Keeps On Giving

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  1. HunkRulz

    Hahaha gota love Sasha’s look on her face!!

  2. IceKitsune

    Oh man she is such an air head but that’s why I love her

  3. BlueAnubis

    * Adorable Overload Seizure*

    • ctcmjh

      But they look nekkid without their collars, and that’s weird.

      • Pokeblue

        I must agree, they look weird without them, but they’re just so cute.

        • Aeonera

          i think i realised y they look naked without their collar on!

      • Valerio

        *nuzzles nekkid necks* Hmm, fluffy…

    • byt


    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Seeing as how Sasha is involved wouldn’t they be “poppies”? That character is never going to live down making that sign ;)

      • Whiskers

        it’s spelled with a u, clearly. “poppues”

    • Valerio

      *Hugs and squeezes PUPPIES-Nuzz nuzz*
      Puppez make me drunk wit overjoy!

      • FuRrY321

        I didn’t know “Puppy” was a verb!
        (See: French verb conjugation)

        Actually, that makes sense. The conjugation for You (plural) is “ez” in the present tense. For example, “Vous Descendre” conjugated is “Vous Descendrez” which means “You Descended” or “You went down” (i.e. stairs).

        • Frank

          Et, si on ne “puppe” pas, mais on pupitre plutôt ? (Oui, pupitrer c’est un verbe, mais ne me demandez pas pourquoi il l’est)

          • Frank

            Since I know someone’s going to ask at some point during the 4 hours remaining to the next update:

            “And, [what] if we don’t ‘puppy’, but we ‘desk’ instead? (Yes, ‘to desk’ is a verb [in French], but don’t ask me why it is)”

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades


      • FuRrY321

        Nope, sorry, Nurse Joy (and all her cousins/siblings) are unavailable at the moment. You’ll have to deal with a fat Blissey.

        • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

          But she’s no Pokimanz Docter, nya! O.o
          Let’s call Oak then, nya! “^-^

        • Silver Dragon ordinence


    • The game


  4. rWolf1991

    They loom so cute as puppies!!

    • ReCreate

      This. Super this.

    • mathgrant

      Yes, they do weave cute stuff as puppies.

      • Tom Flapwell

        They come into view as a massive, distorted, or indistinct image, yet so cute as puppies.

  5. ReCreate

    LOL XD Priceless. :P
    (though bino looks a bit weird in the last frame, like if he’s showing something to someone)

    • rWolf1991

      Ok good it’s not just me who was thinking that. :)

    • ctcmjh

      I think he just opened his present from her, and he’s showing everyone at the party.

    • Valerio

      mebbe he’s showing it to mommy. “MOM! Sasha is giving me girlie stuff!”

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      Somehow, Ah hear teh chest-opening melody of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when he duz tha, nya! “^w^

      *Du du du du, du du du du, DU DU DU DU DUDU!
      You have obtained the Unicorn Statue.
      You can place it on one of the (c) buttons.

  6. Snowmon

    Sweet bunnies on a bonbon.

    That’s cute…

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      U meanz, Bun-bunz, nya? ~^w^~

      • Snowmon

        No… Bunnies. It sounds cuter than Bun-bunz, yet not as tasty as Bonbons. Unless they’s chocolate bunnies! *SKRIEEEE!!!!*

        • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

          Just like in Easter, nya? OwO
          But Ah always feel guilty fur eatin’ them though… “^w^
          But Ah cant help it, minya! OMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!

  7. HonorèDerazey

    Sasha is full of more win than deep fried twinkies. That’s A LOT of win.

    • ReCreate

      More win that solid win? Concentrate?

    • HonorèDerazey

      Aww, I guess Rick didn’t approve of the picture of my gun. Sorry Rick, I’ll be more precautions with the content of my avatars.

      • Rick Griffin

        I have no idea what you’re talking about!

        • rWolf1991

          I think he’s crazy. Jk

          • psychoJoker36

            I think it’s madness

          • rWolf1991

            Yes i think that exactly what it is!

