Right now I should direct you to the merchandise page, on which there have been added four new t-shirts!

Or maybe I should show you right here

Yes a few of them don’t quite match the color, but you have to take what you can get

Peanut Tummy tee by RickGriffin. Available from Grape Belleh tee by RickGriffin. Available from Maxwell Stomach tee by RickGriffin. Available from Front tee by RickGriffin. Available from

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  1. Yokashima

    Mailman!!! XP

  2. Pseudo Faux

    Guess he found out about the kiss with grape?

    • Pseudo Faux

      Ohwait, that’s a mailman.

    • KzT

      More along the lines, he’s not barking or chasing after the mailman.

      • sonic id furreh!!!


      • WyldKAT

        may I ask what your avatar is from?

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          looks like ah game

          • WyldKAT

            Well, I kind of figured THAT…

          • the game

            for some reason it reminds me of final fantasy.

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            for some reason it reminds me of sum random wizard game

          • Sylum

            It’s from the webcomic: Two Kinds

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            wut u mean mine? no were talkin bout KzT’s avvie

          • Firewing

            Err, i know exactly which game it is. “Mabinogi” by Nexon.

        • WyldKAT

          Oh, no, I meant KzT, not sonic.

          • WyldKAT

            now why did this comment end up here.

            The above comment was @ Sylum

          • Werecatdawn

            Mabinogi. Its a Nexon game.

          • Mukavich

            Makes sense. I was gonna say it looked an awful lot like maplestory, another nexon game.

          • FuRrY321

            Maplestory lasted me about… oh… 5 days? Then I quit playing it, because I wasn’t interested in investing all my paper route money into supporting my character XD

          • Argent Stonecutter

            You mean RL paper route money? o_O

          • Lupus

            Maplestory = Win
            Mabinogi = Fail
            Runescape = Epic Fail

          • Lanagor

            I concurr Lupus, Runescape is really fun if you start playing at the right moment in life, and this is coming from someone who plays WoW ASWELL. So I wouldnt go around mocking a game just because you had a bad experience playing it, in fact ima play it right now.

          • Kakurady

            Well, Mabi’s pretty fun back when there were no elves or giants… Lots of grind but you’re not just pounding keys mindlessly, and the minigames are interesting. Although with the change of the producer they seem to have ran out of ideas how to expand the world.

  3. KzT

    One in every crowd.

  4. EchoFireant

    Traitor!! :D

  5. Kytan

    oh bino

    • Cannon Fodder

      Wow your avatar face fits perfectly.

      • gagi

        actually his avatars face is a bit wrong … but that’s nice to see :) arff i thought that the pic of “wrong fox” would get lost with Rick ninja skills :) hehe

  6. DarkHeartsAndSuch

    this is just… i don’t know what to say…

    • Frank

      “this” being the comic or the Tshirts?

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        both? ;)

  7. Flame-LoneWolf

    LOL, shut up Bino your a jerk!

    • Firewing

      Perfect Avatar for that comment.

      • Kytan

        yeah now that you think about it…

  8. IceKitsune

    lol Oh that was great.

    • Skykitsune

      Ahaha! Indeed! Gotta love this!

    • Skykitsune

      Woah! Hey, our names are close!

      • FuRrY321

        Except yours is actually a Kitsune ;)

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          -ish : P

  9. WyldKAT

    I want the Max shirt. Like a lot.

    • WyldKAT

      Also comic is fantastic.

  10. HJW

    lol aw,

  11. EHH

    I can’t help but think that Bino is right in a way. I have never met a dog that didn’t bark at a mailman. For goodness sake, some mailmen have dog treats on standby just in case!

  12. 2MK

    Finally, a dog joke.

  13. rWolf1991

    Haha! I want a shirt!

  14. Corodan

    Now THAT, is a good ole’ dog.

    I would give him an award, man.

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      big cookie?

      • CalaverX11

        As long as it’s not chocolate chip.

        • Frank

          Oh, I’ve seen chocolate chips with chite chocolate; which should mean they’re dog safe
          What? I have! Don’t remember where though

      • Jeff

        That would be Tiger.

  15. ReCreate

    I- I don’t get it… why’d bino say that? I get the dog joke but not what bino said. -_-

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      he’s a traitor cuz he didn’t attack

    • WyldKAT

      He’s waving to the mailman and probably being polite.

