Ba Da Da Daaaaah!


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  1. Yokashima

    Dut dah!

  2. Pseudo Faux

    Those tricky 8bit songs, they all sound alike

  3. HunkRlz


  4. Amaterasu13

    I absolutely hate when that happens. Especially when trying to describe it to someone else who has no idea what you’re talking about.

    • yarrofox

      Yeah. It doesn’t make things any better when the other person is tone deaf and all the songs sound alike to them anyway

  5. EchoFireant

    At least it ain’t someone saying “Do a barrel roll” XD

    • WyldKAT


      • Mr.Zero


      • vespers

        Press Z to make all your wishes come true?

        • CalaverX11

          AAAAAAAAAAAAALWAYS I wanna BEEEEE with you…

          • Challenger01

            And make believe with you…

          • littlebeast

            and live in perfect harmony! Wait…

  6. Val Kilmer Batman

    God, I HATE it when that happens.

    Also, Final Fantasy Victory Theme.

    • Aurioch

      Holy crap, I think your right! O_o

    • FunkyChicken

      I thought that was:
      La-da-da Da, da, da, Da, du-daaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        ai dunno but it put de batman theme stuck in mai head -_-

  7. IceKitsune

    Ah more Peanut and Grape. I hate it when that happens as well its so annoying

  8. Kytan

    huh grape is making one of those faces you’d see in calvin and hobbes…

  9. Challenger01

    You know, I’ve never seen Peanut think as hard as he is in Panel 2. That’s some real concentration on his part!

    • Filiocht

      aww… Peanut is so cute when he’s trying to look smart ^^

    • Tendo

      I’ve often been told that I seem to have more gaming knowledge than anything else, ask me about US History or Geography and I will draw a blank, ask me about the most obscure gaming related question and I will sound like a professor.

      Too bad gaming historian is not a real profession.

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        It’s not?! How am I supposed to pay my student loans NOW?!

        • King

          with lots and lots of bribes? or shaving cream

      • FunkyChicken

        Akchually I think it is. There’s just no schools that teach it as a major. You can get a Major in History and then specialize in video games tho!

        • Frank

          For something to become a major, there has to be demand for that in the job market first. For better or for worse, the job market is seeking people who can tell them how to make new games, not how the old games were made.

          • FunkyChicken

            Doesn’t mean you can’t specialize in video games later in life tho. You just have to get a major in History and work for a museum first or something….

          • Tendo

            Tell that to Capcom

      • Frank

        Heh. Reminds me of the fairly odd parents
        “What’s the capital of Burma?”
        “How do cinder-cone volcanoes form?”
        “When did France invade Russia?”
        “How does the reactor work in…. huh? Crash Nebula’s starship?”

        • Val Kilmer Batman

          I remember that.

          *Dramatic pull-down of baseball cap, revealing CRASH NEBULA logo*!!

      • FoxBlood

        I believe it is actually a position. Im usually called a Modern Critic by my friends and other peers for making rude but funny comments on different modern games and movies. I’ll leave the old stuff to the Angry Nerd and Nostaligia Critic.

  10. WyldKAT

    It’s an Earthbound song of course! Those are way too catchy.

    • CalaverX11

      Which one?

    • Kitch

      Scott Pilgrim!

  11. Kgummy

    Aww, it wasn’t the Katamari theme?

  12. Buckdida

    Buh duh duh duh buh duh duh duah!~

    Doo do do doooo doooo dooooo doot doo dooooo!~

    Do do doot do doot doot Doot~

    • Kytan

      dah da da woopwoop du woop woop

      daaa da dat da woopwoop do woopwoop

      daaa da da woopwoop do woopwoop

      daaa du da da woopwoop do woopwoop

      da da da dat da da da da da dat da da daaa dadada dat dada do da

    • Lucier

      da~ da~ da~ dum~ da~ dum~

    • Val Kilmer Batman

      What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more.


