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  1. HunkRlz

    I would like some tea!! ^^

    • T'Renn

      *Camoflage-painted Dalek rolls in, a tray attached to its sucker-arm, with a nice cup of tea on tray*



      This obscure joke brought to you by the BBC. ;-)

      • The Wolf Kin

        How is that obscure? *thanks the BBC*

      • AflacMan13

        How about a cup of tea from your friendly neighborhood French waiter Ninjas instead?

        Check out this link for the reference.

        • Lupus

          *sips tea ominously…*

      • WingedWolfGirl

        Yay IronSides!!!
        Built by the British!

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        ai remember dat episode ^.^

      • Misharu

        or why not the moe factor? *brings in anime french maid with cat ears and tail*

        • Trefoiler

          Wow, that was short notice. Is there hot-line we can call for this kind of thing, or should I just get to know your friends better?

    • Mr Valentine

      What about me dont I get a cup of tea? *sniff*

    • Skykitsune

      Tea sounds nice!
      Did anyone notice how in panel 2 it looks kinda like the big dog is flapping his cape for him?

  2. Ruduen

    If the epilogue is all text…

    • Hypergenesis

      . . . it would be made into a comic once submitted to the publishers.

  3. PrivateElliot

    I could have gotten first comment, but i stupid cat knocked over the mouse…

    Anyway, Peanuts face in the last panel is cool.

    • Trefoiler

      I’ve finally convinced my cats that it is simply not that kind of mouse… then again, it’s hard to tell because they still knock it over out of boredom. Or because they think my desktop is more comfortable without it. Or feng shui. Stupidity is an interesting theory, though.

  4. Gamerkitty

    ah Grape, the great comic editor to the rescue.

    • Hypergenesis


      • Frank


        • Gamerkitty

          all one in the same, its all about perspective. Sure she seems like a critic, but Peanut always goes to her first to see his stuff, so to him im sure there is a certain editor status…and well we cover the fan base so all in all the world keeps on spinning.

  5. Pseudo Faux

    Peanut, stop ruining my childhood with your revelations!

    • Pseudo Faux

      Though it is nice to see his work get better. Pretty soon he’ll be charging 10 dollars for lines on paper. <- Lines on paper

      • Thegamist


        • PrivateElliot

          Not my fault his allowance is like, 2 dollars a week.

          • Thegamist

            Well but he thinks he has enoegh money to gamble 5 weeks away
            (pridelands arc)

          • NobodyYouKnow

            Yes, it is.

          • Trefoiler

            @Thegamist: Nobody said he’s a smart spender. But there is definite income potential when lines meet paper! And how!

  6. IceKitsune

    lol overly long epilogue and now I’m in the mood for tea

    • Max Wolfe

      Mmm…Crumpets, anyone?

      • NexusWulf

        me pwz !

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          wuts ah crumpet ai’ve herd uv dem but dun no wut they r :3

          • NobodyYouKnow

            bread snacks, smilar to biscuts, usualy served with tea and jam.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I’d call a crumpet a kind of fat pancake. It’s only cooked from one side and the other ends up full of holes where bubbles of steam erupted, so butter on a hot crumpet melts immediately into the interior of the delectable … mmmm… now I want one…

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Scones are more like a sweet version of a US “biscuit” (or alternatively, in the US a “biscuit” means a kind of dry scone).

            To avoid confusing things further, in the UK (and the British Commonwealth) “biscuits” means the kind of cookie that’s cut out of a layer of dough, often made in pairs with icing in the middle. Oreos are “biscuits”. Shortbread cookies are “biscuits”.

            And British “cookies” are what an American would call “homestyle cookies”, where a dollop of dough is left to bake without molding or cutting.

          • NobodyYouKnow

            your wouldn’t happen to be from the UK, would you?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Wrong hemisphere, mate.

          • NobodyYouKnow

            i see.

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            @ argent
            so… australia?

          • Trefoiler

            So… the interesting, original question of how Argent knows so much about both British and American colloquialisms to begin with.

