Kids And Old People Not Allowed
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  1. Yokashima

    This tall!! XP

    • Skykitsune

      To go on any of the fun rides!

  2. Pseudo Faux

    That sign is adorably cute.

    • Pseudo Faux

      I love how the sign says at the bottom “ ride the fun rides.”

      • WyldKAT

        I didn’t notice until you said that! I’m usually pretty sharp about these things.

        • Lupus

          It’s true though. You have to be tall to have fun at a theme park. Or, at least not unnaturally short. Here in the UK if you’re 140cm tall you can pretty much go on any rid in the country :3

          • AflacMan13

            Actually the majority of rides in the world are not height restrictive. While many rides have these policies in place due to the size and type of seating on the ride for saftey reasons most rides only have this policy because the majority of rides with the “You must be this tall” signs are statistically too scary for children of certain age groups and each age group has a height average. Thus theme parks have enacted a height limilting policy to provide parents with a buffer, and to prevent law suits from irrationally angry parents who might believe that if a ride is too scary for certain children then the theme park should not allow them on it. It is much easier, more efficient, and less offensive to tell someone they are to short to do something because of safety than it is to check ages on ID’s and ask every patron how old they are. I used to work at a theme park and if the parent of a child asks the guy running the height check station if the kid can ride if the parent approves of it or rides with the child; many rides will open up like the flood gates at the Hoover dam. Not all but most, like i said there are still some rides that are just too big for little kids to safely fit on.

          • Thoth

            Thank you for the information by the way. I had wondered about that, given that most of the restraints seemed perfectly adequate for children.

          • AflacMan13

            No problem. Any time. I seem to have a plethora of seemingly useless knowledge stored en ma noodle.

    • HonorèDerazey
      • WyldKAT

        I think poom is just creepy.

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        AAHH!! D: that bear is creepy!

  3. HunkRlz

    Ask Jeeves!!

  4. Challenger01

    That is DEFINITELY abusing the power… I love it!

    • Chip Uni

      What’s the purpose of power, if you can’t abuse it?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Power corrupts. Absolute power is kinda neat.

      • yarrofox

        The purpose of power if you can’t abuse it…. how about no purpose, except for the purpose of getting taken over by another power-hungry person?

    • Inu225

      At least Keene’s “abusing of power” is more tamed.
      Rather than good old Pete. XD

      • Valerio

        Pete is abusing the game rules.
        When it comes to power, he’s a natural!

  5. KzT

    Can’t blame him. I’d be on a serious rant if that happened to me at my own theme park.

  6. DarkHearts

    It says crumple, but I heard a crunch.

  7. rWolf1991

    I wish you could do that in real life!!

    • Manix

      you can……you just need to be rich :D

      • yarrofox

        or have a very powerful/absolutely loyal/extremely rich friend.

  8. ZincChloride

    very cute lol

  9. Evanne

    I abuse my front-of-line privileges all the time

  10. Loki Impisi

    Wow, sucks to be king.

    • StringPetounPing

      King can’t be that much smaller that the ferrets and beside if he is this will save him from the injuries Keene risk to have because he is too short to ride the rides.

    • cynori
      • Loki Impisi

        Not by much

    • yarrofox

      sucks to be Spo

  11. sonic id furreh!!!

    AAHHHH!! D: that ferret id creepe

  12. IceKitsune

    lol how embarrassing the ferrets weren’t even tall enough to ride their own rides

  13. ReCreate

    Ahahahaha :D

  14. WyldKAT

    Am I the only one who thinks that the “this tall” sign is a bit terrifying?

    I also expect it to become an avatar. Crud.

    • Val Kilmer Batman

      It’s just… watching… and waiting…

      and it’s naked without a collar!

      • Hypergenesis

        Pet Fancy policies: No Siblings

        • sonic id furreh!!!


          • Furr Mate


          • Werecatdawn


            ~does so and spins it around~

  15. namelessone

    screw the rules I have money, lots and lots of money…also I own the park

  16. ReCreate

    But thats like that for a reason, ones too short could fall out as they are too short…I hope no one gets injured! D:

    • Elwood Blutarky

      He’ll be fine, he owns the park which I think makes him immune to legal recourse in the event he is injured by it.

  17. Mr.Zero

    You know, someone is going to get hurt because of that change. Was it worth it? WAS IT?

    Of course it was!