          • BlueAnubis

            a strange occurrence.

            Perhaps Gravitar was the one who did not like his picture?

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Maybe they rated it R… And that’s why it isn’t shown on a G rated site, nya? =3

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Ah meant PG rated, sowwy, nya! “^w^

        • HonorèDerazey

          Um, I posted a picture of my gun as my avatar and it didn’t show up. Besides, I like the impossible shape as my avvie better.

          • rWolf1991

            Ya I’m having the same problem right now. It won’t change my picture!

          • rWolf1991

            Never mind my iTouch is just retarted

          • psychoJoker36

            I’m gonna have a new one here soon

      • Frank

        What did you rate your gravatar? (default is “rated X”, and I think this site is PG)

  8. EchoFireant

    Sasha’s statement in the last panel is just awesome, “I Think” :D

    • Valerio

      she’s ALL awesome! She’s made of cute, of awesome and love!
      Sasha RULEZ!

    • AflacMan13

      Tarot is better.
      Oh and I second this.

  9. Pokeblue

    She’s just the most forgetful, but loveable, character. They both look real cute as puppies.

  10. GameCobra

    Biney Biney bo hunnie

  11. Icharus

    Regifting: it’s like having people buy their own gifts.

    …wait, so Bino has had that unicorn figurine for …how many years?

    • TheOtherSarah

      At least one. They are dogs, so he might not be that old.

  12. mathgrant

    lol unicorn its obvious the one with the heart on its collar is slow in the head

    Being Captain Obvious is fun. :3

  13. HunkRulz

    If the whole human race were like Sasha it would surely be a better place! XD

    • Kamron

      Assuming, of course, humanity wouldn’t misplace Earth or something.

      • Naylorfan90


      • Wingedwolfgirl

        Sry, my bad.
        …I go get the Telescope.

      • Valerio

        I was SURE it was here, right beyond that nice orange moon? See how colorful they are together!

    • Valerio

      indeed :D

      • HunkRulz

        I’m pretty sure it was beyond that orange moon I think! :)

  14. Typhon

    That unicorn reminds of warhammer where you have to paint the miniatures. Now if we could give that unicorn a paint job….

    • Valerio

      colored with Sasha’s fur colors and pretty pink horn.

      • Kamron


  15. Law

    Heh, I can’t imagine throwing a birthday party for my pet dog with ribbons and stuff like that, like Bino’s. (Although we got a cake for him)
    Still, nice expression as always.

    PS: Just started reading this comic not more than a month, love it! Keep it up!

    • Valerio

      Are ya KIDDING??
      If pets like that existed in our world, I’d thow a party for ‘em once a WEEK!

      • Law

        Lol I feel you there…of course, IF the pets in our world are anthropomorphized(sp?) like in Housepets!(Who on here wouldn’t wish that?) Not to mention birthday parties, I would celebrate at the slightest occasion…

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        Hear hear, minya! Ah like party, free toonah fur everibudy, nya! X3

        • Krystal

          My god you’re annoying.

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Wanne C teh reazon, nya? ;p

            And if there R moar peepz who find meh irritating, raize yer paw, claw or hand, nya! X3

          • Valerio

            *I* find his post very entertaining.

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Mrrrrrf! Arigato Valario-san, nya! ~^w^~ *Bows head out of respect and gratitude*

          • Krystal

            You’re still atrociously irritating.

          • Krystal

            Also, I’m pretty sure cats don’t end every sentence with “Nya”… or, talk at all… so if you really wanna be a cat, why not stop talking, nya?

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Cause it’s fun! X3
            And by teh by, yer havin’ a blue and talkin’ fox fur an avi, nya =3
            That’s a double imposible, minya! X3

          • Krystal

            I’m not roleplaying a blue and talking fox.

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            And Ahm not RPing either, ahm typing like one and makin’punz, nya! ;p
            Ah only RP a cat when ahm rufhouzin’ wif mah bestesh friend, and she also RP’s then, minya! X3

          • Krystal

            Cats can’t talk, how can you talk like one?