  13. namelessone

    Well the third panel is the best one I’d say

  14. Kamron

    I always just try to get something better stuck in my head.

    Is it just me, or do certain songs always seem more inclined to become stuck? I know that for me, “In the End” by Linkin Park would always override any other song I was thinking about at the time and nothing could dislodge it. I don’t even particularly like the song.

    • WyldKAT

      It’s the keyboard riff, isn’t it?

      • Kamron

        And yes, it is.

        dun dun dun dun dun dun dun da dun dun dun dun dun duuun

        • WyldKAT

          I hate how catchy that part is. Especially I don’t particularly like linkin park.

          • WyldKAT

            *especially since

          • bsteven93

            YOU don’t like linkin park aawww….
            i love there songs and in the end was and still is there best song ever!!!

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        that name “keybored riff” just reminded me of this -_-;;—aiyznGQ

    • Challenger01

      Try the interlude from “I Disappear” from Metallica. “Will you bury me when I’m gone, will you teach me while I’m here?” Best way to get any song out of the mind, and put a better one in!

      • Kamron

        Oh, it’s not a problem any more. I was just wondering if anybody else ever noticed a “master song” that alway seemed to get stuck.

        • Challenger01

          Unfortunately, it was a Linkin Park song for me too, “Nobody’s Listening” was the one. But like I said, pretty much any Metallica or Jane’s Addiction song can override it.

          • Kamron

            I’ll give it a shot if I ever have anything less enjoyable than Tally Hall stuck in my head.

            ..but I don’t forsee that happening anytime soon!

          • Kamron


            TIME FOR BED

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Jeopardy Theme for me.

        • enty

          Oh come now, what of the bass line from “Under Pressure?”

          dum dadadum dadadum dum,
          dum dadadum dadadum dum

          • littlebeast

            I actually usually use Mika’s “Lollipop”, but you, sir, win.

    • Val Kilmer Batman

      Bass for “Play that Funky Music” by Wild Cherry

      Chorus of “Hey Jude” by the Beattles (who used to be the Silver Beattles, who used to be the Quarrymen)

  15. rWolf1991

    Man i hate when that Happens!!! >_<

  16. Pokeblue

    Gotta hate it when that happens.

  17. HunkRlz

    Grape you need the power of Shazam!! :-)

    • King

      totaly, and ooo gasmask

  18. Kytan

    huh the title makes me think of the music played when link gets an item…

  19. WyldKAT

    Peanut in panel 2 becomes an avatar in 3…2…1…

    • Challenger01

      you called?

      • WyldKAT

        more like…

        called it!

        • Val Kilmer Batman


  20. HonorèDerazey

    I had this song stuck in my head for 2 days, seriously:

    • Kamron

      Weebl’s Stuff introduced me to “Jerk It Out” by Caesars, so I guess they’re responsible for nailing me with a song, too. :P

      • HonorèDerazey

        Very… interesting… title for a song…

        • Kamron

          The band swore they didn’t mean that.

      • WyldKAT

        I love that song sooooo much.

    • Frank

      Sounds like a remake of “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts”

      I, for one, had “Fergalicious” stuck in my head for two months thanks to my sister. You could hear me humming it during my final exams. Not cool.

      • HonorèDerazey

        Sorry for this being off topic, but are you in college Frank or still in High School. Just wondering because you mentioned your final exams.

      • Frank

        College. and my professor suck. They call the big test at the end of the course final exams, we let them call them that.

  21. sonic id furreh!!!

    silly rick ai dun wear close

  22. Profesor Rod

    *picks up the spoils* \:3/

  23. CalaverX11

    And that song is now stuck in my head.

  24. CalaverX11

    So what WAS the song stuck in Grape’s head?

  25. Darastrixen

    I’ve had Chrono Trigger music stuck in my head for the last two weeks or so, and I haven’t played that game in well over a year, at least.

