Its Getting Hot Out Here
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  1. ReCreate

    LOL, king got better that fast?

    • ReCreate

      oh wait, I just noticed the bruise. XD

      • ReCreate

        haha, I’ve never been the first person to comment. XD I didn’t even realize it. XD

        • CY_Law

          In fact, I rarely see you comment here…or was it?

          • ReCreate

            I comment on almost every new strip that comes out. <_<

          • CY_Law

            Hmm nevermind, must be a mistake :\

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Yeh, as predicted he’s got a cartoon sticking plaster X on it.

    • dlazeorus

      Is it just me or was the story “All the Kings men” actually turned into graphics because I know I remembered seeing at and this comic reminded me of it. Little Help Pls?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I think it’s just you.

        • dlazeorus

          Wouldn’t surprise me. I’m just positive I saw a graphic version of that story, weird.

  2. Majin-Wolf

    wOOt!! YAH KING!

    • AdriGummi

      This cute corgi is the best XD

      • Gaboris

        HEY! I never thought aboot what kind of dog King turned out to be, but yeah corgis are the bests. X3

        • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

          Nyaha! Sure R, minya! X3
          Especially corgis who R drunk on orange sodas, nya… “^w^

        • AdriGummi

          In the story “All the King’s men” Rick says that King is a Corgi (a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, I pressume, due to his lack of tail), like you can read in the first sentence:

          The fact is that the two newest dog characters are the only two with a clear breed: Tarot says that she’s a Pomerania, and King, a Corgi.

          • Tom Flapwell

            Today we see that he does have a tail — just a really tiny one.

            Almost seems like a waste to give a human a tail that small.

          • Elwood Blutarsky

            King himself described it as “stubby and not fit for chasing” in “All the King’s Men.”

          • Lupus

            No, Tom. We’ve seen his tail several times before.

          • AdriGummi

            Well Tom, when i said “lack of tail”, I wanted to mean a tiny one…

          • Gaboris

            Yeah I totally missed that part of the story, thx for reminding me Adri. ;)

            Aboot Tarot and King this only shows that our dear author isgettin better at his work. Yaaay. :3

          • AdriGummi

            Indeed, Gaboris ;)

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I thought Fox and Fido were huskies.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Hmm, no, I got Fido mixed up with someone else.

            There’s some identifiable breeds in the K9 unit.

          • AdriGummi

            Certainly Fox looks like a Husky, but nothing in the comic confirm that he’s… but I think also the same, yeah.

          • Lutrinae

            What about Rex? He is clearly a Bulldog isn’t he?

          • AdriGummi

            Certainly he looks like a bulldog.

            So we have:

            King: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
            Tarot: Pomerania
            Fox: Probably a husky
            Rex: Probably a Bulldog

            Anyone more?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Kevin looks like a doberman.
            Ralph is definitely a GSD.

          • AdriGummi

            Oh yes! I almost forgot those two!

          • Dr. Prower

            Sasha’s possibly a German Shepard.

          • Gaboris

            Can’t belive ya guys forgot aboot this, but Rex IS a bulldog and that’s canon(That means it’s official right?).
            It’s clearly said in the second arc: “The Game”
            But don’ know of any other species yet sorry.

          • AdriGummi

            Ups, i didn’t read that… yes, he is clearly a Bulldog.

      • Majin-Wolf

        Now I want a cute little Corgi ^-^ But what name should I give him? o.0

        • Tom


          • Shadow Wolf X7

            bishop sounds cooler ;)

          • tahrey

            Ya, definitely Bishop.

            So long as it’s an Aibo of course.

        • AdriGummi

          King XD

          I want a corgi tooooo! My fursona is a corgi, my nickname in FA is Corgi, I need to own a corgi!!!

          • Dr. Prower

            one day, I will have a dog. And I will name it King. Or Sasha if it’s a girl.

        • Lupus

          Lambert ;3

          • Lupus

            Oh look. My gravatar finally decided to work… o.o

        • Argent Stonecutter


  3. Yokashima

    Orange soda!!

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Man, who makes the orange soda in the HP-verse, Molson Coors? Anheuser-Busch?

      First Keene the ferret gets wasted on one, now King is apparently drunk from it too. Never takes more than a can either, that’s some strong stuff.

      • Yokashima

        Good question. Maybe there was a leak from the nearby brewery’s main line and it spilled into many, many shipments of orange soda!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        It’s the sugar rush.