      • SamBlob

        …after having collected the mail from him.

  16. Rider098

    Peanut: …and you’re not chasing him right now because…? :P

    I don’t think Bino will ever get off his case with liking cat stuff, either that or he is too scared of making fun of Rex for the same thing. Probably both.

    • WyldKAT

      I don’t think Rex particularly likes cats, he’s just not in denial about liking Pridelands.

      • Rider098

        A particularly early strip in the Cat Tail arc might say otherwise.

        …but then again he did hide it better than Peanut, so maybe he just doesn’t know as much as we do. XD

        • WyldKAT

          You wouldn’t happen to have a link, would you?

          • Buckdida


            Note Rex’s massive blush. Combine this with his like of Pridelands…

          • WyldKAT

            Hmm, a few people have said that, but I thought that it only looked like a blush. He also has it in the strip where he’s baking cookies, but to a lesser extent. I just thought it was part of his face due to being a bulldog.

          • Rick Griffin

            IT’S NOT A BLUSH, if you would look I ALWAYS drew Rex with the dark patch there

          • Rider098

            I think links are kinda looked down upon here due to that they are seen as spamming, so to be safe heres how to find it:

            On the right side of the web page up near the top,there is a list of previous story arcs under the calendar. The arc I mentioned is listed as the third. After clicking that scroll down to the strips that are the second and third from the bottom.

            Take a good look at Rex’s face and let me know what you think he’s thinking! XD

          • WyldKAT

            AHA! So I was right! Thank you Rick!

          • Rider098

            Hm, true, there always was that shadow there! Well there ya go, Rick has spoken. Ah well, can ya blame me though?

            Wonder if there is a book in the works for this strip… *checks the forums*

          • Buckdida

            Dang, really? I just always thought he was blushing or something!

            I stand corrected!

          • gagi

            Of course someone had to verify Ricks statement, and it would seem that
            “I ALWAYS drew Rex with the dark patch there”
            should be
            “I ALMOST ALWAYS drew Rex with the dark patch there”
            also, those two strips had a bit bigger dark patch than the others, so I assumed, it was just cause he’s angry. You get a red steaming face when you’re angry too right?

          • Rick Griffin

            That was after the style change

    • Val Kilmer Batman

      I wonder if Bino collects the pieces of that mailman piñata and tapes them back together for re-use.

      “A mailman piñata? This is the best gift… EVER!”

  17. Kamron

    Those shirts are fantastic! It’s a pity I’m already past my shirt-buying quota for the time being. :(

    Also: could you imagine how awkward it would be to have Bino clutching and biting at a mailman’s leg? I’d hope he’d have the sense to just bark. Actually, he’d probably never think of trying anything more than barking. He’d just fulfill his duties to make himself look like a good ol’ dog and then stop at that.

  18. umean123

    hmm wonder whats going on there…

    • King

      i think binos mad at peanut for not chasing the mailman, if not, its something well see next comic

      • Argent Stonecutter

        It’s the mailman thing. This is a one-off.

        • FuRrY321

          Ayup. Just look at the tags.

          So, Argent, back to that Avatar, eh? Looks better now with the blue hair AND the glasses ;)

          • Argent Stonecutter

            And the light chest fur.

          • Ragereaper

            You can barely make out the chest fur really…

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Keene has a brown body and a cream colored head. Argent has a brown back with a cream colored face and chest. You can see the difference on my chest and neck, and behind my ears and cheek ruffs.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Probably harder to see is that Keene has blue eyes, and Argent has brown.

  19. sonic id furreh!!!


    • WingedWolfGirl

      Where? \:|

      • Frank

        There’s two words in the panel: “traitor” and “mail” (“U.S.” and “B” don’t count)

        • Ragereaper

          As those are merely letters.

  20. Gaboris

    Heh never thought of this mailman thing inside the Housepets universe, totally forgot about the “dog’s hate for strangers” since they are a bit more intelligent than that. :D

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      guess there just not territorial in de comic :/

  21. Lucent Lupe

    I love the new shirts, I think the Fox one would probably suit me.

    If Bino calls Peanut a traitor for not chasing the mailman, then why isn’t he chasing him instead?

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      cuz bino’s a panzy, i dunno?

      • Ragereaper

        Bino’s a hypocrite that’s slightly off his rocker?

