Actually Nevermind

This is not a permanent thing, just messing with colors

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  1. Exulen

    just be glad you didn’t find any presents

    • Firewolf

      Wow, you’re fast. I thought I had first. It works either way.

      • Exulen

        just the luck of the draw matey

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          and who can type faster ;P

      • Hypergenesis

        Just what is it with people wanting to be first in commenting?

        • Foxstar

          No one is going to get first like they were seeking anyway.

          • Hypergenesis

            Yup, first post is always Rick.

        • Val Kilmer Batman


        • the Art Wolf

          lol, your new gravatar works perfectly to what you just said.

    • Kytan

      oooh i love presents!!!

      • Exulen

        There is a gift shop down that way, but I think its actually a petting zoo.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          “The Gift Shop” is the midway, and “The Petting Zoo” is a carousel.

          • Exulen

            *facepalms* that was another present joke

  2. Firewolf


    • Firewolf

      (did not mean to seem impatient. I was trying to get first comment so wrote the first thing that came to mind)

      • psychoJoker36

        Hey, F. Wolf, watch yourself. Try not to use that F word this high in the comments

        • gagi

          OMG .. so that’s what the F word means … lol

          but yea i agree it’s a horrible word that shouldn’t be used :)

          • Firewolf

            Erm, uh, the F word? 0.o

          • psychoJoker36

            Ice cream
            Roast beef

          • Firewolf

            Got it.

  3. Hypergenesis

    Epic indeed ^^

  4. Foxstar

    I like it.

    • Hypergenesis

      I mean to ask for a while now (Probably just delete this later), You’re the comment page moderator right?

      Oh, and who’s your avie?

      • Foxstar

        I am. And it’s of my character.

        • Val Kilmer Batman

          Didn’t there used to be another guy too?

          • Foxstar

            There are others.

        • Sleet

          Is there by chance a full picture? I’ve actually been wanting to know what it looked like for a while.

        • Hypergenesis

          Additional Question, are there guidelines for the comments page? A URL or something similar I mean.

  5. Hypergenesis

    Did King needed to go to the restroom before reboarding?

  6. Fault

    He looks awful sinister there in panel 4.

    I like the sunset-looking colors on this one.

    • Hypergenesis

      Hope I don’t push the rating, but I think that’s be cause he wees like a human. Not really sure though. = P

      • Loki Impisi

        For some weird reason panel four reminds me of submarine lighting. Or that stealth boat in james bond. Or the ocean in general XD

        • Hypergenesis

          Blue darkness lighting effect, cause putting too much black-darkness ruins a picture.

          (Or any saturation of black)

      • Saru

        I think it’s actually because he’s going “Where is everyone?…”

        • Val Kilmer Batman

          “It’s quiet… TOO quiet…”

          • Val Kilmer Batman

            “Where is everyb– ARGHOHGODWHAT’SHAPPENING!!!”

  7. Rojo Ninja

    I wish every bathroom was like that!!! (no not really) xD

    • the Art Wolf

      I always thought the object of toilet-going was to try not to fall in… I have seen the errors of my ways. :P

  8. Firewolf

    Miles is a park attendant too? 0.o

    • psychoJoker36

      If the ferrets own the park and employ Miles, I guess they can tell him where to work

      • Firewolf

        Security gaurd, Park Attendant, Family man. Miles is…well…the most awesome character ever. =)

        • psychoJoker36

          Aside from Grape, but I’m sure you’n I have different reasons for our choices

          • Hypergenesis

            You two are probably just confused from the most Awesome comic ever | o |

          • psychoJoker36

            I am not confused. Mad, deranged, mentally unfit for society, maybe, but confused I am not

        • Lance

          Indeed miles is! He’s my Fav! =^_^=

    • Hypergenesis

      He’s the chaperone, well one of the chaperones.

    • yoyodude

      He’s chaperoning

    • DynoMutt

      Miles must work everywhere! XD

      • Hypergenesis

        Everywhere the ferrets go.

