House Of A Thousand Nightmares

Well there’s a joke in the alt text, and it’s almost Halloween so it’s all in good fun

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  1. ZincChloride


  2. Ryufire

    This is purely AWESOME-SAUCE!!!

    • Surge

      Copyright COPYRIGHT!! XD jk

      • NexusWulf


        • FerreTrip


        • sonic id furreh!!!

          copyfreight… u mean laike ah freight-train :D

          • wery1345

            OMG ITS CTHULU!!!!!!!!

  3. dalonewolf25

    Whut? What happened to 8 and 9?

    • dalonewolf25

      Alt-Text: Well there goes life number SEVEN

    • Pokeblue

      Isn’t it the other way around? You know life 1 goes before life 2.

      Well whatever it is, I’m sure one of them was what caused that bitemark on his ear.

      • dalonewolf25

        Not if you’re counting down…

        • Gaboris

          Well let’s just agree on the fact that we’ll never know until Rick himself doesn’t tell us from witch way they count lives it in the HP universe. :)

    • Naylorfan90

      Does anyone else find it kinda disturbing that Max has already died two times?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Or six?

      • Jim

        Not really, after all, he is a cat. One that is supposed to be the most annoying cat on the neighborhood. Surely some dogs or cars would have take some of those away already.

      • Kamron

        Maybe he’s being haunted by his own ghosts.

      • Naylorfan90

        I just had a thought. If a cat dies of old age, would it go on to any extra lives it might have left? O_O

      • GameCobra

        i’m beginning to think that Max’s ‘lost lives’ wern’t from him dying, but rather being beaten on. this only happened twice so far.

        EX: The dogs that stampeded him at the dog meeting and the cats that pounded him for calling out a huge spoiler in Pridelands.

  4. PrivateElliot

    So That’s the Underworld!

    • Maikeru

      Or inside Max’s mind as its twisted into everything he fears.

      If there’s a difference at this point.

  5. Pseudo Faux

    Ooooh boy… how does one explain this to their shrink and still sound sane at the end?

    • Pseudo Faux

      Also, conserning the alt text… doe that mean he’s already experienced lives 1-6?

      • Alex M.

        One of 1-6 lives can be the reason of the bite mark.

      • Naylorfan90

        I think it goes like this: you start with 9 lives, so there’s your nine. Then if you die you lose a life, so subtract one, giving you 8. Then so on and so forth.

        • FuRrY321

          I think this is it.

          By the way, is that Naylor fan as in “Jay Naylor” of “Better Days” and “Original Life” fame?

          • Naylorfan90

            Indeed it is. Are you a fan too?

  6. Alex M.

    This is For Far my favorite strip
    Yay Surrealism!
    I think….

    • Alex M.

      I think i write it incorrectly, hum…..

      • dalonewolf25

        No, you spelled it right, but you have to replace “write” with “wrote” when writing in the past tense. Also, you could replace “For” with “So.”

        • FuRrY321

          Or “For” with “by”

  7. EHH

    And thus Rick finds a way to show off his other talents.

    • dalonewolf25

      He’s done this before…

      • FuRrY321

        *looks quickly back and forth at avvie and comment*
        Goes very well, I must say.

      • Final Silence

        WHERE??? I haven’t seen anymore of his work like this.

  8. Rojo Ninja

    That’s pretty dang creepy

    • KimbaWLion

      I was actually genuinely freaked out by this. Great work… scary…

  9. Filiocht

    Mmm, makes you kind of want to see the full works :3

  10. lightwolf21

    This…does not bode well. -_-;

  11. lolparty

    shut out the light

    • Naylorfan90

      Oh no…he’s been transported to the Alan Wake universe!

  12. IceKitsune

    Oh god Max is going to scared for life after this.

  13. PrivateElliot

    Well, Max belongs there anyway.

    *Gets attacked by Max fans*

  14. dalonewolf25

    THE EAR, RICK!!!

    • lightwolf21

      What about the ear? It’s mostly hidden.

