I Imagine Most Commercials Are Made Like This

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and that it filled your stomachs with food and your refrigerators with increasingly distressing odors.

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  1. dalonewolf25

    It’s a rick balloon!

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      i know it’s de best 2 put dat der X3

    • dalonewolf25

      Alt-Text: There was NO WAY I could make a comic referencing the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and not do that.

      • Silent Kitsune

        The parade was kind of bland this year :/

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          ai didn’t wach it so ai woodn’t no :|

    • Alex M.

      It’s a Rick cameo!

      • Frank

        “Look, mommy, I’m in the parade!”
        “Yes, we’re happy you could go to New York; stop rubbing it in already.”
        “No, I mean I’m actually in the parade!”

    • Dissension

      Ponbon Balloon!

    • Sleet

      That’s not actually Rick, but a character he uses for his avatar on the forum.

    • thewhitedragon

      I wonder if its related to a joke of that “rick rolling” on macy’s a few years ago.

  2. sonic id furreh!!!

    i think rock is was a little stressed ;)

  3. xhunterko

    happy thanksgiving everyone!

    • Silent Kitsune

      Happy Thanksgiving! :D

      • sonic id furreh!!!


        • Rayne

          Happy try to eat as much food as possible before your relatives do day

        • dalonewolf25

          Happy Black Friday, actually…Thanksgiving’s over!

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            …….. MERRY LATE TURKEYDAY
            PEOPLES XD!!!!!!!!!!1

          • Inu225

            What are you talking about?
            I’m still eating turkey with my family…
            well I was until I left the dinner table to go and comment on this comic.
            Any who Happy Thanksgiving! Or rather Belated Thanksgiving! (depending on where you live)

          • Kingisawsome

            For me it is actually 11:57 thanksgiving is almost over

          • dalonewolf25

            Okay, thanksgiving should be now completely over. Hope you guys had a wonderful time!

          • FreakazoidVocaloid

            When it comes to Thanksgiving, “the morning after” is never a bad thing. ^w^

          • BeatReaktor


            Yes it can be a bad thing! especially for me.. I got a little carried away with the drinks…. one thing I’m not giving thanks for is hangovers :(

    • LethalKitsuneWarrior

      I dropped a huge glass bowl full of yams…big mess, but kind of funny :D

  4. Rayne

    OKAY now I want a arc of whatever show that is cuz that little dude is adorable

    • Silent Kitsune

      I think Pokemon…. not to sure :|

      • Dissension

        To clear up any confusion, that is a Ponbon balloon. Ponbon is a member of a species called Danroo that Rick created for another project. It has nothing to do with Poke’mon. You can find more information in Rick’s deviantArt gallery.

        • Firewolf

          Iinspired by Pokemon though, you’ll notice early on drawings of Pikachu characters in his FA gallery further back.

          • Rick Griffin

            Actually the main inspiration was an unrelated chinchilla-like character that I decided to color yellow because other colors didn’t seem to work

          • Kingisawsome

            And there you have it

          • Firewolf

            I step down then. Apparently I was wrong…I love being proven wrong though actually, it is just another way to learn the truth. =D Chinchillas R Awesome! =D

  5. IceKitsune

    lol I love the Ponbon balloon I should have saw that coming. I can’t believe they lost the rest of the footage. I have to wonder how that happened?

    • Inu225

      I don’t know. I thought they had photographic memory. I guess it was never developed.

      • FinalSilence

        Or it had to be cut short for getting Sasha out of the suit.

      • Naylorfan90

        PHOTOGRAPHIC memory…never DEVELOPED…
        *facepalms, then stands and applauds*

    • Frank

      I think it’s more like when a kit tells his teacher he left his homework, lost it, or it got destroyed, to cover up for having forgotten to do it. So no, I don’t think they actually lost anything

      • Frank

        Uh, “kit” is a typo (or does the student eat his own homework?)

  6. AvanWolf

    Rick makes a cameo I see XD

    Also – “stock photo” lol

    • Silent Kitsune

      Made me laugh :D

  7. sonic id furreh!!!

    ai just wish de text bubble wasn’t over da buloon face :(

    • Silent Kitsune

      To use as a gravatar?