        • Firewolf

          Everywhere the ferrets go=everywhere. =D

  9. psychoJoker36

    I like the coloration, just save it for an epic battle. Or a completely emotional part. But this was still funny

    • Hypergenesis

      The coloration’s like that probably because it’s sunset.

    • Lupus

      It’s certainly very cinematic. The kind of quality you see in an anime movie as apposed to the actual anime. The leap in quality is about that level. I don’t think it’s just the colouration that’s changed either. Panel 2 is glorious.

      • FuRrY321

        I know it would mess up the comments, and probably cause some confusion, but we really need a way to “thumbs up” a comment.

        Oh wait, we already do.


  10. IceKitsune

    LOL that was great it was worth the wait that we had to go through

  11. Hypergenesis

    Is that doberman Kevin? He’s been working out. . .

    . . . more.

    • Rick Griffin

      I like how any time I draw a muscular character everyone has to comment on how they’ve been working out

      • Hypergenesis

        Well taking previous picture (drawings) as reference, Kevin’s buffed so. Maybe similar scenarios as well in the past?

        • Hypergenesis

          And this is a little late but it might very well be some high form of praise for people to notice even the subtle details of your work.

          Like for example, most people would just scan through their textbooks but would absorb the atmosphere and content of a novel they like.

          Just saying that you have an interested audience compared to those who just open the site out of necessity or habit.

      • psychoJoker36

        It’s cuz Big “Turn Every Game into Tackle” Kevin looks bigger compared to his last appearance

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I didn’t notice Kevin, but I was sure thinking Miles looks cute as heck in that little jacket.

  12. Thoth

    Ah! I am perishing! I can think of nothing much to deduce from that!

    Oh well. It’s very good anyway.

    • Frank

      That the park will be open after dark?

      • Thoth

        Ah, I am rescued at the last moment! There are deductions to be made here after all…

        Hm. Perhaps the blank nametag is not simply because it’s too small to write on but indicates that the ferrets want the staff to be anonymous without going to the expense of hiring french waiter ninjas?

  13. IceKitsune

    Also I must admit I kind of like the new color style

  14. lost wolf

    epic bathroom

    • Hypergenesis

      Ironically, it’s called a restroom though you get thrilled, shocked, terrified, excited, yadayadayada, yet never rest.

      • Hypergenesis

        derp. It was called bathroom, and it does give a bath.

        • Flammie

          Not quite a misnomer, but instead very literal.

          I guess the park has a few more surprises in store.

    • lost wolf

      just think if the bathroom is like that what is the restroom like…… would thier be beds…..

  15. Hypergenesis

    Alt Text: I suppose my first clue should have been that nobody was coming back out

    • DynoMutt

      Thank you for your good deed =)

    • Firewolf

      The Bathroom, enter if you dare. None ever come out again. (3hr wait time)

      • Hypergenesis

        The line looks pretty fast as King was flushed in no time. . panel. . blah.

    • Val Kilmer Batman

      And now there’s alt text in the comments!

      • Hypergenesis

        Hey, there’s a feature for that so why not use it?

        Besides some of my posts would be a stronghold of text if I don’t use alt text.

  16. Hypergenesis

    I realized I don’t need to go anymore. . .

    • Erkhyan

      Okay, I was about to say “Okay everyone, avatars, King, fifth panel” but I see you beat me to that.

      • WingedWolfGirl

        Looks like
        King, genie of the lamp.

        • FuRrY321

          And none too happy for it xD

  17. Exranio

    I actually think i prefer this colour style

  18. Hypergenesis

    I do wonder, how much longer did this take compared to the usual comic?

  19. Duskyo

    I’m actually diggin’ this color format, a lot! It’s got a soft ambient glow to it. The first couple and the last two panels kinda refer how we tend to feel the sun when we’re at theme parks.

    Although, when I first looked at it, I had to blink twice before I realized the change :3
    Silly me!

