The Problem With Volunteer Help

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  1. dalonewolf25

    It’s the wrong team!

    • dalonewolf25

      oh, silly me. I was wrong.
      Alt-text: Remember to turn off the dry-ice machine doesn’t grow on trees

      …why the stils?

      • dalonewolf25

        Alt-text: Remember to turn off the fog machine, dry ice doesn’t grow on trees

        • Skykitsune

          It doesn’t?! Awww…

          • Leinad

            that is a very impressive fog machine. and also incredibly quiet.
            most of the commercial ones sound like a quiet lawnmower and only put out a tiny amount of fog.

          • Robin Bobcat

            Leinad – That’s ‘cos it’s a dry ice one, not a fogger. Dry ice will just make quiet bubbly noises, and has the advantage that is COLD so it stays low to the ground.

            And *MY* fogger puts out a huge amount of fog, with only a quiet hum. My cellphone’s vibrator is louder.

      • Alex M.

        Ghosts dont have feets :D

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          yah and apparently these 1s got stilts ;)
          … stilts are fun

      • Frank

        I think it’s just so they stick out from the “fog”

  2. Ryufire

    Poor Silly Wabbit! lol

  3. Repicheep22

    Boys and girls of every age,
    Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
    Come with us and you will see
    This our town of Halloween!

    • Naylorfan90

      *stands up and applauds* Well played, sir.

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      this is holloween!
      this is holloween!

      • dalonewolf25

        Pumpkins scream in the dead of night

        This is Halloween, everybody make a scene!
        Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright
        It’s our town, everybody scream
        In this town of Halloween!

    • Frank

      Okay, now I’m starting to wonder where holidays come from

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        original name: hollows eve
        reason:….. sumthin ’bout scarin away ghosts an’ ghouls……….. ai think

        • Kume

          it was All Hallow’s Eve when it was said the realm of the spirits would open it’s doors to therealm of the living. parents would dress their children up as gouls and goblins to fool the “real” ones and keep the children from being taken away.

          ….. if I remember it correctly.

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            yah sumthin laike that :D !

        • Frank

          Okay, I know where this holiday comes from. I was paraphrasing Tim Burton who raises the point of where holidays, in general, come from.

          November 1 = All Saints Day
          October 31 = All Saints Eve = All spirits’ night (be they good or bad) = the night when ghosts/deamons/etc come out.
          People wanted to scare these supernatural beings away by showing them something scarier than themselves.

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            so ai sed all those words fer nuthin -_-?

          • Frank

            Well, you did make a pun… which is now making me wonder what hollow logs have to do with the date

  4. Dissension

    This is too awesome for description.

    The Bigglesworths are epically creepy in an “I don’t really care about this, why am I here?” kind of way.

  5. Alex M.

    Zach have a heart-break D:

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Zach have a heart attack. I hope they know CPR.

      • Alex M.

        Bunny CPR.
        I didn’t know that we can peform CPR on bunnies, that’s new.

  6. Fuzzypaws

    Zach’s expression in panel 6 is completely awesome. Panel 7 is fun too *giggles*

    They really went all out on their little competition! They are playing with fire though if any movie ever is any indication :3

    • Alex M.

      Just love the eye twitch

      • BeatReaktor

        Surprised no Avvies of it yet

  7. IceKitsune

    lol the Bigglesworths suck at this they just don’t care. And Zach is so easily scared.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      He’s a rabbit, aren’t they the poster child for jittery in the animal kingdom?

      • Erkhyan

        Merely scaring baby rabbits is enough to give them a fatal heart attack. Just saying…

        • Argent Stonecutter
          • Profesor Rod

            “Check to see if their heart is beating. Check for a heartbeat (pulse). A pulse on a rabbit can usually be felt in the central artery of the ear. A femoral pulse (inside of the rear leg, towards the top of the leg in the groin area) can sometimes be found but it is not as easily located as on a cat or dog. If there is a pulse but no breathing, continue to perform mouth to nose resuscitation at the rate of 1 breath every second. If there is no pulse, begin CPR.”

            mouth to nose resuscitation…

            WAIT WHAT!? XD

          • Argent Stonecutter

            CPR through the nose or through both the nose and mouth is fairly common for small subjects such as animals and human infants.

  8. Sperkle

    Aww poor Zach but what a way to go.

