This Is My Tsk Tsk Face

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  1. CarrotMurder

    I kinda saw this coming, I guess.

    • CarrotMurder

      And then the comic fully loads. It’s safe for me to say, WHAT THE-

      • SamBlob

        So it’s safe to say that what you saw coming was the confrontation, not the transformation… ^^;

        • CarrotMurder

          Yeah pretty much. :3

          • Yokashima

            Agreed. XP Tarot turning into an enormous dragon who appears to be Pete’s higher up is like “What in the name of…”

          • thegamist

            Maybe the spirits took over tarot (GOOD SPIRITS) and are now talking to pete? since whatever she became is called the “spirit dragon”?
            anyways: WHAT THE 7*(k

          • Kytan

            hey you all know this is just a hallucination caused by the vast amount of orange soda that king drank… and to think nobody is gonna believe him… hey wait we’ve seen just about every other dog in this comic arc where’s peanut?

          • Kytan

            no wait i got it grape saw the whole thing and is gonna try and convince peanut that tarot is a dragon!

          • thegamist

            Peanut: …You can turn into a dragon?!
            Tarot: …Duh!
            Peanut: THAT IS SO COOL!!!

          • Kytan

            nah the spirits are only using her body as a vessle so they may take the form of said dragon.

          • thegamist

            er… no offence but *ahem*

            THAT’S WHAT I SAID!!!

      • JiroDyne

        This is Rick remember! You have to expect the unexpected! xD Tho now I wonder what Peanut would say if he saw this… or Grape o.o

        • Hopper200456

          Well…Remember Grapes had some experience with Pete..
          Kinda’…..With the whole dream and all….

          • sonic id furreh!!!

            OMG he didnt forget the fireworks (last panel)!!! X3

    • Reo

      XD I didnt see this coming.

    • Celtia

      Pity that I can see what’s coming up soon, too…that is to say, this is probably going to end with Tarot and/or Pete wiping this encounter between them from King’s memory. I doubt Tarot would want anyone to know, after all. ^^’

      Aw nuts, another thing that happens, clearly, to the readers, and none of the characters are probably going to find out.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        “Hey, Tarot, Have you ever flashy-thinged me?”

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          oh now i get it :D that took me like five mins to figure out :3

  2. IceKitsune

    Uh… what the heck just happened

    • IceKitsune

      So Tarot isn’t even a dog what…what is going on here I didn’t see the whole her being a dragon thing coming.

      • Dr. Prower

        I am SO surprised and excited and stuff!

      • sonic id furreh!!!


  3. Majin-Wolf

    EPIC! TRULY EPIC!!! 0.0

    • Lutrinae

      Epic? This goes beyond epic! This is… is… -head explodes from pure awesomeness-

      • Majin-Wolf

        There are a lot of secrets in Babylon Gardens!!!

        • Dr. Prower

          Yes there is!

          • rWolf1991


          • FuRrY321

            Yes there *are*! XD

          • Lupus

            GRAMMAR NAZI

          • Lutrinae

            Many secrets, including the fact that captain falcon lives there!

          • rWolf1991

            And Chuck Norris!!!

          • Lutrinae

            When i think about it, don’t Tarot and Sabrina live together? Does that mean she is a dragon too? Also, what about their owner?

        • Stryde


        • Frank

          Maybe we need a Babylon Gardener to uncover them?

          • FuRrY321

            Is that like a mystical hedge trimmer or something? X3

          • Oren Otter

            I think I saw a pair of arkenscisors somewhere around here.

      • Rahiros

        Dats prooty epic… *watches the fireworks appear from your head*

      • Chip Uni

        It’s like, how much more awesome could this be? and the answer is none. None more awesome.

  4. yoyodude

    wat. woah

  5. Yokashima

    What the crud? XD

    • Frank

      And your new avatar fits perfectly with your comment!
      …unlike mine

  6. Tahoe

    Tarot is AWESOME!!!!!! …. but we knew this already … but WOOOOOOOW!

    • Tahoe

      Also ….. I want a highres of that first panel <.< That is seriously an amazing expression on King ^_^

      • Evanne

        And it makes me wonder if Sabrina is also a super-powerful being. After all, they seem to have the same owner, right? And Tarot IS AWESOME!! I love her even more because she’s really a Spirit Dragon!

      • SamBlob


  7. Snowmon

    Well, that explains a lot and yet opens the door to many more questions…

  8. Dusty


  9. KnifeToYourFace

    I honestly dont know what to write.

    Oh wait yes I do AWESOME.

    • Frank

      That’s what I was going to say!

  10. Loki-Impisi

    Looks like pete isn’t THE most powerful mythological being in town. Cue Peanut yelling Falcoooooore!

    • sonic id furreh!!!


      • Manix

        XD i was waitin for someone to say that

  11. ReCreate

    I knew tarot was gonna be in there. :P I just knew it.

    Oh and now, this is REALLY(REALLY) getting interesting. :P

    • Dr. Prower

      I knew, but I didn’t know she’d do THIS!

      • Lupus

        She’s like uber-powerful and BIGGER than Pete :O KICK HIS ***

        • Dr. Prower


        • KnifeToYourFace

          Um. Shes bigger than Pete and still no one outside the woods notices her? Haha.

          • Dr. Prower

            No one noticed YET.

          • FuRrY321

            I suspect some Grapes and possibly Peanuts are going to be a part of this supernatural-unnatural-supernatural Sandwich soon (haha, yes! >X3 )

            They’ll be the lettuce and tomato part of the sandwich, like so: Tarot-Peanut-King-Grape-Pete

          • Score

            @Dr. Power.

            I noticed.
            “…but I didn’t know she’d do [THIS]!”

          • Charlie

            Just incredible.

            And Pete thinking King’s presence would ruin the meeting.

            And OMGSQUEE. Because.

  12. Atarii

    Woah, Tarot’s a–

    Hey, look, fireworks!

  13. Darcin

    Wait, if Tarot is apparently some sort of crazy, neat-looking dragon instead of a dog, does that mean that Sabrina is also not what she appears to be?

    • IceKitsune

      Oh man that is possible i didn’t even think of that

    • FunkyChicken

      THAT would be interesting.
      “Hey Sabrina, what’s u-WHOA! What the heck?! ”
      “Oh hi Bino! If you don’t mind, I just need to kick Pete’s butt real quick.”
      “But you’re a-!”
      “Yes, yes, I know I’m a mystical being. Look, I’ll explain later, I’m late as it is!”

      • Thoth

        More fun with Fido I’d think.

        • FuRrY321

          No, Spo! Now THAT would be hilarious, bringing a background character to the fore like that!

          • FuRrY321

            Oh wait, I just saw what you meant.
            But you see what I’m saying, right?

    • dlazeorus

      Could it also be that Tarot is only projecting the image of a dragon and she really is a dog? I guess we’ll have to wait and see

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Thought of that. She could be imaginating things.

        • sonic id furreh!!!

          but pete knew who she was befor she change :3

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Doesn’t mean he knows whether she’s really a dragon or just faking him out.

          • Frank

            Did he now? Maybe what he was saying was “Nah, it can’t be you, you’re only a Pomeranian!”

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Maybe he only knows her from the spirit world. Like, it’s some kine of occult internet. And nobody knows you’re really a dog. Or not.

  14. Zeph

    Tarot just broke the awesome-meter there XD

    • Dr. Prower


      • Majin-Wolf


        • Darkfire


          • ReCreate

            Not sparta.

          • Shinmera

            You were too late. YOU’RE FIRED!

          • Frank

            You’re not Donald Trump. You’re sued!

        • Lupus

          I AM LOST D;

    • Lucien

      IN MADDNESS!!!!

    • Gaboris

      Bwah, it’scool and all, but not THAT exciting… no siree, I’m not exc- *Wha? No that’s not a jackhammer just my leg going up and down… Just bare it mom it’ll go away in a few days like friday or somethin. Now let ne comment, pls don’ watch me comment mom. XP* *NOW where was I? Oh!* Not excited at all. :p (Just to make sure this was a joke. XD)

  15. Razuk

    Looks like somebody had too many Orange sodas…

    • mata

      I think you forgot the:

  16. psychoJoker36


  17. CarrotMurder

    If Peanut thinks it’s awesome how Tarot can communicate with him in his mind, wait until he sees THIS.

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      I think she’d break him.

      • CarrotMurder

        Like when Peanut found out how Grape’s a girl, or in the Farm arc.

        • ReCreate

          no, it was much earlier than that. :P

          • Frank

            I think Carrot is listing the times Grape broke peanut, not saying one occurred at the time of the other.

            Okay, I think my explanation has just made things even less clear

      • Kytan

        I think pete should expect a big surprise right between the eyes…

  18. Apollo

    If this is all King hallucinating because of Orange sodas…

    • gagi

      ooo lol… that’s entirely possible .. but i doubt it ….

      would be awesome though :) hehe

  19. Spirit Studios 2010

    Ooooh Snap! *snap!* Cwap… thewe goeth mah bwayn.

  20. GameCobra

    I was wondering if Tarot was a dragon too at first, but after close observation:

    see the tag saying Spirit Dragon? and seeing the dragon being green? Me thinks that Tarot SUMMONED the Dragon, not that Tarot IS a Dragon.

    Awesome to see what the spirits look like =3

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      Dude… Awesome avvy!