  20. Inu225

    Now I’m afraid to ask where the water fountain is.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Or the kiddy pool.

      Oh, you want the sandbox?

      Wait, wasn’t that the comfort station?

      No, the men’s room is a gym.

      I tried the bathroom already. It’s a spa!

      No, really, you want the tanning booth. “That doesn’t even make sense.”

      Wasn’t that the treehouse?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        You mean the restroom, not the bathroom!

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I already had a nap, thanks.

          [Yes, I got mixed up]

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            so do u enoy havin conversations w/ yer self ;) ?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Best person to point out my mistakes is me!

          • Hypergenesis

            Because as they say, self-realization is the key to s. . .

            or because just correcting yourself with another post is boring.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Self-actualization. The peak of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

  21. Argent Stonecutter

    YES! We get King, in perfect King form, and we predicted that finding the toilets would be a challenge.

    Though I would have thought they’d be named after a ride.

    • Hypergenesis

      Looking at King’s situations and his profile, I’d say he’s right.

    • CalaverX11

      The fact that the ride is called “Bathroom” and the restroom is just called “restroom” makes perfect sense to me.

  22. Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

    Lolz! X3
    It reminds meh of a dream Ah had when Ah wa a teenager, minya! “^w^

    • Hypergenesis

      Bet you woke up flushed.

    • WingedWolfGirl

      U back?
      YAY. *glomps*

      • FuRrY321

        Welcome back, Aerix! *man glomps*

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          YYYYYAAAAAAAHHHHH AERIX YER BACK XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      *hugs aerix*

  23. AdriGummi

    The colour is certainly different but interesting. I like the effect, giving more unity between the colours of each panel.

    And about the strip, King is in it, and that always mean a great strip! Long life to this cute corgi!

  24. Lupus

    I love the new colour style. I hope it stays around to be honest.

  25. Erkhyan

    Epic and ambitious indeed, and the joke does work. All worth the wait, though I’m wondering how many people just skipped a few hours of sleep waiting for this (yay time differences – I get new strips in the morning instead!).

    • Valerio

      I started waiting since 07:00, when new strip usually comes out.

    • FuRrY321

      You know, I’ve never stayed up until 1:00 am (when the strip usually comes out here; EST) so I didn’t even notice the “long wait”. Frankly, if everybody actually caught up on some sleep, and checked the comic when they got up the next day, I think we’d give Rick enough time to do this (almost) all the time!

      It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the usual colouring, it’s just that, this way, it helps to convey the time of day/indoor-outdoor scenes better.

    • Hypergenesis

      I was playing Assassin’s Creed on the PS3 and kept on returning to check on the comic that day, but soon I got bored and just decided to power off the PS3 and wait for the comic.

  26. Valerio

    today’s comic is SOOO good on so MANY levels. *sighs happily*

  27. Valerio

    must…resist…urge…TACKLE KEVIN!!

  28. Valerio

    also, it’s a tad worrysome that Miles is being reasoning like them ferrets. Oy.

    • Hypergenesis

      Why? Miles’ reasoning is purely sound.
      Bathroom = Toilet + Sink + Bathing facility, usually the one found in homes.
      Restroom = Toilet + Sink, usually found in public places.

      • FuRrY321

        So what is “Toilet + Sink + Shower”? Washroom? I know just “Toilet + Sink” is called a “Powder Room” when it’s on the main level…

        • Hypergenesis

          The shower is a bathing facility.
          The washroom is similar to the restroom.
          –>I think it’s more of the usage restrooms are usually in places where one might be expected to take a. . rest (restaurants, hotels, parks), while washrooms are usually in places where there’s a high amount of erm, “dirtifying?” elements (schools, factories).

          Powder room is more of a woman’s restroom.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            … except when Bugs Bunny is involved …

            Sam: Quick, rabbit! Get the match before it blows up!! Ain’t ya gonna get it?
            Bugs: *shakes head*
            Sam (sweating): OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (dives overboard)
            Bugs Bunny: I don’t know what he’s so excited about. Talcum powder doesn’t explode.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I am the typo that ruins your punchline?

