The Ride Home

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  1. HunkRlz

    I really want to go to this theme park now!!!

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      Me 2, minay! O.O That’s teh wickedes way ta go home… ÒwÓ

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        it wood, 1 second u’d be laike *waitin waitin* then de next second *BLASTOFF* XD!!! it’d b so fun

        • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

          Yup-yup, nya! ;p

          • NexusWulf

            Amazingly amazing Coaster of Home !

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Going home is naow a scream, nya! X3

          • gagi

            Reading your posts makes my brain hurt.

            still nice though

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            hoos? mai’n or arixeses…………….. or bolth ^.^

        • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

          It’s teh “nya”-ing right, nya? “^w^
          Sowwy Gagz, but Ah realy like ta say “nya”… {:3
          Ah cane tone it doawn a wittle, but then Ah have ta concentrate vewwy hard, n… Nyes… “^.^’

        • Ash

          I agree with gagi. But on the same hand I agree with all the talk of the amazing way to go home after an awesome, yet confusing, theme park adventure.

    • Tommy

      i wanna go to :(

  2. Pseudo Faux

    Never a dull moment

  3. Rojo Ninja

    Lol of course it’s a roller coaster!!

  4. KzT

    Cursed word plays.

  5. lolparty

    *facepalm* Why didnt I see it coming? WHY?

    • Val Kilmer Batman

      I did.

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        But only because somebody wanted to ride “jus one more” roller coaster. Wish granted!

  6. Gamerkitty

    Best Amusement Park EVER!!!!!

    • rWolf1991


      • Gamerkitty

        The ones around me are cool, but really fall far from comparison.

        • rWolf1991

          I miss all my old parks!! T_T

        • Thegamist

          Like your avatar

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            yah who dru itz? ^.^

          • Gamerkitty


        • Zaffa

          Haha. In my case I have Six Flags Magic Mountain. The most record-breakingest park in America!
          It’s kinda sad when you get bored of an awesome place like that but quite frankly I’ve been there waaaay too many times. xD;

        • the Art Wolf

          did you draw your own avatar? If you did, and do own an account to Deviant Art or of the like, it would be a pleasure to see the larger collection.

          such clean lines. :3

  7. IceKitsune

    The best way to end the day ever I wish other Parks did that.

  8. Silverpaws

    WTF I wish Six Flags had buses back home loke those HAHAHA the travel back home would be much more fun

  9. Thoth

    I applaud the abilty to telegraph that nothing is named correctly long in advance, and still have it be a good punchline. You have all been standing on Chekov’s floor.

  10. rWolf1991

    I want a bus ride like that!!
    It would be so cool!!

  11. Inu225

    LOL! XD
    Reminds me of a commercial I saw.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      “I knew we shouldn’t have let them put that water slide through the library…”

      So, what comes after the buses? The Interchange? The Tollbooth (phantom, of course)? The Traffic Jam (snack shop)?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I followed a link from that and found the best water ride ever. Even better than The Bathroom. Mute it (the voice-over is some droning motivational speaker… why do motivational speakers always have voices that make you want to “change their life” with half a brick in a tube sock?) and just watch the action.

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        Hey! OwO Ah live in teh Netherlands, nya! X3
        Never bin ta Duinrel B4 though, nya! ÓwÒ
        Maybe Ah should wif mah budz, minya! X3

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          ai think ai been der befor :3

    • Flammie

      Huh, that advert was actually what I thought of, as well.

      Hm, even as a roller-coaster, I guess the bus still has quite a journey to go.

    • the Art Wolf

      The UK gets cooler commercials than the annoying so-called “advertisements” I get on television in the US. >_>

      • Ash

        I know, Art! We get the “catchy” advertisements that are really quite annoying and the crappy thing about it is, they get stuck in your head for the next week and a half.

  12. Pokeblue

    Nice, quite the decieveing, yet very cleverly named ride. :D

  13. namelessone

    I have a numbers of questions regarding this…I am however afraid that the answers will just raise more questions…

    • Gamerkitty

      just do what i do, don’t ask questions and just go along for the ride (ba dum tish)

    • Rick Griffin

      The track empties out in the Miltons’ backyard

      • Inu225

        Soo… After stopping at the Milton’s backyard does the tracks make a loop back to Theme Park World?
        Or does it go back in reverse? : /

        • Gamerkitty

          chances are, knowing the ferrets. They only made one super long coaster train that only was built to take 1 one-way trip.