    • DarkHearts

      Most definitely, suh!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      “I’ll write you a check of ANY SIZE to fix the harness so it fits me RIGHT NOW.”

  18. Oren Otter

    Hey, Rick, would you mind if i used this strip as a visual aid in a speech about furry culture?

    • Rick Griffin

      Sure could!

      • Frank

        Wait, what?
        You sure could mind? Or Oren sure could use it?

    • 7ance

      That is a very bold move and I applaud you for it!

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      did ai just say nya?)

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        Hey! I get that now!

    • Firewolf

      A speech?

      @Val: Get what?

  19. HonorèDerazey

    I honestly don’t know if that sign makes me want to go =D or D=. So I’ll just do this =D=

    • Frank


      • SamBlob

        My guess was eyes and goatee, although which are the eyes and which is the goatee is open to question… ^^;

  20. Kamron

    Everybody’s eyes used to go wakka-wakka-wakka in the twenties when they looked at things.

    I’ll bet saccades made some furious librarians.

    • WyldKAT

      uh…. what?

      • Elwood Blutarky

        Alt-text: The Pac-Man pupils

        • WyldKAT


  21. Argent Stonecutter

    Can anyone make out what “this tall” actually is, in the corner of the sign where it looks like scribble-scribble inches?

    • dalonewolf

      i think it’s 11 inches, or so it seems

    • Rick Griffin

      It IS scribble-scribble inches

    • FurryNerd

      I was going to say eleventy feet, but that would be wrong lol

      • dalonewolf25

        Could such a number exist? If so, can we use it in everyday life? Alongside that, wouldn’t the housepets universe be bigger than us if so?

        • FurryNerd

          yes! They’re GIANTS! to them we’re ants, and even to ants we’re smaller ants, and even to smaller ants… we’re bigger then smaller ants! But dont worry, the smaller ants might taste horrible (maybe even poisonous) but we’re not the bottom of the food chain. :3

          ps. Fnerd does ramble on too much, just blank out and nod your head, ok?

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            *blanks out* *nod nod*

          • yarrofox

            Actually, that makes perfect sense

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I would hope the Housepets universe would be bigger than people, or else people couldn’t fit inside the Housepets universe!

        • Kamron

          If you take the sixty-seventy-eighty pattern, eleventy is just another name for 110.

          And Wikipedia confirms me!

          • FurryNerd

            110 feet! :O

          • Val Kilmer Batman

            I just thought it was a reference for Lord of the Rings, where Bilbo Baggins has his “eleventy-eth birthday party”

          • Kamron

            Val: that’s where it was popularized. There have, however, been made-up numbers like that for a long time.

        • Frank

          We may not have eleventy, but next year is twenty-eleven (which is why I continue pronouncing the years as two-thousand X)

          • Argent Stonecutter

            So did you pronounce it “one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine” or “nineteen ninety nine”?

          • Frank


          • Frank

            Well, actually both. “mil neuf-cent quatre-vingt dix-neuf” (literally “a thousand, nine-hundred, eighty and nineteen”) is the French pronounciation of the year 1999; “mil novecientos noventa y nueve” (literally “a thousand, nine-hundred, ninety and nine”) is the Spanish pronounciation. For English-speaking audiences I always went with “nineteen ninety-nine” at the time.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Eighty and nineteen? Sono pazzi questi franci!

        • yarrofox

          I’m not sure about eleventy, but I do know that Bilbo Baggins reached his eleventy-first birthday in the Lord of the Rings. Maybe it’s the same, but smaller

  22. Gaboris

    Lucky we don’ have those things in Hungary, but still I hope that hight stuff isn’t so important in reality. O_O”
    So if no kids or old ppl are allowed who’ll be runnin on the fun rides? No one else goes on those things by his own will anyway. XD

  23. FurryNerd

    whooooo! look at the sign, look at the sign! floating ferret! :D
    *ish brought back down to earth*

    you know, it’s ironic how the person saying “you must be this tall” is actually shorter then the sign it’s self lol
    and it happens EVERYWHERE xD

    • WingedWolfGirl

      That IS ironic! :D

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        1 taime there was dis midget tryin to get on a ride but he wuz to short and wudn’t muve so ai pushed him over <3

  24. WingedWolfGirl

    ……come 2 think of it,
    …those pupils are kinda creepy.

    • FurryNerd

      dun dun dun DUUUUUN!

