I suddenly lost the ability to draw coherently

Might take a while

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  1. Pew446

    It’s cool. Can’t wait :) I want to see more love between Peanut and Grape ;P

    • Frank

      I hope your not dissappointed :)

  2. Challenger01

    It’s fine Rick. We go through this every time, we can all wait, you have earned my respect as an artist to be as late as you want to be!

    Hope it doesn’t affect anything too serious, no hand cramping please!

    • Challenger01

      I will sit here and listen to my 8-bit remixes of my Metallica and Korn while I patiently wait. Anyone care to join?

      • xhunterkoh

        May I introduce you to some higher standard of 8-bit music?

        • Challenger01

          Well, if by higher you mean something that rocks HARDER than “Trapped Under Ice”, “Master of Puppets” and/or “The Call of Ktulu” in 8-bit, then please do.

          • xhunterkoh

            Hmm, not quite what I had in mind. But I guess if Shnabula, Alex Mauer, Phlogiston, L-Power, and I could go on, don’t ring a bell, then your better off not knowing.

  3. Dissension

    That’s all right. *hugs*

  4. Thegamist

    Yes rick
    you can have a life to!
    you do NOT need our permision for THAT!

  5. Val Kilmer Batman

    We are privileged to bask in the glory that is Rick, and the artwork of Rick, and should that privilege be delayed for a time, it is merely to show us how truly grateful we should be that we are allowed to bathe in the glory of the Art.

    He doesn’t have to draw for us, but he holds himself to a high standard. Dedicated, this on is.

    • xhunterkoh


      high standard: You mean like the spot comics right?

  6. xhunterkoh

    Third times a charm right? Or is this the fouth time?

    @pew46: Honestly, there’s more to this comic then THAT you know. Even though I was similarily thinking on those lines earlier today, it’d make more sense with a Sabrina+Fido moment. That’s gonna be a big one when that bomb drops.

    • xhunterkoh

      And who was it that called the Theme Park World a prelude or part of a potential story arc earlier? I forget the name. Kudos to whoever did. I really need an edit button.

      • Hypergenesis

        Were you referring to the dolphin convention me and Flammie was in? I remember talking about something like that.

        • xhunterkoh

          Or perhaps it was earlier. But it might’ve been you guys, I could probably go check. Maybe when I’m not being lazy.

          • Hypergenesis

            The thread has been banished to the depths of internet oblivion so there’s no chance of doing so.

  7. Pokeblue

    That’s alright, it’s always worth the wait. :)

    • Hypergenesis

      I could never agree to anything being worth the wait as I’m truly impatient, though we were never required to wait for it so it’s our own fault that we wait.

  8. namelessone

    eesh I hope that gets better

    • Hypergenesis

      it will, he has already said “might take a while”.

  9. Thoth

    Ah well, it will just cause your readers to anticipate all the more!

  10. Chip Uni

    Remember, Rick — we’re not paying you for these wonderful, high-quality comics.

    You’re allowed to have other priorities.

  11. Hypergenesis

    Hm, I’m imagining a pokemon battle between a furret and an unown. . .

    Wild Unown used disable. . .

    • Val Kilmer Batman


      • xhunterkoh

        furret come back!
        Go Smurgle*!
        Smurgle used sketch!
        *someone correct me on the spelling if i’m wrong

        • Val Kilmer Batman

          it’s smeargle. Or possibly smeargul. But I know it has an “ea”.

        • Hypergenesis

          kudos to you for thinking of the move sketch, my knowledge on pokemon is truly catching dust from inactivity.

      • Challenger01

        Wow, that avatar is PERFECT for that response. Or did you plan that?

        • Val Kilmer Batman

          I used it because it was the most perfect I had.

      • Hypergenesis

        Rick’s Drawing is disabled.
        Disable’s effect wears off. . .

        (Then I suddenly remember that unowns can only learn Hidden Power and ONLY hidden power, darn my savefile’s an edited one. . .)

    • xhunterkoh

      Yep, unown’s only learn hidden power. But they can also learn a number of TMs. And as far as I know, disable isn’t one of them. A stantler or ghastly on the other hand, would make more sense. Especially the stantler, since they’re close to the same routes.
      (wow, that was…i, i think i’ll go play runescape now)

      • Hypergenesis

        TM’s? I though unowns were one-trick ponies?

        • xhunterkoh

          Oh my, you are correct sir! Okay, now I can play runescape.

  12. Thegamist

    Rick, prase yourself lucky for having such understanding fans
    (except hypergenisis :P )

    • Hypergenesis

      Ouch, I never said I didn’t understand why the delay I just said I’m not waiting for the comic, and by not waiting I mean that I’m not stressing myself when the release will be.

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        and yet we find you commenting on this, which would only happen if you were refreshing this page, and from this we can assume that you are ALSO refreshing the front page…

        • Hypergenesis

          I’m just at this page, refreshing. I love talking if it hasn’t been revealed yet.

  13. Val Kilmer Batman

    And since nobody is going to come here anymore, Batman:


    • Hypergenesis

      I like being no one, hilarious reference.

  14. Rahiros

    That’s probably the first sign that you need a vacation from this.

    Take your time, mate. There’s no need to rush.

  15. Deja-Rayne

    ok, so i know this has nothing to do with this arc, but i had to post this..earlier on in this comic you had referenced a book series..i just figured it was something you had come up with for the story, until i saw it at the grocery store today when i was looking in the books…i laughed and grinned now having the connection..that was a great moment..again, dont mind my randomness..lol..

    • Phonti

      You mean Pridelands? If so, I never really looked into it…