      And that was fast getting that new gravatar :/

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        yah i wanted to get this befor sum1 else did X3

        • Silent Kitsune

          In 3 minutes?!?! o.o

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            like speedy lightin 8-)

          • dalonewolf25

            before i did…

          • Snow

            yea we know that would haunt you XD

          • dalonewolf25

            This is where creativity comes in, though…

          • Frank

            I actually thought you were Rick for a moment. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea

    • Frank

      The solution is simple. Get enough people to request the pre-bubble version as wallpaper (I know I’d like one)

  8. Alex M.

    The stressed face of Rock XD

  9. Chip Uni

    *immediately buys fifty bags of Canine Cibble*

    *even though he doesn’t have a dog*

  10. Dissension

    Yes, that’s how they’re made.

  11. 2MK

    I wonder what the commercial look like in an animated video form?

    • iHavezMyBirdo

      I’d love to see that.

  12. Zlashdrive

    Awesome way to fit in a pokemon Rick!

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      that rick not ah pokemon >.<

      • Dissension

        Is Ponbon!

        • yarrofox

          Is Cute! With a capital C in fact!

      • Silent Kitsune

        Check his Deviantart profile :3

      • Frank

        Ha! Sugimori wishes he could come up with more characters like that!

  13. mathgrant

    This commercial makes me want to escape Canine Cibble.
    *runs away*

  14. BlueAnubis

    Bwahaha! Rock is so frizzy! (I assume it’s from him double facepalming until his nose almost went flat)

  15. lightwolf21

    I didn’t see the actor dog in this…is he there? (or is Sasha counting toward that, also?) Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade needs to put that balloon in next year…definitely.

    • Dissension

      He’s cutting her out of the body glove. You can see his hands.

      • lightwolf21

        *Derp* @_@

    • Silent Kitsune

      They dont believe in pokemon T_T

      • Dissension


        It’s not a Poke’mon.

        • Silent Kitsune

          Oh i fail then T_T

          • Leinad

            also, Pokemon doesn’t believe in you. so there.

  16. Zaneko

    I still don’t understand how see got into the suit in the first place

    • Silent Kitsune


      And gravatar is familiar… i forget :|

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        i beleve it’s from jaynaylor i think it’s de better day story :D

        • Silent Kitsune

          Oh ya now i remember :)

    • Naylorfan90

      Oh hey, nice gravatar! =D

      • Zaneko

        Thanks XD

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Rolled it on like a big sock?

  17. Russiarules1

    Reminds me of the time I did a school project, it was somehow like this…
    I got a 9/10! lol, I got a 9 and I didn’t even study, I’m awesome…
    By the way, I hope you guys eat that turkey or Russiarules1 will be mad >:(
    Happy Thanksgiving day

    • lightwolf21

      Thanks Russiarules1, I did have turkey and I *gobbled* it all up. lolz…. -_-;

    • BeatReaktor

      Thanks bro… except my thanksgiving dinner consisted of pizza and hotwings… nonetheless it was great! :D

  18. sonic id furreh!!!

    i luv de on-screen thing on de panels ;)

  19. HonorèDerazey

    Rock has a crazy hairdo in panel 8.

    • Dissension

      I’ve had that hairdo. That is the hair of a man (or ferret) who’s spent all night editing stuff for TV. Trust me on this.

  20. Firewolf

    FTW! If that baloon was in the parade, I might have not missed it. Hey! Here’s an idea for all you artsy people who CAN draw, someone try to draw a Housepets! Float! =D

    Happy Thanks Giving Y’all! =D

    • Frank

      You mean a parade car? or a balloon?

      • Argent Stonecutter
        • Frank

          That would make it a parade car. However, I’ve seen Macy’s balloons be called floats before.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I’ve never encountered the term “parade car” before, and I’ve never heard of floats being used to refer to anything but … well … the things in the wikipedia article.

          • Firewolf

            Rick made the ballon, now let us see that Float/Parade Car =D (What country are you from?)

          • Frank

            Parade car actually refers to a actual motor vehicle you can actually tell is a motor vehicle (little to no decoration) that appears in a parade. These are usually busses or trucks/lorries with people riding on the roof (more common when busses were designed for people to put their luggage on the roof) or convertibles celebrities wave from. By extension, I’m applying it to all motor vehicles appearing in parades, because I needed to describe a float by another name.