  9. Hypergenesis

    Take five guys? But you’re already five sillies! X3

  10. Gamerkitty

    oh noes! its the ghosts of utter confusion!!!

  11. dalonewolf25

    Wait, killed which one?

  12. thewhitedragon

    daaaang poor zach, fainted.. so cute!

  13. Snowmon

    Fainting Goat!

  14. dalonewolf25

    Apparently, Zach wins if he stays unconscious for the whole night. ;)

    • Pokeblue

      If that’s the case isn’t not impressive, but it is clever. Can’t exactly run if you’re out cold.

      • Pokeblue

        BTW, I don’t mean to sound mean with that statement.

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        isn’t that a double negative? ;)

    • xhunterko

      Hopefully Marvin doesn’t run easy.

      • BeatReaktor2.0

        Hopefully he doesn’t faint that easy either eh?

        • Secrettraveler

          They may actually win if he faint as easy……

          • dalonewolf25

            Nah, I don’t think Rick would allow it to be so simple…would he?

  15. 2MK

    What are they going to do next?

    Putting him to bed so he thinks that it’s a nightmare?

    • Kamon

      that would be funny

    • WingedWolfGirl

      And then he wakes up staring at a statue that’s sticking its tongue out at him.

  16. Elwood Blutarsky

    Zach finds the most akward time ever to give someone a new nickname…

    Bonus points for the smokey “SCREEE” in panel 2 when our quick bunny puts the brakes on fast.

    • Firewolf

      Bonus points for even seeing it =D

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        do ai get bonus points to, cuz ai saw it….. or can ai just trade those bonus points for ah cookie :3?

        • Firewolf

          Fair ‘nough. *hands you a big cookie* =D

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! *noms on cookie*

  17. Tendo

    I’m really starting to like Zack, poor guy.

  18. Pokeblue

    Poor Zach.

    Man, the Biggleworths are so creepy like that, especially since they’re practically identical like that.

  19. Z24

    He’ll wake up, and call the police (loses the bet) XD

    • BeatReaktor2.0

      police would arrest for trespassing… trust me I learned the hard way :/

      • Z24

        Seems like ghost-tacking time XD

  20. lightwolf21

    Lol. Oh, man. The ‘eye-twitch’…so classically funny. X3

  21. Alex M.

    How the Biggleworths managed to get their eyes have no pupils?

    • dalonewolf25


      • dalonewolf25

        They probably wore contacts…

        • BeatReaktor2.0

          ya that sounds like a good explanation

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            yeah, contacts can do magical tings ;)

          • Manix

            speaking of contacts
            any one know were i can buy red eye colored contacts?
            i need em before halloween>_>

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            ai recommend the interwebs :3

        • Rocket Knight boy

          nah they used fine lead based paint to paint their eye’s

          • dalonewolf25

            …they’ll die then, no? Or go blind? Lead is something you really don’t want to have in your eyes…

          • dalonewolf25

            …and if they did, how can they still see?

            Implied Logic: Powder maybe?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            They’re not really cartoon characters.

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            u guys… ai think he just jokin :|

          • Argent Stonecutter

            This is no joking matter. Some juggalo might read this and really do it! How would that feel, being responsible for a blind redneck clown?

          • dalonewolf25

            E|:O *gasp* Who would do such a thing? And wait a minute…THEY’RE REAL?

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            yah… wait u thot they were ah myth!?! XD lol thats Hilarius

            but that would just be dumb ai mean even ah juggalo isn’t that dumb

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Yes, jugallos are real!

          • dalonewolf25


          • Argent Stonecutter


          • dalonewolf25


          • Final Silence

            Utterly Improbable!

    • Alex M.

      Maybe Tarot or Sabrina teach them how to make their eyes white, psychics do it a lot.
      And they look like aliens to me, especially with no pupil eyes and almond shape :)

      • dalonewolf25

        Grammar Nazi!
        *Finish or break the first sentence
        *”no pupil eyes and almond shape” should be replaced with “no pupils and almond shaped eyes*

  22. dalonewolf25

    Wait, where did the pupils go?

    • lolparty

      Colored contacts?

      • Dissension

        That’s what I was thinking.

      • dalonewolf25

        Maybe…now Zach is one of them

        • Argent Stonecutter

          That’s eyes-roll-up-in-head-and-faint.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            No, sorry, it’s pinhole-pupils-and-faint.

