Deliberations Over Ice Cream
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  1. psychoJoker36

    Pete, you’re mean

    • AflacMan13

      If I were King I would bite his Juevos off.

      • Dr. Prower

        If that’s what I think it is, I wouldn’t bite it lol.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          It’s spelled “huevos”, it means “eggs”. I think the context makes things clear…

          • AflacMan13

            Sorry I am Caucasian not Hispanic or Latino and I failed Spanish class because I moved states middle year. My bad on the typo.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        morderse la lengua

      • AdriGummi

        It’s nothing wrong about saying wrong a word. I mean, I’ve been corrected in English douzens of times and sometimes is quite umpleasant. We’re humans and we have mistakes.

        In the other hand, for you reply to Argent Stonecutter, the etnicity doesn’t have direct relation with the language… not all the people who speak Spanish are hispanic or latino. People from Spain (Europe), like me, are usually caucasian and speak Spanish, and I know Latin American descendant people who only speak English.

    • AflacMan13

      I am just waiting for the inevitable fight scene between King and Giant Griffin Pete where King’s true identity is revealed to everyone and he has to decide between staying a Pet or becoming Human again.

    • Dr. Prower

      And now this section of comments forms a pyramid ^^ Enjoy while it lasts.

    • AflacMan13

      And I am at the tip. HA!

  2. Sleet

    Aww, ice cream Rick.

  3. DarkHeartsAndSuch

    Bad Pete! Bad!

  4. ctcmjh


    • Loki Impisi


      • Sleet

        Your KIDNEYS? Ugh. Go outside to do that.

        • Ada

          Cute = sugar = diabetes = kidney failure.

          • Dayntei

            Kidney Failure = Everyone’s laughter

          • Dr. Prower

            that’s not funny…

          • Shadow Wolf X7

            It’s all fun and games until someone get’s their kidney stolen…

    • Dr. Prower

      Panel 3 King is adorable!

      • Sansash

        I prefer panel four face: crackle and pop. …Oh, and SNAP

        Also, the expressiveness of the ears on that Corgi knows no limits.

    • Sind

      I could die happy any moment now!

    • petitcake

      I concur! <333

  5. Silverpaws


  6. IceKitsune

    Darn it Pete you jerk.

  7. rWolf1991

    Wow Pete you’re Mean!!!

    • psychoJoker36

      I made that statement first, Wolf. Get a new one

      • rWolf1991

        Umm… Idk what to say!!

        • psychoJoker36

          Which means you have failed. Go cry in a corner for thirty seconds.

          All in good fun though ^-^

        • Mr.Zero

          Pete mean you’re wow?

          • Naylorfan90

            XD That is awesome. You know this to be true.

          • petitcake

            …I concur this also. :D

    • Ada

      Wolf, your new avatar looks like he’s singing into the popsicle. XD

      • kingisawsome

        The Phaaaaaaantom of the opera is therrrrrrre inside your miiiiiind.

        • janice239

          Phantom of the opera reference ftw

      • Dr. Prower

        He’s trying out for American Idol XD

  8. Teh Brawler


    • EchoFireant

      OH SNAP XD

    • Buckdida

      It ain’t pika icecreams! It’s something FAR CUTER

      • Dr. Prower


  9. Atheren

    love the look on kings face, well done Rick

    • FuRrY321

      LOL, nice avvie! XD

  10. KzT

    Wow Pete is pushing some serious limits there.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Given what usually happens when the Good Ol’ Dogs Club throws an event that might actually be justified For instance, they CAUSALLY burned down a building…during an Easter Egg Hunt…and eat most of the eggs anyway negating the point of a competitive hunt!

      • Firewing

        How could we forget THAT?

      • Dr. Prower

        I never did find the egg in panel 3.

        • Hopper200456

          Bino ate it. >.>

          • werekitty13

            That’s panel 4, panel 3 is third cinder to the left :)

  11. lightwolf21

    So that’s where pets keep their wallets.

    • Hopper200456

      We knew this!!!

  12. BlueAnubis

    Hmm at least 3 new avvys available. who will be the first to claim one?

    Wow! The prices for the ice cream are so low! It once cost me six bucks for an ice cream like King has.

    Does anyone else think King’s ice cream looks kind of like a Lombax?

    • psychoJoker36

      Either a Lombax, a Pikachu, or Rick’s avvi with red eyes

      • rWolf1991

        but pikachus have black ears.