            And in my experience, some American biscuits (such as those served with gravy) can be made using dough not unlike those for pancakes, or even actual (albeit less sweetened) pancake dough. These do tend to be rather dry (hence the gravy). As for Oreos, Shortbreads, et al., they are all generally referred to as cookies, with Oreos and their ilk often dubbed ’sandwich cookies’ in more official channels, like encyclopaedia.

            What a language we share. ^_^

  7. xhunterko

    Must, fill, blank…
    No peanut no!
    Must, fill, blank, pages, gahhh!

    • Hypergenesis

      Must mean he is really getting published to have a minimum number of pages. . . or was that maximum. . Ah no worries. A comic is a comic.

      • NobodyYouKnow

        when i read “maximum” the tv said “maximum” 0.0
        you are a psychic ovelord.


        please don’t hurt me.

  8. PrivateElliot

    I wonder what the next arc would be…

    goes to to speculate.

    • PrivateElliot

      i failed
      i meant
      goes to the forums to speculate

      • Trefoiler

        Speculation is speculation. The forums just allow us to speculate together!

  9. anevileggplant

    Peanut’s face in the last panel.


    • PrivateElliot

      Eh, I guess so… But maybe not…

  10. Thegamist

    well I’d say BUY PAPER
    and dont waste your money on stupid bets like the one he betted 5 weeks of allowence (10$)


    • PrivateElliot

      Wow, thats… really low allowance.
      Hate to be them, money wise anyway.

      • Thegamist

        Go to the bonusses
        you will like his first 4 Lined comic

  11. Inu225

    Brevity is the soul of wit

    • Hypergenesis

      while details form the profoundness of lecture.

      • Inu225

        Are you implying that it’s normal to have an epilogue run twice as long as the story?

        • Trefoiler

          Writing in a past tense implies that the inspiration of the story has already come to pass, and that the entire body of the text is, of course, a large post-action reminiscence and inherent allegory unto its contents.

          In that sense, most stories ARE bloated epilogues. Making what you say an understatement.

          Heh. Speaking of all text…

      • Hypergenesis

        Not really, it’s more inclined to saying that too many details turns any story into a lecture.

      • Inu225

        I see. Makes sense

  12. LOLPaws

    Happy Belated Birthday, and another amazing comic as always

  13. Thoth

    Well, I’ve seen considerably worse plotlines – with worse gags and far less logic – in actual comic books.

    All Peanut needs now is backgrounds and a slight art improvement…

    • Hypergenesis

      . . . and those works have managed to get themselves printed into a collection of relatively better work, though still worse in comparison to this.

      Maybe the mayor of the town painted the town white with blue (laser) lines. (Comic convenient excuse)

      But only if he wants a larger reader population.
      (If people can appreciate stick drawings, why not this?)

      • Kamron

        Well, I guess I have something new to add to my “when I’m in charge” list.

  14. Clairvoyant Legacy


    Why not move some of the epilogue into the main part?

    • Hypergenesis

      Visual exposition?!?

      Peanut’s not Regular Quadrilateral Phoenix less Vietnamese Noodles. . .

  15. Valerio


    • IceKitsune

      That is definitely true Valerio.

    • Trefoiler

      And I would move to third the motion!

  16. namelessone

    He panicked? For some reason I cannot stop chuckling after reading that.

    • namelessone

      Also for some strange reason I just found it incredibly easy to imagine exactly what Peanut’s voice sounds like.

  17. Darcin

    That’s one coherent piece for something written in panic.

  18. lightwolf21
    • PrivateElliot


      • FlareKitsune

        DO WANT.

        • NexusWulf

          me want more ^-^

          • lightwolf21

            I did as many as I could for the arc. -_-;
            It’s time consuming to get rid of the ‘paper-lines’ and clean up the images.

          • NobodyYouKnow


          • NobodyYouKnow

            wow, that avy looks crapy so small…
            hold on a sec.

          • NobodyYouKnow

            …still kinda funny…
            oh, well

  19. Mr.Zero

    I wonder if Peanut is still arguing the similarities between Stripe the Cat, I mean DOG and Grape.

    Then again, its not like the two have ANYTHING in common….Right?

  20. Prodigalist

    Best ending ever

  21. Rocket Knight boy

    it’s!……the justice leagues pets show!