      • SamBlob

        Diageo PLC.

      • Mukavich

        Yeah, but you’ll also notice that they’re both relatively small animals. The Ferret, being a ferret, and King being a corgi. Don’t smaller people get drunk faster than larger people? I think that the same thing is happening here.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Well, speaking as a ferret, one bottle puts me to sleep. I never get fun and boisterous like that.

  4. psychoJoker36

    Kimg can’t hold his drink that well

  5. Auzzo

    Reasons why you shouldn’t let King drink 10 sets of Orange Soda..

    • Auzzo

      Nevermind, He only had one.

      • Dr. Prower

        And it was one too many.

        • Quiran

          lilly livered, no thats something else

          well for some one is to much….
          hope for his own safety he doesn’t take more

          • Dr. Prower

            lightweight might be the word you’re looking for, Quiran.

  6. IceKitsune

    This is funny but why specifically orange soda? or do pets get drunk off of any soda?

    • IceKitsune

      I just realized King didn’t know that soda gets pets drunk

      • Snowmon

        Five sodas does the equivalent damage to your liver as one can of beer.
        Plus King is tiny with a tiny liver. Plus he’s sustaining an injury.
        Plus sugar is like a drug (even for us humans I should know My brother can’t hold his sugar.).

        • Snowmon

          Come to think of it neither can I…

          • HonorèDerazey

            Oh! You has an avatar!!!! =O

          • Snowmon

            Yeah finally desided to get a Gravatar. This one’s of a couple of my own characters.(In case you were wondering since yours is of your violin and it’s name.)

          • Dr. Prower

            For a second, I thought the girl was strangling whatever that thing is lol

          • FuRrY321

            CanNOT believe it took me until this long to find out what your Gravatar was, Derazey. I think it’s because of the lighting.

          • Lupus

            True. I can’t hold in sugar for long either. Drank waaaay too many stimulants today at the sponsored walk (namely 4 litres of redbull)… I’m still buzzing

          • HonorèDerazey


            Yeah, I took the picture using my computers built in camera which kinda fails.

          • Quiran

            but now we know its a violin.
            but it has some unique look, it looks cool

          • HonorèDerazey

            Here is a video I made a while back giving you a MUCH better look at it:


    • mlawky

      only in the Housepets universe. :P

    • Thoth

      Well Ferrets do, but Miles was unaware of it. Maybe it’s partly delayed effects of the blow to the head?

    • Doomwolf

      It’s a sugar rush that cause it, to animals it put them to go into a intoxicated state instead of giving them the feeling of having energy.

    • Dr. Prower

      I’m going to assume all sodas can cause pets to get soda-drunk, but orange soda s the most popular choice among them.

  7. Darcin

    Good old cartoon bandages. Those things’ll fix anything…except for crazy random drunken stupors. apparently. Or maybe a concussion. I bet it’s a concussion!

  8. Kalvin

    What is in that orange soda everyone is drinking? I want to know what brand it is. :3

    • Auzzo

      Maybe Orange Crush? ;3

      • Furr Mate

        Don’t you mean Orange Smash?? ;)

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Maybe it’s Tang? Formulated for astronauts to get them high.

    • Inu225

      Maybe it’s Fanta. It can be lethal in more ways than one.

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        It sploded, nya! >:3

      • FuRrY321

        O o

        • Lupus

          Er… That IS Fanta… right…?

          • FuRrY321

            Check the link.

            I don’t think that is implying anything other than the video.

    • Dr. Prower


  9. Pokeblue

    Lol, King looks funny in the forth panel.

  10. Dusty

    I’m drunk! Whats your Excuse!

  11. namelessone

    I’d be more worried about the head injury at that point…also I wonder what King might let slip at such an intoxicated time.

    • shdwfox

      King: Woo! I’m drunk, btw Fox did i ever tell you about the time I used to be human and kidnapped you…oh…

    • Lupus

      What are you suggesting? o.o

      • Lupus

        Oh wait… I figured out what you meant :3

    • Thoth

      Unless orange soda simply affects pets that way, if I was Fox, I’d be thinking about an emergency trip to the vet and head x-rays. Fortunately, even if Pete hasn’t made arrangements, the ferrets have set up a pet medical fund.

  12. ReCreate

    King looks oddly short in the last panel.

  13. HonorèDerazey

    I guess the carbonation could possibly get you drunk for a second…

  14. Lupus

    OMJ! He’s nekkid! I thought this webcomic was PG-13! :O

  15. Inu225

    I’ll have what he’s having.

