Just so you know, this is what my mods and I have been deleting the most recently:

1) Comments about how many comments there are, especially ones that do nothing but mark the current number of comments

2) Comments that are there simply to increase the comment count. The comments section is for COMMENTING, please take unrelated silliness to the forums.

Also: King’s tail has always ben super-stubby, what do you think that it should even visually show up when King is seen from behind? Do you want me to break out the shading when it comes to King’s tail?

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  1. Argent Stonecutter

    Maybe a break or zigzag in the line of his leg to indicate there’s a bit of a tail over it?

  2. Frank

    I’m guessing you’re referring to the “let’s see how many quotes we can post here” comment. Funny, I didn’t associate it with the comment count at the time. I just thought “This is going to be a hell of a big block to scroll past”

  3. scruffy

    King’s tail-absence looks fine when he’s standing (and is somewhat of a visual reminder of his origin, actually). It was really cute as a stub when he was shaking water out of his coat when Fox was helping him escape, though. =) I’d just ad-hoc it, it’s certainly never bothered me.

  4. Stevie Maxwell

    Actually, I’m more curious about the bandage on King’s head, since it seems to migrate from being over his right eye to being over his left eye in today’s (07/15) comic. Not that it’s a problem, but it’s a bit amusing.

    As for the ‘invisible’ tail, I’ve never had a problem with it being rather stubby.

    • scruffy

      Stevie – you’re looking at his reflection in the mirror. =)

  5. Kamron

    Despite the fact that I’ve added to the general chaos in the past, I’m glad you’re starting to crack down.

  6. WyldKAT

    That wall of text for “Movie quotes” was pretty annoying, I’ll admit.

    And King’s tail (or lack thereof) is fine, although a few lines could fix it with no shading necessary. Just sayin’.

  7. NobodyYouKnow

    i want to appologize first of all. all those comments were basicly my fault. im a bit embaressed.
    (is that spelled right?)
    secondly, it doesnt realy bother me, but i think an artist should try to please themself first and their audience second. so if it bothers you, you could mark his tail with a different color by coloring the tip or just the entire thing. you could also give him an article of clothing that covers it up, like how Fido has his K-9 vest, the the only thing i can think of would be a belt, and hed look silly with a belt

  8. Akro

    I think a stub would be cute on King :3

  9. FuRrY321

    I don’t think you need to “shade in” a spot for King’s tail. As long as people use common sense (he’s a Corgi, hello!) you should just be able to leave it as it is.

    And that’s my two cents, take it or leave it.

  10. Thoth

    Well, it’s short enough to vanish under his fur when it isn’t wet. Just like the bite out of in Maxwell’s ear, from some angles you’ll see it, from others you won’t – and there’s no point in trying to second-guess someone who (1) invented the character being drawn and (2) is a far far better artist than I am anyway.

  11. Surge

    Wow… I didn’t even notice that King was without a visible tail…

  12. CalaverX11


    I promise I will stop commenting on how many comments there are. But I can’t promise no silliness (although it will be related to the comic).

  13. Deja-Rayne

    i didnt notice it either..i totally agree with you about the ridiculous amount of comments that get posted..i get headaches just scanning over them and its everyone repeating what others say..some is cute, but yea, if there’s a better place for them to do all that, they should do it there, not on the main page where a short strip ends up having hours long of “comments”..i love your comic and you shouldn’t ever have to explain anything to us unless you yourself find that its confusing and needs explaining..

    you apparently have 2 sets of fans. one set that is calm, laid back and can be dedicated to reading the comics you post without over analyzing the strip. then you have the ones that should be in a padded room and have their hands tied behind their back cuz they can be rude and ruin a perfectly fine comic strip and end up upsetting the creator of said comic strip. You do the strip for you first, and dont worry about pleasing us. lol

    • Lycanthromancer

      And then there’s Thoth. He analyzes the hell out of every strip and the comic and a whole.

      He’s still crazy, but it’s in a crazy-good kind of way.

      <3 Thoth <3

      And on the note of deleted comments, I've posted a few that have been deleted, but they were speculation on what Fox thought King was feeling in regards to their friendship. I guess I read into it more than was there, and speculation on Fox/King shipping is apparently inappropriate (even if it was possibly relevant at the time), and I was called on it. So I'll stop.

      Sorry about that.

      • Lycanthromancer

        *AS a whole.

        We really need an edit button on here somewhere.