I guess I am going to have to post an explanation comic early lest everyone jump on my back at once

Should be here around noon, Friday’s comic will still be on time

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  1. Draco_2k

    Look at it this way: you proved Einstein wrong.

    “God does not play dice.” – A.E.

  2. Eric

    Don’t give the naysayers and loudmouths control! They’ll only become more greedy for power and thus more naysayier and loudmouthier!

    • Foxstar

      Fans should be handled with a gentle hand..with a cattle prod in it.

      • EchoFireant

        Quite true but I still don’t see why they are upset though :/

  3. FuRrY321

    Funny how I usually wake up around 11:00am now that it’s summer. Which means I don’t have to wait that long now :P

  4. Kamron

    I’m still confused as to what there was to be angry about.

    Were they upset about shark-jumping or somesuch nonsense? Honestly, some sharks beg to be jumped.

  5. Maark30

    As far as shark jumping lets face it, the very premise of this strip has always been a shark jump. That is what makes it such a wonderful comic, it is different from reality without going so far off that the world is too strange for the reader to comprehend. (Present strip excluded but I am a sucker for metaphysics so I love it)

  6. Gamerkitty

    well Rick do what you have to do. But please don’t sacrifice any amount of integrity due to people who pick the littlest things apart at the smallest level.

  7. WyldKAT

    Why do you need to explain things at all? If it’s about the people leaving negative comments, ignore them. It’s your comic and you can do whatever you want with it. If people want to be haters and nitpick everything, that only reflects poorly on their character, not yours. I thought the direction you took with this arc is actually better than some super-serious, epic showdown, because that really doesn’t reflect the tone of the strip. But alas, haters gonna hate.

  8. Buckdida

    Rick dares to push the boundaries and do things that he wants to do, something that’s very respectable, commendable, and…well, cool. It’s also hard to do. But you can’t expect every dare to come out 100% every single time.

    Now, (saying so at the risk of being stabbed multiple times, it seems) I think some people didn’t like the comic because it was too much of an anticlimax for them, and this broke their willing suspension of disbelief. In other words, it was just a bit too strange for some people to like. I was one of those people, and I voiced that I didn’t like the comic (at least the one without the extra explanation), though I couldn’t yet figure out exactly why, otherwise I would have left much better feedback about what I thought of the comic. I never got upset, nor did I ask Rick to change, remove or add to the comic, and also noted that I was waiting for Friday’s comic to come and surprise twist things in the amazing way that Rick tends to pull. Though I later did note that I maaaaay have been a little bit abrasive, and I quickly apologized for that. *embarrassed blush* I think many people were only able to bash without merit because, like myself, couldn’t understand why they didn’t like the comic at the time. However, people bashing because they think the comic “Jumped the Shark” or some nonsense need to be whapped upside the head with something, preferably metal, spikes being optional.

    I didn’t expect Rick to add more this comic and I was kinda surprised about that; it wasn’t something that Rick had to do. I feel bad being with the party that made Rick feel as if he needed to do this.

    …but I do like this comic a lot more now. And mini-King is rather cute.

    Gah. This post is too long. Sorry.

    • Thoth

      Posts can be too long?

      No, it really isn’t.

    • Eisfuchs

      I’m with you there, Buckdida. The negative comments weren’t done just to annoy Rick, they were done to show him that he might have pushed the boundaries too far. Of course, the majority will still give cheers, because the comic as a whole is still awesome. But if Rick wants people to keep reading, he needs to know what the readers want. And the critics are readers, too. They take the time to let Rick know what they feel went wrong. Yes, it’s his comic, and he can do whatever, but giving him constructive feedback helps to decide, what is the best thing to do.

  9. CalaverX11

    …because BABY wanted her way.