        • psychoJoker36

          It’s a novelty ice-cream, man. You think they’re gonna get that detailed?

          • rWolf1991

            Well they should!!
            But I think youre right about ricks avi cause the other one they show on the truck look like a ferret or furret!

    • Atheren

      Now that i look? Yes, it kinda does.

      • psychoJoker36

        Your avvi = LOL

        • atheren

          with paint you can make funny things even funnier!

          • psychoJoker36

            Yes. Yes you can

          • Hopper200456

            I did!
            Simple paint trick. X3

    • DarkHeartsAndSuch

      I call the ice cream!!

      • rWolf1991

        Wow I think this was the first time gravatar worked the right way! :)

        • DarkHeartsAndSuch

          Yeah, but so far I’ve only seen you and me change…

          • rWolf1991

            True but everytime I try to change it doesn’t work right!

          • PyreCanine

            If it doesn’t update try choosing the avatar and refreshing the selection page ’till it changes. :p

          • FuRrY321

            Or clear your cache, refresh, and if it still doesn’t change, post a comment. Mine didn’t change for me until a new comment was posted.

          • FuRrY321

            For example, my new avvie (I call him Red-Eye Steve) wouldn’t appear until I posted this comment :P

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Hold down teh shift key when you hit the reload button.

    • raidergreymoon

      I think It’s a moglin. From Adventure Quest.

      • Hopper200456

        I wuv that game ;3

        • humanpersonguy

          Meeee toooooo… but my character suuuuuxxxx

          I have like 55 unspent attribut points because I don’t have enough gold to spend them on attributes! :( Trainin’ be expensive.

    • Frank

      I’m astonished nobody has adjudicated themselves an avatar armed with that adorable smile in panel 3 (now with 300% more A’s :P )

  13. Icharus

    A Rikitakawi- shaped ice cream? I’d buy that!

  14. matt

    Rememebr that “king” started as a meany too….he isnt a dog, he is a mean ol’ PETA human!
    But…he is cute now

    • Teh Brawler

      and cute obviously balances out mean :P

      • psychoJoker36

        Well, only in cases like this, where he traded the mean for the cuteness. Not so much in the ones where they’re mean just cuz they’re cute. Those people are dispicable

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Joel isn’t mean, he’s messed up. Pete’s *keeping him messed up*. Which is messed up.

      • Dr. Prower


      • Hopper200456

        Messed up man.

  15. Draco_2k

    Bite him, King. You’re a dog.

    • Teh Brawler

      Small Corgi vs. magical Gryphon.


      • FuRrY321

        Small Corgi VS Magical Gryphon (temporarily) in a human body.

        I’d say he has more of a chance than you’d think.

        • Foxstar

          Pete can change forms at will and has shown control over King’s mind. So no, no chance.

          • Thoth

            Who knows? At this point it’s still possible that some simple impulsive act of rebellion could banish Pete to some weird interdimensional void.

            It doesn’t seem likely, but there really isn’t enough information on Pete to determine what limitations apply to him.

  16. Rambuctorium

    I like King’s face, he’s like WTQ

    • FuRrY321

      What the Q…?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        You’re not old enough to know about the Q.

        • Firewing

          Quite. He is not.

        • Dr. Prower

          I know plenty about the Q!

        • FuRrY321

          Eh? Not old enough?

          What the queef/quack/[otherrandomwordbeginningwithq]??

          • Dr. Prower

            $5 says FuRrY’s comment is gone by tomorrow lol

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Oh yeh, post that after I go to bed, you’d have been SO covered if I’d seen it last night.

          • PuDDY15

            Alright, Prower, where’s my five dollars?

            You didn’t specify exactly WHO that bet was going to, so I’m demanding you give me that money – with interest! :P

          • FuRrY321


            Whoops, that hasn’t happened in a LONG time…

          • Hopper200456

            I know that avie!
            AWKWARD ZOMBIE!

  17. PyreCanine

    Fox in panel 1 and King in panel 3 makes me squeeee! :3

  18. psychoJoker36

    Did anyone care to notice Fox just pulled a wallet out of his bandana/scarf?

    • PyreCanine

      Peanut did the same before. I call magic.

    • Chip Uni

      Well, he doesn’t have other pockets…

    • rWolf1991

      Ya where do you expect him to put it?