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Do ya have a cat, nya? ;p

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Ah recomend sumfin’else, nya! ;p
            Maybe, furru… Hmmm… Give it a bit of a moe~ factor, nya! <3
            Ah luv moe~, nya! ~^w^~ Cyoot neko-grrrlz, minya!
            Funny… There R almost no fox-grrrlz in anime or manga…
            Except fur teh kitsune-grrrlz (fox spirits), nya! ÓwÒ

          • Krystal

            Haha, my comment god removed for having… that word in it.

            Anyway, there’s a point where your way of typing goes from cute to unreadable…

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Depends on how good you R tryin’ to read it, minya! =3
            Ah recomend not to take thingz to srsly, like Ah said in teh comment in teh link, minya! ;p

            But still, “furru” is a good word fur U Ah think, minya!
            Tha way you gain teh power of MOE~, minya! ÒwÓ

          • Krystal

            Well, I don’t even know how you’d pronounce “furru”, or why a fox would say it, or what a “moe~” is.

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            This is Moe~! >:3

            B careful though, it may melt yer brainz, minya! “^-^

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Ahm gonna, sleep nao, minya! “^w^
            It’s purrr-ity late here in teh Duthlands (Ah knowz it’s Netherlands… Sue, meh! ;p )
            Matao! MINASAN!
            And let teh power of MOE~ B wif U all, minya! ÒwÓ

          • ME!

            Got to agree with Krystal here, though the arguement will never work out right.

            See “Do not feed the troll” for more details, the more you argue the more annoying irritating they become!

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            It also fully depend’s who’s teh troll, nya! ;p
            Valerio and Ah gave Krystal a good reazon ta stop, nya! =3
            And teh best solution is teh most easiest, nya! Just dun read mah comments if ya dun like em, nya! =3
            And her picking up teh discussion, means she enjoyz it sumhow, just as Ah enjoyed commenting back on it, purrrz! ~^w^~

            So Actually we’re both no trollz, we were just sorta RP-ing, minya! ÓwÒ

          • Enty

            I seriously question the need to toss in a “nya”or a “minyah” in ever sentence though.

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Well then skip teh “nya” when readin mah comments! ;p
            Tha way U can’t bother from it, nya! =3

            Ah only zes “Nya” cause Ah likes it, minya! ^w^

          • ReCreate

            lol krystal? fail >_>

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Dun say that aboot Krystal, mao! ÒwÓ
            Krystal just had an opinion different wif mine, nya! =3
            And Ah totally understand if Krystal doesn’t like mah way of typin’, nya!
            But she just need 2 understand that teh best way to stop botherin’ aboot sumtin, is not to confront it, but 2 avoid it completely, nya! =3

          • Enty

            As a bit of a grammar nazi, I’m afraid I can’t just gloss over such an unneccessary interjection >.>

          • Frank

            You guys are probably going to kill me for this but, you argued for so long, Krystal couldn’t enjoy her sandwich!

          • ReCreate

            *kills frank*

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            *Loots the body of Frank*
            Hmmm… Ah wonder if he haz a semmich 2, nya! >:3
            5 Gil, and a potion… /._.\ No semmigch, mao…

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades


            If yer a grammar nazi, U must wealy hate meh nao…
            Mao! /._.\

            Hmmm… Ah have a good idea, every time ya read ma texts, think of meh as a 6 year ol’ child, nya! OwO

          • Enty

            Oh I already do, but I don’t tolerate it from 6 year olds either.

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Houston, we have a prob, nya! “^w^
            Then Ah can’t gib any help, nya… “ÓwÒ
            Hmmm… Maybeh if ya buy teh digshunary written by Elmer Fudd, then ya can get a tolerashun of mah speech abuse, nya… “^w^

          • Gaboris

            Kay bluegirl that’s just mean ya know that?
            No offense, but it’s true, Aerix is an entertaining guy to chat with.