  16. Kamron

    No, He’s Only Had One So Far is pretty much an awesome title.

    • tahrey

      I preferred “(I need) a series of drinks” XD

  17. Furr Mate

    Is King blowing bubbles in the last panel?

    • Noir The Sable

      No, that’s the international comic indicator of being drunk.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        What a fine upstanding ISO standard strip!

        • tahrey

          Just in keeping with Rick’s attention to detail. Whenever someone’s been shopping they’ve come back with a perfectly assembled paper bag of ISO standard groceries.

  18. Lofty

    I wonder if King and Fox will ever hug again? I hope King is careful with his words while intoxicated!

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      Nah, they’ll just think he’s ramblin’ aboot, cuz he’s drunk, nya! ;p

    • J.J.

      I wonder if King will spill the beans about his Human past under the control of Orange Soda!?

      Then Fox will assume amnesia!

      • Dr. Prower

        Considering he’s soda-drunk, I doubt they’ll take him seriously.

      • Lupus

        I’m guessing this will happen, but Fox won’t take it seriously. Then… THE MORNING AFTER :O

        I hope this arc lasts a while. I’m lovin’ it.

  19. oGVDo

    Man i hope this comic never ends.

    • Lupus

      Oh god. I dread the day this webcomic ends. But nothing is infinite. :(

      • thegamist

        I could n`t agree more… I think I`ll set up a funeral…
        r.i.p. housepets

        • Dr. Prower

          Hey, it ain’t over yet!

  20. metaecho

    thats why you dont give concentrated soda to dogs…

  21. Wilford B. Wolf

    It must be the wood alcohol in the orange soda…

    Personally, I’m more concerned about King shaking so hard with such a huge bump on his head.

  22. AlteriorWriter

    I find it funny cause soda is like the forbidden drink of dogs. Every dog I’ve ever met has been scared of the fizz lol

    • Dr. Prower

      lol same here. I guess they don’t like the carbonation.

  23. Noir The Sable

    He is going to have one HECK of a sugar crash…

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      Ah’m actually surprised that he can stand on his hind-legs with tha rush, minya! “^w^

    • Lupus

      I had a sugar crash in the middle of the 1500m once at Sport’s day. I can see why the school doesn’t bother stopping you from eating KGs of kendal mintcake before a race.

  24. The J.A.M.

    What’s with the garden hose in the first panel?

    • Thoth

      The dog food really does make it’s own gravy; whether we could see it or not, he was apparently somewhat gooey.

      • Severedevil

        And King took a nasty spill!

      • Dr. Prower

        oh, now I get it.

  25. rWolf1991

    I want some of that soda!!!

    • Hopper200456


    • thegamist


      • Dr. Prower

        That comment went off the side lol

        • FuRrY321

          A not-quite-so-infinite comment canvas.

          • thegamist


          • thegamist

            not on my pc… the above one does!

  26. johnny3000

    ok seriously what is in those orange pop? they have to be drinking coolers it only makes sense.

  27. Argent Stonecutter

    I’m so glad Rick held off the cartoon amnesia trope.

    • Kamron

      I’m even happier that he acknowledged how stupid that would be.

  28. thegamist

    well… at least he’s not angry when he’s “drunk”

    • Dr. Prower


  29. psychoJoker36

    I give it till Saturday before panel 4 becomes an avvi

    • Lucent Lupe

      I’d make it myself, but I lack the resources at the moment.

      • psychoJoker36

        All you need is Microsoft paint

        • Lucent Lupe

          I don’t have a computer, I’m using a DSi XD

          • Dr. Prower

            I need one of those. Or a PSP. Or a laptop. Pretty much anything that connects to the internet.

          • thegamist

            hey me too, slow connection isn´t it?

          • Lucent Lupe

            It’s as slow as a dead turtle.

    • BlueAnubis

      Saturday? I give it till about 5:00 A.M.

      • Kitch

        You’re closer to correct. xD

        • Kitch

          At least, once Gravatar updates itself. xD

          • Hopper200456

            Im going to report you, you have naked people in yours…
            Just kiddin’.

        • tahrey

          Shoot him from the waist up! THE WAIST UP!!

  30. JB

    That’s humorous. Guess King is not dog enough to handle drinking one orange soda. I like grape soda better. Makes me wonder what is going to happen after when Pete see a drunken pet arriving home.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      If orange soda gets pets drunk, grape soda has to act like electric kool-aid.

