I Thought You Knew
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  1. Sleet

    Oh snap.

    • black cat

      agreeed but i must add

      • FuRrY321


  2. EchoFireant

    Curve ball O_O

    • Frank

      Actually, I think this is the first straight ball we’ve seen in a while. Everyone keeps trying to avoid their problems, when they address them directly, it causes this sort of reaction.

      • Gaboris

        Hmmmm… ya know you’re being quite “Frank” there I must say. :3
        (Sorry BAD pun using Gábor. XP I just couldn’t miss it. :3)

  3. Dissension

    I love that Peanut’s brain crashes.

    • knux

      it’s the barn cats all over again XD.

      • KathYohneke

        No, that was a diffrent kind of crash XD

        • FuRrY321

          Next scene: cold shower.

  4. Majin-Wolf

    Hehe I love Peanuts look on his!!:)

    • Turaiel

      Look on his… what? :P

    • Residentfriendly


    • ShadyKitsune

      You accidentally forgot to the sentence!

      • Gaboris

        Yeah, this strip is THAT good. X3

        • Gaboris

          It makes ppl forget their. :)

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I accidentally the whole strip!

    • FuRrY321

      I forgot to wash my this morning! :P

    • Majin-Wolf

      Opps I pused the enter button by accident lol!!! Face/Muzzle:

  5. KzT

    Reality loves to come crashing down on people.

    Usually in the form of the BSOD.

    • FTW


      • Chip Uni

        Blue Screen of Death.

        When (older) Microsoft machines crashed.

        • rWolf1991

          And new ones.
          Darn you Vista!!!

        • Kuperfox

          It’s rare, but I’ve seen a BSOD on Vista too.

          • Teh Brawler

            Seen on Windows 7. BAM.

          • FuRrY321

            Muahaha! Windows 7 Ultimate and no BSOD! (even though I didn’t pay for it, it’s more legit than the OS Acer gave my friend on his laptop when they sent it back to him! :D )

        • Ki

          BSOD. Ah, that was a big part of my childhood. 8D Back when computers were huge, bulky, and you couldn’t talk on the phone and use the net at the same time.

          • Gaboris

            Yeah good old times. Although I only had the phone and net thing. X3

  6. ctcmjh

    darn, I wanted first…
    Oh well. I didn’t expect Grape to know about Peanuts crush!

    • Frank

      Wait, you got around the forbidden word (ordinal of one)? In a sentence that explicitly states the desire to use it in the forbidden way?

      • FuRrY321

        M-deration has cr-shed (:D)
        Please wait…
        Starting all Systemofadown services…
        Error! Number missing from Binary core code!

        • FuRrY321

          Yeah, was funnier in my head.
          BTW, happy birthday Frank (or Frank’s Avatar!)!

          • Frank

            Thanks. Yes it is my Birthday. The little mouse in my avatar had no idea, so he’s just staring at the sign on the wall in confusion.

  7. FTW

    But… how did she know?

    • Kamron

      How could she not know? Peanut doesn’t exactly have his poker face on all the time.

      I mean, look at the two or three different times that Peanut has visibly demonstrated his attraction. Now imagine that rate of occurrence, spread out over ALL THE TIME. ‘Cause they live together.

    • Chip Uni

      She’s been around him for years. She recognized it.

    • Justice193
      • Gaboris

        In a way that’s true. :3

  8. ReCreate

    Music has a name? XD Anyways, this is getting INTERESTING. :D :P Can’t wait for the next strip. XD

    • TallenMF

      Syndicated Inc. By Weird Al.

      Its nice, look it up! =]

  9. IceKitsune

    I must admit I didn’t see this one coming at all.

  10. Midnight Wolf

    Well Tarot has been dropping major hints. It’s not surprising that she knows.

  11. Spens

    I saw this coming like a nuke.

    • humanpersonguy

      So when it got here you died? XP

      • FuRrY321

        That depends. What is it a tac-nuke like in MW2, that kills you instantly, no matter what the score? Or was it one of those nukes fired from the Arctic that are really easy to shoot down? (See: G.I. Joe’s nano-rockets. Not the same as a nuke, but likely they are around the same size.)

        • Spens

          Did I say it was a nuke?

          • Gaboris

            You sorta did. XD

  12. Repicheep22

    And here on your right, we have a fine specimen of the Heroic Blue Screen of Death, a fairly common and relatively harmless, but rather humorous, plot device, and if you’ll look to your left…

    • Argent Stonecutter

      TVTropes is heroically BSOD-ed: “The database hates you right now. The entry might exist or it might not exist. We would clear this mystery up for you, if we could get to the database. We tried to look it up, but the database puked up an error.”

