So you wanted a larger version of today’s strip? ¬†Also comes in all-sketchy format

Discussion (13) ¬

  1. dalonewolf25

    The second one looks much better. Thanks!

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      ai right this looks epic O_O

  2. Chiry

    Epic, in the purest and most concentrated form.

  3. BeatReaktor

    Hell yes! (no pun intended) :D

  4. Alex M.

    I’ll take the second, thanks :D

  5. Kamron

    The all-sketchy one is classy as all heck.

  6. Chip Uni

    *run*run*run* from the scary, scary wallpaper!

  7. Falcon01

    both are totaly wicked! :)

  8. Alechsa

    My vote’s definitely for the second being the best… Max literally falls into it all instead of just floating on top.

    Also: I see him and Grape maybe not lasting much longer since she slept through his personal hell and may not be necessarily comforting afterward when she has to share his consequence for losing the bet.

  9. iHavezMyBirdo

    I have the 2nd one on my desktop~

  10. Final Silence

    In the famous words of Oliver Wood, “Please sir, can we have some more?”

    • Tom Flapwell

      You mean Oliver Twist. Oliver Wood was Harry Potter’s Quidditch captain.

    • Final Silence

      Sorry, started playing LEGO Harry Potter and that was the name on the mind. Right line, Right Name (sort of), Wrong Person