          • Secrettraveler

            Yes for the latter, you can see two needle point pupils because of sheer fear……

          • dalonewolf25

            I know, I was just expounding on the thought that since the avie is small, you can’t see the pupils; therefore, he’s one of them…

        • Frank

          Though this does raise an interesting point: what if when Zach wakes up he’s all covered in the same white powder?

  23. Inu225

    @ Panel 4, 5
    Zach killed them?
    lmao :D
    He wouldn’t even hurt a fly.

    • dalonewolf25

      Like I said, which one(s), though?

      • Inu225

        Some guy named “Me”.

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          ai think u mean he COULDN’T hurt ah fly XP

        • Inu225

          I’mu sorri I speaku bad Engrish.

          • Frank

            You do realize Sonic is making a joke… don’t you?

          • Inu225

            IDK :1…
            Either way couldn’t sounds much better than wouldn’t.

            Coulda Woulda Shoulda

          • dalonewolf25

            I thought it was:

            Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve, but you didn’t…

            Meh. There’s 6 ways of saying it, all meaning the same…

          • Inu225

            Ok. What’s going on here. I feel like I’m being critique left and right.
            “I think you mean couldn’t” “You do realize she making a joke” “Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve”

            AH RAH NAH BLAH BLAH!!!
            You guys are messing with my head. 0_o?

          • dalonewolf25

            ð.O You broke my brain again…

          • Frank

            “He wouldn’t hurt a fly” means that, even if a fly deserved getting hurt, he would not want to do it.
            “He couldn’t hurt a fly” means that, even if he wanted to hurt it, he’s physically unable to do so. The joke, thus, is that he is so physically unfit, rather than lacking the desire to hurt the fly, he lacks the ability (speed and aim) or strength to do so.
            (Psst: Argent that’s your cue to complain about explaining jokes)

            And just for the heck of it: “He shouldn’t hurt a fly” means that there’s a specific fly which musn’t get hurt for some reason (say it’s really some million-dollar camera) so it would be best if he didn’t hurt it even if it deserved getting hurt.

          • Inu225

            I’m just going to sit in the corner of my room, curled up in a ball, rocking back forth as I whisper softly to myself.
            (−_−#) (find my happy place… find my happy place…)

  24. xhunterko

    Now lets see what those woodland critters are up to. If anything. So, wait, now who’s job is it to scare Marvin?

    • Frank

      I’m pretty sure Grape carrying a blunt object will suffice :D

  25. copper

    Zach is the only pet who would have that reaction. Any other pet would either run screaming or laugh the bigglesworths away.

    • Frank

      Oh I don’t know. The effect is pretty awesome in its own right. I can’t think of anyone now but, I wouldn’t say Zach is the only one.

  26. BeatReaktor

    This… Is a trip

    • WingedWolfGirl

      And it goes

    • xhunterko

      Wait, I don’t get this, someone fill me in please?

      • Frank

        I think it’s the typical “This”, short for “I like this” or “I agree with this”, but to avoid prompting people to create a sentence beginning with the word “this”, he put “is a trip”, but it prompted WolfGirl to create a sentence just the same.

        Or do you mean you don’t get today’s comic?

  27. rtlstien

    I think I’m just going to call Marvin ‘Marve’ now

  28. Clairvoyant Legacy

    I lol’d

    • BeatReaktor2.0

      I cried

  29. Ryufire

    Hm this strip reminds me of the haunted house in Super Mario World :)

    • Kamon

      you don’t mean luigi’s mansion do you

      • Ryufire

        Nope! The classic Mario game!

        • Frank

          The Ghost House? Isn’t there, like, a dozen of them?

          • dalonewolf25

            I think he means the Secret Ghost House that takes you up into heaven… *Fly Mario, fly!*

          • Frank

            If Zach were to wake up some place that looked like heaven, that would really be a scare

  30. Falcon01

    Classic scare!

  31. Lance

    *eye twitches* *fallls over* haha, of course he would faint that easily. XD

  32. BeatReaktor2.0

    Zap!.. wait, whats his name? zach? I lol’d hard XD

  33. Firewolf

    Oh my gosh, Housepets is the only comic that can make me truly LAUGH OUT LOUD! =D I cracked upon reading this =D Score For Rick Griffin, and score for the Mr. Bigglesworths.