  22. WyldKAT

    “Yes a few of them don’t match the color”

    The only one that doesn’t really match is the Peanut one.

    • Frank

      I thought Peanut’s was close enough; the one it took me a while to get was Grape’s

      • FuRrY321

        Really? I got that one right away XD

        So who’s the white one? Fox?

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          ayh cuz grape is the only purple colored aminal in the hp universe……. so far

          • Howls Like Wolf

            Um… well, Zack is kind of purple. Lavender, anyway.

          • Frank

            It looked navy blue on my screen :(

          • Argent Stonecutter

            It depends on the color temperature and gamma of your screen.

  23. SamBlob

    A COLLABORATOR! Get the rifles together, we need a firing squad immediately!

    • WyldKAT


    • sonic id furreh!!!

      quick get the water guns ;)

      • SamBlob

        More like grease guns… and feathers! (We couldn’t get any tar…)

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          it wuz ah joke from that easter ark thingy -_-

        • WyldKAT

          I don’t think a water gun would shoot tar anyway.

        • FuRrY321

          No! Jellied gasoline guns with flame bayonets attached!

  24. Michael

    Bino is just jealous because people actually like Peanut.

  25. sonic id furreh!!!

    ai think u all think i iz crazy fer sum reason :(

    • WingedWolfGirl

      *hugs sonic*
      Ai know ai iz crazy.

      • FuRrY321

        R guis allow’d in dis hug fest? :|

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          sure! *hugs FuRrY* ^_^

          • PuDdY15

            why’d you… never mindz , ummm mail things are cool, and can i be in dis hug fest?

          • FuRrY321

            YAY! I gots a hug! :D

            You can get a hug, but just not from me XD

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            ai hug u puddy ^_^

          • PuDdY15

            yay!!!!! i get a hugz to! :]

      • WingedWolfGirl

        crazy hug fest. :3

  26. sonic id furreh!!!

    just ah Question rick? *DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN* wuts de shirts made out of

    • WyldKAT


    • Rick Griffin

      Cotton I am pretty sure

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        thnx ^_^

        • PuDdY15

          seriously tho wat if ya are allergic ta cotton then wat……….. Rick?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Cotton allergy is pretty rare. You’re more likely to be allergic to polyester or some other synthetic, or to preservatives or dyes in the fabric.

      • PuDdY15

        wat if people er umm r allergic to de thing de shirtz made of that iz cotton?!


        • FuRrY321

          Your not allergic.

          And stop talking like that! It’s starting to affect me!

          • PuDdY15

            im say’in itz for da people er um pets that are allergicz! O_o

            why dontcha tell sonic to stop talkin like dis too? she affected mez! ^_^

          • FuRrY321

            I think that’s “infected” ;)

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I thought it was Aeris that was Patient Zero.

          • PuDdY15

            @ FuRrY321

            ya mizspellz wordz all de timez so dont go correct’in mez!!!!!!!!!!

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            itz wus then he affected meh now iz infected puddy and now puddy affectin furry :3

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            mai comment wuz at Argent

  27. fenning

    1.*snrk* Mailman, hehe.


  28. HonorèDerazey


    • Jakkal

      very intresting way to make some money out of it… like it, won’t buy it, thou ;)

      Is there by any chance a HP-Book in coming? That would be a blast, too

      • HonorèDerazey

        …What are you talking about? D:

        • Frank

          I don’t think Jakkal’s post was meant to be a reply

  29. namelessone

    Hah! That joke was witty

  30. Rambuctorium

    LOL I placed the cursor over the T-shirt pics and looked at the bottom of the screen:

    RickGriffin–tshirt–Peanut-Tummy lol
    RickGriffin–tshirt–Grape-Belleh lawl
    RickGriffin–tshirt–Maxwell-stomach …I get it
    RickGriffin–tshirt–Fox-Front -_-

  31. Corodan

    Would you be perhaps making more of these shirts for different characters?

    Naturally, I want a Pete and Spo one. Because that would make sense.

    • Argent Stonecutter


      • Corodan

        “Did you bleach a grey shirt white?”


        “Are those dogta-”


        • Frank

          Er… was that supposed to be someone asking you? Or was that “what would happen if Miles bought one of these shirts?”

          • Corodan

            Mmmmnthe former. Would be redundant for Miles to wear something like that. Like a cow wearing a leather jacket.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            More like a cow wearing a cow-spotted shirt. I mean, the T-shirts aren’t made of real dog fur…

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Don’t you mean Fido and Spo?