          • Hypergenesis

            Would you look at that two LT references in the same day.

            It’s quite rare to see a post that contradicts and reinforces itself with the same reference. =P

  29. Argent Stonecutter

    So, the sunset lighting implies that this arc is almost over?

    • Hypergenesis

      Surprise surprise, Theme Park World is proud to announce the newly opened Theme Park Hotel.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        “We were going to call it ‘Hotel California’, but the lawyers didn’t like it, so we called it ‘No Vacancy’.”

        “The restaurant is called ‘Cafe Exit’.”

        “It’s a hotel themed hotel!”

        • Hypergenesis

          Doodie doodie doodoo. . . Don’t go in the “Spinning Cups”, you can’t resists the drinks in there.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            That’s not hotel themed!

          • Hypergenesis

            Fine, I’ll take down my theme park themed sign to unveil the sign stating “Distilled Tap”

          • Argent Stonecutter

            How about “No Standing”? Or “Overflow parking”?

          • Hypergenesis

            “No Standing” is the convertible ballroom/disco
            “Overflow Parking” is the walk-in three story theater, that’s also the waiting room for pending guests.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            So the bar is called “The Lobby”?

          • Hypergenesis

            If only that wasn’t the multipurpose sports court.

          • Flammie

            What about the “Fire Escape”?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            That’s the arcade.

          • psychoJoker36

            And Flammie comes in as the C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!!

          • Val Kilmer Batman

            I’m not sure it really counts, especially because he was continuing the conversation, but also because there was no combo. I am the raincloud crying over your festivities.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I am the terror that flaps in the night

          • Flammie

            Lucky guess with the “he” or did you know somehow?

            To be fair, there was a combo of ferrets. Even if some were height restrictions.

            I wonder how Keene’s doing, what with the whole “restriction adjustment” and all.

    • Pseudo Faux

      I’m pretty sure the theme park has a ‘night time’ series of events.

      • Argent Stonecutter


        • WingedWolfGirl

          …The stage production. :D

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            heh der wuz ah maikle jackson stage show at canibe lake park

      • Hypergenesis

        3D lightshow.

        Actually, all the lights turn off and a giant magnifying glass hovers above the park to let everyone see the galactic core.

  30. Nia

    Okay seriously, who made this theme park? Willy Wonka?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Willy Wonka isn’t wacky enough for the ferrets.

      • Nia

        So what, his cousin made it then?

        • Hypergenesis

          As Keene had mentioned, they were using darts to choose the theme. So they could have made a few lists of rides and attractions and threw darts at them as well for name, type of ride, crossed with what and surprise. Thus the park has no more planning than a night of shiritori and a barrel of orange soda.

  31. Argent Stonecutter

    Two places ahead of King in the line, that looks like a cat. Boy, is HE going to be mad coming out…

    • Inu225

      lol. This is what came to mind when I noticed that.

      • the Art Wolf

        I always laugh when that commercial comes on. It’s so funny how the cat keeps its legs so still. Maybe because it’s of the ragdoll breed (hinted by the upside-down “V” on the face).

        I also love the music. :3

        • James

          Curiosity makes the cat go into the pool….scuba diving. XD

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      The guy before Kevin and “neighborhood dog” is also a cat. But hey, some cats like water right?

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        *Guy after Kevin and “neighborhood dog.” The dog in front of King kinda looks like the “Invisible Woman” dog from Peanut’s comic

      • FuRrY321

        True, but I think most cats “like water” as in, drinking from the tap in the washroom/bathroom/powder room/whatever. But, they don’t like it when they slip into the stream of wet water…

        • the Art Wolf

          But the Turkish Van is a breed of cat that actually enjoys swimming. I think that was what Mr. Blutarsky was getting at.

  32. Some Guy

    This comic’s art style is like if Rick’s normal art style and his Housepets art style had a baby, but then were forced to place that baby into a space pod and send it off to Earth as their home planet was being destroyed….