    • dalonewolf25

      Oh wait, never mind, I see the really tiny crease

      • FuRrY321

        Did Rick enhance it? Because I can see it just fine w/o zooming in…

        And, darnit. You beat me to the avvie. Guess that’s what happens when you check the comic at 3:55 pm instead of 1:00 am xD

    • PrivateElliot


      • PrivateElliot

        Man I suck.

    • Rick Griffin



      • dalonewolf25

        You covered the left (or is it the right?) ear really well, and you even reinforced it with a little crease that a person would have to zoom in or get close to the screen to see it. However, I’m still holding your previous flaw hostage…

        • Gaboris

          Witch flaw was that, I can’t remember any… maybe cuz I don’ pay much attention to things like that, but still I don’ know. XD

    • Inu225

      Don’t give an EAR to the quietest fear of all.

  15. Ryufire

    Max is like “I must be on Catnip again yup that’s it WHOA”!!!!

  16. Hypergenesis

    Wallpaper! XD

  17. BeatReaktor

    been there man lol

  18. namelessone

    I have to ask, where do you come up with this stuff?

  19. Maikeru

    Wow… this is epic on so many levels.

    Its always interesting to see how a serious page in a light comic fares.

    This one fared well.

    • Rick Griffin

      I could have put the punchline in the comic itself instead of the alt text but it would have sucked the energy out of it

      This is one of the few times that kind of thing is acceptable, but I didn’t remove the punchline, just displaced it

      • Maikeru

        It obviously was a good choice. Perfect for a special Halloween Page

      • Gaboris

        And a great job ya done with it so kudos man. Keep it up. ;)

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Um, wouldn’t burning a life count as harming him?

        • scarvig

          probably not if he died by beeing scared to death!^^

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Yes, yes it would.

            Spookie’s gonna be in trouble with Sabrina.

          • Leinad

            PURE. TERROR. Rick, this is an excellent Halloween present. and i have to wonder, what exactly happened to lives 8 and 9? obviously, the ear is one of them…

        • Rick Griffin

          The alt text is not always strictly canon!

  20. Ryufire

    This is like Epic clip of the week or the year really cool! If there was a movie called Dead Pets Rising I’ll go and watch it!! :-)

  21. copper

    Whoa… trippy

  22. Whiskers

    bad trip! BAD TRIP!!

    • BeatReaktor

      I’ve had worse… much worse!

      • Snow

        was it the time when the purple walrus`s attacked you?

  23. Pokeblue

    Very creepy, but cool. It makes me so nervous to see the next strip.

  24. Falcon01

    Well darn, I didnt run fast enough!

  25. Dissension



    Also, poor Maxwell! *hugs the kitty*

    • ReCreate

      This.(all of it)

  26. victorzorro

    WoW awesome

  27. Fuzzypaws

    “GO INTO THE LIGHT” “NO DON’T GO INTO THE LIGHT” “Make up your minds!”

    • dalonewolf25

      Go into the light! They have better healthcare!

      • Alex M.

        Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies.

        • BeatReaktor

          I there! :D

        • Maikeru

          But all your cookies are stale.

          And peanut butter q_q

          • Alex M.

            No cookies are stale when you are a Gold Member.
            Join now only for $14.99 per month!

        • Rocket Knight boy

          but didn’t the darkside bet ALL their cookies on predicting how the comic will end?

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            do u hav proof -_-?

          • dalonewolf25

            exactly, we still have infinite cookies left

          • Argent Stonecutter

            You invoked the axiom of choice!
            You now have … infinite cookies!

          • Ilovehousepets

            Wait… did you say cookies?!?!?!

            (sees a blue monster comming over the horizon)

            O sh-

    • D


  28. xhunterko

    Epic, wow, epic.

    @alt-Text: HEY! Sabrina said don’t hurt him!
    (and I do believe it’s counting down. even though garfield counted up I think)

  29. Silver Dragon

    Why do these words sound familiar? …From a song maybe…? …Or maybe I’m just losing it…?