    • psychoJoker36

      No, cuz both Tarot and the Dragon have that eye of ra thing going on, and Pete recognised her. So I think she is the dragon

    • IceKitsune

      Plus the title of the comic implies that Tarot transformed (a.k.a putting on her Tsk-Tsk face)

      • GameCobra

        Implied,yes, but it could also be implied in the act itself. As in, The Dragon.

        It’s very hard to say for sure if Tarot ‘is’ the dragon or if Tarot summoned it, but i think Tarot merely summoned the dragon in my opinion.

    • The_Captain1228

      also look at what she says. thats definately not the personality of some summoned elder being. its definately her with the “Naughty naughty birdy”

      • GameCobra

        It could be possible that Tarot hung around with the spirits too much!

      • Thoth

        Why not? Judging by the stories about quite a lot of mythical deity-figures – Zeus, Thor, Coyote, Bes, Spider, and the Monkey King come to mind – odd behavior is only to be expected.

        For a horrifying thought, maybe Tarot has been in touch with hundreds or thousands of spirits, but only keeps in touch with the ones that are a lot like her…

        • Frank

          So wait, does that mean she’s also “a bit of a jerk”?

          I like the thought that she must have some authority to call Pete “naughty”, and thereby must have some power over him, even if it’s just magically depriving him of dessert.

          • FuRrY321

            Dessert? I thought King was more like a *small* appetizer…

          • Thoth

            No, that would be the dragon – and any other spirits Tarot might call on presuming that the “Tarot is not the same as the Dragon” theory is correct – being as spacey as Tarot.

            And the horrifying thought being that Tarot could be in touch with a great many spacey spirits that casually use their supernatural powers for trivial things.

          • Mika

            I think pete is about to become the appetizer…

    • Nohbody

      There being two different tags doesn’t mean the two are unconnected. In Joel’s transformation, both “Joel” and “King” were tagged, and they’re obviously the same person, whatever the packaging of that mind.

    • Riplash

      If you look at the 4th panel, it clearly shows tarot transforming into the dragon

      • Thoth

        Well, it could be that:

        1) Tarot transformed into a dragon. Major possibilities here include that she is (a) a dog who can turn into a dragon, (b) a dragon who has been disguising itself as a dog, (c) a bodiless spirit or an entity who can shapechange more or less freely or (d) acting as a host body for a spirit dragon or other entity who has reshaped her body temporarily (the classic avatar shtick).

        2) Tarot is summoning a dragon or acting as a channel for the physical manifestation of a dragon in front of her. In this case, perhaps King will get his conversation with Tarot while Pete and the Dragon have an off-screen discussion (which keeps the mystery going longer).

        3) Tarot is projecting or “imaginating” the image of a dragon, either in front of her or around her. Major possibilities here include it (a) being a bluff, (b) being her self-image, (c) being a vehicle for the expression of some external power source (such as a group of psychics), or (d) being a medium for a bodiless spirit to communicate through (which might explain the phrasing; the communication is being filtered through Tarot’s mind).

        4) Joel/King is having a hallucination. Unsatisfying and unlikely, but – at this point – possible.
        In any case, all of those are more-or-less visibly indistinguishable.

        In other words, it could be physical and directly involve Tarot, physical and not directly involve Tarot, non-physical and either directly or indirectly involving Tarot, or imaginary and revolve around our current central character.

        Of course, it DEFINITELY involves a picture file on a computer screen. Isn’t it nice to be certain of something?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      The “Spirit Dragon” tag may be misdirection. The cast page has: “Spirit Dragon: ???”. Rick can always change tags later to say (for example) “Tarot (as dragon)”.

  21. Caleb

    This is what makes a comic great!

  22. rtlstien

    Peanut has the coolest girlfirend ever!

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Well that would explain dating Tarot when he’s never shown an interest in any other girl dogs and seemed attracted to those outside his species.

      • Frank

        Wha..? but… he didn’t…
        You make it sound like Peanut walked up to her and said “Hey, I’ve liked you for a long time, wanna go out?” But it was not even close to the other way around. Tarot showed up out of nowhere and just, well, stayed!

        • FuRrY321

          She’s a good doggie. She stayed, even when Peanut didn’t tell her to! :D

  23. EchoFireant

    Epic :D

  24. Ki

    My face: O_O

    Please give me a few hours to comprehend this awesomeness.

    • Kamron

      Hours given.

      • Ki

        Hours taken and awesomeness comprehended.


  25. American Otter






    Good… gravy, how, wha? You broke my mind and brain.

    • FuRrY321

      Obviously it was broken fairly neatly, for you to comprehend mind and brain as two separate things :)

  26. Kajex

    In the famous words of Ozymandias-

    “Wait, what?”

    • Frank

      Ozy & Millie reference FTW! (is that the first time I’ve used FTW?)

      So what you’re saying is, we need another ten years of this for our characters to be able to see it coming?

  27. Readasaur

    Good things come to those who wait!
    I suspected there would be someone with this design, ever since I saw a serpent like figure in the cave drawings, right below the griffin design.
    Gotta admit, I didn’t expect it to be Tarot.
    Come on, Tarot, save King from his adorable fate!

  28. Dr. Prower

    This is so awesome! I did NOT see that coming at ALL!

    • SamBlob

      I don’t think anyone did…

      • Gaboris

        Or anyone who did ended up with a broken brain. X3

  29. WyldKAT

    Ha, King at the end.

  30. Darkfire

    I did not see that coming. O_O

  31. SamBlob

    Um… so Peanut’s girlfriend is a… dragon… O.K. … and we thought Peanut/Grape would have been interspecies…

    Also, how, exactly, does King wet himself if he’s not wearing any pants?

    • FunkyChicken

      Well, if you’re bladder lets go in any state of dress, you’ve “wet yourself”, so I guess it still works.

    • ReCreate

      his fur?(eww XD do not want)

      • SamBlob

        That’s the thing, that doesn’t happen with dogs. The most he’d have done is splattered his paws with mud…

        • Thoth

          Real dogs don’t usually walk around on their hind legs.

          • Manix

            or do they?
            we would never know there always sneaky, *rambles on*

          • Radio Viewer

            Real dogs can walk on two legs.


          • Thoth

            That would be indicated by the word “usually” in my original statement. Real male dogs do not normally wet themselves because their anatomy does not permit it when they’re on all fours. Standing straight up would be a different matter.

        • Radio Viewer

          I should read carefully next time ^^;

    • Dr. Prower

      XD LOL

  32. FunkyChicken



  33. Hoheh

    My head hurts! Also, Tarot = Dragon? NEAT! Though she’s cute as a dog.

  34. Maark30

    I should have seen the Tarot being a supernatural being thing because se said that pete was “Kind of a jerk:, that is a comment that is made when you know somebody personally. But as far as what he did to Joel/King, he did the best thing for him. He made him see the world in a way that he was not able to. For once in his hateful life he was doing things for others out of friendship and compassion. This is a good thing for him. I just hope that Tarot does not mess him up when he is making such good progress on the road to being a better being.

    • The_Captain1228

      i think that maybe the rules hes broken is certain aspects of what hes done. such as the costuming and the caging of king. Like king said about the inability to harness free will. maybe that was foreshadowing?

    • Readasaur

      For one thing, kidnapping someone, keeping them prisoner, and forcing them to do degrading things does not a good person make.
      Pete just gets off on controlling someone else, like some pet owners do, and tries to justify it by making it seem like it’s for Joel’s own good.
      The only personal growth he’s experienced was because FOX was nice to him. If not for Fox, he’d still be as bitter and hateful as he had been.
      Pete may have put him in that situation, but it still means all he needed was for someone to be his friend, no matter what his species is.
      And most importantly, have you considered the fact that his life span has just been reduced to 1/7 of what it had been?
      I don’t care how much his personality develops, you can’t justify chopping away that much of a person’s time.

      • Frank

        Pets live twice as long in this universe, so Joel/King still has… 10 years left to live? For a dog, that’s pretty good. (Of course, for a human, that would suck.)

        • FuRrY321

          And now, because you’re not a certified doctor, that either means King has less than 10 years or even more!

          Oh, wait, I forgot we’re not talking about cancer :P

          • Frank

            I have no idea how Joel is, so I guessed 40. Human life expectancy is a little over 75 years in the US, so as a human, he has at least 35 years left to live. If his life expectancy has been reduced to half of 1/7, then it has been reduced to 10/35 of 35, which is, of course, 10.

            So you see, I don’t have to be a doctor, just find a convenient way to handle the numbers. :D

          • FuRrY321

            *sigh* math. My arch-nemesis that is still easier than English XD

          • Argent Stonecutter

            You’re assuming he’s been turned into a dog that’s the same corresponding age as the human, and you’re assuming linear ratios of aging, and the “seven dog years” business is folklore.

            Pembroke Welsh Corgis have a life expectancy of 12-15 years, so double that to 24-30, and King could be anywhere on that timeline regardless of his age before he changed.

            To really confuse things, a dog’s considered “adult” by one year of age. King could be as young as two!

          • Frank

            If he’s as young as 2 and his life expectancy is 12, the “10 years left” conclusion still holds! (I know, I’m really stretching it)

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Now you’re mixing Housepets age and real world lifespan.

          • Thoth

            Well, for all we really know, he’s been turned into a Housepets universe Welsh Corgi of approximately his own human age – 25-35 by my rough estimate – and might keel over at any moment.