  32. falcon01


    Love Peanut’s blank look at Bino, like he has no idea why Bino would say that.

  33. Jirodyne

    Only been 2 hours and already more than 73 comments?! You fans need a life!


    *clicks refresh every 5 mins after posting*

    • Jakkal

      hah It’s 9 Am here in germany… I just got up.. not waiting for the “release of the postman… ehh hound”

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        ur in germany lucky ai have to be in stupid america -_-

        • FuRrY321


          Also: GERMANY!!! :D

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            AND PARTS OF XENOPHIBOROS (actual place just not time for it yet)

          • FuRrY321

            Sounds like some kind of disease ^^;;

          • FuRrY321

            Sorry I thought there was a “IS” at the end XD

    • King

      ya, i was like, “what the hay”, why so many already ya know

  34. King

    ooo bino now what are you complaining about! and at least they dont chase there mailmen eh, well, i bet some probably do

    • Jirodyne

      I think that’s the point, they don’t chase the mailman, but Bino’s instincts demand him to chase and shred!

      • King

        my thoughts exactly, though theyd probably get in big trouble

  35. slacks315

    If I didn’t just quit my job I would totally get a Max one. Actually I still might, but I will wait a week or two to see which address I am going to have to use.

  36. BlueAnubis

    OMIGOSH! Shirts! Curse my unemployedness. I want to sit under trees while reading thick books and befriends courgis!!

    • Jakkal

      hah, at least YOU got internet… even unemployed

    • King

      haha, that would be pretty cool eh?

  37. Val Kilmer Batman

    Is it weird that I suddenly think Bino’s ears are awesome?

    Bino’s ears are awesome.

  38. Fuzzypaws

    Bino is not accustomed to others not acting as he desires that they should! Even though he should be by now.

  39. Argent Stonecutter

    You know you’re addicted to a comic when you’re in Photoshop at 2:30AM fiddling with your avatar for the comments page.

    • King

      haha, o gosh, you to?

      • Frank
        • Argent Stonecutter

          Now I want to commission a proper picture. But I don’t think Rick does that.

      • PuDdY15

        i fix my avv all de timez, i hav over 20 different avvz! XD

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I have hundreds in SL, but I hardly ever use any of them but the ferret.

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            woo O_o

          • PuDdY15

            Sonic, how manyz avv’s do ya hav?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            You can see some of mine at

          • PuDdY15

            i like da scenery in some of ur avvs! ^_^

          • PuDdY15

            i dont care if imz double post’in but i looooooovvvveeee some of ur avvs, an ya hav alot of ems too! ^_^

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Some of them are freebies, too, so if you visit in SL I can set you up with them.

          • PuDdY15

            reallyz!!!!!!! could yaz do dat for mez! ^_^

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Just send me an IM when you get in-world.

          • PuDdY15

            yeah.. bout thatz, um i cant get a SL account/join cause i use mah bros computer most of da time so iz there any other way i could get demz?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            There’s not much point to them without an SL account, since they only exist on the SL servers. ^^

            Why does your brother’s computer keep you from getting an account?

            Why don’t we take this offline onto my blog (click on my name)?

        • PuDdY15

          by tha way i know imz double post’in but anywayz are ya on de Housepets forums?

        • PuDdY15

          argent im on ur blog!

    • FuRrY321

      What about The GIMP? (Not that I do that, of course…) ;)

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Ironically, GIMP doesn’t work very well on my G4. I use Photoshop Expressions.

    • Buckdida

      a) We have a thread in the forums for “You know you’re addicted to housepets when…” Mine is, “when you have 18 tabs open, and 16 of them are the forums.” Another person had a “Housepets to do list (such as recoloring old comics)” and once caught himself dual screening the fourms…
      b) Rick does do “Housepets Style commissions,” such as my avatar shows. But… they are very, very hard to get a slot for. Check his DA, FA, and the forums for leads of when he’s going to do them. You might get lucky!

  40. iHavezMyBirdo


  41. Vinta

    Sometimes I think Bino just needs a big hug. ;~;

    • King

      he does seem angry, past experiences maybe? or maybe its just natural

  42. CalaverX11

    Bino, I think I speak for all of us when I say:

    STFU, GTFO, kthxbai.