  13. Maark30

    Well when Tarot first showed up she mentioned to Grape that Peanut has feelings for her, but she also mentioned that Grape would have to break Max’s heart to show how she really feels about Peanut.

  14. Icharus

    Music: best character ever. Besides Made-Of-Win.
    Well well, an interesting little twist to keep ‘em interested. Very nice.

  15. Mak

    Boom! HEADSHOT!

    • Loki Impisi


    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      Yea and let’s scip teh; Doublekill, Multikill, Ultrakill, Megakill and L-l-l-ludrecriskill and switch right over to HOLY S!#T!!! O.O

  16. ShiLin

    I’m wondering if Tarot would say something to Max since they left together……

    • Frank

      Max didn’t leave! …as far as we know

      • ShiLin

        ? didn’t Tarot drag him with her in the last panal of last strip?

  17. Rider098

    This seems to be one of those situations where both of them kinda knew about it, but never brought it up so directly… at least until now!

    Well, at least Grape seems understanding of it, which is nice. Too bad Peanut wasn’t prepared for a line like that. I just know there is another warm hug coming along, IT WILL HAPPEN!

  18. BlueAnubis

    Aww Man! She broke him again. If she keeps doing that to him, he may suffer permanent brain damage. Grape’s expression in panel 4 is great.

    Weird Al FTW.

  19. falcon01

    awwww! the poor puppy brain go bye-bye!

  20. Nohbody

    For anyone curious about the song Peanut is singing, it’s Weird Al’s “Syndicated Incorporated”


    (Haven’t actually heard the song, so I don’t know what tune it’s parodying. I had to google the lyric fragment.)

    • Nohbody

      … and I’d check it on YouTube if my connection to them wasn’t stinking like a 3 week old loaded diaper. :P

  21. GameCobra

    Man. if this doesn’t make him completely crash, i can only thing of ONE thing in the future that could. But colored me impressed. I never expected this from Grape. It seems almost humorous too that in some way, this is Grape’s way of payback i find for all the times Peanut wakes her up =P

    • Frank

      It’s a curve ball!

      • GameCobra

        Duck! Catch! Roll over! Oh noes! *gets hit*

        • FuRrY321

          *sigh* sometimes, being a super-quick superdog just isn’t all that it’s….
          ’scuze me? We’re not doing that arc anymore?
          I guess my mind just sped over that one!

  22. Dr. Wilde


  23. thewhitedragon

    peanut sleeps in a DOG BED thats ON TOP of a normal bed? o_O

    • HonorèDerazey

      I was thinking the same thing!


      • Foxstar

        That’s not a normal bed. It’s a platform. Both Grape and Peanut sleep in cat and dog beds.

    • 2MK

      I thought he sleeps in a normal bed.

    • Frank

      Looks like a table with a tablecloth to me

      • Gaboris

        Looks like a box or somethin, but who knows what’s under the cloth. :)

  24. HonorèDerazey

    Hmm, I don’t think Grape knew Peanut had a crush on her but more just trying to get it out of him to see if he really did… Of course, he could’ve saved his own butt by saying something like, “No, what made you think I had a crush on you?”, but no. Now Grape knows FOR SURE.

    BTW, I don’t like Weird Al anymore. I’m a teenager, my hormones are out of control and I’m more angrier. I like stuff like Slipknot or KoRn now.

    • Dissension

      Well, Grape is Peanut’s best friend, and they do live in the same house, so it’s not unreasonable to have her know how he feels. Plus, you know, Peanut ain’t a master at concealing his emotions. = P

    • IceKitsune

      Its possible,unlikely, but possible. We will have to wait until Wednesday to find out for sure.

    • Kamron

      I don’t listen to Weird Al any more, either; but I don’t think it’s hormones. It’s because I discovered that all but a rare few of his songs aren’t the silly-goofy-sing-about-food songs. That sort of humor bugs me.

      His In 3-D album still has some classics, though. And “Hardware Store” has that impressive burst of vocals at the end.

      • HonorèDerazey

        Ebay and Hardware Store are my favorite ones. On Newgrounds, there is a animation by a guy named ‘Oney’ made for Weird Al’s song, “Hardware Store”.

        • Kamron

          Ah, Oney! I’d let that dude put his socks on my horn any day.

          • HonorèDerazey

            O.O *slowly scoots off screen*

          • Kamron

            I sincerely hope you got that reference; otherwise, my comment just sounds really freaking creepy.

          • FuRrY321

            Nah, it’s not really freaking creepy, it’s just freaking creepy.