            He might also be continuing to age as a human, or – since the body is a magical transformation or creation – no longer be subject to aging at all.

            It all depends on how through, thoughtful, and benign Pete has been – and there is that whole “Jerk” thing going on. After all, having Joel/King keel over dead of old age after a few months of being kicked around would certainly put an end to any personal problems he might have. It would even “teach him a (final) lesson” as a bonus.

        • Readasaur

          Yes, that’s precisely the point.
          Joel is human, whatever his shape is now.
          There’s no way to justify giving him a life-time of 10 more years.

    • Thoth

      Well, Joel/Kings known history includes first working for the ASPCA, then winding up in jail, and then joining PETA without checking on it because it was the only animal-rights group that would let him join without a background check.

      Working for animal rights after having had bad childhood experiences with animals is to his credit.

      Now, he was willing to follow Fatties insane directives (while protesting) – but being easily led doesn’t necessarily make him “hateful”.

      As King he’s tried to forget his troubles playing with Fox (and been ashamed of his misbehavior), lost his temper after having had a bomb go off in his face (understandable), gone back to help Sasha in the cold right after than, and built her a house. Still doing what he can. At this point, I’d put him a long ways ahead of Pete on the ethical scale.

      I do have to get back to updating his dossier over on the dossier thread though. It’s over here:

      • Readasaur

        So much delicious information!
        And so neat and logical!
        Thank you so much!

      • Frank

        So, he basically never had willpower?

  35. HonorèDerazey


    • HonorèDerazey

      BTW, what does everyone think of my avvie? I kinda lied when I said I don’t draw; I do draw A LITTLE. This was like the 1st picture I’ve drawn in 6 months.

      • Silenvo

        I Like wolves, And i’d have to say it looks nice.

      • FuRrY321

        Is nice. Keep at it.

        Now, I draw a little bit more frequently. Over at my DA, I just opened a commission contest (name’s not FuRrY321 over there, it’s DARKRISER-1080, if you’re interested).

        • Frank

          Does that mean contestants get commissions? Or do you accept commissions from them?

          • FuRrY321

            Hehe, read the rules over at my page, buddy. I’m not extending the page any further for your benefit. :P


            Check either my Journal entry to the side or the “Newest Deviations”.

  36. Out of Nowhere


  37. Thoth

    Well, it goes nicely with the Ancient Akkadian. At the moment I’d lean towards the theory that Tarot is simply acting as an avatar, host, or channel. She might really just be a spirit dragon putting on an act, but the sloppily-controlled powers and the search for the remote seems like an undignified extreme to go to for that – and we do have separate character listings for the two of them.

    • GameCobra

      Indeed. As far as the whole idea of Tarot being a dragon, it feels a little farfetched at the moment since i would also assume after Pete got released, the dragon wouldn’t have a need for Peanut also, unless Peanut has another role.

      • namelessone

        Presuming (and I do) that Tarot is the dragon there is always the very farfetched possibility that she actually cares for Peanut.
        Also I sometimes wonder how much theories such as these entertain Rick.

    • Frank

      OH, come on! It’s Tarot! It’s part of her character! Power to make you think you’re a 500-pound apex predator, and still able to explain her lack of timedliness with “duh”!

      Now, to tackle the remote specifically, haven’t you seen the Far Side strip where the Vicious Vikings are unable to open the mayonnaise? It’s the joke that those kinds of things happen to everyone.

      Ok, I’ll shut up now

      • Frank

        You know what? I take that back. I hadn’t seen your post below saying you were just going for the most parsimonious option.

  38. metaecho

    comic depth increased to full compasity!

    • Silenvo

      Impossible. The comic can forever grow deeper and better! Mwahahah thats what makes it Always awesome the further it marches on.

    • Kamron

      Nuh-uh, nope. Spo hasn’t revealed his true form yet.

  39. Silenvo

    Cool. I love the Dragon, Though looking at the tag’s, i just noticed this may or may not be
    really tarot. Either way, a Dragon entering the story when they look as Beautiful as this,
    is on the Usual Awesomeness scale.
    (Unless they’re poorly used in the story, but this by NO MEANS is a poor story. Quite the
    opposite, Its one of the TOP of my list of comics because of its Perpetual state of awesome.)
    In addition I’d like to state that I Have never stopped reading, I just Seem to pop in to read
    the comic then leave, Though sometimes i wish to give my two Cents on a Certain Page.
    This is Such a Page. Thank you Rick, for a Great Comic.

    Oh look, Fireworks.. *sigh* i wish i could have those Over here…

    -Silenvo the Silver Dragon
    PS: Awesome Scale: 9.5 of 10. [In my Opinion]
    PS2: Yes I love Dragons.

    • The_Captain1228

      lol ps2…

      • Dr. Prower


        • Manix


          • Lupus
          • Majin-Wolf


          • Elwood Blutarsky

            Squirrel: Hells yeah!

            PSP: Hells yeah.

          • FuRrY321

            I’m sorry, Lupus, but that’s just not good enough for most of us core and hardcore gamers. It may be the most family-friendly console, but it’s not the most friendly console.

            Now, where’s that hard drive with all the ripped games on it…

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Mattel Intellivision was the most dangerous console. Big. Solid. Nice grip. Indestructible. Blood washed off easily.

    • Silenvo

      .. I can’t believe the Console war Came to my comment. *face palm* Oh well. I have an Xbox, Playstation 1, and Playstation 2, yet i do not play with any of them, i’m always on the computer. … Always. So… Console..war.. Phails around me. lol

  40. AdriGummi

    This overcomes all my expectatives… AWESOME :O

    P.D.: King, you’re the best, even wetting yourself XD

    • Dr. Prower

      lol I thought he’d do that just from Pete.

  41. Darkfire

    Tarot isn’t wearing a collar before she goes all dragon.
    She’s naked. O_o

  42. matrix

    penuts gona be soooooo surprised when he finds out his girlfriend is a dragon.. also happy 4th of july every one

  43. Radio Viewer

    . . .

    Maybe I’m still dreaming.

    • Pax

      Take my word for it: You’re not.

  44. Dr. Prower

    Tarot’s changing to a dragon is already an avi!

  45. Valerio

    *brainz clinck*
    Pure Awesome.
    At least, now we know that in the end this is gonna end good for P+G. I mean, that would be a HECK of a relationship between a dog and a DRAGON!
    I adore you, Rick-sama!

    • Dr. Prower


    • IceKitsune

      Yes this is good Valerio this is good indeed

    • Pax

      Horray, more shippers! PeanutxGrape for the WIN!

    • Frank

      When I read you’re comment, I thought you were talking about the rating, “tis is gonna end PG”

  46. Furr Mate

    This is so cool… What till Peanut finds out his girlfriend is a dragon! Come to think of it what till Grape finds out. HeHeHe…

  47. Darastrixen

    Wow…the confrontation I was only half-expecting, but the transformation wasn’t even on my list of conspiracy theories. Apparently though, Tarot/Spirit-Dragon “Doesn’t date humans,” but will date dogs. One wonders how seriously to take the comment, because it seems likely, if not certain, that she could become a human if she wanted to (Pete could do it).

    • Valerio

      Whichever plan Tarot had for Peanut and Grape, she put it clear since her first apparition that she was there to protect them rather than trying to be Peanut’s girlfriend. Evidently, she stuck with Peanut because she wanted to protect him from Pete or some other menace, but she always stated that, for the common good of many creatures, Peanut and Grape had to stay together…not just as friends, methinks…

      • Thoth

        Well, the statement was “I foresaw Peanut in his hour of need and came to be his companion” – followed two pages later by a snuggle scene with little heart-emoticons. Since those are for the benefit of the reader rather than reflecting the reality of the Housepet’s world, Tarot’s feelings for Peanut are apparently equivalent to those of Max for Grape.

        Tarot’s dossier is over here, although it also needs updating:

        • Pax

          Or maybe you’re both right. She orriginally came to protect Peanut, but ended up falling for him.

          That doesn’t mean I don’t still want PeanutxGrape, though. I want it BAD.

        • Frank

          When someone turns into a dragon, anything one may have derived or speculated about her just goes out the window, doesn’t it?

          And that’s what keeps this comic great.

          I really shouldn’t keep talking/writing, but it just occurred to me: Tarot has never said she was dating Peanut, has she? Just helping out in “his hour[s] of need”

          • Pax

            True, she never flat-out SAID it, but don’t you remember the comic when she was talking in Peanut’s mind?

          • Thoth

            It’s just more data. It strengthens some notions, and eliminates others. That’s the fun part.

        • Kamron

          If you look back two strips, it’s also obvious that Grape thinks they’re dating. I would assume that means some sort of visible connection… or that Grape just jumps to conclusions. :P

  48. kupo86

    King’s luck has been really bad tonight. He has ended up all wet quite often and, on top of that, he just dropped his orange soda can! Hope it was empty…

    This page, and the comic in general, is just top notch. Really exciting and yet funny. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • Frank

      It was. He had it turned upside-down last strip and was peering into it to make sure there was nothing more in it.

      • Thoth

        But doesn’t the presence of a dragon constantly top up all refreshments in the area? That’s why I always invite them!

  49. namelessone

    Well that’s officially awesome.

  50. Silverpaws

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    peanut’s GF is a huge dragon

    cool ROLF

  51. Dante

    Tarot… is… a dragon… You mean this whole time I’ve been freaked out by pomeranians for no reason?