    • Frank

      If he did, he just wouldn’t be Bino :)

    • Ragereaper

      If you think I would be saying that, quit speaking for me.

  43. D.Durand

    Good mailmens are nearly never bark’ed by dogs.

  44. Zerdafox

    I would comment on these but there is so many comments already..

    • King

      eh, comment anyways, no big deal

    • Inu225

      …Did you just comment on this comment section commenting about how many comments there are?
      Clearly I’m making a comment about your comment so if I might be blunt I would like to comment about how your comment intrigues me enough to reply to this comment.
      Hey! I just made commentary for your comment. XD

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        My eye started twitching because of this!

      • King

        that was….interesting haha

  45. Kitch

    “But it smells like mailman!”

    • King

      so true, and ur avatar matches that so nicely

  46. Inu225

    I been called a “Traitor” once.
    Yes. I’m very devoted to my traitor-ness.
    Some even call me a “Loyal Traitor”.
    …wait what?

    • King

      thats contradicting itself indeed haha

    • Jeff

      I think that’s similar to a double agent.

      • Inu225

        Me? A double agent?
        That’s silly Jeff. XD

        List of things to do:
        1. Buy groceries
        2. Destroy Jeff

    • e

      everyone been called traitor once in their lifetime.

      • Ragereaper

        I haven’t. Not even close.

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          sumbody called me a traitor once o_O, but then ai punch em in de face and the took itz back anz ai wuz laike yaaayyy and they wuz laike oooowww XD

        • e


  47. Adzo

    This implies that Bino does harass the mailman. biting him would get him into trouble, so i wonder of pets would develop other ways of doing it? slow schemes of psychological warfare perhaps, try and freak them out a little more every day until they crack? sounds like the sort of thing Bino would try.

    • Ragereaper

      You’re giving him allot of credit. I certainly wouldn’t think he was that smart or patient.

  48. Argent Stonecutter

    And the more I think about those shirts the more I think they’re about the cleverest merch I’ve seen. They’re definitely WAY up there. If I still wore T-shirts I’d definitely get one.

  49. Lanagor

    Ha! there had to be a mailman joke eventually

  50. e

    i think Peanut should go with email

    • gagi

      ooo i get it .. e mail .. your nickname :P …. hehe still it would be funny seeing dogs barking at google for delivering mail :P

      • Frank

        There’s a sudden increase in the number of dogs flying to Mountain View, California. When asked about it, the dogs are reported to have said they “wanted to bark at the mailman”

        In other news, Larry Page has been blacklisted by the County of Santa Clara; allegedly for making prank calls to the pound about “millions” of dogs

  51. Shady Kitsune

    Oh noes! first he is a Cat Lover and now he is also friendly to mailmen?
    *enter drrama llama*

    • Dr. Prower


      • sonic id furreh!!!


  52. Argent Stonecutter

    I’m surprised there’s no King shirt.

    I guess the dark “saddle” would be too hard to do.

    • FuRrY321

      WELL, you could always just cosplay, like Joey does…

      …you know what, never mind.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I don’t think it’s just cosplay for Joey. :)

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          joey: i want to wear your skin
          grape: ….. *SLAP*

          • PuDdY15

            yeah…. maybeh joey should ask Daisy for her skinz, wonderz wat she wuoldz sayz!

            joey: i want to wear your skin
            grape: ….Hi im Daisy! :0

          • PuDdY15

            crapwhyyyyyyyyyyyy, i meanz to sayz joey: i want to wear your skin
            Daisy: …uh…. Hi im Daisy! ^_^

          • Val Kilmer Batman

            But… Daisy is a dog…

            Also, how incredibly creeped out would you be of you heard someone say that in real life.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            It is rather “Silence of the Lambs”-ish.

          • PuDdY15

            itz matterz not! alsoz mailmenz suckz! XD

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            @ Val Kilmer
            sumbodiez sed that to me once so ai slapped em :3

  53. WingedWolfGirl

    A cat lover and a friend of mailmen.
    This does not bode well for Peanut.

    Omagosh, KewlShirts!!!

  54. Anthroguy101

    Is peanut flipping somebody off?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I think he’s just waving.

      • Anthroguy101

        Waving would involve all fingers outstretched, wouldn’t it?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          That’s his thumb, his fingers are together.