  30. Half-moon

    nice song!

  31. Beo Risfang

    Particularly awesome page. The investigative side of me actually started to look into the words that’re everywhere. ‘Shut out the light’ is actually the name of a Bruce Springsteen song about leaving home and not being able to return. Probably looking a bit much into it, but this could be incredibly scary not only because of the visuals, but because it’s also playing off of Max being a stray?

    I dunno, just thought it was interesting XD.

    • Naylorfan90

      Max is a stray?

      • xhunterko

        No, used to be. I think he lives with Bino if I’m not mistaken.

        • Naylorfan90

          Right, sorry, should have worded that differently. >_<

  32. BlueAnubis

    Okay, so I’m assuming there is a song in these words, so anyone have a youtube link?

  33. Desmont



    That is all….

  34. Icharus

    This looks like it was fun to do! Very interesting.

  35. FrostDemn

    Seven counting up or seven counting down..?

    • Snowmon

      Seven down… Two to go.

      • Maikeru

        Actually Rick didn’t say in what direction. All we know is its number Seven.

        Whether thats 7 Deaths, or 7 Lives left (well i guess 6 lives left) we aren’t sure.

  36. Severedevil

    …he is the one behind the walls?

    • Silver Dragon

      Nah. Already destroyed THAT guy.

  37. Inu225

    I stand corrected.
    Though, I still think it’s something I ate.

  38. Xuncu

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaang. SOMEone’s been tutoring Joel….

  39. Aerix "the Twilight" Spades Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

    Dood! O.o Max iz trippin’ hairballz man, nya! @.@

    • Gaboris

      Hoy man, long time no see. :D
      WHAT’S THAT tripping stuff everyone is talkin aboot? I heard it about a million times by now and still can’t figure out what it means(and belive me I’m supposed to be good in those things :p).

    • Naylorfan90

      Oh hey! Long time no see! =D

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        Sowwy, wus a bit 2 bussy of late, nya… “^.^

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          ai no u were busy but ai gotta ask……. wai do u stay off fer laike 1 or 2 weeks then come back on :? ?

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Well… Ah dunno… “^w^
            Ah do read every day, nya! ^w^
            Ah start every mornin’ screenin’ all-o-teh interwebz comics Ah like, nya! =3
            But Ahm way to tired when Ah come home from work, Ah got loadz of activeties nowadayz and Ahm realy startin’ ta get into teh fandom so Ah got allot-o-chats wif furs, nya… “^w^

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            ahh… dat makes sense -_-
            bee’in here at all is better that not at all :3

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Nyuhu, this comic iz way 2 fun ta leeb it unread, nya! X3

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            so tru! XD

    • dalonewolf25

      *notices you have your name repeated twice*

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        Sowwy, Ah corrected it, nya! “^w^
        Ah deleted all-o-mah interwebz-cookies, so Ah had ta copy and pasta all teh data, and looks like Ah made a mistake while doin’ tha… “>.<

        • dalonewolf25

          Oh, you’re fine! I’m just wondering how did it let you place yer picture even with the wrong username, that’s all…maybe it was the email or you have a fail-proof account…

  40. Lance

    wow. this was pretty darn awesome.

  41. Profesor Rod

    Max saw something he was not meant to know and went mad from the revelation.

    • Mukavich

      I wonder how many points of SAN he lost.

      • Final Silence

        All of them. (If there was any to begin with)

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      So he’s gonna end up being like Ed or Al from Full Metal Alchemist!? Lucky!

      • dalonewolf25

        Watch him somehow wake up with a full suit of armor too…

  42. Gaboris

    So much aboot not hurting him right?
    BTW Rick alot of us asks witch way do they count lives in the HP universe from 1 to 9 or backwards? Just wanna know. :)


    • Naylorfan90

      HMM… *looks closely* Is that a Nostalgia Critic reference there at the end?

