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Ba Da Da Daaaaah!

The Problem With Shared Universes


Now you can wear a Housepets tummy on your shoulders
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MySoti delivers worldwide!  You can almost definitely for sure get it wherever you are.

Thats What Its All About

I Beseech Thee

This Is Not My Beautiful House

Just so you know, this is what my mods and I have been deleting the most recently:
1) Comments about how many comments there are, especially ones that do nothing but mark the current number of comments
2) Comments that are there simply to increase the comment count. The comments section is for COMMENTING, please take [...]

Morning Routine

Never Believe It’s Not So

Slave To Details

And Nothing But

I guess I am going to have to post an explanation comic early lest everyone jump on my back at once
Should be here around noon, Friday’s comic will still be on time

The Truth, The Whole Truth

Okay after promising for a while, I have, unlike 90% of webcomic artists, updated the cast page! Check it out here:
All the portraits have alt text by the way