          • ME!

            Woo! Grammar Nazi’s are the best ^^
            Oh, and before any of them read this, Nazi’s is the plural of Nazi. It does have a ‘ in it :3

            Too… much… nya….

        • Valerio

          In fact, Krystal is becoming irrititating.
          I owned lotsa cats.
          They DO talk that way :P

    • Gaboris

      Wow, this has got to be the longest chain of comments here. X3
      It’s not aboot the original context, but still. XD

  16. psychoJoker36

    The power of re-gifting for ya!

  17. Sleet

    Can’t say we didn’t see that coming. At least Sasha is happy. Twisted as it may be, she deserves at least that much.

  18. Inu225

    It’s the thought that counts… Literally, she definitely needs thoughts and a common sense or two. :P

  19. Wingedwolfgirl

    BINEY-BUN-BUN-HON! …bun.
    Adorable AND funny! :D

  20. Valerio


  21. Valerio


    • Inu225

      Can’t… look… away…
      too… cute…

      *The cuteness is strong with this one

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      Housepets Babies, we make yer dreams come true. X3
      Housepets Babies, we’ll do teh same fur U!~

      Puppy Peanut: When your world looks kinda weird and you wish that you weren’t there.
      Kitten Grape: Just close your eyes and make believe and you can be anywhere.~

      • 2MK

        Babies? don’t you mean puppies? or kitties?

  22. Lomstat

    …. “i think”? ._.

    • Valerio

      that’s Sasha for ya!

  23. ShiLin

    In the background……there are a LOT of presents…

  24. Residentfriendly


    • Hopper200456

      ME TOO

  25. Valerio

    today’s comic increased exponentially my desire to protect Sasha from all harm in the world!

  26. Lax

    Love her expression in the second panel :)

  27. Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

    lol Ah think either Sasha is wealy tha forgetful… “^w^ Or she knew tha Bino might give teh presents back One-O-These-Days, nya! ;p

    • Hopper200456

      I will go with #1 please.

  28. friendly fur

    I think he should be glad Sasha is blonde x). Still, she looks epic in all panels!

  29. Squival

    there would be upsides to having a girlfriend like that, seems like the many downsides would far outweigh them though

  30. widow

    ummm anyone notice sashas collar magicly vanished in the last panel? lol

    • Valerio

      anyone notice that Sasha and Bino in the last panel are PUPS, and pups don’t wear collars in HP?

      • Frank

        How can we be so sure? The only non-human young’uns we’ve seen before now are Princess Periwinkle (January 23rd, 2009) and Pap (June 1st, 2009); that’s a pretty small sample.

        I’m ignoring the wolf cubs ( ) since they’re wild animals (which have no reason to wear collars) who are trying to play Human (which also have no reason to wear collars… usually… don’t argue this parenthesis)

    • Valerio

      you missed the pupness factor! Go in that corner and don’t move until next update! Mush!

  31. falcon01

    I know a girl who’s JUST LIKE Sasha…It’s kinda frightening lol!

    • Hopper200456


  32. Hoheh

    Sasha’s so adorably off. Still say her, Tarot, and Daisy woulld be an awesome team. Or hilarious. Maybe both.
    She has a good memory…

  33. Valerio

    I can imagine Bino whining in his puppy voice, and it makes me wonder how such an adorable creature would become the jerk he’s today.
    Sasha retained her innocence, a pup at heart. *hugs Sasha* (never enough hugging for her) :D

    • Frank

      Ha! you changed your avatar! Now you can’t post with Hopper! Bwahaha!

      If your avatar is Sasha as a puppy, does that mean you’re a pup at heart?

      • Valerio

        puppy as charged :D

      • Valerio

        (not to mention that now I have DA KISS) as wallpaper, and it satisfies my desire for P+G mushiness)

        • Hopper200456

          Lets hope that in the future you if say “Da kiss”
          People won’t know what one! ;)

          • Valerio

            oooo, Hoppy, you know me SO well ;)

    • Hoheh

      I blame a lifetime of feeling like he’s in Fido’s shadow.