      • Gaboris

        Ummm… ELEPHANT! … DANG that doesn’t work for me… -_-”
        Yeah, but just the “CAAAT!” part ya know, the DD+TZ was my idea. :3

        • Naylorfan90

          Hehe, gotcha. ^__^

          • Gaboris

            CHANGE? YA GOT CHANGE?
            Sorry I just love the bum. XD

  43. Argent Stonecutter

    Two down, two to go.

    (what happens to Grape and Marvin now…?)

  44. Rocket Knight boy


    • sonic id furreh!!!

      oh that waz urs? ai’m srry ai thot it was argents >.>

  45. Argent Stonecutter
    • dalonewolf25

      “You put too much, Mugsy!”
      Ahh, good times, good times…Anyways, look at the video around 4:00

  46. The Wolf Kin

    I’ve always kind of wondered if cats are Time Lords. It would make sense.

  47. Final Silence

    So after this will we keep hearing Max mumble “Shut out the Light, Shout at the Night, And Shatter the Glass”?
    That would make him a little creepy…

    • Sparro

      Followed by *glare at Grape* You’re SUCH AN ASS

      • Final Silence


        • Sparro

          It rhymes though! And if anyone might be behind something like that, it’d be Grape!

  48. Exranio

    I looked at this and automaticly assumed the words were lyrics to something.
    Probabaly not thought.

  49. Draco_2k

    Oh hey, this is just like high-school.

  50. Ilovehousepets


    That is some crazy stuff you got going on there.

  51. FarmMan1812

    I’d be having a lot of drinks after that.

  52. Crazy-8

    yes yes thats all fine and dandy…but…where’s Nyarlathotep?!

  53. Mika

    Not in cruelty
    Not in wrath
    The REAPER came today;
    An ANGEL visited
    this gray path,
    And took the cube away

  54. shyannethefox


  55. Sledgomatic

    Cool stuff, but still not quite as scary as ‘Elephants on Parade.’

  56. Corodan

    Turns out, when he lands at the bottom, and the worst demon is going to show it’s face…

    It’s Bin-, No, it’s gonna be like, Girl Scouts or something.


    • BlueAnubis

      I missed you, but my aim is getting better all the time.

      • Corodan


  57. Hera Ledro

    In my opinion, this particular piece is so packed with stuff that you could submit it to a museum of art D: Very well-done, though I wonder if those are cut-&-paste lines on Maxwell’s legs?

  58. Salenstormwing

    This is the supernatural version to the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    “I’m sorry, Max, I can’t do that.”

  59. Naylorfan90

    Dude…it’s Max Wake! Someone get him a flashlight and typewriter!

  60. hennessyvenom

    lol, wut?

  61. Stevie Maxwell

    Is it disturbing of me that I want to make this into my desktop wallpaper?

    • Chip Uni


    • sonic id furreh!!!

      not rally it’s pretteh sick lookin ;)
      dun wrry bro-ham ai got ur back -_-

    • dalonewolf25

      There’s a sketch version in the front page, if you want.

  62. Sharks

    wjhoa…. Trippy… Max REALLY should lay off the cat-nip for a while

  63. Z24

    There goes another bite mark XD

  64. Chip Uni

    …or he could have done this one strip sooner…

    by waking Grape.

  65. dragonnutds

    this is over doing it… you can scare people, but not like this. this is just cruel. i hope Sabrina gets her just desserts

    also any hint when we will see the celestreal role players again

    • Mukavich

      Maybe Max will hallucinate them.

      • Naylorfan90

        That would be awesome!

  66. Ironic

    Oh God…

    It’s Ruby Quest all over again.

  67. Tom


  68. tachyonwolf

    Don’t hurt him she said… I think this counts as mental pain!

  69. Ebahn

    “LIKEA Candle-Lit?” Oh god, the most evil candle-light in the known world!!!

  70. Kesarra

    Get out of my childhood, Rick!

  71. ReCreate

    lol, i just found myself looking at this while listening to the song “Trans-Siberian Orchestra – The Mountain” It’s so fitting. xD

    • Alex M.