  25. 7ance

    Another ironic thing is the character telling you how tall you must be doesn’t even meet the requirement himself. XD

    • FurryNerd

      I just said that! D=

      • SamBlob

        What you didn’t say, though, is that the character on the sign looks like Keene himself. I don’t know about the eyes, but the colour pattern looks like Keene’s…

        • FurryNerd

          I did! I did I tells ya! *looks 2 posts up* I most deffinently did.

          • yarrofox

            good things are worth saying twice

  26. Argent Stonecutter
    • CalaverX11


      Is awesome.

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      yah dey were ai tested dem :3

    • Frank

      Maybe this whole invitation is a ploy to do that testing! Are the Ungrateful Relatives behind this? Will our heroes escape with their lives?

  27. Bobsicle

    When you have a problem… ASK JEEVES!!

    • Bobsicle

      Dang, someone allready said that.

  28. thegamist

    sollution to every small irrelevant problem,… Jeeves!

  29. Inu225

    Remember kids. Pets are treated at an EQUAL LEVEL at Babylon Gardens.

    • e

      now we know!

  30. Foldo

    This tall is still too hight for my little squirrel person… :’(

    • Argent Stonecutter

      You’re not even scribble-scribble inches tall?

      • Foldo

        I would clear the height shown before!

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I’m sure Jeeves will accommodate your tasty little frame.

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            psst mai offer still stands…. ai’m reddy to puonce wen u r *wink*

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Did I say that out loud again?

  31. Max Wolfe

    I think I can’t go on the ride for being 6′2 :( .

  32. Exranio

    i may be wrong but i think about half the characters are shorter than that.

  33. The Wolf Next Door

    I hated those signs when i was a kid… Not because i wasn’t that tall, but because i was TOO tall. >.<

    • Charlie P.

      I had the same problem >.>

    • Frank

      This wouldn’t be about the McDonalds “you must be shorter than this” sign (or whatever it was it said), would it?

    • black cat

      see i had that problem but the other way round, i was either to SHORT or too TALL.
      i couldnt win :(

  34. Radio Viewer

    I wish, I was that rich…

  35. e

    i curse all the “you must be this tall to ride” sign to burst into fire.

    • yarrofox

      *fwoosh* you’re wish has been granted… by Jeeves

  36. Valerio

    3rd panel = cuteness

  37. Hoheh


  38. Argent Stonecutter

    How many bus-fulls of pets are there on this special grand opening no-leash day?

    There must be more than just the pets of Babylon Gardens there if the lines are long enough that it matters who’s at the front.

    • Frank

      The cast page lists 13 dogs –not counting Rufus or Spot (superdog)– and the August 27, 2008 strip from “Fido’s return” shows there are at least 6 other unnamed dogs.
      Now supposed all 19 of these dogs want to go on the same ride (which is rather likely, given what we know of them) and suppose further that the ride only takes one rider at a time, and that Keene also wants to ride that ride.
      You don’t need there to be pets out of Babylon Gardens for someone to want to cut that line. And don’t get me started on the cats!

      Of course, this is the worst-case scenario; Keene may just happen to be selfish enough to cut in line even if there’s only one person waiting.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        How many rides … other than sideshow/midway mini-rides … are restricted to one rider at a time at any but the smallest “Joe Bob’s Electric Badger Land” creepy rural-south theme parks?

  39. Squival

    ahh to go to the front of the line all the time

  40. JoeyWolf

    The only character to clear the sign before was Miles, as the chaperone. Now he is likely the only one too tall to ride anything now.

  41. Dr. Prower

    It’s ferret time!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      It’s always ferret time!

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        There’s always room for pie?

        • yarrofox

          and cake! everybody loves cake!

  42. i am

    What where they thinking?! The sign must ALWAYS be as tall as the owners!! XP

  43. King

    to ride the fun rides, ant that the truth haha, i would hate to be a small small person

    • Dr. Prower

      fun rides!

  44. PuDdY15

    the only bad thing about shortening the tall thing is that what bout the toddlers that are his height. If a toddler was his height then it would like this: the bar or strap or whatever is hold’in the people in on the rides wouldn’t be small enough for the toddler so the toddler would go fly’in and then eventually land on Keene.

  45. Corodan

    It’s funny because he’s a short, angry, rich guy.


