Now you can wear a Housepets tummy on your shoulders

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  1. gagi

    awesome idea .. and sweet desings … arff :) … i’ll need the pants to match the color though :P hehe

  2. Eric

    I want to wear her skin.

  3. curious4life

    Not a fan. I would like something that people could recognize as from a comic but not embarrassed to wear. Just my opinion though.

    • Rick Griffin

      Is very difficult to make ANY t-shirts then

      Unless you just want a quote in plain text

      • Michael

        Quotes can be funny on a t-shirt, too. :)

        I like the Ball & Yarn shirt, as well, but a shirt with funny quotes from the comic would be nice. :D

        • curious4life

          I love graphics on t-shirts and the ball and yarn is cool but like Michael one with some quotes might be neat. I have a portal t shirt with large graphics and love it. I would want people to read quotes or familiarize with the t-shirt graphics so they become interested. Like your comic.

  4. rey

    i now what im doing with my next paycheck!!

  5. 2MK

    *Tail not included

    • rWolf1991


  6. rWolf1991

    I now have to buy 2 of your shirts!!

  7. desufnoC

    I want a Fox one, but it would be nice if I had food to eat… nah the shirt’s worth it. =p

  8. slacks315

    Once I find out where I am moving too I will be buying these. Even if I am an unemployed bum. *cries for lack of job*

  9. ctcmjh

    I want them!I want them!I want them!I want them!I want them!I want them!

  10. Reynard Gearhead

    I don’t *want* one. I bought one! ;-)

  11. Dissension

    I need to get a couple of your other shirts before I delve into this series. = P

  12. Doctor B

    I plan on buying one of these in the (hopefully near) future.
    Now if only we could get a comic printed, Rick. :3

  13. 7ance

    I want the fox one….probably going to buy it but I wish I could see what it looked like on someone, you know?

  14. 7ance

    I has a question. is the link on the design of the t-shirt a copy-right thing or is it actually on the t-shirt?

    • Webster

      I’m wondering the same thing. If it’s on the shirt I’d be more willing to get one if it didn’t stand out so much.

  15. Koshi

    What I would LOVE is if I could get a Grape Belly T-shirt with Maxie’s bell on it instead of Grape’s charm. Any chance I can get a customized one like that? :< I wouldn't mind paying a little extra for it…

  16. Ajax451

    I want it! I want it! I want it! Hee hee…maybe a fox or a max…im not sure…I KNOW!!! ILL GET BOTH!!!! XD

  17. Jinxtigr

    Wow. This is so very awesome. This is like the one webcomic t-shirt design I would totally wear, particularly at furry cons. I’m going to be watching for them now :)