      Whoa… colors…

      And, yeh, By Monday or Wednesday we’re likely to get the “morning after” scene.

      Little cloud of black squiggly smoke over King’s head. Cartoon ice-pack. Maybe a wacky concoction hangover remedy followed by a spit-take when Fox mentions it’s one of Bino’s recipes.

  31. Dynaslash

    King is SUCH a lightweight. He needs to drink more, get a tougher liver, more hangovers, ect.

    • Lupus

      He’s like… 6… (in dog years)

  32. Snowmon

    What do you suppose Pete’s going to do when he finds out?

    • namelessone

      I think Pete will do nothing at all, I’ll bet he planned this for…some reason, I would not put it past him

      • Dr. Prower

        He planned for King to get soda-drunk?

        • Snowmon

          No… Maybe… Who knows? Who can predict the mind of a psychopath with power? Perhaps he planed for King’s escape, but either way “what could King do that would disrupt Pete’s plans?” still comes to mind.

          • Dr. Prower

            Maybe Pete didn’t want King to go cause he’d get soda-drunk.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Maybe he was just making up an excuse for putting King in a carrier.

    • thegamist

      I think he`s going to get a second bumb on the head …(history repeats itself) maybe?

  33. Lucent Lupe

    Funny how Señor Stubby Legs’s first drunk thought is for everyone to get naked…

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Funny how he’s gone “native” enough to think of “taking your collar off” as “getting naked”.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I mean, that’s such a change from when he was just transformed…

      • Dr. Prower

        well he is soda-drunk…

      • Sansash

        Well, when he was newly transformed he didn’t fully realize he had been transformed right away. I think because his prison uniform had vanished, he initially felt naked, because he was still thinking like he had a human body, and lack of collar had nothing to do with it, really. He realized after a moment that his dog body isn’t dependent on clothes the way his human body was.

        ( I love my avatar. ;P )

        And yes, he is a bit tipsy right now. Either way yes, he has come a long way to embrace his nakedness the way he’s doing now. ;P

        • Dr. Prower

          would any of the other pets be uncomfortable looking at a collarless pet?

          • Sansash

            I don’t think so, though for humor’s sake in the comic it’s possible ;P Pets (and zoo animals, and wildlife) have been seen collarless before, but they don’t make to cover the groin or anything (excepting for King of course) and nobody around blinks twice about it. The collar covers the neck after all.

            If anybody says anything about King it’s probably “look, King’s acting weird, haha” If anything, maybe they’ll find it uncomfortable that King brought up the subject of (his) nakedness but whatever.

          • Dr. Prower

            hmm…now that I think about it, they’d probably be like “What’s he talking about get naked? We already are naked.”

            Every comment I make feels one comment closer to being b& lol

          • Lucent Lupe

            I wonder if being furless would count as being naked to them.

            Also, what does bampersand mean? (I had to add my retarded speculations to that XD)

          • Argent Stonecutter



          • Lucent Lupe

            I know, I was just being an idiot :P

  34. JesusWasAGamer

    Compare this King with this king:

    It looks like he has gotten shorter.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      He’s just drunk and leaning backward on one leg. Plus he wasn’t that tall to begin with.

      The cited comic was only about the fourth comic after Joel was transformed to become King. It’s possible Rick didn’t totally have his drawing style for the new character down yet, artist evolve their drawing style (Note King’s rounded original collar design that evenually squared up).

    • Lupus

      And if you look at other comics a tall pet is still only about half the size of a human. If anything,I think in panel 3 he looks a little taller than usual.

  35. Elwood Blutarsky

    And this is why he failed his ASPCA background check hehehe

  36. Zoe

    Why is king getting his feet sprayed?

    • thegamist

      Maybe WAS getting sprayed al over his body? since he’s shaking his body in the next frame?

  37. Profesor Rod


  38. Fuzzypaws

    I wonder if he’ll have a hangover! There does tend to be a sugar crash…

  39. goober

    Whoo loves orange soda? KING LOVES ORANGE SODA!

    Seriously, was I really the first one to think Kenan & Kel? XD

    • IceKitsune

      No I did it on the Forums before you. But yeah it was calling for it. XD

      • tahrey

        Me thirdly. It saddens me to see all these people who aren’t getting it :D

        He looouuurrrvvvvvvvvvess his ooorrrrrrange soooooooooooooo-DA!