  46. FerreTrip

    Pac-Man pupils forever!!! XD; (Honest, they’re too darn classic to completely throw away. They’re part of the entire “retro” idea in some ways.)

    Heh, sad to say, I’ve never worried too much about this; I’m usually too much of a wuss to go on roller coasters. ^_^;

    • yarrofox

      Don’t worry. I’ve never been non one either.

  47. thewhitedragon

    I really hope the rides are designed for pets, if they were designed for humans, it would be dangerous due of the size difference, so not surprised of the “this tall” sign :P

  48. Mika

    lol, Keene looks cute in the 2nd panel…

  49. WolvenPaw

    I freaked on my first roller coaster ride =p I mean I screamed bloody mary lol

    and yay I now have Gravitar ^_^

    • e

      if you say “bloody mary, i have your baby” three times in a moirror she’ll come to your house.

      • Frank

        It works even without mentioning her baby

      • Argent Stonecutter

        The first time I heard that myth it was in a cyberpunk SF novella, where one of the characters was being conflated with the Bloody Mary role, and I thought the author had made it up.

  50. e

    king, the militon ferrets, and all small pets will now be able to ride all the fun rides. yay

    • Frank

      What about Spo?

      • e

        yeah you’re right frank.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Does Spo count as a pet? He’s Fido’s pet, and pets can’t have pets.

          • e

            or can they? dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            HEY!.. that’s mai thing >:(

          • Val Kilmer Batman

            or IS it?


          • yarrofox

            Maybe Spo counts as a friend that has been invited… maybe he’ll just ride on Fido’s head as usual and hang on really really tight

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Thanks to the square cube law, Spo is likely to survive a fall from virtually any conceivable ride, and thus does not need a restraint.

  51. Somecrazyguy

    JEEEVES!! I’m going to have a limo driver named Bob when I become rich and famous, and it won’t matter what their original names will be.. it will still be Bob, but it looks as though the ferret beat me to the Jeeves idea! Snap!

    • Furr Mate

      I thought the driver’s name was always James???

      • WingedWolfGirl

        If he wants to have a driver named Bob, let him have a driver named Bob.
        Bobs’ are cool. :3

  52. umean123

    well… you,d figure he isnt even taller than a kid.

  53. Corpy

    That poster-thing creeps me out. Pacman pupils, so scary.

  54. Firewolf

    I wonder if he modeled for that poster?

  55. Laxan

    I have a feeling Jeeves is taken from Jeeves and Wooster. xD Just something I noticed.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      It’s more obvious in other strips.

      I think the ferrets could have been Bertie’s buddies back in the burbs.

  56. Earth

    For some reason I want to hear Jeeves respond with the stereotypical “very good suh” If I ever got a butler I would pay extra just so he would talk like that.

    • Frank

      Isn’t that “very well suh”?

    • Firewolf

      Great, now I really want to hear someone say “Very Good Suh”

      • e

        I’ll humor you. Very Good Suh

        • Firewolf

          Well, Technically, I still didn’t hear it. That would be so awesome just to hear someone say “Very good suh” like the checker at the store or sumthin =D

  57. Fuzzypaws

    It’s the pupils that make the face on the sign so scary. o.o

  58. Xanaboy

    “Got the heart of a lion, and the wings of a bat, cause it’s MIDNIGHT!”

    • Argent Stonecutter

      What? WHAT?

      • Val Kilmer Batman


        • Argent Stonecutter

          Your avatar scares me.

          • Mordark

            You can say that again.

          • Val Kilmer Batman

            that avatar scares ME. And it’s mine.

            Actually, that makes it more scary.

          • e

            the irony of having a avater.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            And I still don’t understand the original comment.

  59. J.J.


    “The Butler did it!!”

    • e

      some time it’s alway the butler.

  60. Nia

    That sign is gonna haunt me in my nightmares

  61. Night Fox

    I need a butler like that.

  62. tazom

    is he not blind?

    • Val Kilmer Batman

      No, those are just the only ferret-sized sunglasses he could find.

    • WingedWolfGirl

      He wearz those sunglasses 2 B cool!

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        yah just laike meh *does some awesome pose* ^_^

  63. Vv45689

    It’s clearly alive.

  64. Cher

    I bought one of your T-shirts! =3
    and this is one of my faves x3 I love jeeves.

  65. Vv45689

    Well to show some of my friends on my forum i posted the site. They are furry haters . . .