    • Lycanthromancer

      Now you should be worried that they’re going to breathe fire on you, or kidnap you and hold you in a tower. Or maybe eat you in your sleep.


      • Argent Stonecutter

        Meddle not in the affairs of pomeranians, for your ankles are crunchy and go good with kibble.

      • Frank

        Wait, that’s what a western dragon might do. Tarot appears to be an eastern dragon (Chinese new year, anyone?)

        • WingedWolfGirl

          …Tis the Year of the Tiger though.

          • Lycanthromancer

            Tiger would love to know about that.

            Or he’d use it as justification to moydalize Bino. In his sleep. Which I wholeheartedly endorse.

        • FuRrY321

          The Chinese dragon, Long, breathes clouds, not fire.

          I don’t think Tarot will end up breathing clouds. O.o;

      • Mukavich

        Remember: If you ever find yourself in the company of a Corgi and a hungry dragon… You do not have to outrun the dragon.

    • Chip Uni


      No, all pomeranians transform into dragons…

      You have good reason to be freaked out by them.

      • Thoth

        Oh dear. That may mean that both Chang and Pepper may return to haunt me as giant spirit dragons.

  52. RockstarRaccoon


  53. Lycanthromancer

    What a tweest!

    No, seriously, this is definitely something…new. The status quo is forever altered.

    So now what happens? Maybe Tarot locks Pete back up, but forgets that only Pete can turn King human again? Does she make him turn King back to Joel, which he does right in the middle of the party (and right in front of Fox)? Does Pete escape, leaving King wondering where to go from here?

    The questions! They do nothing!

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Does she turn Pete into a dog, take a human form and do the same thing to him? Or give Joel back his human form and let him have dog Pete? Whatever Rick does will be funny anyway.

  54. Foxtrack

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    • FuRrY321

      Just what I was thinking: all the drunk-bubbles are gone! :D

  55. Keegan Wolf

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  56. Elwood Blutarsky

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    So much… awesome epicness of pure drama comedy o.=.o

    • Pax

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      • FuRrY321

        No, the CR! (Comedy Room!)

        • Pax

          Right! *Picks up Jrogenshin and runs to the CR*

          We need a dosage of King and Tiger, stat! Also, bring in some of the Spot (superdog) comics for good mesure!

          • Silenvo

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  58. MikeyTheFox

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    • Ada

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      But yeah. Pete is looking rather pretty there. I’d snug him. ^_^

    • Ada

      I just got a mental picture of him as a well built anthro guy in a pair of jeans and no shirt and wings on his back. *Blush, blush.*

      • Valerio

        Ooo, you naughty girl ;)

    • Frank

      It’s hard to think of things as cute when they’re bigger than you. But now that we’ve taken the perspective of a 10-story dragon, Pete has become pettable

      • Valerio

        I like bigger.
        MOAR to hug and immerse oneself into! :D

        • FuRrY321

          But then Pete couldn’t hug ya back! D:

          Oh, well. With all those feathers, I’m sure Pete would be soft enough for you not to care :)

    • Kamron


  60. Valerio

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  61. Majin-Wolf

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    • Valerio

      we-ell, dragons CAN live at least 2000 years…

      • Majin-Wolf

        True, 2000 years or more perhaps, but….how many boyfriends did she had in total during that long time period?!!

        • Pax

          I’m sure she would say Peanut was the sweetest boyfriend she had in that time period. I mean, he’s a sweetie!

        • Dr. Prower

          Peanut: Whoa…I made out with an old lady…

          • FuRrY321

            Who doesn’t look the least bit her age at all…

      • Frank

        And pets live twice as long in this universe, so 4000 years! She got the Eye of Ra from the original Ra!

        • Kamron

          She didn’t get it from anybody!

      • Darastrixen

        Well, if you’re going by DnD life expectations for a dragon, at least. Other sources, including many so-called “historical” reports would say differently. We have no true indication of Tarot’s actual age, but it’s probably fair to guess that she’s at least as old as Pete (but we don’t know his age either).

        • Thoth

          Presuming that Tarot is the same as the Spirit Dragon – and, for that matter, that Pete isn’t actually – say – ten years old, still a child, and possibly currently talking to his mother after he escaped his magical playpen.

          There really isn’t enough information to rule things like that out yet.

  62. eTorrent

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    Hi I’m Daisy!
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    • ctcmjh

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      • WingedWolfGirl


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          • FuRrY321

            Now imagine that voice in the voice of Snorlax from Super Smash Bros. Melee (or even Brawl, for that matter). :D

  63. Fuzzypaws

    Makes me wonder who Tarot’s “owner” is and what’s going on in that household!

  64. Mr.Zero

    Wait…Didn’t we see Sabrina and Tarot hanging out? Doesn’t this mean that Sabrina could be somekind of animal god-thing too?!

    • Dr. Prower


      • Mr.Zero

        I’m thinking Chimera….

        Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lock Ness Monster turned out to be a cat or dog.

  65. Kesarra

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  66. Rider098

    I knew that if there were griffins there had to be a dragon somewhere. I waited so long for this! Tarot just bumped herself up to one of my most favorite characters in this entire comic. Yes, I am totally biased towards dragons.

    Can’t wait to see how this turns out. Now I can’t help but think of Sabrina and what she knows… or maybe perhaps WHAT she really is?

    • Pax

      Why does everyone assume that Sabrina is a mystical creature as well? Sure she has an ankh as her main symbol… and she has the same name as our favorite teenage witch… and she helped Tarot in that one comic when they accidentally released Pete… and… hm. I’m beginning to see your point.

      • Darastrixen

        I don’t think that it’s that far-fetched of an idea per se, but for some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on, I feel that her being a supernatural powerhouse wouldn’t mesh well with what we’ve seen of her so far.

        • Thoth

          Tarot may still simply be a spiritualist; providing a channel for a spirit doesn’t necessarily require much power – and somehow I can’t quite see Pete – and, by association, the Spirit Dragon – wearing a collar as a part of a disguise. That could be just personal prejudice, but it doesn’t seem to fit.

  67. Rahiros


    • Frank

      Oh, hush up. It’s not like you’re being hunted.

      • gatherer818


  68. sirbacon

    Y’know, this makes her stance on interspecies dating somewhat hypocritical…

    • Nohbody

      Not necessarily. All she said is that she doesn’t date humans, not that she disagrees with the concept in general. A person can, for example, be perfectly fine with others liking broccoli, even if they, themselves, don’t.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Dragon x Dog isn’t interspecies?

        • Valerio

          for a gal who lived about the same lifespan as Pete, that shouldn’t be a problem at all…

        • Nohbody

          I meant it wasn’t hypocritical for her to not date humans. If she said it was wrong for anyone to do so, then, yes, that would be her being a hypocrite. Heck, she didn’t even say it was wrong, just that she doesn’t.

          She also didn’t say anything about “interspecies”, just one specific species. Given hypocrisy basically involves saying one thing than doing the other, since she hasn’t said anything about interspecies romances either way, that we know of, it’s kind of difficult for her to be hypocritical about it.

    • Dr. Prower

      Tarot doesn’t date humans. Case closed. *slams briefcase*

      • Thoth

        But how will we get any more billable hours if you do that?

  69. Bubzgonzola

    Sooooo Tarot is a dragon…

    Poor Peanut. He’s already got a bad rep for being a cat-lover, I doubt dragon-lover is looked too kindly upon either.

    • Valerio

      are you freakin’ KIDDING?!?
      Dragon-lover would make Peanut uberkool in the neighborhood! (not to mention the fact that you get a heck of a bodyguard!)

      • Frank

        So far, “Bodyguard” has meant “Rex”, and he’s (for want of a better word) a bit of a softie

        • Kamron

          Why would you want a better word to describe Rex’s gooey caramel filling?

  70. JB

    Peanut’s girlfriend is a dragon!? Awesome. Or is it more like Tarot can shape shift into other beings as well like Pete? Either way, my excitement is building up. Can’t wait to see what happen next.

    • Frank

      So, wait, Pete could turn into something even bigger now? Run, King, run!

      • FuRrY321

        I think it’s a status thing.
        It could also be from him being locked up for such a long time. That will get to you eventually, making you forget how to do certain things you once knew….

        • FuRrY321

          Him not being able to transform into something bigger, I mean.

          • Thoth

            Well, Pete’s size at the prison (Approximately three times Joel’s height while laying on his stomach) would seem to be considerably greater than his current size.


            In the next strip, Pete’s beak is larger than King’s entire body – which doesn’t seem to be the case here, even allowing for prospective. Most likely his size as a gryphon is variable.

          • FuRrY321

            That’s just adjusting his size in current form. I meant actually transforming into something bigger.

            Though now that I think about it, it’s possible the spirits/mythical creatures actually are limited to one species for their “true” form, i.e. Gryphon for Pete and Dragon for Tarot. When I commented I just assumed that those are the forms they chose for themselves, not actually their ‘true’ forms.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Like the fight sequence between Merlin and Mim?

        • Thoth

          Ah well, it was small that won there. Who knows? Perhaps magical beings can be as large as they want, but actually become more fragile as they enlarge – and Pete and the Dragon will get into a contest of puffing themselves up until King accidently takes out Pete by kicking his toe.

  71. Corodan

    Crud, guys.

    My Interesting Scale broke. No replacements.