        • MrMutt

          He was waving before being interrupted by Bino. I think that’s the remains of a wave after being startled.

  55. Dr. Prower

    Peanut’s a good boy! Not like Bino…

    • Ragereaper

      … doesn’t that really go without saying?

  56. Pseudo Faux

    If it hasn’t been said already, Bino attacks anything that is “mailman” related

    So why isn’t he attacking this one now while he’s within striking distance?

  57. Deja-Rayne

    (off topic of the strip today) LOVE THE NEW SHIRTS!!..SOOO COOL! If i had the money i’d sooo buy them!

  58. Mirror

    Pseudo faux that probably has something to do with shock collars :)

    • Mirror


    • Frank

      Interesting theory, though we never actually knew the reason behind the shock colar (see below)

  59. Kyderra

    I think it’s a miracle Bino Din’t jump over Peanut and started running after the mailman.
    guess the shock collar did work

    • Frank

      Now, now. We don’t actually know why Bino had the collar, since he gave the explanation to Peanut on March 10, 2009 (between strips).
      I, however, think it’s more likely the collar was related to his “zoning issues”

      • Mirror

        But mailman issues sound more serious, so I would presume that’s the kind of behaviour that would warrant such measures as a shock collar

        • Thoth

          Certainly a reasonable theory. I shall make note of it.

  60. Squival

    effing lol! xD

  61. Elwood Blutarsky

    I’m pretty sure if I had a sentient bipedal dog I wouldn’t want him barking at the mailman. Sure Bino might be ticked, but Earl Sandwich won’t be.

  62. Valerio

    my dogs are very friendly with the mailman :)

    • Amaterasu13

      As are mine.

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        Your avatar makes me think of all your comments in either a sad or sarcastic voice.

        • Val Kilmer Batman

          Or, sometimes, just a flat voice.

          • PuDdY15

            iz dat a good thing?

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            sumtaimz but nots all de taime -_-

  63. FerreTrip

    Noice X3

  64. JOFOXX

    BAHAHAHA! Let the hilarious one-offs begin.

  65. PuDdY15

    wat do yaz expect? hez a nice loving, annoying, trouble making, loud, where was i?

  66. i am

    A traitor? PEANUT??? NEVA BINO!!! He 100% Good dog unlike a certain regifter we all know….XD

    • Jirodyne

      Not 100%, being a cat lover :P

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        maybeh 50% – 75% ;)

        • PuDdY15

          less den dat! Peanut iz like… 49% good dog an 50% cat lova thenz 1% bad dogz! ^_^

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            @ i am
            ur comment made uz sound Jamaican ;)

  67. 7ance

    yeaa back from Vacation. reading a bunch of new HousePets at once was awesome. =^_^= and those new shirts look awesome too!

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      wo that ah sick avie… is- is that wolf link? :D

      • PuDdY15

        thaz a real sick avv! where’d ya get itz?

      • FuRrY321

        Yeh, that’s Wolf Link, from TLZ: TP.

        U no, u guyz r startin to were off on meh… -.-’

        • Val Kilmer Batman

          Yo FuRrY321, imma let you live your life, but I gotta say that most people agree that it’s LoZ, not TLZ.

          • Val Kilmer Batman

            WHAT HAVE I DONE?!


          • FuRrY321

            You have been consumed by The Legend of Zelda (Therefore TLZ) fan masses.

            If you really want to say it that way:

            LoZ, T


  68. Elwood Blutarsky

    Bino’s just ticked he passed on the new t-shirts deal to endorse a new line of shaving cream for dogs. It hasn’t caught on for the most part.

    • FuRrY321

      Shaving Cream

      … D:

  69. FuRrY321

    Those look like sleep shirts to me! (Now, if I had a job…)

  70. e

    bino: traitor.
    peanut: your not barking at him.
    bino: …………….
    peanut: ha ha

    • Ragereaper

      The mailman isn’t at his house. It’s unethical to bark at a mailman that’s at someone else’s house.

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        unless he’s near ur tree… or hydrant ;)

        • PuDdY15

          a dogz near ur treez iz like a……. i cant think of anythingz! :u

          • PuDdY15

            i foundz it! a dogz near ur treez iz like a Bino near a mail manz!