          • Inu225

            Figures. I just thought if they did have “The Buses” go in reverse would they have that stop sign on the side of the roller coaster and beeping signals?

          • Hypergenesis

            How about going in full circle?

        • Shabbeh

          The roller coaster is sent back to the park by way of pneumatic tubes.

      • Gaboris

        For a secont there I was affraid that they made it go to all the houses… or it’ll just take a big turn and goes to the busstop or somethin. But this is a nice idea as well. XD

        • Gaboris

          Hey WAIT! I thought the park WAS in the Miltons’ backyard… just thought of it by myself, no one said things like this. XP

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        Mr. Griffin, can Ah ask U a question, nya? =3
        Does teh buses ride do barrel rolls, nya? Or do they just go up and doan, nya? =3

  14. AmericanOtter

    *Looks at the Buses*

    *Looks again*

    *Turns green*

    Can…. can I walk home please? I don’t like Rollar Coasters.

    But that said…. awesome word play.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Otters go home on “The Juice Shack”.

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        Wyt is it wif U and otters all of teh sudden Archy, nya! =3
        Ah thought U liked ferrets moar, nya! “^.^

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Argent used to be an otter, before I got the ferret avatar.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            But now I’ve got my customized ferret (I modified the neck so I could wear normal clothes).


            (not to mention giving my pet ferret a perch)

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            HEY ARGENT XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            were do u make does 3D thingies ? ;)

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Aha! So U wir an Otter first, nya! =3
            LOLZ! X3 Ah can make a pun-pun from it, nya!
            U wir some one otter before, nya! X3
            Sowwy, couldn’t pass tha one up, nya! “^.^

          • Val Kilmer Batman


            I think they’re from Second Life.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Sonic: That’s my avatar in Second Life. You can see a bunch of pictures by googling “argent snapzilla”.

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            *gasp* rally aimma trai dat noaw :3

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            If ya have teh time fur a second life, nya! ;p
            Ah tried it once… “^.^ But having a busy-wussy social life in combi wif second life, doez not mix, nya! /._.\
            But Ah had lubd teh idea 2 lib there though, nya! =3

        • Argent Stonecutter

          you call me archy
          after the verse libre poet
          is that you

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            No ;p Ah just like ta gib peepz a nickname, nya! =3
            Like mah beshtesh friend LMH (Legendary Maverick Hunter) Zero, Ah always call em Zero-Sama, nya! ;p Or a good friend of mine Kaido, Ah call Kady, nya! “^w^ Etc. Etc. Etc. ;p Nya!

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            wenever ai’m in school peeps call meh gogie [go-gy] ai dun no wai but evrehbody calls meh dat ;P

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Ah rather call U Goggy, nya! ;p But then Ah would misplace yer species, nya! “^w^ Cuz yer an Awooooh, nya! OwO

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            and ur ah kitteh ^.^

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Minya! ~^w^~

  15. FunkyChicken


    (of a way home, that is)

  16. xhunterkoh

    Well well. That certainly turned out better then expected. It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. Begin speculation on the next story arc, IF of course, this ones over. Now for another boring weekend of non-updating comics that I read. Is it monday yet*?
    *did, did, I just say that out loud? wow

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      ESPN hopes you did according to their big ad campaign.

  17. Elwood Blutarsky

    Isn’t “A Roller Coaster” the pizza place? That’s Tiger yelling that isn’t it?

  18. Challenger01

    Best ride home EVER!

  19. CmB

    Well, that’s one way to get people to ride public transportation; make it more fun! Trust the ferrets to think outside the box.

    • Challenger01

      Take the box, turn it inside out, upside-down, flip it over a few times, toss it across the room, dismantle it, (trash it, change it, melt upgrade it!) put it back together and put some hot sauce on it. That is about the way the ferrets have managed to change the box.

      • Gamerkitty

        and thus, my head still goes explodey

    • Redrover
      • Challenger01

        I met all those guys! They are awesome to hang out with!

        • Redrover

          You met all four of them? Sweetness!