    • Rocket Knight boy

      lol actually i don’t know about all of you but i’d like to see a pets of the justice league show or comic lol twood be interesting indeed!

      • NobodyYouKnow

        i second, but it had better not be crappy as “krypto”

  22. Gaboris

    Cone on it’s not that easy to figure out how long a fighting scene may be for it not to get boring or overdone… at least that’s what I think. X3
    But hey Rick show us what Peanut made in panic, poor dog wouldn’t like it if his work would ‘ve been for nothin… even I say I’m annoying right now. XD
    BTW yaaay for fighting Super Jim-jim(supernerd), don’ hurt me for saying this, but he looks almost as cool in the fight as Spot(superdog) himself… oh and Stripe(not a cat) is just funny swingin a dino. Hope we’ll see more of them is the future Peanut(Rick). :)

    • NobodyYouKnow

      everything looks better in a tacky yellow bowtie!

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        “Bowties are cool.”

    • Trefoiler

      It’s Jim-Jim, having become a radioactive hunk.

      He’s… the Impeccable JUNK! :D

  23. Firewolf

    Aaaaaw, where was Jim-jim in the Super team up?

    • Hypergenesis

      It’s probably too dangerous, even for superheroes, to bump fists with nerd-rage reincarnates.

  24. Kitch

    Aww, Peanut’s expression is priceless. x3

  25. The Wolf Kin

    Peanut looks like he’s doing one of those sharp intakes of breath that usually accompany the phrase he is giving us. Excellent.

    Is it sad that sometimes I love the epilogues more then the actual stories when I do read stuff?

    • NobodyYouKnow

      its infectiously sad :’-(

  26. Hypergenesis

    What happened to Jim-Jim’s arm at panel 2? (Severe Dislocation if you ask me.)

    • Hypergenesis

      and wrong tail-physics on panel 4.

      • NobodyYouKnow

        you have no idea how mutated he is! shame!

        • Trefoiler

          Yes, now let’s not compound things by calling attention to Jim-Jim’s horribly disfigured, and not to mention hideously mutilated body.

          There, there, Jimmy boy.

          *WASHES HANDS*

    • WingedWolfGirl

      Zee cape of Spot, is in his face.
      He es trying to push et away.

      • Hypergenesis

        His paw is below the cape, so that would make the part above the cape his elbow. (Just think how creepy that is)

        • NobodyYouKnow

          ’tis his shoulder, good sir.

          • Hypergenesis

            even if it’s his shoulder it’s height is still worrisome.

          • NobodyYouKnow

            give poor peanut a break :’-(

      • Rocket Knight boy

        lol jim jim is being flapped away by spots cape? is jim jim weak against cotten? (or some other form of material spot might use for his cape…i dunno i’m not his tailer) lol…………spot has a tailer?

        • Trefoiler

          It was the cape he was wrapped in when he was found as a pup!

          It’s a SPACE CAPE. It is very special.


          … he would need a space tailor.

  27. sonic id furreh!!!

    ai prob woodof paniced 2 O_o

    • Hypergenesis

      Just think what would have happed if Peanut knew he had <–

      • Rocket Knight boy

        more dino warriors WITH LAZA BEAMS ATTACHED TO THERE HEADS!!

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        if he had infonite canvas OH… MAI… GAWD O.O

  28. dragonnutds

    why is jim jim shrinking? ever since he got his powers he just seems to keep getting smaller.

    • Hypergenesis

      His radioactive waste candy must have a very short half-life.

      • NexusWulf

        HAHAHAHA ….. really great .. um where am i ?

        • NobodyYouKnow

          Welcome to jupiter!

  29. NexusWulf

    Piece a Cake anyone ?

    • WingedWolfGirl

      Is it real?

      • NexusWulf

        its made of Receip paper isnt it coz Someone ate all ze cake and his name is not Peanut Butter um or is it °__°?

        • NobodyYouKnow

          Then, the cake is a lie?
          why yes, that would make the cake a lie!
          (and don’t forget, the bake sale is science!)

  30. Tendo

    I know I’m going to get a LOT of flack for this…. but I never really liked these Spot segments and am glad this one is over already. I guess the satire goes over my head since I never really read comic books in my youth.