  72. BlueAnubis

    I would like to vote this as Tarot’s “Crowing Moment of Awesomeness.” unless there is an epic battle sequence on Wednesday.

    • Frank


    • Kamron

      There will be a fight sequence, but we’ll never see it. Instead, the aftermath of that battle will imply how awesome everything was and how unfortunate we were for missing it.

  73. Gaboris

    Okay now realy what’s the connection between the eye of Ra and a dragon? A sphinks would be a bit more logical, but yeah it’s pretty cool. X3
    So I must sa thing are getting interesting here (Already were interesting, but get what I mean already. X3) and not sure where this is headin, so there are three ideas in my head aboot the future.
    a) Tarot and Pete fight till who knows what and Tarot wins (She’s a freakin dragon what didn ya expect? XD). Pete may or may not get locked back into his prison. Look at the next point for Kings future.

    b) They all know there’s no use fighting so they’ll just talk it over and in the end there could be three things:
    1: King is changed back to human and his story starts a new line. (TOO early, but the author knows best. :3)
    2: Things stay the same, except that Pete treats King better.
    3: King wants to stay a dog and so his memory is erased. (WAY too drastic. XP)

    c) They’ll fight and at the most epic part… King’ll wake up at the foot of the stairs, he was knocked out cuz he hit his head so hard and this was all a dream. (I’m evil. X3)

    d) No idea what would be if Pete would win so I’d leave that part to you guy, soooo GIMMEyourideas! XD

    So Tartot doesn’t date humans, but it’s okay for a dog to date a dragon? That’s outright discrimination towards humans isn’t it? XD What if Peanut finds out? O_O”

    Oh yeah forgot one possible line for the story: e) Grape shows up. (That’s cool enough just by itself. X3)

    • Valerio

      There is always option X, Gabo.
      The one you never thought of.

      • Frank

        I thought “option X” was spelling “sphinx” with an X

        • Gaboris

          DOH! My bad, that should be an x. Ma bad it’s “szvinksz” in hungarian so… XP
          BTW cool avatar man, long time no change right? Or I just didn’ see ya since. X)

          • Frank

            Both actually ;) I changed it yesterday, but haven’t been posting in the previous two weeks (more info if you click the avatar)

          • Gaboris

            Wow nice blog, had no idea ya can click the picture not just the name, or is this a sort of trick? :3
            Nice job on the avi, is there a comment system on that blog? :)

          • Frank

            Yes. When you click “read full post” and scroll down to the bottom, there’s a comment box. You’ll probably need to create a profile; openID is the easiest and (if I remember correctly) connects to your gravatar!

            And that’s “yes, there is a comment system” not “yes it is a sort of trick”

          • Gaboris

            Yeah I looked around at the others and saw that their avis are also links, so I may just didn notice it before… or it’s an update. X3
            Kay I’ll take a look, bro thx for the info. :)

      • Gaboris

        I know, I never say “These are the only possible ways it could end.” only the ones that spring into my mind. I’m not so creative than our dear author. :3

    • Thoth

      At the moment, the most parsimonious answer would be that Tarot is either summoning, channeling, or acting as an avatar for said dragon. It does have a symbol, but it’s not an Eye of Ra or Horus – and that eliminates any oddity in Tarot not dating humans but dating dogs.

      If the Dragon called Pete to Babylon Gardens and/or the Housepets universe (as Pete’s statements seem to imply), then that action likely had a purpose – and Pete doesn’t seem to have done anything major yet. Ergo, a battle – and especially sealing Pete up again – seems unlikely.

      I’d bet on chiding – and perhaps Pete either being reminded of, or accepting, some limitations. Presumably some additional information will be revealed. With any luck King will get some better treatment and – possibly – either start to work either with or against Pete, rather than simply being towed around by him. Given his popularity, and all the possibilities for amusement that haven’t yet been exploited, I’d suspect that his position won’t change too drastically – but that’s up to the author.

      A dream sequence is always possible, but they’re very hard to write in a satisfying way; that doesn’t make it impossible of course, but I’d bet against it.

      If they fight and Pete wins, I’d expect Pete to start actively pushing towards whatever his big goal is, since he now knows that effective opposition may be appearing on short notice. Pete’s actual goals still remain unknown though.

      • Pecan

        Well, I for one look at the quote ‘you’ve been abusing the rules.’ What rules? I think that is the key factor to what happens next here. (Besides Rick, of course.)

        • JiroDyne

          I agree with you here. Rules, Maybe that’s why we was locked up the first time? Not because he was evil and kill all people and such. But he just broke a rule? Like… turning humans into dogs o.o

          As for my idea of outcomes, I have:

          A.) Tarot and Pete are part of some kinda mystic council with a set of rules not to interfere with humans, and Pete going against that rule, so they talk and we found out why Pete was locked up.

          B.) Grape shows up, and kicks both their asses, and king’s for hitting on Tarot for good messure.

          C.) (the most likely one) Rick desides this is getting too weird and goes with the “Meanwhile…” and shows Max hitting on Sabrina, Fido’s cat love o.o

          • Pax

            C would just make PeanutxGrape shipping a bigger possibility! Go, PeanutxGrape shipping! IT WILL RULE THE COMIC! RULE I SAY! RU-

            *Gets hit by a tranquilizer dart*

          • Gaboris

            All good points Jiro, let’s see if we were right. :3

      • Darastrixen

        I don’t understand how Pete’s comments imply that he was summoned there by the dragon. Even if we assume that the dragon is just Tarot summoning, channeling, or acting as an avatar for the spirit, the same spirits warned Tarot not to release Pete. When talking to Peanut, she cautions him against the “beginning of the end” citing that “he’s kind of a jerk.” Whomever the dragon is (Tarot, a spirit, or otherwise) the smart money seems to be that he/she/it did not want Pete released. His/her/its mind may have changed since, but not when he was released.

        • Frank

          Tarot has often spoken of the spirits, in plural. It doesn’t mean this is same spirit as the one passing the “he’s kind of a jerk” information to Tarot before, and that one doesn’t have to be the same one that gave her the prophecy from her first appearance

        • Kamron

          “Summon” can mean multiple things. When somebody is summoned to court, it doesn’t mean anything has to happen with the spirit world to get them there.

          He probably just received some kind of message that said “meet me here” or something, along with an important sign to show the gravity of the summons.

        • Gaboris

          Kamron has the point here Dara. Tarot/The dragon is some partner or superior of Pete and just has to deal with some issues, but we’ll just have to wait till the next strip. ;)

          • Darastrixen

            Ahh, that makes more sense, thank you for the clarification.

          • Gaboris

            Hope I can be more of service in the future. ;)

        • Thoth

          It doesn’t necessarily: the meaning of “So it was you who called me here” varies with the meaning of “here” – the Housepets Universe? Babylon Gardens? The woods at the moment?

          For this particular hypothesis, I was going with “the Housepets Universe”. Now, if it is just “The woods at the moment”, that brings up another set of possibilities.

          • Gaboris

            It may be my fault but I can’t find the point in the summoning Pete to the “world” since he was locked away and that didn’ seem like a summoning portal or whatnot. Although I do understand your point so we’ll just have to see. :)

          • Indagare

            It also varies on the meaning of the word ‘call’. The word can mean ’summon forth’ but it can also be as simple as a telephone call. For all we know, Pete is in contact with all the other spirits. When he ‘has business’ it could be meetings with these other spirits. He (or they) would then ‘call the meeting to order’ – by which they just agree to meet somewhere.

        • JiroDyne

          Hmm…. “he’s kind of a jerk”….. That really doesn’t say he’s evil tho, just…. a bad egg. There might be more to Pete than we know, and also it could support my theory of him breaking some higher rule saying not to interfere with humans. Maybe Pete wants to help humans, in his own way, and Tarot/Spirits don’t like it, or like the way he does it?

      • Frank

        So, Pete’s got as much of an idea of what’s going on as the rest of us

      • Gaboris

        Yeah later on I had some thoughts about that channeling idea and you’re right with it… maybe since we can’t know. X3

        True the “You’re going to ruin everything.” line does imply he has a plan or somethin, but the summon I’d say was rather meant for the forest.

        Yeah as I said removing King would be a bad idea, but the change of rules is interesting. :)

        The dream sequence is just a mean joke by me that I normaly shoot so don’ mind it. XD

        Okay I may have figured so much out, but yeah that’s the point. :)

    • Argent Stonecutter

      What is it with “and his memory is erased”? How is that even OK? That’d be worse than anything Pete’s done.

      • Kamron

        I know from observation that a lot of people get their priorities mixed up when it comes to transformations. :/

        • Gaboris

          Say wut? That goes for me or Argent?

      • Gaboris

        Yeah that’s why I said drastic, that’s bad in this case ya know. :p

        • Argent Stonecutter

          What about the “he just stays a dog” option?

          • Gaboris

            Yeah I know, but the whole Human in a dog body thing would just mess with all the readers… at least it would with me. XP

          • Thoth

            I don’t really see much of a distinction in the Housepets universe; they’re all basically people. So some of them are short, fuzzy, have tails, and have shorter lifespans (but learn and mature far more rapidly). There are short humans, fuzzy humans (admittedly, that’s a rare genetic problem, but it happens), people born with tails (not all that rare), and people who don’t live so long. So what? They’re all people. The Housepets ASPCA has a point.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            There’s a lot more creepy stuff in the Housepets universe. Remember the trip to the farm? “You look delicious?” “I’m gonna eat your insides!”. Remember Grape eating the talking mouse? How can you eat food that talks back to you at all?