    • Chip Uni

      The ferrets (okay, okay, Our Illustrating Leader) know to save the best for last!

  20. Firewolf

    Very very clever! =)

    • Firewolf

      Should’ve seen that coming. =)

  21. Inu225

    Hey kids! Rolly the Roller Coaster Car reminds you to keep both your hands and feet in the coast… um… buses at all times. Now give Rolly a big ol’ hug!

    • Gaboris

      Hey right! Where did they put all the huge plushes on that ride… are there big trunks on all the “buses”? :D

      • Flammie

        Maybe they were still in the vehicles they took to the park? Considering that it seems the ride home seems that it was meant to be a surprise, the vehicles were probably still there to put the plushies into, and maybe someone’s driving them back to Babylon Gardens.

        • Hypergenesis

          Seeing as there are multiple carts (eh, busses?) and do note that Lana tells everyone to “Make sure you have all your belongings with you before we board”. They might be sitting beside their giant plushes or those are sitting side by side close to them.

          • Gaboris

            Good points to both of ya, but in the end the trunks are still good ideas… sorry. XD

          • Hypergenesis

            Or trunk carts :D

          • Gaboris

            BAM! There goes the winner! XD

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Yeah, just a few carts wif doors on top with a magnetic locking mechanism, nya! OwO Smart thinkin’, nya! ;3

  22. Val Kilmer Batman

    I think that Lana’s face in panel one, taken out of context, is a Daisy-face. I’m just saying.

  23. Oren Otter

    How did they manage to keep that a secret?

    I want to go to Theme Park World! When I make my first billion, Rick is getting a grant so that he can build this place.

    • Gaboris

      They didn’t. They built the track while the others were inside… They must’ve had the money to take on so many men to work on all the sections at once. :D

      • Hypergenesis

        Don’t forget the money to build a roller coaster across national roadways. Unless Theme Park World is still within the “former?” Milton estate.

        • Gaboris

          I’d say they just built it on their own territory. That’s why I thought it was next to the mansion itself. :D

          • Flammie

            But, remember that the Theme Park event was supposed to be a Grand Re-opening. One of the many investments the ferret delved into? Unless they were re-opening a Theme Park already in their property.

          • Hypergenesis

            This makes me want to ask, ever watched mega movers?


            But then I would also like to wonder why there’s a major road built across the “Milton’s backyard”

            Then again, it could be that large that it needs one.

            Sigh, so many questions to ask if I keep on following the logic.

          • Flammie

            Is that directed at me? I’m afraid I haven’t, but point taken, nevertheless.

            Comics and logic often have strange effects together. Sometimes they go together quite well, other times… hm…

          • Hopper2004

            You’ve got it all wrong…
            It in there territory, but the second it goes out, the track just stops and the cart chrashes and you have to walk the rest of the way home…

        • Argent Stonecutter

          The former Milton estate was big enough for a subdivision, a forest, and a mysterious Akkadian temple. Sure they could fit a theme park as well…

  24. Gaboris

    Real nice ending for the day I’d say. It’s funny that so far I never thought the ferrents can “connect so many dots” and with this I mean all the funny jokes with the names and their connections. :D
    I just love character developement and you’re doin this great sir. :)

  25. King

    i have to admit i didn’t realy see it coming, yet i did, very nice haha, great way to end a day eh


    i’ve always been scared of going onto rollar coasters cause of my phobia of being up sp high.

  27. MagnusWolfie

    Most fun day ever for those guys!

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      hey wolfie wer u get ur aveh? ^_^

      and yah ai agree

      • MagnusWolfie

        i made it mahsulf

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          wo O.O ur perty good at drawinz <3

          • MagnusWolfie

            ima just a 12-year old

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            O.O UR?
            Dayum, Ahm more then twice yer age and Ah can still only doodle a bit, nya! ÓwÒ
            Do U use a photo shop prog? And if ya do, wich do U use, nya? =3

          • MagnusWolfie

            i use CS4

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Gotta google tha sumday and C if Ah could get it, nya! ;p
            Iz it easy 2 use, cuz ahm not vewwy good with 2 technical stuff, nya! “^w^

          • MagnusWolfie

            u use tablet or mouse?