    • Hypergenesis

      You don’t like it as in you don’t hate it too right?

      Well everyone has a right to their own opinions and if you think about it, liking is just another opinion. Don’t feel so bad about yourself, or bash yourself before it even happens. So it doesn’t suit your taste, but you can never get heads and tails on a single flip of a coin right?

      • Trefoiler

        Easy, helper, heel. ;)

        And anyway, these comments are just as much a means of offering Rick helpful critique as they are means of contrasting perspectives. Any definitive (and solitary) ‘flak’ Tendo endures would be superfluous and self-serving.

        That said, I can’t say I agree with Tendo, because I rather like Housepets! and The Adventures of Spot (Superdog), if only by extension. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t keep reading them! :D

    • NobodyYouKnow

      *stares into the very depths of your soul*

  31. Tom Flapwell

    Typo in the last panel: Grape’s missing an “as.”

    Still good.

  32. Hypergenesis

    Heeeey, it’s just like Batman and Robin. There’s one that looks like a proper cosplayer and another that thinks that a costume is an awfully colored shirt, but at least this one’s better and just took the wrong suit (fur). Oh, and there’s Alfred. . .

  33. CalaverX11

    Needs moar Justice Avengers.

  34. WingedWolfGirl

    Spot the super dog …and Lady dog Stripe, …Save the day!
    And still have time for tea! XD

  35. Frank

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny the villain is still wearing that dress?

    • Argent Stonecutter


      • Hypergenesis


        • NobodyYouKnow

          on a scale of “facepalmable” to @#$!&***% hilarious?
          silent giggle on the inside.

          • werekitty13

            I don’t know about anyone ELSE but I think it’s hilarious.

          • Trefoiler

            I’ve made my feelings clear on this subject.



  36. Lupus

    I got my tea, thank you very much >_>

    *sips tea ominously…*

  37. Argent Stonecutter

    Not much to say about this. It’s a bit like a Neal Stephenson ending. I guess that’s the point.

  38. FerreTrip

    Peanut, take it from me–if you manage to finish up the story with pages to spare, it’s a Godsend.

    Then again, that’s just me, and I can’t write short stories for crud…

    • NobodyYouKnow

      thats all i can write.

      • Leinad

        … how many freakin avvies do you use, Nobody?

        • NobodyYouKnow

          12. i wasn’t gonna get a lot, but then…
          the cravings struck. 0.0

  39. Mr Vincent

    Ah hah unlucky you ran out of paper!

  40. GameCobra

    I’m curious now what Peanut would do if Grape told him to make a entire comic on ONE SHEET OF PAPER o_o

    • NexusWulf

      well it would be look like this


      • NobodyYouKnow

        who? spot, lady dog (who despi… not a cat), or jim-jim, who i’ve decided is the villan’s (whose name escapes me) long lost half step twin twce removed on his mothers fathers nibbling’s brothers side?

        • NobodyYouKnow

          (‘cept with this avatar. messed up. facepalm.)

          • Trefoiler

            Pardon my brevity but..


  41. Severedevil

    So, does Spot know that his fellow superhero (who is not a cat) is his girlfriend Stripe (who is not a cat)?

    She is, after all, in disguise.

  42. DuoHimura

    Re: Last Comic–I admit, I cracked up a little at “Hypnosis Panel.”

    Re: This Comic–This actually does raise an interesting point on the purpose served by action sequences in comics, i.e. are they just indulgent if we’ve gotten to the point where they’re not as interesting as the events that take place around them.

    On the other hand, it’s a point that comes up a lot less frequently in manga, despite manga fight scenes generally running much longer than their American counterparts (of course, people -do- start complaining when something like Bleach drags out a storyline with fight after fight after fight). Part of me wonders if it’s a question of a lack of dynamism in how fight scenes are generally drawn in American comics, or possibly because there’s a tendency in American comics to make action panels so packed with THINGS that the eye doesn’t flow across them but has to stop and examine what’s happening. Either way it’s hard to deny that the Japanese have American comic artists fairly licked in the “sense of motion” department (speaking in general terms, of course).

