Your posts may at any time be filtered for appropriate content, so stop acting surprised when it happens, okay? Unlike the forums, I do not have a comprehensive system here to respond to your every complaint, so instead of making more inappropriate posts, why don’t you just ASK me?

YES, the word ‘first’ is filtered so stop making every other post about it.

NO, you’re not allowed to talk about items which are not PG or MAYBE borderline PG-13 in nature.

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  1. Draco_2k

    Oh right, PG rating and all.

    It’ll be difficult, but I’ll promise to keep my lid shut.

  2. Draco_2k

    Oh and, thank you SO MUCH for making this comic. <3

  3. Meat

    What happens if you use like in a different context?

    • Meat

      Not like. I mean first.

      • Meat

        Oh. It awaits moderation…

        • Rick Griffin

          If there was a way to filter it on only like the first few posts, then I’d do that, but there isn’t

          • Justice193

            what are you using to write the algorithm? I may be a 3D modeler, but I did start out as a programmer, and know enough of the basics to make and debug code like this.

            that said, if I know what you’re using I can probably figure out a solution to this problem :) .

          • Rick Griffin

            I’m using Wordpress.

          • Justice193

            *rolls eyes* yeah, stupid me should have looked around the page before asking that XD, I’ll check into it and get back to you in a couple days via E-mail :) , I’m not putting it off, I’ve just never touched wordpress, as I enjoy doing most of the programming myself, I like that it’s open source though, so if I have to I’ll just tell you where to drop a couple lines of code that should do what you’re looking for.

            to give you something to work with for now though; if the posts are counted and numbered, or you can make them counted and numbered, then you’d use an if statement (or wordpress’s equivalent) to check to see if the posts number is smaller than whatever number you want it to stop checking at, and use that to call the algorithm that checks for the word f-rst. that way it would only check posts under a specified number.

            if worse comes to worst, it can easily be added into any of the base files outside of wordpress, as even html supports if statements :P .

          • ReCreate

            Oh sure there is, its a matter of programming it. :P Can`t be too hard…

  4. Sleet

    That’s actually pretty clever, what with the censoring. And I was wondering why a comment I made a while back was “awaiting moderation.” I guess I probably used the word in some other context.

  5. nameonlyusedonce

    But what am I to do if I want to talk about G-rated material!?

  6. HonorèDerazey

    You know, it kinda sounds like your a bit vexed, Rick. You have every right to be, though. The nonsensical game of, “first” is REALLY annoying ME lately. I pray that it doesn’t become a meme. I wish I could help but that’s borderline mini-modding.

    Hang in there Rick. There’s a feasible chance things will let up when Housepets! becomes more popular.

  7. WildRoo

    Justice193, got a website with your 3D artwork on it?

    Rick: I love the expressions in the last two panels. :D

  8. Justice193

    I haven’t done much yet, but you can check out my deviant page, under the same name.


    you suck :c

  10. thewhitedragon

    About time.. sometimes it gets annoying to see such childish comments that give nothing of value nor appreciation.

    • FuRrY321

      Y’mean like the one above? ;)

      • thewhitedragon

        yeah like that one… o_O

  11. FuRrY321

    Somebody mind explaining what things might be “boderline PG-13 in nature”?

    I was under the impression this was a PG-13 comic, but obviously from above I was wrong. (Plus, I have voted enough in the TWC to know better by now XD)

    • Rick Griffin

      Why is anyone under the impression this comic is PG-13?

      • Sleet

        With the abundance of R comics on the internet, it could be just the fact that PG-13 is sometimes used to mean “not R.”

        Or perhaps it’s because you intend to drop one awkward and forced F-bomb just to get a PG-13 rating so high school-age boys are willing to read your comic without feeling like wusses. Wait, that’s movies.

      • Justice193

        it has parts that make you think, people aren’t used to doing that anymore ;)

        also: I’m unable to look into anything this weekend, internet is down at home, and the school network I’m currently on blocks out almost everything… biggest pain ever to get them to unblock deviant, messenger, and some webcomics.

        which may work out as +, as I’ve got classes in web development on Monday, and my teacher knows his stuff :P .

      • FuRrY321

        Sorry Rick, I guess it’s just because I read so many PG-13 comics that I just assume that’s the rating. ;)

        But please don’t change anything now because of that – I really love your comic and think you’re doing a great job.

      • HonorèDerazey

        Exactly what FuRrY321 said. I watch A LOT of zombie movies and when I watch a romance movie or a chick flick I’m all like, “… where in the world are the zombies? OH WAIT! She’s about to kiss him; she’ll turn into a zombie and bite his neck!”.

      • ReCreate

        Maybe the wikifur article?

        • HonorèDerazey

          Wikifur? What is that?

          • FuRrY321

            The best source for all things furry, duh.


          • FuRrY321

            Oh, and BTW, that 10-hours thing I said on the comic was only for the comic, so these 2 don’t count. :D

  12. CamKitty

    It blows my mind that he needed to post this after the last comic. =/

    Like dropping a small piece of meat in a piranha tank . . .

    • FuRrY321

      U sayin’ wer’ Piranhas?

  13. Stevie Maxwell

    Thank you for the clarification. Some of us respond better to gentle reminders like this every so often, though more tend to only react when the clue bat knocks ‘em upside the head.