    • knux

      Oh that’s a wallet. I almost thought he bought a fudgesicle for later XD

      • rWolf1991

        Or to keep him cold!

    • Buckdida

      He’s got a collar under the bandanna. It’s just that the bandanna is covering it. Uh…where’s that one comic…


    • J.J.

      Well why not? Maybe Fox has a pocket was sewed into the bandanna?

  19. Chip Uni

    Is this the first time we’ve seen King smile?

    He should do it more often!

  20. Valerio

    King + Ice cream = TOTAL WIN!

    • Ada

      For a second I thought he was eating corgi ice cream. XD

      • Dr. Prower

        Corgi eating Corgi Ice Cream = EPIC SUCCESS!
        (as opposed to epic fail)

  21. metaecho

    wow at first I thought fox was stashing some chocolate Icecream in his bandana for later…

    • Dr. Prower

      lol me too!

  22. Pokeblue

    Nothing will get in his way…, except for Pete saying ‘no’.

    Pete is mean. And…is that a wallet?

  23. ReCreate

    pete is so considerate and nice

    • Dr. Prower

      Yeah, you can tell he loves a good party.

  24. Darcin

    One has to wonder what Pete does in his spare time.

    Personally, I think he spends his time watching a plethora of movies to make up for lost time.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      1. In his spare time Pete thinks up ways to mess with people.
      2. Spare time? What spare time? Being this much of a jerk is a full-time job!

    • RockstarRaccoon

      I think Pete’s “job” is that he’s trying to being about “the end”, as Tarot said. Pete seems to be the sort of evil-supervillian who is slowly accumulating his power behind the scenes before he unleashes his ultimate plan.

  25. rWolf1991

    Everytime king smiles the king fans go crazy!!

    • Dr. Prower

      Yep ^^

  26. Arbajor

    Killjoy…why did he even ask Pete? Why didn’t he you know just leave at the time of said party/BBQ/cookout? I presume this or something similar will happen anyway.

    • Rick Griffin

      How do you know King even said anything?

      • Gaboris

        True freakin Pete knows everythin, but realy why can’t he let King have at least SOME joy in life? XP

        • psychoJoker36

          Because that is Pete’s goal: To remove all hopes of hope in King/Joel’s life

          • Gaboris

            Kay true, but how could he learn to be a better person like this? … OOOooor… it could be to show King how bad of a life can some gods have cuz of their owners… Like poor lil Sasha, so it may be a referenc for the future. :3

          • Argent Stonecutter

            … some gods … ?

          • MrMutt

            Didn’t you know? Dogs are gods.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            All Hail Coyote!

          • Gaboris

            Kay-kay I had a laugh there now sush! XD

  27. rtlstien

    Once again Pete shaters King’s hopes…
    However the face King makes in the last panel is very hilarious!

  28. Thoth

    Ah well. Who knows? If Joel / King starts to have fun as a dog – or even actually comes to enjoy being a dog – THEN it’s obviously time to change him back. That way he can lose any new friends he has AND go back to court with an escape charge to add to petnapping.

    • atheren

      I know pete may be mean, but lets all hope he is not THAT mean,,,

      • Gaboris

        Yeah and that would ruin all the work with Kingso far… and it would be sad. XP

      • Dr. Prower

        It’s official. I hate Pete with every fiber of my being.

        • Gaboris

          We all do bro, we all do. :)

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Yew rotten basket, that sounds depressingly likely.

  29. falcon01


  30. Alex-chan

    And here is where Pete learns why a corgi was a very very bad choice to turn King into…

    Corgi’s bite… They bite ankles. HARD.

    Sic ‘im boy >:)


    Ga Ha I think I know what that Ice Cream is It’s…….It’s…… hold on………………………….. O here it is Its a Moglin. I think…. ya know from Adventure Quest

  32. Fuzzypaws

    One has to wonder what else Pete does with his time as a human besides being a jerk to King!

    • Icharus

      He’s a telemarketer of course.

  33. Gaboris

    I TOTALY forgot aboot Pete when makin my ideas yeasterday… course he would have just made the list way longer so let’s forget it. XP
    I don’ know if King realy wants to he could just go no matter what… but who knows if it’s a good idea even thinking about going against Pete. I sure hope this’ll turn out good for poor King and he can go in the end. :)
    BTW did YOU guys ever try to put your wallet in your bandama? I’m sure it would fit and would never fall out. XD

  34. Lax

    Birdface deserves a beating for that one…

    • Zyhperit

      I have to admit I almost forgot about the jerk for a while there, with Kings hanging out with frienda and all.