  34. Tara

    Aww, I love his little eye twitch in panel 6 and his cute feets in the panel after. xD

    Poor Zach

  35. Final Silence

    We should all learn that Zach does not run in fear! He just faints.

  36. FurryNerd

    *squeee* I love his face in the 6th pan, it’s like, omgwftigtdohmgitiwmigtfn* *thwump*

    *Translation: OMG WTF? I’m going to die, oh help me god, I think I wet myself, I’m going to faint now. *thwump*

  37. Rocket Knight boy

    what?……no Bigglesworth Avies?

    • dalonewolf25

      Don’t tempt us

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        ai got one :3

        • Rocket Knight boy

          twas only a matter of time lol

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            but ai changed itz :3

  38. Mr.0

    poor zach he’s just to easy to scare

  39. Salenstormwing

    Oh come on, I could have told you he was going to faint. It’s just what he does. After all, there’s only three things that are constant when dealing with Zack: Death, Taxes, & Fainting.

    • Frank

      Apparently, Zack is short for Zachariah (many spellings) and Zach is short for Zachary. So, where’s this Zachariah which you speak of?

  40. Argent Stonecutter

    Yep, Zach is Costello.

    Panel 1: “HEEEEEEY ABBOT!”

    • Frank


  41. Pogiforce

    Funny, the focus is so much on Zach I almost forgot the initial bet was between Marvin and Max.

    • Frank

      Weren’t we focussing on Max/Grape/Sabrina last week?

  42. Gamerkitty

    Jut wait till the real ghosts show up and scare everyone but Zach.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Oh. Oh. Oh. Yes.

      And Zach wins.

      • dalonewolf25

        Not really…if everyone leaves but zack, it becomes a stalemate…

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          y- you mean laike in chess :? ?

          • Gamerkitty

            oh im sure Xach wont run at first but i have a feeling that it will still be a stalemate by either a real ghosty showing up and scarring everyone…or the house just happens to be the vacation spot of the ferrets when they feel like dressing up in white sheets and yelling “boo” for no reason.

    • Frank

      But wouldn’t that mean Sabrina was wrong?

      • Gamerkitty

        Contrary to popular belief, sometimes cats can be wrong…not me of course, im always right. However there are a few that fall from grace and don’t exactly land on their feet.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Sabrina didn’t know about FedEc late night ectoplasmic deliveries.

  43. GameCobra

    Zach: Can’t sleep. Cats will eat me. Can’t sleep. Cats will eat me.

    • Firewolf

      Zach: *rocks back and forth*

    • Frank

      Unfortunately, that’s a realistic fear for an average rabbit to have

  44. chris wainwright

    poor zach …… the bunny is gointo need meds if this keeps up ……. or a shrink … :)

  45. FerreTrip

    Poor Zach…That didn’t take long…^^;

  46. FerreTrip

    BTW, if you can look at your screen the right way, under the fog, THE GHOSTS HAVE NO LEGS O_O

    (Not like I’m telling ya to go back and add ‘em, Rick, ‘cuz I know most people won’t look, but just sayin’ X3; )

  47. sonic id furreh!!!

    rick all mighty overlord:
    for this… u get ah cookie.

  48. Xale

    Um…Dry ice isnt what makes fog machines produce fog. They use vegetable (soy) oil, a liquid, that gets heated up and then expelled from the machine in fast vapors to where it mixes with the air around it.

    I should know this, since while I have been a professional pit-orchestra and orchestral musician, they’ve had to supply me with an oxygen tank while having fog machines around, because I cannot breathe in the vapors, due to it making me go into respiratory distress. Try playing 8 bars of music, putting on an oxygen mask to breathe in during the time the director actually gave you to breathe (two bars, usually), and then playing another 8 bars until all of the “fog” finally settled to where I wasnt breathing it in anymore.

    Anywho, point and case: Fog machines DONT produce fog from using dry ice in them. They use Vegetable (soy) Oil. Do some research. :3 It never hurts to know.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Cheap fog machines that people use for halloween parties use dry ice in a bucket of water.

      • dalonewolf25

        Ya, they sometimes even put it in a pool to create an even greater fog and a cool swimming party. However, I wouldn’t suggest going too close to one of the actual pieces left of ice, though…

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          or dry ice in ah 2 liter bottle of soda with laike… an ounce of water screw on the cap, run and take cover ;)

          • Leinad

            you watch mythbusters, don’t you?