    • WingedWolfGirl

      I’m guessing U no likey.

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      ai dun get it :l?

      • Some Guy

        Superman, folks, Superman. I was trying to say it’s awesome.

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh ai get itz now ^_^

    • Val Kilmer Batman

      YAY SUPERMAN!!!!

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        Well, Supercomicstyle, but whatever.

  33. 2MK

    Hey! I thought dogs hate water!

    • Hypergenesis

      Dogs don’t hate water actually. . . Enumerating. . .
      Water Spray: It’s the surprising uncomfortable mist that they dislike.
      Baths: Usually due to traumatic experience since dogs are curious creatures beings.
      Floods: Who doesn’t hate floods?
      Tsunami: See above, except replace flood with tsunami.
      Distilled Water: Doesn’t have a taste.
      French Toilet Water: Not actually toilet water (Tap water, on some cases gray water) [ see: for more information. ]

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Dogs love water, so long as the “B word” isn’t involved.

    • Hypergenesis

      And if dogs hate water, they’ll dehydrate.

      Previous answers were to answer the question “I thought dogs hate THE water.”

  34. Argent Stonecutter

    OK, who haven’t we seen at the theme park yet? We’ve had Peanut and Max, but no Grape, right?

    • Hypergenesis

      Grape appeared in the bus with Max

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Bus doesn’t count. We haven’t seen her dealing with the park.

        • Frank


          • Hypergenesis

            Anyone wonders what would happen if Rick suddenly makes a comic featuring Butter and Jelly on a real date. . .

          • Thoth

            I like that notion. Even if it is about hypothetical characters we will probably never see and would almost certainly never see again.

    • Hypergenesis

      Daisy, Fiddler, Keys, Lana, Duke, Simon, Rock, Pit, Daryl, Lucretia . . just to name a few.

      • Flammie

        There’s Zach and Fox as well. I’m curious about how everyone will be featured, actually. There’s still plenty of rides to explore, and I wonder if the Woodland Critters have somehow tailed followed Zach and are pestering him. Maybe he’ll get so distracted he accidently rides the Pizza Pavilion.

        I was actually thinking a while ago, that unless Rick Griffin plans on turning this arc back on track for the story soon, if this arc has one, that he’d try to cover everybody in the park, without using the same character twice. So far it does seem to be the case.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          It’s a whole arc of one-offs!

          • Flammie

            Haha, perhaps it is.

            I’m suddenly reminded of The Zoo arc.

          • Elwood Blutarsky

            Ain’t it fun, we’ve got basically the whole cast in one adventure for the first time ever.

  35. Kitch

    Wet dog xD

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      but wet dog iz an ewwy smell XP

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Probably not to a dog, but the bus driver is going to need danger money on the trip home.

        • Hypergenesis

          There’s a lot of pet scent removers on the market these days. They claim to be able to remove the scent off wood, textiles, marble and even the pet themselves.

  36. LoneHowler

    I lve the golden washed out colors that happen around sunset effect you have going there. And I commend King for not going in the pool, espeshaly since what the rides name is I might just on principal XD

  37. Hypergenesis

    I’ll just add in some minor stupidity.

    Notice that in panel 5 the water is blue while it turned green by panel 7.
    Yellow + blue = green.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Panel 5 has the “indoors” blue lighting.

      • Flammie

        Also, I think the green is the reflection from the trees in the background. The water itself looks like a faint blue with a tinge of yellow from the sunset, perhaps.

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        The alt-text in his comment SPECIFICALLY said to not argue the lighting.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Yeh, but it’s wrong.

          • Val Kilmer Batman


          • Hypergenesis

            and we know any wrongs should be corrected.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            By George, I think he’s got it!

          • Hypergenesis

            Actually a cute little brown ferret named Argent gave it to me. Oh well, I guess I’ll name him George and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him. . .

  38. e

    did anyone notice that kevin’s eyes are red?