      Well in my case i was listening Dancing Days of Led Zeppelin,
      I think the chorus suits Max on this situation
      “I said it’s alright, you know it’s alright
      i guess it’s all in my heart”
      Maybe its off point, but it suits me :D

  72. FerreTrip

    HOLY COW this is EPIC O_O Looks like SOMEone took the chance to get some of his artsy side off his chest X3;

    Nice poem, too…though I suspect they’re lyrics with the repetition…Self-made? Or where are they from? Regardless, they’re awesome.

    Overall, this is now one of my all-time favorite pages. Well-done, Rick!! ^_^

    *flips through the Tome* Okay, Recover Sanity, Recover Sanity…*looks up* Oh, I’m not looking to cure him of this right now thing, I’m thinking about afterward so that his owners might save on a few therapy bills.

    • Final Silence

      Quit looking in the Tome!! This will only drive you to further insanity!
      Oh, and there is no cure from the book about, oh letmethink, INSANITY!

  73. sonic id furreh!!!

    AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! DX *runs to hide in corner*

    • Alex M.

      Come here~
      WE have cookies~
      Come to the dark side~

      • Naylorfan90


        I will see your avatar when I go to sleep at night.

        • Alex M.

          If you have the same internal demons that Max, you’ll surely will saw them.

  74. FunkyChicken

    This is my eyebrows going supersonic from the speed of their leaving my face due to the awesome that is this page.

  75. Vespier Leo

    Foolish mortal, now take heed,
    Of what fate awates your creed.
    From beyond deaths door comes horrors untold,
    which twist the mind and chill the soul!

    Ha Ha Ha hahahahahahahahahah……!

    • Naylorfan90

      That sounds kinda familiar…

  76. :L

    Why was 6 afraid of 9?

    cuz 9 8 7! (o___o:

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      ai always thought it waz cause 7 8 9 :?

      • Naylorfan90

        That’s the way I always heard it. Hmm…

  77. Housepetsfan15

    Pure Awesomeness!!

  78. HonorèDerazey

    …Rick I know a great therapist if you need one…

  79. Mystery Ezekude

    Wow! This was all created using inverted pencil and/or pen? Very effective. And no, I can’t find a joke anywhere. I’m surprised that you didn’t throw in a cameo of Giygas!

    • Final Silence

      It’s in the alt-txt.

      • howlslikewolf

        The joke eludes me, too. “Well there goes life number SEVEN” (the alt-text) doesn’t seem like a joke. Is there a joke to do with putting the number seven in capital letters? Or is the joke the fact he just lost a life?

        On the other paw, the joke may be on me, trying to find the joke!

  80. BandwagonJumper

    wow, that’s some wicked artwork.

  81. Kadziet

    *wakes up* wow, scary *falls back asleep* zzZZZzzzZZz

    • dalonewolf25


      • Kadziet

        *grows wings in dream and flies across the meadow of contentment and the mountains of chocolate*

        • Naylorfan90

          Yes…because your avatar just screams contentment. XD

  82. Cyndaquazy

    Is the text from a poem?

  83. Argent Stonecutter

    Yeh, Rick, what’s the text from?

  84. WingedWolfGirl


  85. Mystery Penguin

    Obviously Max is going to be all “HOLY CRAP THAT WAS COOL!”

    It’d fit his character too well.

    • Sharks

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! I believe max to get a THRILL from being scared out of his wits. Makes me think of WHY he started this whole thing in the first place. A creepy old house on the night of all hollows eve, wanting and expecting things to scare him, and getting angry when there’s no bit of ANY sign of ghosts at all, I feel he WANTED to get scared, and this is exactly what he got.

      Now, the only question becomes, did he get more then he bargained for?

  86. CartoonistWill

    WOW. That’s just … wow. Nice. I love it!

  87. Crazy-8

    >Maxwell: go into horror coma

  88. T-Squared

    Oh nuts…! I have some perfect music to go along with that. :D

  89. Indagare

    It’s like he’s in the “Paraphernalia Wagon”!