      • Kamron

        *all but a rare few of his songs ARE

        ARE ARE ARE

        1:00 AM fail? Critics say yes!

  25. Spirit Studios 2010

    Someone just got broken.

    • Cid

      Cue in Tarot

      • Frank

        “But, but my job is done! It’s my day off!”
        “But if you don’t fix him–”
        “Wait, don’t say it. I’ll check into the future and see for myself.”

  26. MelSkunk

    “But I was so SECRET” “Yeah, I could tell with STRIPE, the totally not a cat girlfriend to Spot. Very clever” “I KNOW! <3" "Facepalm"

    • Frank

      “But Sasha couldn’t tell!”

  27. Chochi

    She killed his army,destroyed his headquarter and captured his flag,all with one single movement XD..I want her on my CoD team!

    • Frank

      Wouldn’t Spot (superdog) be better, albeit slower?

      • FuRrY321

        Wait, you’re saying that he’s a superdog, and yet he has no superspeed!?
        Rick, what’re you doing!?

  28. Kamron

    By the way, Rick? Could you draw Grape in a worried pose for, like, every other strip you do ever? She looks absolutely adorable.

  29. Legendario 777


  30. tjprower

    *Bling* *BRRZZT!!*
    Lol! XD
    So much for staying cool, huh Peanut?

  31. Legendario 777

    Grape used True Feelings !
    It’s super effective !
    Peanut has fainted!

    • BlueAnubis

      Peanut is out of usable brains!
      Peanut whited out!

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      It looks more like Peanut Flinched or is permanently Paralysed. “^w^

      • FuRrY321

        Nyaha! U fergotz teh Engrish speek!

  32. Chris Thrailkill

    aww! will peanut ever get a break? I don’t know why, but I feel bad for him during all this. He’s been so confused, and grape certainly hasn’t made things easy for him……

  33. Yojimaru

    Well, the cat is most certainly out of the bag now!

  34. Gaboris

    Peanut is the best in the first and last pic, poor lil depressed puppy then short circuited doggie… But wait why? *Forgot to read first one sec…* Need to talk, Blah-blah-blah, apologize… yada-yada-ya… no… No… NOOOOOOoooo!!! how could you??? DX He’ll never be the “normal” Peanut again… XP
    … … … JOKE! X3
    EPIC job man, best twist ever, from now on this is my fave strip. ;)
    Can’t wait how this turns out. X3

  35. valerio

    OK, so the next thing we must expect is ‘the talk’ over which she explains it can’t work and make up with Peanut.
    Attacurveball, Rick!

    • Chris Thrailkill

      I really hope this doesn’t happen. Ever since QC did it all the webcomics have been doing it….

      • valerio

        here’s two of uf, Chris. It would be a shame…

        • IceKitsune

          Make that 3

          • Gaboris

            4 with me on the lead… X3 Ok at the back cuz I got late but still. ;)

          • FuRrY321

            Just like the end of the world, we don’t know exactly what is going to happen (and when, but that’s not applicable ATM).
            Rick may or may not do what you said at f-rst, Valerio, and I’m really hoping he DOESN’T.

            BTW, was that “uf” intentional?

  36. valerio

    o my, where’s the nearest cold tub?

  37. pakoopa

    I did NOT see that coming.

  38. ShadyKitsune

    The inevitable has happened. She has found you out!
    What do you do?!

    A) Deny everything she says!
    B) Dodge the confession but don’t answer directly.
    C) Just sit there quiet and embarassed.
    D) Chlorofome her, wear a villain cape and abduct her to some abonded building.

    • TallenMF

      D!! PICK D!!

    • Gaboris

      D would be a bit too much… but somewhat yeah D. XD

    • BlueAnubis

      You forgot E) NINJA VANISH!

      (Hey, it worked for Tarot)

      • Gaboris

        Point there. XD

      • FuRrY321

        Was that Ninja Vanish or are we getting a sneak peek at the really bad Active Camo in Halo Reach?

        • Justice193

          use a smoke bomb and run like the wind :D , preferably behind the person you’re running from, so as to raise confusion when the smoke clears :P

  39. Lax

    Heh, she said it just like that. This should be interesting. I’m guessing Tarot already knew…

    • Foxstar

      Of course Tarot knew. It was one of the reasons she showed up and became Peanut’s girlfriend close to a year ago. Read back to last summer’s strips.

