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Disposition Of The True Artist

I Imagine Most Commercials Are Made Like This

True Art Is Weird

True Artistry Comes From The Heartburn

Serious Business

Stage Hunger

Ron Howard Powers Activate

This one is rather different, though I have actually written two other parts that were quite a lot like this one.  I don’t want to give too much away, but I figured this one might have been the least crazy of the bunch, and it might still be a good story.

Based On A True Story

Advertising Power!

Tastes Like Glue

This is another one of the narrative sections; I think this was more successful than the last one even if it doesn’t go much of anywhere, but I still thought it was amusing.  Again, it’s a rough draft; it will have LOTS of typos.
If I have swaps like s for d at the end of [...]

And We’re Hopping, We’re Hopping

I Apologize In Advance

Now remember guys, this is very draft-like.  I thought I’d give you a taste of how bad my writing is when it’s just in draft phase.  The following is not all that funny, probably because I spend too much time meandering and trying to frame the situation.