    Regardless, the “Is the fight scene just a fancy magic show?” line is a nice touch following a plot arc about hypnosis. I suppose that the answer is that fight scenes are always at their best when there’s a real ideological/emotional/personal clash between the combatants; or else a genuine sense of fear for their fate, and therefore the best fight scenes -are- about the character, in addition to providing action.

    Of course, maybe that’s a little self-evident, but… well, you know.

    • Hypergenesis

      The fact is, American comics might be a little constrained in the variation department (Not including Housepets) though it does beat Japanese mangas in terms of coherence since they gleefully switch to battle when gags aren’t keeping the fanbase alive and switching to romance when action just doesn’t cut it anymore and reverts to gags after trying out romance. . . It’s a vicious cycle whose sections maybe interchanged, but to put it simply the entire manga changes depending on the fanbase with only the original characters remaining for the changed plot. “Variety is the spice of life and routine is the starch.” (Yahtzee)

      Now for the lack of dynamism (though I can’t say for sure as I’ve never been to America, except in VR but that doesn’t count), it’s probably because all battle comics are printed in color? One of the most annoying parts of battle comics for me is the colored effects and SFX, once its colors mismatch with the scene, it immediately looks like clutter. Also saying clutter, I tend to see comics having backgrounds in almost every scene, that’s the weakness of full color, you have to have a background. Try and notice that manga battle are less cluttered than comic battles, if I’m right, then that leave more room for the SFX and since manga is usually B&W, writing the SFX anywhere wouldn’t make you judge it so much since there not much to judge. Simplicity I might call it, but it works.

      Also, comic battles are somewhat hyper-cliched already. Busting walls, windows, skylights despite having an open door starts getting pretty annoying once you see it for the hundredth time. Crack! Smack! POW! Victory!, what? Did you just make me wait through seventy panels just to see a four panel battle or did the battle start after our superhero learned of the villain? (No, way I could deny that comic scenes are short, but ESRB, Concerned Parent Association, Blah blah blah. Kind of hard to believe that is the land of freedom if you look at it that way.)

      I almost agree with the statement “the best fight scenes are about the character.”, but do take note this wouldn’t be the case if there aren’t a plethora of those crappy fights. Random street fights make good action scenes where one could be jogged into getting interested into the story, of course RSF are usually used in character building so I guess that doesn’t count. Fight scenes usually lose their meaning once you reached the climax of the character’s story, and at this point it’s usually best to finally accept that the character must start retiring and it’s time to move on, but no! They give him/her a completely new plot and force him/her to fight another organization of baddies just like last time only with different superpowers and weapons. Mangas can do this because the final baddie is revealed during this arc (which would then last for a few years give or take a few years) but comics usually introduce an entirely new villain, but it remains the same that these fights are just as equally useless compared to the starting scene where character building is still prominent. (No, bad fangirls and fanboys! New powers ARE DEFINITELY NOT character building). I guess I do have to agree with you there.

      Wall of post (SORRY X|)

      • NobodyYouKnow

        oh yeah.

    • Severedevil

      Manga/anime is usually less accurate and more representative, which presents a much cheaper product for which it’s easier to absorb all the information in a single read-through. However, re-reading or re-watching loses a lot of its charm when you can fully process all the details the first time.

      Action in particular is often more immersive with less detail, however.

      • DuoHimura

        Well, yes and no. You’re right that anime/manga are more representative than physically exact, but I’m not sure the ability to take the art in at a glance makes rereading less enjoyable. Certainly there’s not the layers of “Where’s Waldo”-esque visual gags you get in something like Alan Moore’s Top Ten, but there’s definitely things worth reflecting on in how the art is used even if it isn’t as detailed/complicated. Not the least of which being how an aritst does suggest something like an emotion or an action with less detail, and how they’ve created that flow that lets you just cruise right along and absorb everything quickly.

  43. Lance

    ….and I panicked. XD that was awesome.

  44. Leinad

    in panel 4, Jim-jim looks like he could put Miles to shame with that right hook…

  45. NobodyYouKnow

    quick! panel #5! stripe avatar!
    i mean, please?
    How can you say no to an avatar like that?
    (on a side note, all 12 of my new avatars have been displayed)

    • NobodyYouKnow

      fine! ill do it myself!