            Alice, Pudding. Pudding, Alice.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            And what Thoth said. Though there seem to be all kinds of weird overtones along the lines of certain current political melodramas in the USA.

    • Kamron

      And Grape is wearing a fish on her collar, but she’s a CAT.

      • Gaboris

        Random comment time?
        I’d say in the begining those thingies were meant to represent “cat” and “dog” for Grape and Peanut and the representing names part only came in later. :3
        Cats love fish (at least that’s the stereotype), ya got a problem with that? :O

        • FuRrY321

          My cat certainly loved tuna!
          He also liked milk, but that’s actually bad for kitties, ya know.

          • Gaboris

            So it’s not so much of a stereotype then. :3
            Never heard of milk being bad, but thx for the info.
            Did I get it right that your cat is “in another place now”? Sorry if it’s wrong of me to ask. :(

          • FuRrY321

            No, it’s okay, I think I’m over it now.

            It’s actually weird now that I barely notice he’s gone (he “passed on” last year, shortly after we moved to our current residence).

          • Gaboris

            Sorry for your loss and I can understand how you feel.

  74. DogWhoCriedBoy

    I wonder what Peanut will think if he ever finds out o-o

  75. metaceryn


    (what, did you expect intelligent commentary after that?)

    • Dr. Prower

      (no, I expected your brain to melt.)

  76. Ada

    A griffin, dragon AND fireworks?! I’d drop my soda too. :3c

  77. Cybernine


    This comic was so much simpler before all the pete/king arcs, i miss it being just peanut and grape

    • Valerio

      well, actually the BEST next thing of this comic is that it can deal at best BOTH with the simple and funny storylines AND the magical drama, keeping a fine equilibrium between both.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      The comic has definitely made the switch from two main characters to an ensemble cast. Even without King and Pete there’s still Bino, Sasha, Maxwell, Tiger and many more who all seem to be playing a bigger part in the action as well.

    • Thoth

      Well, things usually either grow or die. In this case, I’d pick “grow”.

  78. Nia

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! A frickin’ Keanu Reeves full of whoa’s!

  79. none of your concern -.-

    oh my freakin gawd…

  80. That Guy There

    Tarot uses ‘Psychic’!
    It’s Super Effective!

    • FuRrY321

      Tarot uses Confusion on the readers!
      Critical Hit!
      It’s Super-DUPER effective!

      • Shandraga

        Tarot used Mindbreak!

        • Dr. Prower


  81. pet_panda

    Makes you wonder if tarot really loves peanut or if she’s just being around him to protect him and grape from the end of the world

    tarot:’those with out love in their hearts will perish…”
    thus she becomes peanuts girlfriend so that he will survive and save the world~!

    • Frank

      Peanut already loved Grape. Maybe she was trying to save Grape by making her aware of it? It would be interesting if the whole “mushiness rights” was part of the plan

  82. iHavezMyBirdo

    I didn’t really expect Tarot to be involved, I thought she just knew about this because she’s psychic.

    • Pax

      And the reason she’s psychic has just been explained.

      • Frank

        Maybe this power is an effect of being psychic, not a cause

        • Pax

          Hm… maybe.

          Also, does anyone else think Tarot looks adorable in the third pannel? You know, in a creepy, phychic way? Ignore the floating and the green lights, I just think that looks kinda cute.

          • WingedWolfGirl


          • Frank

            The only way that strikes me as “cute” is by associating it to “I dream of Jeannie”

  83. Dayntei

  84. swmidnight

    ..why is Tarot an Eastern Dragon?…I’m seriously confused…I can accept that she not just a dog but an EASTERN DRAGON? I would understand if she turns into something like Ra or Anubis given all the Egyptian refs that poped up around her. Heck, I would even understand a Phoenix over an eastern dragon…oh well the damage is done I guess…all we can do now is see what happens.

    • Fireclave

      Why? Why not. Or are you truely willing to tell a dragon which pantheons they are and are not allowed to invoke?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      She’s a Pomeranian, that’s a central European dog. Why isn’t she a Middle-Eastern or Chinese breed?

    • Frank

      Because it’s all the more wow-ing! A Western dragon would be what you would expect. With Rick, you truly have to expect the unexpected!

    • Silenvo

      In Addition to the facts: This is an alternate universe. In an alternate universe
      anything, from history, to physics, and beyond, can be altered. That’s just what
      Makes Comics, and Stories so awesome. They can go anywhere your
      imagination can take you, and beyond. :)

  85. FireFrenzy

    Any chance we could see that last page as a multiscreen wallpaper? or isnt the original of sufficient resolution for that?

    Pretty please with sugar ontop…


  86. Inu225

    Is it just me or has HP! gotten epic…er?
    In all seriousness looking back 2 years ago when this comic started out a lot has changed. From the art style to the story arcs; HP! is constantly evolving. The drawings started out in BW and now it’s in full blown color. Stories have become deep and complex that its hard not to get drawn in. Mostly importantly the character development is just great. I never thought a character like King could come a long way from being Joel, the unlikeable character as a human, to King the most beloved character in the series.
    Its great to see the growth of a series from its humble beginnings to a moment like… this.
    So what do I think when I see Tarot change into a dragon? Just another reason why HP! is EPIC…er!

    • Pax

      That’s what happens when you write a webcomic for awhile: The characters grow, they develop in all kinds of directions, and the stories just get better and better as the comic goes on.

      • Inu225

        Amen to that brother. XD

      • Silenvo

        Here, Here! >_>

  87. ShadyKitsune

    I have the urge to say “Of course! It all makes sense now!” about Tarot being a dragon… But I really didn’t see this coming.

    • Pax

      You and me both, brother/sister. *Holds up knuckle for knuckle touch*

  88. Lax

    Whoa, nice surprise there! Guess birdbrain is gonna get his share of pain now >:)

  89. ViewtifulRexx

    …Such a Mary-Sue. >.<

    • Foxstar

      And why is Tarot a Mary Sue, praytell?

      • Kamron

        Prolly ’cause she can see the future and turn into a dragon and has no overwhelming negatives to counter them out.

        I’d say that, even though she has some imbalances there, she’s still entertaining enough in other things to be an ignorable Mary Sue.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Well, she’s a bit flakey.

          • Kamron


          • Silenvo

            Don’t you mean scaley? >_> hehehehe.. Ok. Bad Pun.

      • Frank

        Who said he was talking about Tarot? :D

        Seriously, now. I’m guessing any use of an awesome, unprecedented, and apparently out-of-universe power/knowledge gets the “Mary Sue” label. The question here is, is this out-of-universe?

        • Nohbody

          Yeah, a lot of people mis-apply “Mary Sue” to basically mean “anyone who doesn’t have major trauma to overcome”. Luckily for them I can’t reach through the internet and slap them. :P

  90. Cid

    Pete’s black speech bubble seems a little lighter :D

    • Frank

      Maybe even he is a bit frightened? He seems more capable of getting a hold of himself than King, though.

  91. JustAWolf

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  92. Indagare

    This actually makes a great deal of sense. Remember that, in Oops I Arced, there was what looked like a giant snake under the image of the griffin: Chinese Dragons look very much like snakes and if you look carefully you’ll see the ’snake’ has legs. This representation could very well be of the Spirit Dragon.
    Building on this, before Pete was released, Tarot thought it would be the ‘beginning of the end’: but afterwards she seemed far less worried about it: it could be that she didn’t know the Spirit Dragon would come to their aid, but was afterwards contacted by the entity and reassured.

    • Radio Viewer

      Didn’t notice that before. Great observation.

    • Frank

      You should take over from Thoth!
      Better stated, where were you when Thoth disappeared?

      • Indagare

        I think Thoth does a fine job. :-)

        I’ve been viewing the comic, but I don’t always have time to comment. Also, until now anything I could have stated would have been speculation with no basis.

        • Thoth

          Aw, but the fun of speculation is taking a tiny fact and seeing how far you can push it out into the unknown!

          And we will just have to see if Tarot does indeed have an association with Tiamat

          • Frank

            Naming the spirits now, are we? Now this is getting interesting!

            (No, naming “Ra” does not count)

          • Argent Stonecutter

            There is only one god!
            And he is the Sun God!
            Sun God! Sun God!
            Ra Ra Ra!

          • Thoth

            Oh that speculations from last december, about post five over on the Dossier thread. At the time it was simply based on dream-Peanut’s statement that the inscription on Pete’s Temple/Prison/Gate/Whatever was in Ancient Akkadian (a dubious source), the serpentine figure on the Seal/Door/Whatever, and the notion that dream-Peanut might have turned “Pazuzu” into “Pete” – which would imply a connection with Tiamat. At the time there wasn’t enough information there to support any serious speculation, but it looks like we’re getting some more – and a link with Tarot as a bonus – now.


            Hurray For The Sun God, He’s Sure A Fun God, Ra! Ra! Ra!

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    • Valerio

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    • Naylorfan90

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    • Pax

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      • Valerio

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        • Thoth

          No thanks. It’s hard enough when pets die when they can’t talk.

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  96. Xu-kitty


    Anyways: heh, that is awesome.

    • Hopper200456

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    On the other hand, if Tarot is indeed a mystical creature and cannot stay, that’ll just leave room for PeanutxGrape shipping!