  90. Frank


    I don’t think I can make any further comment than that.

  91. Greek Geek

    Excellent work. I’m just waiting for grape to sleep through it all and my prophecy is complete.

    Seriously creepy though. I’m not liking the dead look in his eyes.

  92. Raxki Yamato

    hope Max dont get scar for life O^O

  93. Naylorfan90

    Oh jeez…I just realized something. Is that weird face…thing in the upper left corner…Max’s life as it leaves him!?

  94. Hoheh

    No idea. Max is going to need a snuggle after this one.

  95. Firewolf

    Yeah um, I just found out the truth about halloween and was kind of freaked out at the Rated Rness of it all. So yeah, verry funny joke in the ALT text, but my Halloween humor is kind of totally dead.

    • BeatReaktor

      What’s Halloween?

      • Firewolf

        A Christian/Catholic Cover up for the most vile pagan holiday of the year. Children are “Sacrificed” every halloween all over the world.And a while back, The Pope moved the “All Saints’ Day” or “All Hallows Day” to November or October 31st to cover up the pagan celebrations that took place. Everything about halloween, all the way down to the witch riding a broom stick, has a sick Rated R (Comment would be deleted if I told what) story behind them. I didn’t believe it, but I watched videos of the actual rituals and…it was disgusting. I’m not celebrating Halloween ever again.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          What was the source of this documentary?

          • Firewolf

            DVD, and no, I didn’t stick around for the name. But seriously, look up what goes on on Halloween, It’s real freaky.

        • Kadziet

          i already know all about All Hallows Eve myself. It’s scary isn’t it. What people did on this day, but that’s in the past. I still decorate and dress up and trick or treat. I still do all that stuff. You don’t see me catching a kid and “sacrificing” it to something or whatever. This kind of stuff still happens today. I researched the supernatural and all that for 3 years. I have alot of info. I stopped because I found a new hobby and I got a PS3, but there are scarier things and things worse than Hallowe’en out there ya know.

          • Firewolf

            Dude, the scarier things are all ON Halloween. The worst things imaginable are done by witches and pagan folks on Halloween, when “spirits” are easiest to connect to. It’s still happens today, and the actual witch craft is spreading across Europe and America. It’s more freaky than anything I ever imagined, watching…yeah, it was bad. These were updated clips.

  96. Final Silence

    I’m Sorry To Inform Everyone In The Bidding, But My Predictions Were Right. Spookmaster Did Make This Difficult. Come Back To The Stand And Reclaim Your Cookies. Again, I Say, Sorry.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      No cookies, just π.

      • BeatReaktor

        I hate pi, cookies are better

    • Rocket Knight boy

      your gonna be at that stand for a while…infinite cookies is a lot

      • Argent Stonecutter

        If you apply the axiom of choice you don’t have to explicitly enumerate all the cookies.

      • Final Silence

        Your probably right… How does Spot (superdog) travel through time again? Was it a lot of spinning or something like that?

        • dalonewolf25

          He can’t. Instead, he proved it was impossible to stay in the same place. Now, since it did make us happy, I want my ∞+remainder cookies back plz thx.

          • Final Silence

            Okay, here get behind the stand, right where I’m standing, I’ll just scoot over and you can get your cookies.

  97. e


  98. thrasherblades


    background is killer

  99. BSQ

    *Random* I’ll just say I really hate the sunlight, usually only do stuff at night, have very distinctive fangs, and am really pale… I also I like walking rainy days on the beach P= (I’m not as gloomy as you think…)

  100. The Wolf Next Door

    Reminds me of this video at 1:30

  101. Free8wolfie

    Is this a real song(in the background)? if it is, can someone tell me where it is?

  102. Schirm-

    Great spooky stuff! Really like the line, “Shout at the night.” An aside here: Go on You Tube and look up “Swing You Sinners” and see the Max Fleischer version of this panel.

  103. Snowblind

    Max’s expression reminds me of Ed, Edd n’ Eddy