  33. FreakazoidVocaloid

    Canine Cibble… the movie? Don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie based on a food.

    • Frank

      American Pie?

      • silverfang16

        There is no pie actually called American Pie. :P

  34. Half-moon


  35. Half-moon

    wait whats it say up in the corner of the movie?

  36. Fuzzypaws

    A dog in particular would love the heck out of a gravy train. Especially one that makes regular deliveries!

    • madmoney

      gravy is going wourld, wide, sell-out, make every little girl wounder why they wasted all there money on twicrap, movie!

  37. madmoney

    rick is the dog a new character

  38. NexusWulf

    i just can laugh ;D

  39. madmoney

    does rock have a mohawk?

  40. Sperkle

    Rock has a little captain in him.

  41. Sansash

    Is that a tear drop of sadness or a sweat drop of sadness (or exhaustion) on Rock?

  42. Inu225

    Movies based off of t.v. commercials is just begging for trouble.
    That’s how we got “Space Jam” after all.

  43. chefhalfnote

    Hey, I’ve got a question. What are those little lines on the left side of Rock’s face in the first two panels?

  44. Hoheh

    Wait a second… That looks way better than it should. He’s good.

  45. namelessone

    oh dear, ego

  46. namelessone

    also another christmas arc…sheesh hard to believe it’s been a year since the last Christmas arc with King…

    • FinalSilence

      Hmmm… I sense either a new character, or all the original cast will get together for some kind of hectic fun (Easter is the most hectic though).
      Also wondering how King is doing with his new family…

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Playing chess with the cubs? Oh, that was Peanut. King’s playing cache-and-seek.

        • dalonewolf25

          Your comment is difficult to explain. Explain to the public domain.

          • Frank

            On October 26th, 2009, Peanut taught the cubs to play chess.
            On July 19th, 2010, with Pete gone, the ferrets “adopted” King, and put him in the same house as the wolves
            On July 23rd, 2010, we discovered that the pups had met King, and treated him as prey (which would make him their cache)

      • silverfang16

        I think this will be hard for King, it IS the anniversary of his transformation.

        • Frank

          It’s also the aniversary of getting catnip literally blown up in his face!

          • silverfang16

            Can we assume then, that he will not be attending the GOOD OL’ DOGS’ CLUB Christmas party this year?


          I think it would be funny if Pete turned him into a frog or something, so that he sees the value of being a dog

          • silverfang16

            Pete can’t come back, King has finally found a niche!

  47. Rayne

    So does rocks hair like lift when he’s conifdent or sumthin.

    Please don’t tell me he has a super high power level or somthin

  48. HondaWhiteFox

    However this Christmas arc goes, we NEED to see King running down the street shouting “Merry Christmas!” at the end.

    • Frank

      It would suffice for him to tell one of the cubs “Hallo, boy. Is the prize turkey still hanging there in the Poulterer’s? Go and buy it and I’ll give you a half-crown!”

  49. Hoheh

    Rock has awesome fur.

  50. Kubulai

    Let’s have a show of hands…who would like to see a Housepets spinoff that revolves around the ferrets? What would you call it?

  51. Authur

    Random thought. I think there should be a Housepets platforming video game for no reason whatsoever. :D Other than fun of course.

  52. Aja Loughnan

    You are a very bright individual!

  53. Dede Surgeon

    You are a very smart person!

  54. Hoheh

    If you were a bulb, you’d be a bright one.