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Mouse, Ahm moar of an scan and filter person, nya! =3
            Ah always color thingz by hand, nya! “^.^ Yes Ah know, Ahm ol’ fashioned, nya! >:3

  28. Kitch

    Lame joke. :D

  29. Exranio

    I refuse to accept this there was no HI I’M DAISY

    I’m kidding but i was seriously hoping to see here before they left

    • falcon01

      Now that you mention it, yea, that would have been a classic for this arc

  30. faceless commenter

    …thats a big cloth…

  31. The Wolf Next Door

    I’ll go out of “The park” it was fun ;3

  32. Salenstormwing

    I prefer the monorail myself, but busses works too, I suppose.

  33. PrivateElliot

    Hey look, Stripe makes a cameo.

    • PrivateElliot

      points to 2nd panel, the cat on the left of Peanut. And by left of him i meant if you are standing where he is now.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        But Stripe is Totally Not a Cat!

        • dalonewolf25

          or is he? he could be wearing a cat suit, like joey.

          • PrivateElliot

            SHE. Stripe is Spot’s (superdog) totally not cat girlfriend.

          • Challenger01

            Doesn’t that mean that Fox’s cousin is in that panel too? He’s on the far right.

  34. Squival

    everythin awesome is this theme park

  35. Hypergenesis

    I am more than pleased to feel that I have missed out a lot of my childhood (though I’m not yet an adult) by going to ordinary theme parks.

    • Flammie

      I haven’t even experienced most of the theme parks that I did go to, of which aren’t many. I guess I’m wasting my childhood by the second. Though, considering the whole nature of this Theme Park, plus the plotting dolphins would make me a bit apprehensive of going to this.

      Not yet an adult?

  36. Hypergenesis

    I’m quite worried that the through of the roller coaster tracks coincide with the road. . .

    Details details, I wonder why I even think of these details.

  37. FerreTrip

    Heh, what a way to end the day…Though not for the people who don’t really like roller coasters…^^;

    • Flammie

      I wonder how Zach is doing. Though he may still be a little desensitised from the dolphin incident that he doesn’t notice it as much.

      I’m sure Fox is keeping his cool.

      …There’s still potential for some extra strips about this ride, I realise.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Next week, all three strips, close-ups on HP characters going “wheeeeee” on the ride home?

        • Flammie

          …Are you humouring me?

          I was just leading on from the idea of how different housepets would react to the ride, though thinking about it, I guess that isn’t such a great idea, after all.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            No, I’m taunting Rick with dangerous ideas.

          • Hypergenesis

            So as we might have a very nice wallpaper?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            THAT would be epic.

          • Flammie

            Hm, I see.

            I guess having a wallpaper would be nice.

  38. Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

    Ah wanna go 2 Theme Park World naow… O.O

    • Hypergenesis

      Of course, it’s the happiest place on Earth on Earth. (Spoilers aside that is. [Yes Tarot, I mean YOU])

      • dalonewolf25

        Let’s make one in Florida! Take businesses away from disney to make them join this one to have the Happiest Place on Earth on Earth on Earth (and the universe, if possible).

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          @ hyper
          hey! u dun pick on tarot she’d laikee bomb >:)

        • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

          But-but, Ah lib in Europe, nya! O.O They could bettur join 6-flagz, nya! ÓwÒ There R plenty-o-parks of it here, nya! ;p

          • dalonewolf25

            then you give us your money and you take a plane here, or, you can use the rocket which can be found at mount everest, which is really the everest expedition ride’s other end of the portal. Besides, six-flags is too far. Take an extra hour to come here instead!

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            No-no, 6flagz is precisely 1 hour wif train and bus, minya! “O.O
            Unless Ah getz a portal-gun, nya! OwO Wif a telephone comunicashun satellite upgrade, so Ah can dial teh phone number of teh par an just wal wif in teh minute 2 in, nya! O.O Tha would be AWSOME!

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        Lol! ;p
        Bettur not mess wif tha grrrl, nya! >:3
        She’s Di-No-Mite, minya! ~^w^~

  39. banjo2E

    How did they not see this coming?

  40. Kalvin

    Aw… for some reason this gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.

  41. PuDdY15

    awww wouldn’t dat suck if de monster trucks were a ride an only a ride……. ai can see it now…..
    after de bus ride…. a new ride ahead….