    • Lucent Lupe

      OH! Which one is it? I bet it’s Spekkio’s theme, that song always gets stuck in my head. Well that and Gato’s theme… and Robo’s theme… and Lucca’s theme… Dangit now all four of those songs are stuck in my head.

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        The human brain can actively, conciously process lime seven things at the same time.

        1) typing
        2) that “Crabs” song linked up there
        3) “Hey Jude”
        4) “Play That Funky Music”

        that’s what i’ve got going on right now.

        • Frank

          Then why is juggling so hard?

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            AI CAN JUGGLE ^_^

          • Argent Stonecutter

            The trick to juggling, according to Kami, is that you have to learn to only think of one ball at a time.

      • Darastrixen

        It’s a bunch of different songs, actually; they cycle. The more frequently-occuring ones are: Shala’s Theme, Magus Fight, Reptite Lair, Guardia Castle, Robo’s Theme, and “To Far Away Times” (wonderfully “mellow” song).

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Yasunori Mitsuda has done so much wonderful music.

  26. WyldKAT

    Thanks to Scott Pilgrim I have the bassline for the final fantasy 2 battle music stuck in my head.

    • WyldKAT

      dun dun dun dun dondondondon dun dun dun dun dondondondon…

  27. kupo86

    I hate it when I partially remember how some tune from a game I played 15-20 years ago goes. I keep repeating that little part over and over until I give up and have to put together my old nes or snes just to hear how the whole thing goes and then… suffer a nostalgia attack…

    • Val Kilmer Batman

      Or when you remember one line of music and two words from a song you hear three weeks ago and you aren’t even sure if they’re the right words and NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THE SONG IS.

      • littlebeast

        On the other hand, I have an entire song in mp3 form that nobody knows what it is.

        • littlebeast

          And then there’s when I’m not even sure if the song EXISTS or not, because it came to me in a dream…

  28. ReCreate

    Grape looks cute when shes frustrated. x3
    And I dont get it >.> can someone explain?

    • WyldKAT

      Grape has an 8-bit song in her head, and since they’re all bleeps and bloops they’re trying to figure out what it is.

      • ReCreate

        Well that is whats clear, but why would grape have it stuck in her head? Dont they have a wii? And wiis arent 8-bit. >.> Or do they(apparently)have a nes or something, too?

        • WyldKAT

          They probably have multiple consoles, but the wii also has virtual console, which can download older games.

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            ai wonder wut grapes theme would be *wonder off thinking really hard about nothing*

        • FrostDemn

          Well, firstly they probably play lots of older games, they have likely had lots of them in the past. Also, the Wii does have the Virtual Console, which has tons of older games too. And it’s not necessarily an 8-bit song, but from what I gather, likely SNES (16 bit).
          Also, I still have my NES, and play it from time to time. C:

          • ReCreate

            aka emulator? isnt that homebrew? and dont you need to hack a wii in order to run homebrew?

          • littlebeast

            No, the Wii has an official store with emulated games on old consoles.

  29. Howls Like Wolf

    I love how Grape’s tail is at half fluff in the last panel. Don’t even need to see her face!

  30. Krugun

    Legend of Zelda?

    • Frank

      Link’s Awakening, probably

  31. 7ance

    you found the * Ba da da Daaaaaah! * new housepets T-shirt!

  32. Krugun

    Oh wait, victory theme form any FF game, derp

    • Val Kilmer Batman

      Actually, I was just seeing if I could get it stuck in peoples’ heads…

  33. Daryl

    I think this page is awesome, because the song Peanut was singing for Actraiser I actually can remember and even sing along with XD It’s definately a catchy tune. Ah memories

  34. Oren Otter

    This is where it helps to have an internal landscape where you can communicate with various parts of your own subconscious. What I do is I go find my internal Juke Box and politely ask it to play another song. Then, when it doesn’t, I hit it with a bat.

    • King

      because violence solves everything eh haha

      • Argent Stonecutter

        The wisdom of Grape Jelly.

