Housepets! won the Ursa Major Award for Best Comic Strip, 2009. Thanks for hitting them with your votes, everyone!

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  1. Foldo

    You’re welcome Rick ! :)

  2. Cid

    Congratulations on an award well earned

  3. Marluxia Kyoshu

    Congratulations you… uh…. you!

  4. Draco_2k

    A winner is you!

    Well-deserved, too.

  5. Salmy

    Congratulations!!! Very well deserved, Rick! :D

  6. Toumaz

    Congratulations, you!

  7. MrMutt

    Congrats, Rick!

  8. Blue Heeler SunFire

    Congrats, It’s deffinatly well worth it (even if I can’t spell).

  9. IceKitsune

    You really deserve it Rick, Congrats!

  10. Blazingpelt

    Congratulations, Rick!

  11. CalaverX11


  12. Me


  13. fan

    Yippeeee!!! Love the comic! How do you do it?

  14. CampSoup1988


  15. ReynardGearhead

    Congratulations, Rick! You certainly deserve it!
    Even your art at FA is deserving of some kind of award, IMHO. It shows how truly talented an artist you really are. Housepets is great because it shows the world just how intelligent your humor is.

  16. rWolf1991


  17. Argent Stonecutter

    You should have won six of them! They should have invented new awards just for you!

  18. FrostDemn

    Huzzah!! You earned it! :3

  19. subakuryu

    Well deserved! Kudos to ya man!

    …so? You gonna celebrate this somehow?

  20. Snail

    Congratulations! :D

    I just finished reading the comic up to date; it had been in my link to-read list for a year or so after reading the first dozen strips. >_> There are lots of links in there, so it just takes me a while to get to them all.

    When I reached the latest strip, I cursed myself for not leaving the link in my list longer, letting the archive DOUBLE in size and giving me twice the instant gratification! Straight archive reading is amazing. :D

    Congratz again, and I look forward to obsessively checking your web site for updates because I can’t keep track of the days of the week. <3

  21. Elwood Blutarsky

    Congratulations on this high honor.

  22. Kitkun

    I have to admit that I was iffy after the first few strips, and I just don’t seem to be too interested by the Spot the Superdog strips, however, the Regular? strips are brilliant. Excellent humor, thought out dialogue, etc. Housepets has easily become my favorite comic in the half-year that I’ve been reading it.

  23. Dayntei

    Can i haz award plz?