      • Zyhperit

        King’s hanging out with friends* sorry it’s dark in my room =p

  35. Manic

    Well that foreteller did warn everyone how evil Pete was. The fact she even knew she existed means she was probably right about everything else too.

  36. Manic

    Knew he existed… -_-

  37. thewhitedragon

    fox keeps his wallet in his bandana? wow…

  38. J.J.

    Pete.. you’re a douse. Bite him King! Big him hard!

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Pete is still in charge of King, I’m pretty sure if King tried to attack him he would only succeed in making things MUCH worse for himself. Pete can warp reality while King can’t even say his real name anymore, the corgi wouldn’t stand a chance.

  39. Gamerkitty

    am i the only one who remembers that King and Pete are bad people? Everyone wanted king’s head when he was human…and tarot tried very hard for Pete NOT to get released. these two should be feared for whatever reason. because PETA is weird and i would trust Tarot well before i would trust Pete.

    • Nohbody

      While I wouldn’t call Joel/King a saint or anything like that, I think he wasn’t “evil” so much as having some childhood issues that skewed his thinking, and got compounded by ignorance of what the Housepets-verse PETA does.

      I won’t defend Pete, though. He definitely isn’t on the side of angels, so to speak, and I for one wouldn’t trust him further than I could throw Joel’s jail cell (or, heck, as far as I could pick it up :P ).

      • Gamerkitty

        exactly, so no matter how well you dress a wolf up like a sheep…its still a wolf. While even though Joel is now a dog…its his punishment that he must bare, and nothing about punishments are supposed to be fun. I’m just waiting till Pete makes his move, will Joel change his ways…most certain, Has he done it yet? not by a long shot.

    • Thoth

      With no real information on Pete’s motives it’s hard to say if he’s bad or not – and Joel/King seems to be seriously conflicted, easily led, and thoughtless rather than being a bad person.

  40. Inu225

    A sweet treat that ends sour by Pete.
    Now that’s what I call “Bittersweet”.

    • WolvenPaw15

      Did you seriously make a Bittersweet Candy Bowl refferance O.o

  41. Inu225

    Honestly I don’t know what’s more colder.
    Pete or those Ice cream bars.

  42. raidergreymoon

    Hey I cant remember but I noticed in the first panel he has what look like dog tags under his scarf. Did these show up earlier? Or is this the first time they have appeared?

    • Bubzgonzola

      He’s actually had the dog tags since the beginning, even before the bandana.

      • raidergreymoon

        …….. Dang. well there goes tons of conspiracy theory’s right out the door.

    • Hopper200456

      He has DOGtags!

  43. Bubzgonzola

    There’s a difference between teaching a lesson and being cruel
    Aahhhh Peeeeeeete whyyy

  44. AdriGummi

    Pete, you’re being cruel! >_< Poor little cute King… For one time he wanted to go…

    • Dr. Prower

      I think Pete hates King just as much as King hates him.

      • AdriGummi

        I thought that Pete only wanted to teach him a lesson… but in any moment I thought he hates him… but this strip makes me doubt if you’re right. Maybe Pete has a reason… we’ll see in the next strip!

  45. Darkfire

    Lol! I just noticed! “Pete” Griffin! Family Guy reference ftw!

    • FuRrY321

      You’re late.

      Go stand over there in the corner and cry for 45 seconds (30 is too little, Psycho).

    • Dr. Prower

      And if you complain, he’ll make it a full minute.

  46. Profesor Rod


    • Hopper200456

      Okay dude.
      Not cool.

  47. Ace

    Who is crueler, Pete or Rick?

    • Dr. Prower


  48. friendly fur

    Wolf seems to hide his wallet fairly good. And just had to point out the mood ears!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Wolf? Fox.

      • FuRrY321

        Fox? McCloud.

        SN64NBASMG! (StupidN64GameNotBeingAbletoSaveMyGame!)

        • Hopper200456

          Starfox FTW!

  49. Argent Stonecutter

    I bet the raccoon ice-cream is nummy.

    • Dr. Prower

      If you look closely, the ice cream King picked is shown right behind the speech bubble that reads “Except for Bino.”

  50. CassidyAndBotch

    Hey, Pete, too bad you didn’t get to be the big star in this comic.
    Instead we only got a peekatyou!