    • Hypergenesis

      Kevin’s eyes have always been red.

      • Valerio

        it’s part of his charme! :P

        • Elwood Blutarsky

          Apparently his dog tag is a stop sign or at least a red octogon.

          • Valerio

            A stop sign is quite more probable, though he doesn’t really need that, nossir… :D

          • Hypergenesis

            A “Beware: Mountain Goat” sign would be more appropriate.

    • OutOfNowhere

      No, he’s too much of a klutz to be Kitsune’s avatar

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        I looked at you name, then at the comment you replied to, and then I’m like, wow, his nama fits! But then I thought about it and remembered GK had red eyes. Still.

        • Hypergenesis

          But do take note that Tarot’s eyes are green only when she is channeling Spirit Dragon or using her powers, otherwise it remains yellow.

  39. Squival

    dunno what it is about this comic but it looks different, the hues?

    Anyways it looks amazing, brings a step more realism to the cartoon world that looks just great!

  40. Valerio

    best amusement park ever!
    for the ferrets, of course.

  41. Flammie

    I do wonder what turn of events after King went through the door led to him being caught in a water vortex of sorts.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      There’s always room for a trap door!

      • Flammie

        Whoever designed this park is a genius.

      • Hypergenesis

        Triggered either by:
        1) Pressure sensor on floor or toilet bowl.
        2) Closing the door.
        3) Flushing the toilet.
        4) The roll of tease you.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Closing the door, I think. If it was flushing he wouldn’t be looking for a tree.

          • Flammie

            Maybe it’s all of the above, or certain combinations in different cubicles?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I think the door lock would give you maximum surprise and minimum risk.

            Close door … *click* AUGH!

          • Flammie

            Probably not the most comforting sound to hear in the bathroom.

            What would be done about the doors? Automatic unlock?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            It doesn’t have to be an actual working latch. It just has to look like one.

          • Flammie

            Devious. I guess it doesn’t matter if they notice it’s not locking properly when they’ll be sent into a whirlpool.

        • Frank

          Who ever said there was a toilet bowl?

          • Hypergenesis

            A urinal wouldn’t be in a stall.
            They wouldn’t risk contamination by using dugouts.
            A potted plant would make the water brown.
            A litter box would pollute the water.
            A tire would have to be hanged.
            A mailman wouldn’t encourage movement.
            Durrrr. . .

  42. Wolf Pup TK

    The coloring and artwork in this comic is VERY impressive. Is the time of day close to sundown? Just guessing from the yellow overtone.

  43. Fenrari

    advanced shading :)

  44. Zoe

    Oh my god I love what you did!!! I love that the line art is toned down, it all looks really nice. :B Omg do moar plz.

  45. gaboris

    Now why just mess with them? This style looks awesome man! :D
    I’m not someone to accept changes, like I freaked out when I had to change my dorm room to the one next to it witch is just the same, but I like this look. X3
    Ya say everyone says that Kevin is buffed… well it’s true so deal with it. :p

  46. Pseudo Faux

    King’s expression in the 4th panel is priceless. Then again, it looks like its meant to match up with the alt text.

    “Where is everyone?” ~ King

  47. Cooljoe224

    Next thing you know, the entrance is going to be the exit in this park.

  48. Mika

    I’m surprised he was able to hold himself the whole ride…

  49. icarus

    i like it, adds a very soft dusky feel to the comic.

  50. Ajax451

    THIS IS MY NEW FAV COMIC!!!! I LOVE THIS!!! XD…yay for King!!!

  51. Jrogenshin

    This is very impressive! It’s an afternoon setting and it really sets the tone for the day! ^.=.^ Great Work!

  52. FunkyChicken

    “…this is temporary, just messing with colors..”

    I WAAAAAAANT!!!! Keep it Rick!!! Keep the overtones and keep the shading style and everything else that you say is temporary because what you have here is EPIC AWESOME.