      • Gaboris

        Yeah I was saying this the whole time! I can understand poor Bino, he’s like this because of YOUR kinds! (No hadr feeling kay? Just jokin. XD)

  34. Hali

    Unbelievable! Only Bino could pull what he just did and come out smelling of roses!

  35. Naylorfan90

    Oh my…Sasha thinking is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in this comic…it’s too much!

    *collapses from cuteness overdose*

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      There goez a nother one, nya! O.o
      Better get teh smelling salts, before there R more casualties, mao! Ó.Ò


      • Valerio

        And keep on doing it, Rick!
        Beat us up with cute.

  36. TallenMF

    I’m amazed noone made a “Robot Unicorn Attack” reference yet.

    You need to do puppy versions of all characters now, Rick. The fans have spoken.

  37. petitcake


    • Frank

      Like the “bun” in your avatar?
      (Bun as in a young rabbit… in case he changes it to a hamburger bun or something)

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        Dun U need sum bunny to luv!
        Dun U want sum bunny to luv!~

      • petitcake

        I totally only just got that 8D Was it a dream I had, or are baby bunnies called kittens? o___O?

        • Frank

          It probably was a dream. Kittens are baby cats. Bunnies are baby rabbits.

        • ME!

          You’re right, baby rabbits are called Kits, which is short for kittens!
          If a calf can be a baby cow or whale, then a kitten baby cat or rabbit ^^

          • petitcake

            Crazy! Still can’t remember where I found that out.
            I’m sure it would have been a really cute dream though. Like, one of those ones where there are just lots of baby rabbits having a tea party. >3

  38. Hopper200456

    Aw…So cute….
    Lol..”I think…” Win..

    • Frank

      “I think, therefore I win” –Descartes

  39. iHavezMyBirdo

    Why are their collars missing?…

    • iHavezMyBirdo

      Oh, I didn’t read the top.. :D

      • Hopper200456

        Bingo. ;)

  40. Ace

    I love the nickname for Bino, and how it keeps going in the alt-text.

    • Hopper200456

      I know,Sasha is adorablez! X3

  41. Hopper200456

    I hope kings in the next one. :(

    • Frank

      I can see it… Monday’s update will include a flashback to Christmas; Fido, Bino, and Joey are dressed as Melchior, Caspar, and Balthasar.

      Hey, you said you hoped for kings, you never specified which ones! :D

      • Hopper200456

        Before I read the bottom half,
        I was like what is he talking about?…

    • Hopper200456

      King IS

  42. Ian

    If Sasha “thinks” she’s a girl….I dun even wanna KNOW what Daisy thinks she is..

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      *Thoughts of Daisy echoing through her head*

      Hi I’m daisy-Hi I’m daisy-Hi I’m daisy-Hi I’m daisy!

      Ah think… Nuf said, nya… “^w^

      • Valerio

        I dunno, but knowing Rick, I’m so sure that there is a surprise in the Daisy department, in the future

      • Frank

        “Name, please”
        “Hi! I’m Daisy!”
        “Uh-huh. And are you a boy or are you a girl?”
        “Hi! I’m Daisy!”
        “Er… I’m putting you down as ‘angiosperm’, is that okay?”
        “Hi! I’m Daisy!”

  43. seara117

    Why dose Sasha stay with Bino he’s so mean to her. SHE SHOULD BE WITH KING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      Ah second tha, nya! >:3

      • HunkRulz

        Um.. Aerix why do you always say “Nya” in every sentence 0.0

        • Frank

          Haven’t you ever played Final Fantasy Kupo? It gets you used to characters that talk like that kupo! (Yes, Aerix, I’m setting you up for the same line again… kupo)

      • seara117

        I’m sorry i’m new to text talk what did you say?