  51. Valerio

    Fox in panel 3: EPIC

  52. Dr. Prower

    Seriously, Pete? Why do you like ruining King’s life?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Why not? They guy may have enough magical power to wipe out the human race but instead just uses it to screw with one single person who wasn’t all that great to begin with. No more PETA lackey guy threatening your pets and life goes on as normal without an Armageddon-level event. Seems like a win-win to me.

  53. Dr. Prower

    Okay, I see. This isn’t an arc about King getting a girlfriend. It’s an arc about King’s life being miserable because of Pete.

    • Hopper200456

      A girlfriend would still be awesome.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I could see a few ways that could lead to his life being more miserable than Pete’s making it.

  54. Deruty

    Who knew he could fit a wallet in there. Also poor King :( he was all psyched up too

  55. sepht

    teehee pink lolipop

  56. Naylorfan90

    King’s face in panel 3 is soooo cuuuuute! Kawaii! X3

  57. Squival

    I either forgot or was unaware that King had an owner.
    Poor guy, at least he’s got Fox as a m8 :)

    • Dr. Prower

      I’m going to assume you mean ‘mate’ as in Australian slang for friend.

      • Captain Ob

        I don’t know, he might not have.

        We should jump down his throat, just in case.

  58. Argent Stonecutter

    Speaking of props, doesn’t Grape still have that mystery feather?

    • Hopper200456


  59. kingisawsome

    LOL theres an ice-cream truck that comes to my neighborhood every wednesday

  60. Fionntan

    *puts on monocle* If we were to entertain the theory that Pete has a noble motive for this action, then we could surmise that he’s simply attempting some basic reverse psychology. He’s telling King he can’t go so that King will get frustrated and realize that he really does want to buddy up with the other dogs. Pack animals, and all.

    *sips tea*

    • ctcmjh

      *Puts on monocle and tophat*
      Indeed. King will most likely sneak out of the house to go to the party.
      *sips tea*
      *Spit take*
      You call this tea?! It’s not tea, it’s crap!
      *Throws tea at Pete*

    • Naylorfan90

      *puts on tophat and duel-wields monocles*

      I say, our dear chap King seems quite aggravated about not getting to go to the party. I hope your hypothesis is correct.

      *sips tea, then remembers he doesn’t like tea and spits it out*

      • Alahmnat

        Aren’t dual-wielded monocles called “glasses”? ;)

  61. kingisawsome

    when i read what pete says i hear this british accent in my head

  62. Misharu

    aww, disappoint King is disappoint

  63. ctcmjh

    I told you that Pete was mean. Well, I told people on the forums. And it wasn’t just me, half of the people there told you all too. And Tarot told you in the comic. Well, who cares who told you, you have proof now! Pete is a big-mean-stinky-stupid-ugly-butthead!

    • Dr. Prower

      Such wise words of wisdom. Hear this man speak, listen to him, and accept that Pete is to be hated.

  64. FlareKitsune

    OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO /heavy weapons guy

    I would use the OH NOOOO button from the Instant Heavy, but it’s giving me a forced redirect. So text for you.

  65. Stryde

    Someone tell me, what breed of dog is King? I’ve been trying to figure it out since the start. D: Is he like… a slightly large chihuahua, or what?

  66. Dante

    But, but, but PEEE-EEEEEETE!

    • psychoJoker36

      Lol. That would be an awesome ALT alt text

  67. Ghostbear2k

    Oh god.. could King go any more “WTF?” like in the last panel?
    Aww, poor guy o.o

  68. Argent Stonecutter

    What’s the policy on these things in the Housepets world?

    • Frank

      In Karl’s world, animals talk but not much else. When you add reading and feather fingers to that, I doubt such a thing would even exist, since for it to work it needs to be able to go unnoticed

  69. wingedwolfgirl

    Problem solved!
    He doesn’t have to go, and now he has an excuse not to.

  70. wolflahti

    He *is* anxious*.

    He would be eager.

  71. Enty

    Ouch, go Pete XD (please don’t kill me)

  72. Cathalhare

    i bet the party comes to him…


  73. HonorèDerazey

    Lol, love King’s face in the 4th panel.

    King is taking it a lot better than this kid is:

  74. helvetica

    What if your gaurdian over your account of money wont let you have your money?