    • The Wolf Next Door

      Why? I think that Rick should keep it temporary because then it could return from time to time as surpises

  53. The Wolf Next Door

    It’s too confusing aaaaaaarrhh!

    • NexusWulf

      indeed it its @__@

      • yarrofox

        No, it’s quite simple, whatever you’re looking for, you don’t go to, instead you look for whatever has the name of what you don’t want to go to and find that place. If it looks nothing like what you want, then that’s the place you were looking for in the first place.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          And have a nice cup of something completely but not entirely unlike tea.

          • Hypergenesis

            On almost every page I’ve commented, there are always topics that call to be a goat. . .

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Goat? What?

          • Hypergenesis

            Goat: The target of pranks and ridicule.

            I’m just saying that there are those that never gets taken seriously since the comment was already talking about confusion.

  54. WingedWolfGirl

    …And then a 1,000 HousePets fans where well pleased; for they had seen King. :P

    1. I wonder what kind of ride, A Tree is.
    2. The shading style iz awesome!!!

  55. Kytan

    yay king… but i was expecting him to be hanging with fox…. oh well cant win ‘em all.

  56. Kytan

    hey doesnt king look a bit… natorious in that forth panel?

    • Kytan

      oh wait he must have been trying to go to the king cave! it’s like the bat cave and oe of the entrances is in a stall!

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        whos his batman equivalent partner?
        *reads wut ai sed* wow… no errors huh weird

    • Argent Stonecutter

      He looks more nAtorious in the later panels. Natorious, with an “A”, would mean “bath-like”.

  57. sketcherofstuff

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  58. FlareKitsune

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    • Val Kilmer Batman

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    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Using the tree…King’s really starting to get a hang of the “whole dog thing” huh. Hope his owner isn’t too mad but since Keene owns the park anyway he shouldn’t be.

  59. kupo86

    With a sign like that I wonder if the rest of the guys in the line are actually aware of where they’re getting themselves into.

    Beautiful colors. Love that warm summer evening feeling on today’s strip.

  60. Hypergenesis

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  61. Elwood Blutarsky

    Looks like King won the “wet fur contest.”

  62. yarrofox

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  63. FerreTrip

    WOW. And here I am a few days back from Noah’s Ark waterpark. Totally looks like it at sunset here. Instantly makes me think of that warm, tired, happy feeling you get by the end when you’re finally going on all the long-line rides because almost everyone’s cleared out. Nicely done. (But it can’t be the end of the day now, can it?)

  64. Kamron


    I just popped over to see the new update, and I LOVE the colors you used. I won’t complain about awesome things like this. I particularly like panels 2-5 and 7.

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    • ReCreate

      wrong email >.>

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      • Kytan

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        • sonic id furreh!!!

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    • Thegamist

      N00bish question… what first idea?

      • Kytan

        this one was late because rick got the idea while making the last one.

        • Val Kilmer Batman

          Well, either that OR he just finished this one and then altered the colors…

  70. Corodan

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    I really, really love the new coloring scheme. Not much else can be said.

    “So I just used the bathroom.”

    “So how’s that work out?”


    • Kytan

      whoo yay bad pun!!!

  71. namelessone

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  72. Val Kilmer Batman

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    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Is he really still alive when you think about it?

  73. Thegamist

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    • Hypergenesis

      Using it too much would dull the comic so it was a good choice to have removed the text balloons altogether.

      • thegamist

        I mean you´re being flushed down a “toilet” what´s your first reaction?
        me: what the **** !?

  74. Komi

    Funny comic aside, I do have to say that the whole coloring used here is quite interesting to look at. Perhaps it’s a bit more complex than the time its worth, even more given the nature of the comic itself, but I’d just like you to know that I do find the work you put into this strip high notch.

    Thank you for your hard work and effort delivery fuzzy goodness 3 times a week.

    • Val Kilmer Batman

      The reason it took so long was because he started late, though, so IF he did this coloring from the beginning, it MIGHT not take too much longer than it normally would.