    Yes, I’m a PeanutxGrape shipper. Oh come on, I guarentee at least half of you are shippers of those two as well.

    • Valerio

      *raises paw*
      Present and accounted for!

    • Frank

      Uh, I don’t think that after they’ve said “I love you” to eachother, it counts as a ship anymore.

      Port authority to Pax, what is that thing you have in the water?

      • Pax

        Pax to port authority, it’s the love boat, and you aren’t sinking it! CANNONS, FIRE AT WILL!!!

        • Frank

          Port authority to swiss navy: The love boat is not peaceful! We’re taking fire! This is not a drill, it’s a screwdriver!
          (alarm blares)

        • Argent Stonecutter


    • Hopper200456

      *Raises paw also*
      *Both of them.*
      I think Peanut and Grape should be together…
      Thats just me….
      Crazy little me….

      • Pax

        I agree completly with you there. You’re not crazy. It’s everyone ELSE who’s crazy! We’re the only sane ones here! MUA HA HA HA HA!!!

    • Dr. Prower

      *raises paw*
      P+G fan right here.

  98. Valerio

    hmm, this could end in a very funny way.
    It just popped into my mind, the moment I realized she went all ‘You naughty naughty…’ just like Pete did with Joel.
    We could end up having king back to human and Pete as his pet cat?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      They don’t let you have pet cats in jail.

      • Valerio

        Mebbe he’ll have a pet mice to share his cell with. Even better!

        • Frank

          LOL! I want to see Spo beat up Pete!

          • Valerio

            Now. THAT thought is hilarious. A lot! :)

    • Quiran

      valerio, i think its more fun when pete is transformed into joel, so he gets to jail, remember that the humans think he ” escaped”

      and tarot can probably deal with joel/king too, so that if joel wants he can turn human too

      hmmmm, just cant wait for the punnishment of pete

      • Erkhyan

        Hey, turning Pete into Joel is the best idea I’ve heard yet! After all, Pete also seemed to have escaped from some kind of prison which he tricked the animals into opening for him…

  99. Fireclave

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    • e

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  105. Argent Stonecutter

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    Oooh, ooh! Does she realizes wishes too? :D Or we have to go around the world grabbing someone’s balls for her to do that?

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  111. Jasper-Must-Speak

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  112. Frank

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    • Frank

      And apparently, the comment I was replying to at 9:15 AM was just deleted

      • Dr. Prower

        Don’t you just love that? [/sarcasm]

  113. Elwood Blutarsky

    By TVTropes, Tarot either just “Took a level in Bad***” or has been “Obfuscating Stupidity” the whole time. If she really is the Spirit Dragon add in “Scaled Up.”

    • LoneTiger

      Remember Fisban from Dragonlance?
      Same thing :)

  114. Sokahu

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  122. Hopper200456

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    All of Peanut’s girlfriends aren’t dogs?

    • e

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      • Hopper200456

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  123. WingedWolfGirl

    I’d like to say how awesome this is.
    But all the other commentators already have.
    …and that’s not an adequate enough word 2 describe this awesomeness anyway. 83

    I do C none have bought up references to Anime Girl Transformations though. :D

    • Frank

      Anime Girl Transformations? You mean as a general concept / trope, or is there a show that’s called “Anime Girl Transformations”? (wouldn’t surprize me if there was, though)

      • Dr. Prower

        XD rofl

      • WingedWolfGirl

        In general …as a trope,
        like Tokyo Mew mew, or Sailor moon.

        …in case plpl check in this late. X|

  124. RJ

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  125. Kitch

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    • Yarrofox

      It makes you wonder doesn’t it. I hope King stays King!!!

    • WingedWolfGirl

      New prediction.
      1. Epic battle Between Pete and Tarot ensues.
      2. Tarot wins.
      3. Tarot explains the harmful results of Pete’s magical mischief, and offers to right the wrong by turning King human again.
      4. We have an emotional moment where King is sad and seems to be thinking about staying a dog.
      5. He suddenly breaks the moment, by saying “Yes!!! I wanna be human again!”
      6. She complies, turning him human.
      7. The police dogs show up and arrest him.

      …Really hopeing I’m wrong.

      • Thoth

        I hope not – or at least that it wouldn’t end the arc there. That would be too depressing (and we never would find out what Pete was actually up to, which would be frustrating).

      • Kitch

        I don’t see it happening this way. I doubt someone who’s about to kick epic butt would say “naughty, naughty birdie”. :P

        • Yarrofox

          Oh, I don’t know. This comic has been full of twists before. I’d say that words don’t exactly prove actions

        • Frank

          Clearly, your parents never spanked you

  126. Yarrofox

    King and I are thinking along the same lines here

  127. FerreTrip

    Pete looks cool in panel 2.

    O_O Woah. I just dismissed Tarot as being psychic. I never got suspicious. I KNEW I shoulda.

    I love love her now. (Yes, redundancy, blame JSRF.)

    Heh…Naughty, naughty birdie. X3 GO TAROT.

  128. Yarrofox

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    • Quiran

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      • Yarrofox

        Then it’s gonna get scary. As if it isn’t already. Who knows, this might all be part of King getting drunk off orange soda AND getting hit on the head.

    • Frank

      “That’s so cool”?

  129. Tigergulp


  130. Valrejn

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    While this is interesting and Pete is awfully cute, I hope the comic doesn’t stray too far from its funny-pages roots.

  131. TD

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  132. Quiran

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    make pete a piece of furniture

    • Silenvo

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  133. thegamist

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    (from Orange Soda? Hmm, maybe I should try some of that…)

    • Buckdida

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    • Yarrofox

      It’s amazing what one caffeinated drink like coke or even orange soda can do to you

      • Argent Stonecutter

        There’s no caffeine in orange soda, is there?

        Cute avatar.

        • Frank

          I’m willing to bet all “soft” drinks contain caffeine. Of course, Coke and Pepsi are black so it’s kind of obvious there, but if the caffeine is in the base syrup, then anything you make from it will have caffeine.

          I also rarely win my bets.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Simple syrup is some kind of sugar plus water, and sometimes gum. No caffeine.

        • Yarrofox

          thanks, and it depends on what kind of orange soda you get. Some brands have it and some don’t

  137. FuRrY321

    I know it’s all the way at the bottom, so it might look a little confusing here, but I wasn’t sure who to reply to. :P

    As to the memory erased/dream thing, what I imagine could happen is:

    There is a big fight we do not see ( :( ).
    King gets knocked out.
    He wakes up in the forest, not remembering what happened, only that he was drunk.
    King walks back to the celebration, and re-joins Fox.
    Meanwhile, we see that Dragon Tarot has a claw clamped on Pete’s beak, and they are hiding in the trees.

    Yeah, that’s all I got. But there are just so possibilities, and I’m just so anxious…

  138. Phonti

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    • FuRrY321

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      But what if she’s slimy.

      • Frank

        or scaley or feather-y or… ok, I’ll stop.

        *gasp!* what if it isn’t Tarot?

        • Dr. Prower

          *gasp* what if I don’t care?

  139. DiSaStOr

    Guhhhh…. Nice job Rick, your story arc has just messed with my head…………Guhhhhh……

    Also, side note, I love how there are fireworks behind Tarot.

  140. Oddness

    earlier people were arguing over whether Tarot was the dragon, or whether she just summoned the beast. Personally, I don’t think it matters. Either way, Pete’s about to receive either a beat down, or serious jailtime.

    • Silenvo

      Or a real stern talkin’ to! :)

  141. Lucent Lupe

    Sooo… is Sabrina a magical being to? …If she’s a unicorn I called it.

    • Frank

      So we finally have a guess on what Sabrina may be! All Hail Lucent Lupe, the Opener of the W… wait a minute…

  142. Denki Wolf

    Ok, My Respect for her has gone up like 80 notches.
    And it was good to begin with.
    I can’t wait to see the rest of this!
    Man your stuff is great!

  143. Valerius

    …Okay, I now officially love Tarot forever, just for turning into a dragoness. *purrs* I…kinda have a thing about dragons, and she is gorgeous.

  144. Kailen

    I am disappointed in Tarot. She is speciesist. She’s a dragon who’ll happily turn herself into a dog and date other dogs, but she flatly refuses to date humans. Oh really? In this particular setting, what really is the difference? She’s already going outside of her own species. Petty and shallow. Tsk tsk.

    This post is not to be taken seriously.

    • e

      i’m taking it that you have good thing thing to post but you don’t know what to write.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I think she was just blowing King off with that line and being typically ditzy in not thinking about how he’d take it.

    • Nohbody

      So, does that mean I’m a speciest because I like apples, but not persimmons? :P

      Really, a lot of people seem too ready to throw around negative -ist and -ism labels, here and elsewhere. I wish they would stop diluting the meaning of those words into virtual uselessness.


  145. Dakota Lesmercy


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  147. Dakota Lesmercy


  148. gagi

    The sheer number of comments on this page is overwhelming! arff
    But I suppose it just goes to show how awesome it is :) and tarot too.

    on a Slow side note: it took me till today to figure out the connection between Tarot being psychic and those tarot cards that predict the future :P … I know .. I’m slow :(

    • FuRrY321

      Yes. Like a snail.