        • King

          this is very true

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            it is just ask Chuck Norris :3

    • Frank

      Are you advertising Otter Island, give us useful psychiatric advice, or just trying to creep us out?

  35. falcon01


  36. Lucent Lupe

    Thanks to all the comments now instead of going to bed, which is what I would love to do right now, I gotta go and look up half the songs people are talking about. CURSE THIS BRAIN AND IT’S LOVE FOR VIDEO GAME MUSIC!!

  37. xoagray

    *laughs* This keeps happening to me when I’m at work. Like out of the blue, and with no provocation. It’s crazy sometimes the stuff that gets stuck in my head.

  38. Dirk Karavalenge

    Like using rl situations for your comics, Rick?

    • Rick Griffin

      Why do you THINK I asked you the name of that really annoying song

      Also, go to bed

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Next time you have an annoying song stuck in your head, crank the “Chocobo Racing” music on a loop. Nothing can withstand that.

      • Frank

        You should’ve put up a sound file :D Even if it was just you humming it

        • CalaverX11

          I can’t pick out the theme. I can’t even get the rhythm down. I’m totally lost on this one.

  39. Tendo

    Huh, Grape never struck me as the type to play videogames before.

    …. how do Peanut and Grape even know about Actraiser? Guess they used an emulator.

    …. now I feel like firing up some NES or SNES roms just to listen to the music, ahhhh nostalgia.

    • Indagare

      I don’t think she has played it; she most likely heard the songs from when Peanut played his games because Peanut doesn’t seem to wear earphones usually.

      • Frank

        I think so too. I once got the Celadon City background song stuck in my mom’s head for weeks because of this. Thereafter, whenever she saw me playing anything, she’d always ask me to mute it, even if I had already muted it!

  40. Inu225

    This comic reminds me that episode of “Seinfeld” where George gets that song “Master of the House” stuck in his head.

  41. Gaboris

    Why can’t I ever understand these DUU-DI-DA-DADA things. They’re just confusing… XP
    Lucky I only get musics stuck in my head witch I know exactly where they are from? X3
    Spinach Rag? I don’ get it. :p

    • Inu225

      Try looking it up on You Tube.
      It’ll all become clear
      … or stuck in your head. XD

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        Or perhaps cloudier, or foggier, or crystalline, or opaque, or…

  42. Lupus

    Such a cute couple x :3

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      yup just as good as Natani x Keith X3

      • littlebeast

        Don’t talk about your shipping for other comics!

        …I can’t come up with valid reasoning for this command, so, carry on?

  43. Fhang

    definitely fell grape’s pain on this one as it happens to me all too often.

    • King

      i hear ya, it can get annoying, but can get ur mind off things to

  44. King

    havent had that happen to me for a long time, but yes, its realy annoying when its something you dont even like

  45. Val Kilmer Batman

    The last panel reminds me of in legend of Zelda when you use a key do open a door or you get a heart piece. “duh Duh dah DAA!”

  46. Exranio

    now i have to now what game its from. of course there’s now real way for me to know. but the final fantasy fanfare just seems too obvious

  47. Chaos Lightspeed

    >_>…BaDa da dada dun, dun. Doot doot doot do do do do, da da da da dat, da da dat, dada na.

    Sorry if that’s a bit hard, lol, was trying to get the right sounds.

    • King

      i cant seem to match those to sounds in my head, so weird

    • WyldKAT

      Super Mario Bros., World 1-1. That’s too easy.

      • King

        dangit, i knew it sounded fimiliar

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          dangit now ai can’tz remember the super mario theme -_-;;

      • CalaverX11

        Okay, so what’s the song stuck in Grape’s head?

  48. gagi

    Grape I think eyePhone has an app for that :P

    also I’m loving the “EEEEEEEE” tail in the last panel, I can imagine what Grapes face looks like

  49. Valerio

    Grape’s tail FTW *hugs flufffed-up kitty tail*
    Also, it’s my impression or our heroes are becoming skinnier by the day? Shame on you, Rick-sama! FEED them something!!