        • seara117

          ohh that’s were it’s from. :)

          • HunkRulz

            I haven’t played any of the Final Fantasy games since the 7th grade so now I know what Aerix is saying, sorry dude! ^^

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Doesn’t matter, nya! ~^w^~
            Ah actually tried to explain it, but teh site’s text chaecker blocked mah explanashun, minya! “^w^

    • Valerio

      Totally agree! Go King Go!

      • seara117

        Thank you i’m glad to know i’m not the only one who thinks Sasha should be with King.

    • Valerio

      Always seconded

    • Enty

      Am I the only one who thinks King is better as a character alone? :U

      • seara117

        Yes you are. :D

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        But-but-but it can help ‘im into understandin’ moar aboot pets, nya! Ó.Ò
        But Ah agree wif ya fur a bit, Sasha ain’t a steady kinda grrrl, she is moar teh flavor of teh week kinda grrrl… So teh relashunship can actually worsen teh hatred fur pets… Mrrrf, it’s a big dilemma, mao! /._.\

      • Gaboris

        I just think he shouldn’t be handled as a “real” dog… well on the last strip I heard a good idea of King loosing his memories from his human existence and in THAT way I may just find it okay for him to be with Sasha.
        I know most of you hate me for not liking the idea of SashaXKing, but still… XP

        • Enty

          Oh I don’t, I agree! :)

  44. HunkRulz

    Now I feel like watching A Pup Named Scooby-Doo again ^^ Do they still put it on Cartoon network?

  45. 2MK

    Wait, dogs don’t have birthdays!

    If they do, they’ll have seven birthdays a year!

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      And yer prob? >:3
      There’s always room fur parties, minya! ^w^

      • ReCreate

        what is ^w^ O_o and how’s nya (etc) supposed to be read. XD i pronounce it ni-a O_o

        • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades
        • Frank

          Short answer: cats meow, kittens nya

        • ME!

          nah, kittens go “mew”

          • Frank

            Long answer: Onomatopeia varies from one language to the next. While in most of Europe people agree that cats go “meow” (or some variation of that) in Japanese, the sound cats make is spelled “nya”.
            Nya is seen in many anime because of this; it also has the advantage of being three letters long, and each letter is very far from the next in the alphabet (to concoct a wild example, a Crazy Cat Lady might have “NYA 555″ as her licence plate in an animé)

            “Nya” was also the sound Moogles made on their first appearance. Apparently, people confused them with bad-drawn cats because of this, which caused it to be changed to “Kupo”

    • Law

      Ah…do you mean “whelp day”, I sort of understand your statement, so I thought this word might be more appropriate X3
      7 birthdays a year=
      1 whelpday a year ??

    • Valerio

      MOAR partiez, then!! YAY!

  46. Enty

    alt text was what did it fer me xD

  47. Gaboris

    Awwwww, why did I get deleted again? :’(
    Okay so then again:
    Forget what I said yeasterday Sasha is THAT naive, but that’s why she’s so cute. X3

  48. ABEL "midnight-fox"

    she…THINK…shes a girl? she dosent know????
    i wonder how she found out for sure.

    • Valerio

      some questions are better left unsolved, young jedi.
      Nuff said!

  49. Kalvin

    … The unicorn brings a song to my head….


    • Frank

      So that’s what the song says!

      • Kalvin

        You should watch the video. It’s crazy. It’s by Erasure.

  50. MelSkunk

    Looks like I have a new avatar XD

  51. Hopper200456


  52. Valerio

    Sasha brings to my memory the 1982 song ‘Upside Down’ by Vanessa. Heh.

  53. Lanagor

    What if Sasha’s not really female?!?!?! DUNN DUNNN DUNNNNNNN!

  54. Lanagor

    dang somethings wrong with my avatar… wait fixed it!

  55. Lanagor

    nope…. still not fixed

  56. ?

    bino looks… different.

  57. toboe

    I can’t think of anything more manly than unicorns.

  58. Wolfspawn

    Hahahaaa! That’s funny :P

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