      Do you also have a shell that is tough to crack? Because if you do, your -1 points return to 0 points, so you can have a clean slate! :)

  149. Mika

    Oh, thats neat… look at the pretty firew-OHMYGOD!!!

    this…really changes the story… a lot…

    My first question: WHAT WAS KING ABOUT TO RUIN!?!?!?

    • e

      yes we have the to know. TELL US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wednesday please.

    • Frank

      So far, everyone was thinking what Pete had planned was something explosive. I’m sticking with that.

      • IceKitsune

        But Tarot/The Spirit Dragon was the one who called Pete out there (which is why he didn’t want King to go) so his whole plan was to talk to Tarot/The Spirit Dragon

  150. Mika

    Oh, also, pete has that “aww crap…” look on his face in that last frame

  151. e

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    • gagi

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  152. Oren Otter

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  153. Rab B. Itt

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      On the plus side, now it’s even! :D

      • Darkfire

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    • Frank

      Nope, sorry. The longest was when Peanut got “Mushiness rights”; 603 comments

      Now if you mean the most comments since then or except for that one time; then yeah, it is the most comments.

      • CalaverX11



      • CalaverX11

        NOW It’s the LONGEST. COMMENT THREAD. yadda yadda yadda.

    • IceKitsune

      It is the longest Weekday (or non-Friday) comment count however because ‘Just Friends’ was a weekend one.

      • Frank

        Did you actually go back and check the comment counts on all the old ones? Or are you going by my statement that it’s the second-longest?

        • IceKitsune

          I’m really just going by your statement I don’t have the time to go through and check

  155. Yojimaru

    What a Twist! Also, in before someone edits panel one to make the soda can look like a brick and places it behind King for humorous effect.

    • Frank

      Or simply swap King’s text bubble in panel 1 for his text bubble in panel 5

  156. Akai

    Wait, wait, wait, let me get this straight. Tarot is actually a dragon…but would date a dog and has a policy against dating humans? Whaaaaa?

    • AdriGummi

      I thought the same XD

    • Frank

      or she may just have the ability to summon a dragon. We don’t know yet so there is no “straight”

  157. Autumnspice

    Whoa, never saw that coming, but now I gotta wonder, does Sabrina change too? o.o

  158. Solario the Visored

    Well, I figured there had to be other mythics in this universe and I knew Tarot had some strangeness going on, but I didn’t quite put that two and two together! o_O

    Kinda makes me wonder if anything’s up with Sabrina, since she seems to live in the same house as Tarot…

    • e

      yeah your right. maybe sabrina a siren.

  159. Ajax451


  160. TheAlmightyQ

    Awesome plot twist! So cool, I had to make an account.

    Keep up the great work Rick!

  161. K-JAG

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  162. John the Great

    I like how Pete honestly looks worried in the last scene. :3

  163. Jitters

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  164. e

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    • Frank

      Over 500 now! (541 to be exact)

  165. Absolut

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on here… Tarot, based on tarot cards obviously for her divination purposes, is a dragon? Something’s wrong here… You’re mixing Chinese western dragons with eastern Europe tarot cards and she even then has an Egyptian Ankh on her collar? Where the hell is this chick from!?

    • Thoth

      As far as Housepets goes, perhaps they’re all derived from some actual common source (as in: supernatural creatures who definitely exist) rather than being mythological and cultural inventions?

      • Darastrixen

        That, or perhaps Tarot simply has been all over the world and is purposefully mixing pieces of different cultures that stand out to her when putting together her Pomeranian persona.

        • Elwood Blutarsky

          Or you know, she has varied interests like most people. MST3k manta time…and who says she’s not still a Pomeranian who just has the ability to turn into or summon a giant lime green dragon.

  166. sonic id furreh!!!

    naughty, naughty birdie! X3 lol

  167. Majin-Wolf

    Fourth of July such an awesome holiday! It’s America’s independence from the British Empire. It’s the day when Jeff Goldblum saved the world by uploading Windows 95 virus to the alien’s mothership. We finally saw Tarot transform right before our very eyes, plus the look on King’s face and with the fireworks in the background. “Sigh” Good stuff!!!

    • sonic id furreh!!!

      and the “this would be so awesome if i didnt just wet myself” ;)

      • Majin-Wolf

        Me too!! ;)

  168. Jutah

    Aaaaaaaaaand Cerberus Syndrome hits full swing….

  169. Tehman

    I don’t understand…..

    Tarot is a dragon who says she doesn’t date humans…. but she dates dogs?


    • Kytan

      hmm i think there would be much trouble for peanut if he broke up with her…

    • Thoth

      Well, at the moment it’s one of: is a dragon, can act as host for a dragon spirit (with either physical or illusory shapechange), can create a dragon, can create something in the form of a dragon around her, can let a dragon speak through her while providing an appropriate image, can project an illusory dragon, is some other sort of creature with both the dragon and the dog form being disguises, has temporarily traded places with a dragon or has borrowed a dragons body, is acting as the host or focus for some extenal power source that has manifested as a dragon (perhaps one of those “collective power of the council of spirits” things), or…

      The list really goes on and on. At the moment, I’m still inclined towards “Tarot is really a dog” because of the relationship with Peanut, with her wearing a collar (which seems rather beneath the dignity of a major magical being), and from her observed behavior. That all could be a blind, but would really be a good one – and why bother?

  170. Draven Darklight

    First. *far too girly squee of delight for a guy* I so want to hug that dragon, no matter how little I might actually would be able to hug based on size.

    Second, I’d say she’s more a mix of western and eastern. the horns are strait rather than branching like a deer’s. That is part of the traditional eastern dragon. Also she lacks whiskers, but as traditional as that is you can easily say, she’s a girl, so doesn’t have them.

    Third. Dragons need pets too. Sabrina could actually be her pet cat, and it might be mentioned later that they don’t seem to have an actual owner.

    Forth, it’s still hard to say if Tarot is the dragon or not, but one thing for sure is the dragon is speaking throughout the whole of the comic, so Pete might be just recognizing her spirit rather than tarot’s form. The reason is the dragon has light blue speech bubbles with black text, though that suggests Tarot might not be, who has green with black text when doing weird stuff, but is other wise normal white with black letters.

    Fifth, Cerberus syndrome is only if a funny comic drifts into an endless pit of drama, and most likely despair, and the comedy leaves. The giant dragon does sorta swallow the joke, but I found king’s statement in the last panel funny. The rest of this arc, and all the preceding ones have been the same for the most part. The only exceptions I can think of replace humor with heartwarming, or the end of king’s first ark with something I can’t put a word to right now when Pete says “who said anything about turning you back?”

    Finally, Awesome Rick style dragon is awesome.

  171. Hoheh

    Though her being psychic already was a good explanation, I think I know why Tarot knows Pete. Let’s call it a hunch.

    • Mika

      They’re brother and sister!

  172. namelessone

    What does Pete mean by “Your going to ruin everything!”? He doesn’t seem amused or mildly annoyed by King’s disobedience (something that should have been expected by a reality warping magical being) he seems REALLY angry.

    • Thoth

      Perhaps more upset than angry? If we take the theory that Pete’s treatment of Joel is against the rules – and it certainly hasn’t been especially fair or honorable – then the simple fact of Joel/King being out of concealment when Pete knows one or more other magical beings is around might indeed spoil everything – at least for Pete.

  173. 2dogandaDJ

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    Also, unexpected awesome-scene is awesome. I don’t want my above comment to take away from that.

    But how did that big dragon pack itself down into such a tiny dog? Are we talking Megatron, Haku, or just some kind of illusion?

    • Silenvo

      Size doesn’t matter when magic is involved. It defies weight, mass, and possibly
      some other laws that would otherwise argue in variance. Another Answer is the
      dragon could be like a form from another dimension and was taken out of a portal
      and put on like a suit. Really, there is no end the possibilities and ways you could ‘explain’ something like this in an Alternate reality. :)

  175. umean123

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  176. Frank

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      • sonic id furreh!!!

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        • sonic id furreh!!!

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      • psychoJoker36

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    I know, sounds foolish now, but I forgot it while navigating the sea of comments

    • Dr. Prower

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    • Argent Stonecutter

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      Like Gaspode says “bark”. And “woof”. And “Woof bloody woof”.

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  182. kai kuchuki

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    “this would be so awsome if i didnt just wet my self.”
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    • Dr. Prower

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  183. Puddy15


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    Anywho, lets look at what we do know: King, who was human turned into dog (Irony) by Pete, giant griffin with supernatural powers, who might have gotten his power from Tarot, a somewhat innocent looking and cute Pomeranian with psychic powers, who is dating Peanut, who is really in love with Grape, for some deeper, possibly comedic, purpose AND might be a god.

    Wow, this comic is pretty good.

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    Comments: 608/609


  191. Faolan

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    • Kitch

      I think she does have an owner. She’s seen in the same place with Peanut around New Year’s time.

    • CalaverX11

      She lives somewhere, because she’s seen sitting with Sabrina when she’s talking to Peanut telepathically.

  193. e


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    • Thoth

      I’d hope not too; as a human, Joel is just another person with some emotional issues and legal problems. As King, he’s got a unique position and perspective to bring to the pets – and a selection of human background skills to use.

      I’m still hoping for a scene of some emergency where King has to strap extensions to his legs to reach the pedals and drive a car – or has to use whatever-it-was he studied in college. Not only are there lots of possibilities for comedy, but there can be all kinds of embarrassing questions to avoid afterwards.

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