        • Dr. Prower

          I got it.

    • Dr. Prower

      Kenan and Kel were epic.

  40. Duskyo

    Err… I never had a collar to begin with, so, I guess that means I’m already nekkid :3!

    • thegamist

      dude seriously … my dog never weirs a collar and she doesn’t party, in fact she just barks of EVERY dog that comes within 10 meters… (stupid dog)

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        Maybe she bark of every dawg cuz she’s nakid, nya? “^w^
        Ah mean a would yell 2 if Ah would be nakid and everybudy looks or stares at meh, minya! X3

        • Hopper200456

          True true…

        • thegamist

          … I … never thought of it this way…

      • Dr. Prower

        naked dog!

  41. iHavezMyBirdo

    Har, that’s just cute from my view :3

  42. Residentfriendly

    I’ve seen a few drawings online where dogs got “drunk” drinking soda but is that true in real life?
    I know you shouldn’t give dogs soda but if you do, do they get “drunk”? Or is dogs and soda just an Internet thing

    • Dr. Prower

      idk. I’d like to know.

    • Dr. Prower

      Also is that Bolt in your avv?

      • Residentfriendly

        lol yeah it is xD

        I titled it “Cartoonified Bolt”

        • Dr. Prower

          nice ^^

  43. Kitch

    What is it with dogs and orange soda?!

    I also have a bad feeling this will not end well. Like he’ll end up sleeping with Sasha (only implied, of course), which will get her in trouble with her owner, and him in trouble with Bino, Pete, and possibly several others.

    • Dr. Prower

      Or at the very least embarrass himself so bad that he doesn’t want to leave the house.

  44. Wolfie Inu

    Heh … looks like he can’t hold his soda … and judging by his attitude in panel 3, he was used to stronger stuff back in the day …

    How the mighty have fallen XD

    • Dr. Prower

      Judging by panel 3, he had no idea soda = alcohol to pets.

  45. e

    why do i have a feeling that somethings are going to be said form king?

  46. AdriGummi

    Hahahahaha! the power of orange soda and suggestion! XDDD King, you’re the BEST!

  47. AdriGummi

    Silly joke… the last panel is PG-rated? XD

    • e

      maybe, because to pet soda is beer to them.

    • Kamron

      No visible genitalia, mammary glands, or graphic gore; we’re just seeing a dog stand on two legs and yell something about clothes.

      • AdriGummi

        Errr… it was just a silly joke, because King says that he’s naked ;) I know that is really completely g-rated *chuckles*

        • Kamron

          My comment was also a silly joke.

          Ah ah!

        • Kitch

          Remember: pets seem to feel naked without their collars. What surprises me is that King realized this concept so quickly.

          • AdriGummi

            Usually in all cartoons and comics, a dog looks much more naked when takes off the collar XD

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Yep, like I said, he’s going native.

          • Dr. Prower

            I like it lol

      • J.J.

        I think by removing the collar… he’s naked.

        Besides, fur hides their modesty :-)

        • AdriGummi

          Same reply than just above this comment:

          Usually in all cartoons and comics, a dog looks much more naked when takes off the collar XD

  48. e

    somethings that should kept to himself

  49. Salenstormwing

    Yay! Orange Soda! I hope the ferrets are invited to the Orange Soda party with the Good Ol’ Dog’s group!

  50. Gaboris

    Whoops, I forgot it’s friday… XP
    Cute one, still don’ get how does orange soda do that to dogs, but it must bi like that in the HP universe right? X3
    My personal fave is the second panel when King acts as a dog all by himself is just funny. BTW what book again?

    • Hopper200456

      I think all Kings men..

      • Gaboris

        Oh that may be, thx Hopper. :D

        • Hopper200456


  51. Dr. Prower

    Looks like someone can’t hold his soda XD

    Seriously, how does orange soda give the same effect as alcohol?

    • Captain50

      Alcohol is actually ethanol which IS a poison to humans so the carbonic acid in orange soda(and natural citric acid) cold have the same damaging effect as alcohol to a human resulting in a “drunk” animal.

    • J.J.

      The soda’s been sitting warm for months and the sugar fermented in the can… hence… Doggie BOOZE!