    Tiger: SO WATS NEXT….?

    Lana: well we will be goin home now….. on MONSTER TRUCKS!

    neighborhood dogs and cats: wooooo!!!!!!! yay! monster trucks!

    Lana: so lets all hurry up an go on de monster truck ride so we can den go home on borin small cars….. hopefully Jeeves will drive most of us back…. an if not get ready for a world of crashin!!!

    Tiger: um question, why is dere a ride called de monster truck if its jus a roller coaster dat go’s real fast?

    Lana: its de parks idea so in other words we have no idea….. ok who’s next to go on de roller coaster!?

    • Thegamist

      It COULD also be a food joint in mid air @ 90 Km/h so be happy
      oh wait tigger loves food & roller coasters it’d be more for him

  42. Hypergenesis

    I wonder how it’s going to end for those with tachophobias and acrophobias. . Hee hee, can’t help but laugh.

  43. NexusWulf

    Kinda Obvious

  44. Hypergenesis

    This is going to be a loooong line, I hope to be home by Monday.

    • Thegamist


      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        WHY R U SCREAMIN, NYA! >.<
        Rewease teh Caps Tehgami, nya! ;p

        • Thegamist

          And YET AGAIN my MOTHER left on those CAPS

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Mao! Dun growl. O.o Ah did not mean ya harm, n-nya! O.O *Shudders of fear*

          • thegamist

            NO OFFENCE BUT
            not again

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            so ur mom gets bak st u fer ur ebil plans bai puttin on de caps? GRAET MOM XD
            and yah dun growel at aerix or else ai’ma beat u up booooyyiii!!!

          • Thegamist

            GREAT does that mean I have a rival now THANKS TO MY STIPID MOTHER
            I hate what people cal that I have
            MY LIFE

            no she just uses this all the time for her nicknames and paswords (not here) if I don’t give the (cr/l)aptop to her she will take away about anything that I like
            and since it’s school… *eyetwitch* I just can’t let that happen
            I’LL GO NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            You need to switch to Ubuntu. It’s got about 15 different capslock key options. It doesn’t seem to have the one I hacked into the Berkeley UNIX kernel where hitting the shift key turns capslock off, alas.

        • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

          Naw! O.o U have a cruel mommah, mao! O.O *Pats you on back*

      • Hypergenesis

        School’s out but since you asked, it’s because I’m want to read the HP update on Monday on Monday.

        • dalonewolf25

          but since it’s labor day, rick will take his day off as well…or will you?

  45. Argent Stonecutter

    Nobody QUITE called it, but we did suggest that “Exit” and “Parking Lot” would be rides.

  46. WingedWolfGirl

    *Looks at panel 4*

    Does The Buses go over a major Freeway?


    • Frank

      *krrch* This is KLMNO reporting the traffic. Highway BA-23 is, as usual, clogged, but the red overpass is flowing at breaknecking… wait a minute, when did they build that?!?

    • Gamerkitty

      dont know how major a freeway it is since there are no cars on it hehe

      • dalonewolf25

        don’t “the buses” consider themselves as cars? I mean, they have wheels, and they probably have a motor for a/c

        • Gamerkitty

          More defined as a Vehicle than a car. But chances are “the buses” uses mostly gravity to keep it going than a motor on the train cars.

  47. Thegamist

    You know that cat right next to peanut looks like stripe!
    (the adverntures of spot?)

    • Frank

      I don’t know, but I think that’s a male.

      • Thegamist

        Yeah just saying…
        …I like dots…

  48. Fenrari

    that is absolutely brilliant…

  49. Quiran

    and the tyres of the bus go round and round….
    round and round


  50. Shady Kitsune

    How far do these Buses stretch from the actual park? O.o

    • PuDdY15

      hmm it would seem dat der everywhere beh maybeh dey are onleh a vereh short distasnce from de park……. 3_3

  51. Argent Stonecutter

    Lana is always such a happy little woozle!

    • Gamerkitty

      thought she was a ferret.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Woozles is all kinds. Weasles is crazy woozles. Minks is slinky woozles. Ferrets is house woozles. Otters is water-woozles. Badgers is tubby woozles. Wolverines is scary woozles.

        • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

          Lolz, tha reminds meh of Wuzzles from Disney, nya! =3

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            and THAT rehmainded meh of *AHEM*
            fuzzy wuzzy wuz ah bear
            fuzzy wuzzy had no hear
            fuzzy wuzzy wuzzent fuzzy wuz he?

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            ROFLMAO! X3 Ah never heard tha one B4, nya! X3 Iz teh funniest wittle rime Ah heard in years, minya! ~^w^~

        • Gamerkitty

          ah ok…well then how many different kinds of Heffalumps are there!?!?!?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Don’t be silly, everyone knows heffalumps don’t exist.

            A heffalump told me so, and would he lie about something like that?

  52. Kamron

    Uh-oh, summer’s over.

    • dalonewolf25

      i wonder what would happen if they made a school for the housepets to go to…

    • dalonewolf25

      i wonder what would happen if they made a school for the housepets to go to…probably to make pets and human equality and such.

      • Hypergenesis

        If you read Fido’s profile you could extract from it that “The Academy” is a for of education for them (military maybe but there is military school) also you can also see that he taught some of the neigborhood pets to read and write.

        So there might actually be other schools in the HP universe (multiverse actually but I don’t want to start another astrology debate of cosmic proportions), just not yet introduced (or even popularized at that)

        • dalonewolf25

          Ya, but my question is in regards to legal terms, like “No Child Left Behind” and such, like in terms of “You must go to school or you are a truant. You must go to jail now.”

          • Hypergenesis

            Well, since pets ARE allowed to get jobs (though severely limited in rank [exception Milton Ferrets]) I would say their education wouldn’t be as long as humen’s.

            Seeing as Babylon Gardens is a PET-FRIENDLY place though, I would say they’re given freewill of choice whether or not to get an education or occupation. After all, the times when parental education was widespread was considered to be the times where people were more human (now I think they call it specialists [as in a driver is different from a chauffeur]), so I don’t think they want their pets to be robo-pets. Otherwise they would have just ordered one.

            I think bad pets are imPOUNDed though (get it? Ha. . ha. . ha. . please?)

          • dalonewolf25

            but couldn’t a new arc arise from this issue? pets going to school because their owners say so? From which they’ll most likely start a union against said proposition?

  53. AppleSauce

    This makes me want a CandyCane.

  54. Wasag

    Best… ride… home… EVAR

    • NexusWulf

      Epic… Ride… Home… EVAR… Created !

  55. xXEPICXx


  56. xX3PICXx

    heh heh

  57. Phonti

    I want to ride THE BIG DIPPER…

    • NexusWulf

      =P me too plz !

    • Gamerkitty

      i thing The Big Dipper is the Info Desk.

  58. dalonewolf25

    Testing out the bold feature. Wouldn’t they have spent 3 weeks in an amusement park instead of one day?

    • Hypergenesis

      Just think of it as reading a diary in different time deposits.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Comic time isn’t 1:1 to our time. They’re in a time warp.

      • dalonewolf25

        then it must really go slow then, to us at least

  59. MagnusWolfie

    anyone here has FA?

  60. Hypergenesis

    I noticed the carts aren’t connected to one another.

    Are they launched individually and how about unloading?

    • MagnusWolfie

      invisible magnetic force keeping them apart yet as whole?

      • Hypergenesis

        Good guess but judging by the construction of the carts I would say that is a “MagLev” roller coaster (fast, clean, silent and expensive) So using other magnets would interfere with its operation. (Of course I could be wrong, which is frequent by the way.)

        • Flammie

          Plot-convenient special attraction powers? Possible U&U related?

          Though, they could be launched individually, I guess. Ejector seats/trapdoors?

          • Hypergenesis

            Plot-convenient special attraction powers. . . (jeux de mots) Is that attraction, as in attracting, powers or attraction, as in tourist trap, powers? Either way it’s possible but only the second one would explain the disembarking process.

            Well that’s a stumper. . . Even if it’s U&U related, there wouldn’t be much sense to make one so even though I can prove it to be unrelated, I’ll make a stand that it’s unrelated.