          • Argent Stonecutter
          • sonic id furreh!!!

            umm.. y- yah! sure that’s were ai got the idea

          • dalonewolf25

            Or…you can make a hole in the ground, put the dry ice in a two-liter, and you’ll feel the ground vibrating…

          • Alex M.

            Ok first: How he touched the dry ice without having severe burns, and speacilly without having no gloves or hand protection.
            And want a bigger explosion?
            Use a airtight container and some water, when the CO2 starts to expand it will make pressure and will blow up completely.

          • Alex M.

            Oh almost forgot ALWAYS use termic gloves or you will have severe burns from the cold.

          • dalonewolf25

            No you won’t! *wink* ;)
            …fine, however, don’t you need to be of legal age to buy it?

          • Alex M.

            You can say that it’s for school ;)
            Or you can make your own dry ice :)

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            or if u thro it in a pool or sumthin it will freeze ibto ah crater for laike 2 seconds :D

  49. Sharks

    I predict that Zach will get his revenge, probably at the end of the arc, and most likely through being scared so many times it doesn’t take effect anymore (as some have thought), or in scaring the cast with a secret scare of his own that not even MARVIN knows.

    We also have to remember that Max has Sabrina summoning up a benign spirit AT LEAST… Which won’t end well, I’m sure… Maybe it’ll make a pact with Zach, or maybe Zach’ll ward it off, he DID come prepared.

    • Sharks

      Sooo… guess I predict that it’ll end with either Zach’s revenge or a bit of respect… Or he’ll get no respect, no respect at all!

  50. Gaboris

    Okay that was a pretty nice idea I gotta say. :D Max knows how to set these things up.
    I just love how many times they miss their lines. X)

    BTW what? Zach lives with Marvin for how many time now and they still don’ use nicknames? Boy they must be a distant bunch. XD

  51. lavadog420

    awwww! poor zack =T_T= i feel for him

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      so u’ve been scared so bad u’ve fainted :? ?

  52. WingedWolfGirl

    would have been extremely creepy if they were actually tryin’ XD

  53. Kamike

    If we gently place him outside.. does it count then?

    • xhunterko

      No, I think that even max would agree that’s cheating. Then, again, he made up the rules.

  54. Profesor Rod

    Ssshhh…. I’m haunting wabbits |3

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Wabbit season!
      Ghost season!
      Wabbit season!
      Ghost season!
      Wabbit season!
      Wabbit season!
      Ghost season! *bang*

      • Frank

        Oh great, now you made Elmer put a hole in the wall!

        • dalonewolf25

          HEY! You break it, you buy it!

          • Frank

            Have you seen the price of walls lately? It all goes into their shipping and handling!

          • dalonewolf25

            Ya, tell that to my schoooooooooooo….*gets sucked in through interdimensional warphole*

  55. Raxki Yamato

    Wow poor Zach .w.
    he wet his pants… wait he hv no pants…….

  56. FarmMan1812

    That’s mean.

  57. The Wolf Kin

    Run! The Bigglesworths have become Weeping Angels!

    • dalonewolf25

      Oh no! All is lost. Just give up. It’s the end…


  58. J.J.

    So much for lucky Rabbit’s feet.

    • xhunterko

      they’re lucky in the sense that he didn’t go running off.

  59. NexusWulf

    it made me lollin hard ^-^

  60. Nia

    Okay, Silent Hill referance check. Maybe we’ll get a Thriller referance soon *imagines everyone doin’ the zombie dance*

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Zombie woodland creatures?

      • NexusWulf

        Zombie Woodland Creatures of Haunted House o.o ?

        • Frank

          Wooden zombie haunted-house-land creatures?

  61. 666overnator666

    dunno why my previous post got delete so i try to stay ontopic.

    Why is that bunny pink?

    also Im definitely not liam.

  62. kai

    same thing violet is purple

  63. The_Captain1228

    lol love this

  64. BeatReaktor
  65. Z24

    The Opener of Ways has fallen!

  66. Hoheh

    Screwing with heads. 11+ cats with the same name. Awesome.

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    have you ever tried avast antivirus before?

  68. Volcano Vaporizer

    how do i get your blog’s rss feed?