      • Lupus

        I remember once at school when a carton of apple juice somehow fermented or something. It tasted EXACTLY like cider. :P

        • Quiran

          thats how they make cider

  52. Tigergulp

    Pssht. Light weight XP

  53. Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

    WOOT! Ah lub parties, minya! X3
    Especially when Ah can get likkered up, nya! OwO *Stares at Cola*


  54. Mika

    I think he’s gonna have quite a bit of explaining to do to Pete tomorrow…if he doesn’t already know…

  55. Dr. Prower

    Remember; I created the phrase “soda-drunk”

  56. FuRrY321

    I think the title was an intentional reference to this song:

    • Dr. Prower

      I love that song!

      “It’s getting hot in here
      so take off all your collars!”

      lol remix

      • FuRrY321

        For some reason, every time I think of that song I now think of “What is Love”.

        I think those two should be remixed together.
        Who’s with me?

        • Dr. Prower

          lol wut?

        • Kamron

          Go for it. This will be the amazing jumpstart to your producing career.

          • FuRrY321

            Well, you know, I never said I’d remix it.

            I just think somebody who has talent with that sort of thing (not me) should do it :P

  57. Enty

    Hehe… xD

  58. Kitsunefan

    Cant decide which is cuter drunk king or shaking himself off king

    • Lupus

      Both. At the same time.

      • Dr. Prower

        Wet fur contest! LOL

        I forget where I first heard that…

        • Hopper200456

          From a different strip.
          Alt text, with the barn cats.

          • Dr. Prower

            Oh yeah, that’s where.

  59. J.J.

    Ah… King?… You’re ALL naked!

    Well, I mean you’re all naked when you take off your collars…

    Well, I mean you could be thought of as naked, but then you have fur….

    .. er… Heck, just give me that Orange Soda. Let’s all get drunk and naked!

    • Dr. Prower


      • FuRrY321

        Wort woot wit! (Go for it!)

  60. John the Great

    LOVE this comic. King is possibly my favorite next to Peanut. :)

  61. gatherer818

    how do we know he hasn’t forgotten being human? Or worse, while he’s drunk, he might not remember being a dog :P

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      “Dude, I can’t see red, why can’t I see red? And when then my nose get so long and wet…and didn’t I kidnap you once husky who’s name I forget?”

      Actually I can’t see that happening in this strip, but whatever Rick uses will probably be MUCH funnier anyway.

      • Dr. Prower

        “Yes, yes, you kidnapped me, King, now go to sleep.”

  62. Ian

    King’s gonna get a baaad hangover. :|

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Pete’s going to give him a really nasty hangover cure.

      • Manic

        Ouch, I felt that one through the screen!

  63. Dynamatic

    Who love’s Orange Soda?
    King loves Orange Soda!
    Is It True?
    i do i do i do i do-oOo!

  64. Ace

    Sugar rush. Wow.

    • Hopper200456


      • Dr. Prower

        I think I had one of those before.

    • thegamist

      so that`s the reason why I go crazy when I drink a soda
      …THE SUGAR…

  65. FerreTrip

    And thus a running gag is established.

    • CassidyAndBotch

      Not if I’m faster! *dashes away*

    • FuRrY321

      1/0 anyone?

  66. Dr. Prower

    Yay drunk animals!

  67. falcon01

    hehe! Go King!

  68. Dr. Prower

    I saw drunk-King and was like “Hey I should go make that an avatar!” Then I went to make a comment and was like “Oh never mind…”

    • AdriGummi

      Two of us were faster *chuckles*

    • thegamist

      that`s why I took Tiger`s awsome face
      I think he`s funny AND sad at the same time…

    • Quiran

      there are more frames you can use for an avatar, frame one perhaps

      • thegamist

        na this one`s fine

      • thegamist

        woops didn`t look … sorry :-(

        • Quiran

          that tends to happen sometimes

  69. Zekermeme


    …heh. That’s a funny word. Sur-real. Heh heh heh.

  70. e

    king in a hangover : what happened to me last night. who’s Daisy?
    king: hello
    Daisy: hi i’m daisy

  71. Nia

    Oh hey! Maybe we’ll get lucky and King will end up on a sort of wierd adventure like in the Hangover movie!

    • e

      that’s my quote, and if any super star wants it they will have to pay me nine millin dollars.

    • thegamist

      hmmm maybe he`ll lose fox on the roof and get “married” with sasha (OR DAISY)… phrk… lol

      • Dr. Prower

        XD LOL

    • thegamist

      but still in the end … I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THOSE PICTURES (but i have to)

      • FuRrY321


        • Dr. Prower

          Where are the pictures?