    • King

      more skinny you say?

    • Frank

      Grape would probably rip your limbs off if you did that

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        not meh ai do all de time ai only got hurt twice ^_^

      • Valerio

        All worth it! :D

  50. Radio Viewer

    Well, at least it is music… Not some crappy catchphrase.

  51. racerxfreak1

    I honestly thought it was the Jurassic park theme until they say RPG then i didn’t even bother trying to think of all the old games this could be in

  52. Rakeela

    Wait, that tune..? It just struck me. That looks like the chocobo theme music from like, every Final Fantasy game ever!

  53. e

    is it the Jaws theme song?

  54. KzT

    When you’ve made a reference to ActRaiser, you’ve just made the best comic ever.


  55. Flare

    “Ba Da Da Daaaaah” reminds me of the thing from the Zelda games when you get an item out of a chest :D It goes:

    Badalada Badalada Badalada Badalada BADALADA BA DA DA DAAAAAAAAH!

  56. Pat

    Rick, before we storm your house with rusty pitchforks and Bic lighters and demand an answer: what IS the song Grape’s got stuck in her head?

  57. Dr. Prower

    Grape will never figure out which game it was.

  58. André

    So is Grape frustrated in the last panel because:
    1) The song starts up in her head again?
    2) She’s trying to remember the song that she just forgot, but fails?

    #2 was my first reading, but then I realised it might rather be #1.

    #2 would be funnier, because it’d be an example of “you can get what you want, but still not be happy”. :-)

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I think she’s picked up a new earworm from Peanut.

    • gagi

      haha .. yea #2 would be hilarious !! lol

      but it would seem that rick went with #1 since the first few bits in the last panel match her original dum dum dum..

      but great point there .. arfff

    • Val Kilmer Batman

      Your name is my name…

  59. Denki Wolf

    When I saw her doing that I was thinking The chocobo theme song.
    You know “Da dada dada da da daa da dadadada”
    Something like that.

  60. Deruty

    I was totally thinking Zelda. Probably wrong but w/e XD

    • Frank

      Oddly, despite having played more Zelda games than any other series, Zelda was the last thing that came to my mind

  61. e

    there is alway a catchy sing that get stuck in your head for hours.

  62. The game

    peanut’s thinky face is cute.

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      OMG yer face fits that last part perfictly ^_^

  63. WingedWolfGirl

    Ah-HA,HA,HA :D

    …I have no idea how 2 interpret the da-da’s and other spoken sondeffects.
    But this is funney.

    Now, I must go and erase a certian Crab song from my memeory.

  64. Anthroguy101

    I have definitely been there before, and I always hate it when that happens.

  65. Tahoe

    The saddest part of all of this, is that I had to read each one of them aloud… Gah… Flare’s comment was great to do this with, lol

  66. Squanpie

    I’d laugh, but somebody actually asked me a similar question in a chatroom once, ‘dum dada dada dada dadum dada dadah daaaaaaaaaaaa’ and I managed to help them find the piece… of course it happened to be one my brother had been playing over and over for ages recently.

  67. muddyness

    that’s seems a lot like the STAR WARS theme song XD

  68. BSQ

    I got one of the Super Mario RPG’s song stuck in my head… although I got terrible memory so I can only remember the first 10 seconds of it endlessly looping @-@

  69. Argent Stonecutter

    Thanks to this thread I’ve added “Electric de Chocobo” and “Axel F” to my phone to annoy people with. I hope you are all proud of yourselves.

  70. bsteven93

    I think its one of the legend of Zelda ocarina of time themes the outside of Hyrule one in the open field….

    • Kytan

      hmm sounds right plus the title is the zelda discovery music so…

      • bsteven93

        it is?! i never noticed I’m the type of person that miss the most obvious details so a title above very colorful pretty pictures are complete invisible to me…. =3
        and Mika its the legend of Zelda out of hyrule music -!-

  71. Mika

    da da da dadada da da da da dadadaad dadadaaddadadadadaad dee da dadadadada…

    What song is it!?!