  75. midnight-fox

    so its true…he realy IS a jerk

  76. Kitsunefan

    Time for Kentucky Fried Griffin

  77. Typhon

    Pete, you jerk. Not even your awesome cool mustache can save your plummet from coolness right there.

  78. PuDDY15

    i wonder if the “your not going” guy knows that King makes pretty funny expressions.

    • Hopper200456

      I still love your avie!

  79. PuDDY15

    king- they said i can’t go.

    Fox- then we’re gonna have to do something so horrifying that they’ll have to say yes.

    King- or we can just sneak out.

    Fox- ……..!

  80. Ian

    The first time I saw this, I thought he was putting a chocolate bar in his scarf on the 1st Panel. xD

  81. Robert

    King is one of my favorite characters. After he became a dog that is.
    Watching him going through it all is just so interesting.

    Can’t wait for the next update

  82. Phonti

    I don’t think so…they’re just best friends; or more specifically, Fox is King’s ONLY friend.

  83. The J.A.M.

    (Signing in after reading the archives 3 times and laughing on each time; though after this last strip I HAVE to comment the following:)

    You know, if Pete isn’t careful, King/Joel is going to reach a point, and a reckoning, where he will eventually have nothing to lose. And all of his pent up aggression and resentment is going to explode, and if he dishes it out on Pete, or anyone else for that matter, it’s going to get ugly.

    • ReCreate

      What are you implying?

    • RockstarRaccoon

      I think that’s why he made him so small. King is now so harmless to Pete, he’s just a form of amusement. Pete seems to be a self-righteous jerk with WAY too much power. Torturing King (formerly Joel, remember) is just a way for him to get off with justification.
      It’s also a cartoon, so, “Rule of funny”.

  84. Dr. Prower

    I’m gonna stop replying to comments like this….

  85. humanpersonguy

    So Fox keeps a wallet in his bandana? I don’t know if that’s brilliant or just odd.

    I’m going with brilliant.

  86. JB

    So much for that promise. Here is a suggestion, maybe they can have the cookout at King’s house. >:3 Btw, has anyone thinks that King should at least ask Pete one time if he could invite some the neighborhood pets for the night over?

    • Hopper200456

      That would be awesome!

  87. S3NG

    Well I’ve just caught up, from the start. Took a couple hours but it was worth it. Now I’ll have to keep my eye on this series too.

  88. Timril

    Looks like my comment was deleted :’( Sorry if i wrote something that didnt please the artist of this great comic.

  89. Wolfspawn

    DANG! :P

  90. Nohbody

    Reading back to find something a bit more concrete to contribute than “Pete is a big old poopyhead”, I looked up where Pete explained what he was doing to/for Joel, in the Dec 2, 2009 strip.

    Maybe I’m just dense, or I’m in need of a caffeine infusion, but I’m not seeing where prohibiting Joel!King from going to that gathering is somehow going to do anything to Pete’s claimed goal, of breaking Joel of blaming animals for his problems. I would have thought that more interaction with other animals would help show Joel!King that the experiences as a child with the family pets weren’t typical, and that not every pet is a jerk.

  91. Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

    Naw! /._.\
    But Pete, he so wanna go, mao! HEWANNAHEWANNAHEWANNAHEWANNAHEWANNA! >.< MAO!
    Mrrrph! Ah gonna cal him Butchere Pete from nao on, nya! Ò.Ó

  92. kira


  93. Sansash

    Okay, I just realized something funny; I used to know a real life Fox and King! My mother has a friend who used to own two dogs; A male Malamute named Kimo ( as in Kimosabe) and a male Welsh Corgi named Buckaroo, and they got along pretty well if I recall. I just had to mention that!

    • Frank

      I think the correct response to you, Sansash is “this is what we have a forum for”, but that’s just awesome!

  94. Flexico

    That is why you should include the phrase, “everything in my power” somewhere in a promise like that. XD

  95. Frank

    Since when does Pete read the paper?

  96. zeekthelion

    Love how he keeps his wallet in his bandanda, I do the same with my goggles.

  97. Arianna

    Who knows? At this point it’s still possible that some simple impulsive act of rebellion could banish Pete to some weird interdimensional void.

    It doesn’t seem likely, but there really isn’t enough information on Pete to determine what limitations apply to him.

    • Thoth

      Oh Noes! I think I’ve been quoted!

  98. Karina

    Oh Noes! I think I’ve been quoted!

  99. fan

    I want the raccoon treat!