          • FuRrY321

            I Gotta Feeling…

            That I’m Not Going to Tell You-ou…

          • Dr. Prower

            TELL ME OR ELSE!

            Or at the very least give me a soda.

          • FuRrY321

            Sodas are for winners. To become a winner, you must become a King. But soda is bad for Kings, because they cannot rule properly on sugar highs.

            So no soda for you.

          • thegamist

            … I … found … the … cam * longer awkward silence than usual*

        • thegamist

          true (I hate to admit it but true)

  72. Authur

    So do dogs seriously get drunk off soda in real life? ‘Cause I know it doesn’t take very much beer for them to get plastered.

    • Musimba

      My brother’s German Shepherd can open an ice chest and open a twist top. He does seem to prefer bottles of water or orange soda but I don’t think he ever got drunk off them.

      • FuRrY321

        You can only get drunk off of alcohol. King is not “drunk”, per se; he’s on a “sugar high”.

  73. Quiran

    well he had a nice bump before drinking, just continue king, drink, drink..
    wonders what stupid things king is going to say.

  74. Mika

    “sit back and watch the dogs get drunk as h***,
    so i can wake up in the morning with a story to tell….”
    well…he sure is the life of the party… XD

  75. e

    let’s hope he wakes up at home.

  76. thegamist

    ya know it`d so nice if there were spoken versions of these comics on youtube
    because this would be the best part were someone has to play drunk King… this would sound funny

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      They don’t do it on YouTube but some guys on the forum apparently do record the comics for somewhere on the internet as the Housepets radio show.

      • thegamist

        thanks a lot… you really helped me out there :-)

      • thegamist

        um sorry to ask can you find it on the internet or are they still discussing the voices?…

        • Dr. Prower

          they’re still getting the team together, it might be a while before any of the strips are attempted.

          • FuRrY321

            I know one of my other favourite comics, TwoKinds, has people on the forums making a completely animated series based on the comic. I auditioned for a voice acting role, but I didn’t make the cut (somebody did vote for me, however).

          • thegamist

            any success? finding voices? (I mean I`d like to help IF I had better audio equipment for recording voices + vista is to slow for this) I hope you find voices :-) good luck you have my support

          • FuRrY321

            *blegh* Vista. My computer came with Basic. But that’s too basic. So then I upgraded to Premium. Waste of money that slowed down my computer even more. Then I switched to Windows 7 (no money wasted there… but not because it’s a great product :P ). Now my computer runs .5% faster. Woohoo.

            *rolls eyes*

            Then I tried out Ubuntu, as I’ve used it before. Same great experience, minus support for my sound card. Installed the K Desktop Environment on top of it (aka Kubuntu) and now my computer is like a summer breeze – warm*, but quick. (*This is in no way related to operating system(s). Having an older laptop will do that to ya.)

          • thegamist

            … ****

  77. Zeekthelion

    The best duo Ive seen. XD

  78. Hoheh

    This is just like a certain ferret… Maybe this is a sign.

    • FuRrY321

      King has multiple personality disorder, and he and the ferret are one in the same??? O.O

      Which means….

      King is rich?! \O.O/

      • Hoheh

        I like how you think!

      • e

        IT. IS. BRILLANT!

  79. sonic id furreh!!!

    woooo!!! *rave* lets do this!!

  80. Wolfspawn

    lightheaded little cutie :)

  81. amaterasu13

    Just curious, do all animals get drunk from orange soda?

    • e

      yes, but the small ones get drunk faster.

    • Musimba

      My brother’s German Shepherd opens bottle of water and orange soda but never seemed to get drunk. Though it is kind of difficult to tell with his personality.

  82. sonic id furreh!!!

    AAAARRRGGGG!!! y cant i comment on my computer!?!

  83. e

    king: if king doesn’t his soda he gets uhhhh……………
    fox: mad?
    king: don’t mind if i do!

  84. sonic id furreh!!!

    WOOOT i figured out my computer

    • FuRrY321

      Nice avvie, you make it yourself?

      I’d make a better one, if I could convince myself to log onto my Windows partition (I can’t use The GIMP as efficiently as Photoshop).

  85. sonic id furreh!!!

    no sadly I didn’t I just went on google and typed in furry paws

  86. sonic id furreh!!!

    but i can draw just cant get it on mah dang computer

  87. Kamron

    I just found out about the “Grabbin’ Pills” meme.

    That would apply far too well with King and orange soda. :\