  75. Kytan

    tarot got the foresight wrong. It wasn’t sabrina that would be nearly drowned it was king. and it didn’t happen in 3 years either…

    • WingedWolfGirl

      …But they are seperate events, and bear no relation 2 the other.

      • Hypergenesis

        Or you could also say “separate entities, separate fates”.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I’ll take a double prophecy, easy on the angst, extra schadenfreude, and a side of wacky antics.

  76. anthroguy101

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    • King

      its king thats why there already that amazing hahaha

    • dalonewolf25

      Because he is, but when you look at

      • dalonewolf25

        his history, he was the first human face to appear.

        (got cut off from my comment)

        • Hypergenesis

          or the first one to get a prose, and a great one at that.

        • Val Kilmer Batman

          Well, so far, there have only been two, possibly 3, actual human faces drawn. I said possibly three because I don’t think that the half of Bill’s face you can see underneath his helmet counts. But some people might. Then again, there is THIS strip:

          So nevermind, I guess it WOULD be three faces.

  84. King

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  85. Chaos Lightspeed

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  86. RockstarRaccoon

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  87. Phonti


  88. DoomTrout

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  89. ShiroiKitsune

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  90. SamBlob

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  92. Max Wolfe

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  93. Frank

    Who’s the lifeguard in panel 7?
    Better question: what is the lifeguard in panel 7?

    • Hypergenesis

      Something with three-jointed legs!

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        Yeah, um, it looks like a cardboard cutout standee to me…

        • Hypergenesis

          Is it because of the white background behind it? That’s the lifeguard’s chair, and it’s sitting on it. It might be looking elsewhere though.

    • PuDdY15

      it looks like some disfigured animal with a beret on his head.

      wonder why a lifeguard would be way back there if theres a dog chokin on water that has a weird name like king…. seriously dogs learn to help animals in need like that…. gosh

      • Hypergenesis

        If you look at it, King never produced any bubbles except for the ones created when he entered the pool, but that’s just the law of inertia at work. So actually he was never drowning.

  94. Val Kilmer Batman

    I JUST NOW realized that people, or at least animals, in the HP universe have only three fingers and a thumb per hand. I was looking at panel seven. Comment related because I was zoomed in on the “lifeguard”. Which I’m pretty sure is a cardboard standee.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      That’s a tradition in the larger cartooniverse that originated in animation: it simplified the animation if you leave the little finger off and spread out the other fingers, and since the little finger generally moves with the ring finger it still looks OK.

      • Flammie

        You learn something new every day.

        Hm, I didn’t really think much about how the animals have three fingers and a thumb, but that does make a lot of sense.

        I went back through the archives, and the humans have five fingers, though often the hands are in positions where the thumb isn’t seen.

      • Hypergenesis

        Also, having four fingers makes the drawing less cluttered.

  95. Lombax369

    Sorry if this is an inappropriate comment but Kevin has a really nice butt in panel three.

    • Val Kilmer Batman


      What do you say to that?

      • Hypergenesis

        Eh. . . Nice tail?

  96. PuDdY15

    hmmm y’know maybe he coulda said “Miles…. do u know where i can find a tree….?

  97. Val Kilmer Batman

    I really love how the trees are done in the background, is that new? It looks REALLY cool; it reminds me a little of the Chinese calligraphy drawings of bamboo. But in color.

  98. Rendak

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    Genious as always Rick, that looks like the funnest “bathroom” ever :D

    • e

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  100. Ilovehousepets

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    Nce job. really love it! =D

  101. Thoth

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    • iHavezMyBirdo

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  103. tazom

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  104. WolfeMasters

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  105. Leinad

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    I… will… have… vengance!
    I liiiiiiveeeee!
    Time… for… ICE CREAM!

    • Leinad

      whoops, meant seven, not three. ah well, nobody reads this low in the comments anyway…

    • Keejer-X


      • Keejer-X

        Because he said Exterminate, you see. Anyone geddit?

  106. Fuzzypaws

    This theme park was designed by throwing darts at a board!