      • NobodyYouKnow

        anybody else want it?

  46. NobodyYouKnow


    • NobodyYouKnow

      it was supposed to look like:

      lqtm :-)

  47. Hoheh

    Peanut has a fun imagination.

  48. That Guy There

    … It was all fun and games when the evil masterminds abused their innocence taught them to draw graffiti on the stop sign, but that led to the alcohol, crack cocaine and evil henchmen work! We must stop them before it becomes gautemalan prostitution!

    Please, for only 25 cents a day, you can give an innocent dinosaur warrior another chance at life! We here at SASS ask that you look into the bottom of your heart and help these porr misguided creatures!

  49. Cyndaquazy

    And only at the end of the epilogue did Grape remember that she left her insert destructable object here at/on/in the place where said object can easily be destroyed.

    Hooray for generalities!

    • NobodyYouKnow

      she left her America on reality tv?
      she left her America on reality tv.

      she left her America on reality tv!

      (i have an avatar addiction problem)

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I have over 300 avatars in Second Life. Only three current ones here.

        • NobodyYouKnow

          you win (lose?)

        • Hypergenesis

          Are you referring to your SL Avatars used here in Housepets?

          Since you use at least five avatars if I remember correctly.

          • Hypergenesis

            Five avatars not exclusively from SL I mean.

    • kingisawsome

      she left her car in a lava pit

      • NobodyYouKnow

        she left her glass house near a throwable stone

  50. Shady Kitsune

    Most writers leave blank pages when panicking.

    Peanut does the opposite.

    • Shady Kitsune

      Dang the lack of an edit button. I meant blank pages and plotholes.

  51. Pew446

    “Twice as long the story did”

    Is there something wrong with that sentence?

  52. Kitch

    Obviously he got the dino-warrior sound from the Real Translation thread of the forum. xD

  53. e

    i wonder who jim-jim punching at?

    • Rocket Knight boy

      The corner of the panel of course!

      • Silver Dragon ordinence

        Jim-Jim has vengance towards that corner.

  54. Silver Dragon ordinence

    What type of *dog* is stripe?

  55. Mr Valentine

    Ran out of paper unlucky!

  56. Mr Valentine

    When you look at the comics now you notice how much has changes since the first few and how much its went on.

  57. NobodyYouKnow

    i hope bino is in the next arc. we haven’t seen him since may. (‘cept that theme park ride. but it was just one and didn’t realy count)

  58. kingisawsome

    this is just a test

    • kingisawsome


      • kingisawsome

        im good now

        • Trefoiler

          I’m still giving you a B+.

  59. kingisawsome

    Ive just relized not alot of characters have had a arc.

    • kingisawsome

      the only ones i can think of are:
      Peanut, grape, king, and bino. plus there r nun about Fox my 2nd fav character

      • NobodyYouKnow

        so, then, just the major characters? shocking.

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        Now I want more Sasha.

        Wow, this is my first comment of the comic. Huh.


      • RockstarRaccoon

        There’s one about Fox getting kidnapped. Be happy about it.

  60. Trefoiler

    Haha… oh, artistic little Peanut. And he doesn’t like to be wasteful, either? I never knew that. I think I like him more now!

    And, in my opinion, which fittingly doubles as my argument, comic book fights and their many forms and contexts cannot easily appease the entirety of a fan-base. I, myself am not a highly discerning graphic novel connoisseur (whereas others may be quite more so!), but give me a choice between Superman and Iron Man and I’ll choose Mr. Stark every time because I love my Iron Man and I think he’s awesome as are his comics. Do his fight scenes drag on a little too long, or occur too often? Are the characters in them flat? Is there often too much context? I don’t know- I don’t even care. If you catch me reading a comic book, you bet your ascot I’m enjoying the whole thing or you wouldn’t catch me reading shitake mushroom.

    You know, I actually drew a superhero comic when I was some-odd years old. Just the one, though. Kinda lost interest halfway through the next title page. My hat continues to go off to you, sir!

  61. RockstarRaccoon

    Last panel is epic-priceless.

    • Trefoiler

      I second.