    • Frank

      Boss battle from, uh, something!

  72. Zachs Kappler

    Calling – Leah
    Someday – Hanaeryca

    It would be two songs from the only Square Enix game I like to be engraved into my head.
    Lady Gaga is also the earworm queen, none of her songs will leave your head without a good scrubbing.

    • sonic id furreh!!!


      • PuDdY15

        come now Lady Gaga isn’t that bad, i mean it’s not like she wants dead bodies in her next concert, oh wait she does! XD

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          even lady pasta is better that her! >:(

  73. sonic id furreh!!!

    u no all this talk about muussiic and stuufff makes meh wana… DANCE! * does sum wierd dance pose*

    • PuDdY15

      i read the manga for the SOS brigade, the manga was called Haruhi!

      Grapes always annoyed! O_o

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Para para!

    • WingedWolfGirl

      Yay, Caramelldansen!
      That used 2 B my ringtone.

  74. Unsilenced

    Battlefield 2142. I will never get that song out of my head.

  75. WolfeMasters

    I really wonder if he had a song stuck in his head when he thought up this page.

  76. Thegamist

    Ok this is a familiar scene since my mom HATES my games & the fact that I constantly listen to this.

  77. Kume

    GAH! I HATE when that happens. and the only way to cure it is to actually listen to it. XD

  78. Dratch

    It has to be the Chocobo theme!

  79. e

    did Grape ever hurt King?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      It doesn’t seem so.

      • Thegamist

        not physically anyway
        (“woops that soda went right to my blader, see ya!” runs away almost screaming)

    • Thegamist

      Well in one comic she was close to doing this (don’t ask me the link) when king was hitting on tarot at the “summer cook out” it’s not so long ago (arc 32)

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Yeh, but he ran away, and the arc ended with him still unpulverised. At least not by Grape.

  80. Flexico

    Want something to stick in your head all day?!


    • Argent Stonecutter

      Never gonna give you up,
      Never gonna let you down,
      Never gonna run around and desert you,
      Never gonna make you cry,
      Never gonna say goodbye,
      Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you…

      • Flexico

        Strangely enough, as much time as I waste online, I have never been Rickrolled. O_O

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          OH MAI GAWD U GAIS GO 2 2447.COM it’ll keep u busy fer laike half an hour O_O

          • Val Kilmer Batman

            First person tetris


            but actually only the first 2


          • Argent Stonecutter

            Ack, it uses space to rotate instead of drop. That’s almost more disconcerting than the view.

          • Val Kilmer Batman

            Try it in “Night Mode”

            I DARE YOU.


          • Argent Stonecutter

            I can’t even play it in normal mode. The keyboard controls are just wrong.

  81. Argent Stonecutter

    Rick: there’s a couple of sites that let you find a song by tapping it or humming it.

    I just used this one and it successfully identified the Chocobo theme!

  82. Spirit Studios 2010

    Great… I had just gotten The Legend of Zelda out of my head and now this!

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      now get dis stuck in yer hed =^.^=

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        YES! I ******* LOVE LOOKING FOR GROUP!

        which reminds me that I need to start reading it again.

        I had the Evil Browser for a while, but then I started using Chrome.

  83. sonic id furreh!!!

    which photoshop do u use? =^.^=

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I’m a cheap ferret, I’m using Photoshop Expressions 3.

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        thnx ^_^

        • deillos

          i am even cheeper i use gimp which is free ware.

          • Reynard Gearhead

            I was going to say that, too. ;)

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Gimp is pretty much comparable to Photoshop Expressions in capability, but it can’t read and write Photoshop files as well as PE, and I got PE free with a drawing tablet.

  84. lenn

    Dee dah dit dit dah, dit dit daaah dit dit daaaah, de dah dit dit dah dit dit daaaah dit dit daaaaahh SEPHIROTH do do do do dooo do doooooo do do SEPHIROTH

  85. J.J.

    I know !!

    Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade RPG, right?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Da…da da da…Da…da da da…Dunt dunt dunt da dunt da da…

  86. Aeonera

    can anyone guess this one?
    da da daaa da da daaa da da da de daaa da da da da daaa da da da daaa, da da daaa da da daaa da da da de daa da da da de daaa, da da de daaa, da da da da da da da de daaa, da de da da da daaa da da daaaa, da de daaa da da daaa da da daaaa dada dada dada dada dadadadaaaaaa, da!
    tip, the game it is off is originally off n64 but was remade for game cube

    • some guy

      I’m pretty sure it’s Lost Woods from Ocarina of Time :)

  87. Aeonera

    also theres this one (from the same game)
    daaaa dada daaaa, daaa da daaa dadadedadeda da dadada da da dadada da, daaa da daaa dadadedadeda da dadada da da dadadaaa.

  88. Stravvy

    …..#Katamari Damacy! Dhan dhan dah! D-d-dah dah dha-# FRICK!


  89. Saber-Sonic

    you know when i looked at it and hummed it it sounded lie “the song of stoms” of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
    any one else get that?

    i hate that man in the windmill playing that song!!!!!

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      *gasp* HOW CAN U HATE THAT SONG IT IS MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DX

    • Aeonera


    • Val Kilmer Batman

      No way! The song of storms goes like this:

      ba da DA, ba da DA, DA dadada daduhduh, DAT duh duhdada, DAT duh duhdaduh… *repeat forever*

  90. i am

    Aw but Grape, a good game w/ excellent music does that to anyone who finds them annoying. ;P LMAO

    Bop Bi Boop Da Di Lala Beep Ding-Ling Bee Bop Ba

    Try and guess this song(I doubt you can :P ):

    La Di Da Le La Di Da Lo Beeeeee Daaaaaah
    Le Fa Ke Go Be-Bop
    La Di Da Le La Di Da Lo Beeeeee Daaaaaah
    Me Fi Di Ba Ki Ca Li La

    • Argent Stonecutter


      • i am

        um…Murp? Flurp?? an awesome 20 oz Grape Fanta soda??

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      it look like there r bad words in there but there arn’t O_O

      • i am

        lmao, well unless you pay attention alot to the Pokemon/YuGiOh! handheld game back music during battles, your interpertation is your own. ;P

  91. KitsuneKnight

    Hmm…is the song Grape’s referring to the battle song from Romancing Saga 3?

    Whether it is or not it is now stuck in my head. Meh, could have been a worse song.

  92. Chaos Lightspeed

    Daduna Dadunada, Daduna Dadanada, DA DUN DA! Daduna Dadanada, DUN, DUN, DA, DA. Daduna Dadanada, Da, da, da, da. Dun dun dun Da dun Na, Dun dun dun da dun na, DUN NA!

    Here’s a hint. Best Boss stage music EVER.

  93. e

    how much is that little puppy in the window

  94. nomad

    kinda reminds me of Cromartie High

  95. Thegamist

    Try and stand “yoshi’s island” from ssbb


  96. Reynard Gearhead

    Am I the only one to have this pop into his head? “De doo doo doo, De da da da is all I want to say to you”

  97. blaziowen

    seems like its ff9s castle

  98. Argent Stonecutter

    How’s this aviator avatar?

    • e

      cool! *gives a thumbs up*

  99. Ed

    Well it’s not 8-bit, but somehow the scatman popped in my head..

  100. Flame-LoneWolf

    I think it’s Super Mario Bros. World 1-1, but that’s my guess

  101. NuVanDibe

    BADAP BAP BAP BAAAAHH i’m lovin it

  102. umean123

    err that looks alot like some song i heard one time in spongebob.

  103. Rags


  104. Billy MT

    Dah dah dat dah ~♪
    Daah dah da-da-dah ~♫