            As for balloons being called floats, see for example every single caption here: http://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Photo_Coverage_84th_Annual_Macys_Thanksgiving_Day_Parade_20000101 (cue “reporters are morons” thread)

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Reporters are always in season.

  21. Rocket Knight boy


  22. gaboris

    Okay that baloon nade my day again and that’s a big word after my HDD died in my laptop and lost all of my stuff so thx Rick… I’m such a wreck in my head cuz of it that I’m blabbering sorry. XP
    So in the end it did turn into an artistic commercial… don’ know why but if I’d get something like this between shows instead of those brainwashed zombies I’d rush to the store. START A REVOLUTION RICK!!!!! XD

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Backups are your friend. An ever present comfort in times of trouble.

      • gaboris

        Yeah I know now that I should’ve made some saves, I hope they’ll be able to get the data back from the disks so I can save them just for sure. :)

  23. FinalSilence

    Wonder if Rock wants to try and make another commercial :)
    Rock: Never… Again!

    • Z24

      Music Video?

      “Hey Daisy!”

  24. Kadziet

    haha, i had my thanksgiving last month :P In Canada, everything happens earlier lol, just like how the opposite happens in Soviet Russia

  25. Tara

    Aw, for some reason Rock’s ears in the last panel look REALLY adorable to me! :D

    Usually, it’s something I don’t even notice.


    Lolwut? Pikachu float?

  27. gagi

    omg … the last panel is hilarious  :) … i wonder how much better those leftovers would look :P hehe

  28. FerreTrip

    Interesting commercial…Just as vague and confusing as commercials ought to be!

    And AUTHOR CAMEO FTW!! I mean, seriously, the only thing cuter than a Pikachu float is a Rick float. X3;

    • FerreTrip

      Um…I meant “cute” as in “adorable”, ‘course ==^^==;;

  29. FerreTrip

    *Hits “Back”, waits for it to load, then notices something* Oh! Say, speaking of–Rick, is it okay that in panel 5, there’s no white in Sasha’s cheek tuft?

    Oh, and I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! ^_^

  30. Yuki

    Whaaat? That’s all what Cold is used for? Sahsa’s order is to cut through a suit?
    What a waste. XD

  31. The Wolf Next Door

    Maybe that could work… Nah

  32. Fuzzypaws

    Hopefully their ad is successful and brings in lots of new customers!

  33. FreakazoidVocaloid

    Rick, you egotist. xD

  34. LethalKitsuneWarrior

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Sasha has no eyebrows in panel 2?

  35. ReCreate

    When i first saw panel 0 i was like. Is that rick? xD

    • dalonewolf25

      *looks at you* *looks at the comic*
      *looks back at you* *looks back at the comic*
      Panel 0?

      • Silent Kitsune

        He means Panel 1… :|

        • Spheniscine

          He must be a computer programmer. :p

  36. silverfang16

    The commercial was a brilliant masterpiece, and for some reason made sense……..0_0

  37. victorzorro


  38. Hoheh

    Sasha’s so silly. Part of why we love her.

  39. Profesor Rod

    This is no AD… THIS IS ART! :D


    Dear Rick Griffin: I Just realized it’s the end (or close) To the end of this story arc, I think you should continue the King story Arc. Pretty please do so.


    • silverfang16

      You know, every time we go through part of his story arch it gets CLOSER to the end of King’s story arch. Think about that.



        • dalonewolf25

          He means that we should squish the juice out of King’s story arc so that we can grow more attached to King until it’s time for King’s story to end…

          • Argent Stonecutter

            None of the spirits has actually promised King that he’ll ever get turned back to Joel.

          • silverfang16

            What I mean is that if we go through his arch too often it will get to the end and we will rarely, if ever, see King again.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            King’s always got a place wherever cartoon animals are needed for light slapstick and humorous abuse!


          I think king is a pretty cool guy, eh gets no respect and doen’t afraid of anythign, (Gigantic Gryphons, white fox things, and Dragons excluded)

          • Foxstar

            No tired memes here please.

            And King just had a huge arc not too long ago. Other characters in BG besides the corgi.

  41. Sperkle

    There is nothing wrong with a bunch of random vids all put together to get a commercial.

  42. Hoheh

    He is clearly not lying.

  43. Jenniffer Germinaro

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