            Trapdoors would result in costly injury lawsuits (and we wouldn’t want that now do we.). Ejector seats is possible but I don’t think the Miltons (Read ferrets) would want anything in their backyard to get damaged. (remember this? [largeR shiny things + falling chairs = Another billion to spend])

          • Flammie

            Hey, I’m just clutching at straws.

            I meant attraction, as in attracting to each other, but tourist trap attraction powers would probably work more as it’s a broader range.

            Eh, the U&U was just a swipe in the darkness, anyways. I feel that it’s unlikely as much as you.

            As long as the Trapdoor is deployed close to the ground, perhaps, and the seats go with it on the grass, it may work. Ejector seats would be fun, though there is danger of flying everywhere and damaging, I guess.

            As I said, I’m clutching at straws.

          • Hypergenesis

            Oh, my problem with trapdoors were fur grinding with grass (or gold I if would guess right.) at very high speeds.

          • Flammie

            Oh, I thought it was falling from a height, but that is a problem as well.

            It’s unlikely, but maybe there could be a point where the ride would slow down, and then deploy the trapdoors. Maybe when it goes up a slope?

            Or maybe some skillfully deployed nets/trampolines/other suitable objects? I’m sure if there was some air-time air-resistance would also play into it a little, perhaps. Though, cartoon physics could start coming in.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I don’t get the problem. At the other end they brake to a stop one after the other, and everyone gets out normally.

          • Flammie

            I guess it’s the kinda unpredictable nature of the ferrets and the theme park itself. Either that or I’m just making up an excessively ludicrous idea for this ride for no particular reason.

            Probably the latter.

          • Hypergenesis

            Same as Flammie, I’m probably thinking of the latter, but the problem came out due to the population in panel 2 and the cart chain length in panel 4. From those, I was wondering how many trips was it going to take before the park was empty. Also with the missing links, I was wondering if the carts are launched individually so I was also wondering about collisions during simple stopping and getting off.

            Anyways, I dreamt of a roller coaster station built in the backyard of the ferrets. It has 30 unloading areas, fully automated and loading and unloading of the carts through pneumatic tubes. It has a capacity of 20,000 sliding, and is visited by a roller coaster cart every minute. Assuming there are 2000 pets in Babylon Gardens with eight seats per coaster, they should all before 0100 the next day.

            Yeah, I think I’ll go with that. . .

          • Flammie

            Interesting dream, huh? Mine pale in comparison.

            Don’t roller coasters have mechanisms that slow down and stop the cart a bit in advance, and stops crashing?

          • Hypergenesis

            Aye, that they do, but it’s integrated into the tracks so there would be a very big problem if the next cart arrives while the previous cart is still being unloaded.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Nah, you just have the braking mechanism before the end of the track, and enough room after the brake for the full load of cars to line up. You need some track between the brake and the lift hill for the return trip anyway. Or the brake could be combined with a catapult for the return, in which case the loading and unloading area would be the staging area for the catapult.

            A bigger problem with having separate cars would be making sure there was never more than one car in a block, and keeping a car from entering a block before it was cleared.

          • Hypergenesis

            So you mean that the carts never actually fully stop but just continuously crawls toward the drop after the brakes? Whereas unloading and loading occurs during this time?

            Not a bad idea (if that was it), economical, compact and a whole lot easier to build. Also, following ferret tradition, unloading could still be done using pneumatic tubes .

          • Argent Stonecutter

            No, of course they stop.

            The brakes slow them down to walking speed, then they’re hooked into the loading/unloading zone (which may be a spur) where they stop, passengers get off and on, and the hook drags them to the catapult or lift hill to wait for the return journey.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Either they’re separate or Rick didn’t bother drawing the coupling.

    • Foxstar

      It’s a cartoon people.

  61. Nia

    Well that’s one way to travel I guess.

  62. MagnusWolfie

    Anyone here has FurAffinity Account?

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  65. iHavezMyBirdo

    I was like WUUUUT.

  66. Argent Stonecutter

    Kind of on-topic, albeit for a strip way back in the mists of time.

    Recently seen on Facebook: `things you never think you’ll say, and then you have boys: “No more playing with the dog’s shock collar.”‘

    • Ilovehousepets

      Coincidence, i think

  67. notthatlol

    Then I was like say whaaaaat?

  68. Supuhstar

    now THAT’S how you do it!