  71. Ragereaper

    Give Peanut a treat! I had to get rid of my dog cause it chase the mailman… and ate his tire when it was going 45mph on my road…

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      OH NOEZ!!!!!!!!!!! D:

      • sonic id furreh!!!

        like ai iz bein serios tho

        • PuDdY15

          ma auntz dog did almost de same thingz but it waz ta tha icecreamz truck an tha icecreamz manz almostz ranz over herz!
          im be’in serios! O_o

          • PuDdY15

            i knowz technically im double-posting butz whoz carez!

            wat i hav to sayz iz who sayz icecream menz are nice! :(

          • Val Kilmer Batman

            The ice cream man who went by my moms old aparmnt complex went about 10-15 mph in the parking lot (it has two entrances and goes around in a semi-circle loop).

            It was like he was TRYING to get AWAY fom all the kids who wanted ice cream.

            One time, I actually chased him through the whole parking lot, waving my money in the air, and he actually SPED UP to get away.

          • Ragereaper

            Perhaps he was just trying to get away from you?

          • PuDdY15

            dat whoulda been funny if he waz try’in to get away from youz!^_^

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            1taimez ai chazed de aice cream GIRL (yah itz a girl in mai naberhood) aboutz 3 miles so ai could get mai fudge banana pop ^_^

  72. PuDdY15

    ya see if ya think about it Bino probably has made that same face, also if ya seem nice to tha mailman at first he then learns to trust ya then at the right moment…… STRIKE! O_o

  73. Argent Stonecutter

    Whatever happened to the good old days?

  74. PuDdY15

    wat good old days? also why’d ya change your avv?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      1. That’s the alt text!

      2. It’s Frank’s fault!

      • PuDdY15

        1. i cant read de alt tex

        2. wat didz Frank doz

        • Argent Stonecutter
          • PuDdY15

            oh, well as long as ya like ur avv right? oh, and it looks fine! ^_^

          • Val Kilmer Batman

            I think that I like your new Avatar better, though it takes some getting used to.

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            howz u screw aroundz w/ ur avvie to get it laike that?

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            oh yah mai commentz wuz at argent

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Just Photoshopped it a little. You zoom in 4:1 so you can see the actual pixels, and play with the brush, selection, and color correction tools.

            Like, I selected the area between the chin and collar, lightened it until it was approximately correct, then filled it with the color from the face. That way the partially selected pixels along the edge of the chin and neck fade in to the filled color without a “halo”.

  75. Wraith97

    OMG! has anybody seen the shirts? they’re awesome.

    • PuDdY15

      …………………………………… yeahtheirawesomewonderifanyonezseenRick’snewestcomictoo! no offense! O_o

  76. Val Kilmer Batman

    I personally want to see some more of Spot (Superdog), when Rick gets the chance.

    After all, we never found out what happened to Spot and his girlfriend Stripe, who despite all appearances is not a cat!

    This is like, the longest cliffhanger EVER!

  77. Exranio

    i just read this entire comic from 1:(something)am to 9:am my eyes hurt i’m tired and my brain aches from taking in so much information at once. but i think i just had a good all nighter

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Welcome to the (slightly deranged) club!

    • FuRrY321

      Quick! How much do you remember?

      All nighters make you sometimes forget the stuff at the beginning, since the hours blend together. So you might have to re-read some stuff :P

      • Frank

        It’s not just all-nighters, it’s the general effect of “cramming”

      • Exranio

        i remember pretty much everything not much exact dialogue but i do remember everything I’m good like that.

  78. PuDdY15

    thoz t-shirtz look great! i wonderz how much money it wuz ta make themz! XD

    also this haz noth’in ta do with de comic nor da shirtz but when ya look back on earlier comments alot of themz are funny! XD

  79. Pogiforce

    Ya know though, Peanut being less like a dog, and Grape liking going to parties with the dogs and some doggie things, ya think they rubbed off on each other some growing up together?

  80. DogWhoCriedBoy

    Those shirts are definitely a great and original idea. Maybe make them customizable in the future?

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      wouldnt ur name be “wolf who cried boy”?

      • Frank

        I think it’s from “if a boy cries his dog’s name, it’s not news. If a dog cries his boy’s name, it’s news”

      • DogWhoCriedBoy

        My sona’s a dog, so “WolfWhoCriedBoy” wouldn’t make much sense :P

  81. silverfox

    Don’t act like you don’t know peanut. You know, you know.

  82. silverfox

    Oops double post. sorry