I am going to start deleting comments that start incessantly arguing about who got the first post. That’s just as bad as actually saying ‘first’ so stop it, seriously.

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  1. Pontos

    People argue about that?

    Wow, I don’t know why i still have hope in humanity…

    • Gaboris

      Well not in a serious way just as fun. but yeah got the picture so I’ll take mines back a bit. Sorry. XS

  2. taay

    i think thats a good idea. saying “first” is really old. kinda tired of seeing it.

    • taay

      2nd! hahaha just kidding. what irony

  3. 2MK

    Saying “first” dosen’t even make you famous.

  4. Frank

    @Tay and 2MK: You can’t say “f–st” without that sending your comment for moderation (unless you alter it like I just did) so people don’t bother anymore.

    @Rick: It just became a bit shocking to realize that MajinWolf posted before anyone else for three strips in a row (April 28, 30, and May 3); somebody was bound to point it out. (The fact that when he did it again on Monday it was pointed out by someone who had never posted before, just confirms that it could’ve been anybody) But maybe their volume did get a bit out of hand.

    I have to agree with Gaboris, though: It’s not a serious argument, just fun. Think about it this way: if a debate is an intelligent argument, and a hypothesis is an intelligent guess, then what we were doing was intelligent having-fun.

    • Rick Griffin

      MajinWolf has posted first on about 30 or so comics. And you know what? SOMEone has to make the first post, and as long as it isn’t annoying or meaningless, I don’t particularly care who does.

  5. Kamron

    Thank you, Rick.