  40. valerio

    If she knew all along, did she expect him just to forget it sooner or later? If so, she was exceedingly rude to treat him that way…
    Well, what’s done is done, for now let’s cross fingers for those two. Hey, who knows, maybe she *does* feel something for him…

  41. ReCreate


  42. Justice193

    for starters: I WAS RIGHT XD,
    secondly: even though I was right (about the jealousy thing), this is still hilarious :D , totally didn’t expect the brain crash :P .

  43. valerio


    • Justice193

      … now stop and think for a moment, which would be stupider? him kissing her, or just staring?… the kiss will land you stuck in a tree somewhere unfamiliar (FALLCOOONN PUUUNNCHH) and an angry sister for a while, the stare might get you teasing in the future, at most.

      • Valerio

        or maybe her kissing him..?

      • FuRrY321

        What’s stupider is the fact you just said “stupider” :D

        • Justice193

          you make a valid point, that is countered by your own post :)

  44. Xu-kitty

    Heh, BSOD’ed.

  45. TallenMF

    You know, the way Grap just tells it outright to Peanut with an annoyed look on her face and afterwards looks worried when he doesn’t respond is… hilarious.

    They *are* children after all. Still learning about love and the insanity that comes with it.

    • Frank

      If Tarot’s allowed to say “duh,” Grape’s allowed to say “you have a crush on me” with an annoyed expression :P

    • Legendario 777

      YOU SAID IT, my friend.

  46. James319

    HOLY MOTHER OF CHEESE!! did NOT see that coming!

    I think Tarot WANTED that to happen!!

    • valerio

      Tarot foresaw it all. This moment was bound to happen, and Rick was able enough to make us forget what she said time ago.
      Now, let’s see if Grape will ‘fully accept’ Peanut, or… not. *cross ALL fingers*

      • Cuckoo

        Tarot foresees everything. She’s Cthulhu’s sister.

      • FuRrY321

        Cross your toes, too! AND your tail(s)!

  47. Squival

    lmao! was not expecting that from Grape at all

  48. Salenstormwing

    Brain.exe has encountered an embarrassing error.
    If this problem continues, contact your safety blanket and hide under it.

  49. Wolfspawn

    Darn it Windows Vista sucks!

    But Peanut is all like… Oh! Ya that’s right ^^

  50. Zlashdrive

    How long did It take grape to figure that one out?

    • valerio

      surely since the farm arc, methinks, she got the idea that his intentions were leaning into serious. Maybe she was scared by the idea and chose to try to hang out with Max, instead.

      • Chris Thrailkill

        I always felt it might have started when she saw him snap those pictures of sabrina :P

        • ShiLin

          Given the level of their familarity and my knowledge of girls, Grape has started to figure that ever since Peanut had it in mind……

  51. Wolfspawn

    Kiss her!! Do it doggy!! KISS!! :P

    • ReCreate

      I lol’d.

      • FuRrY321

        I imagined the consequences of that while you were lol’ing.
        Meh. If great minds think alike, then what about minds that think quite differently? What are those, huh? WHAT ARE THOSE!?

  52. LucifersAngelFeather

    woah :O she knew?

    major blackout man XD

    • Djinn

      Speaking as somebody whose been the subject of a crush, it’s pretty obvious when somebody has a crush on you.

      • Dissension

        From the perspective of someone who’s had a lot of crushes, this has become obvious to me. xD

      • Lupin the Vapour

        I CAN’T! Someone’s had a crush on me before (for some arbitrary reason or another, that I have YET to figure out), and I didn’t realize it until years later.. when she told me. But then, it’s entirely possible that I’m just that dense. >.> So.. maybe?

    • Justice193

      Tarot tattled… http://www.housepetscomic.com/2009/09/04/i-dare-you-to-do-otherwise/

      also the comic straight before that, is evidence the spirits don’t tell her everything outright.

    • BillyMT

      Ditto oxo;;

  53. gagi

    i never thought that he knew that she knew that he knew that she knew about it!

    but now that you mention this … it makes sense :P .. hehe

  54. valerio

    EEEEEE! I want to scritch Peanut under his chin! Who with me?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Me. All together now…. Dawwwwwww…

      • Valerio


        • HonorèDerazey

          Wait. There are two valerios? D=

          • valerio

            no, for some glitch in this c-box, when I’m home my gravatar disappears so that it seems there are two accounts.

    • ReCreate


      • manix


        • pedagogical


          • Gaboris

            Teamwork ay? XD

          • Frank

            I’m willing to bet it was supposed to be “this is with you”

          • ReCreate

            Epic. XD

  55. AflacMan13

    “Pilot to bombardier; Fire!”
    “ONE AWAY!!!”
    “Damage Report?”
    “One doggie brain fried extra crispy and BSOD’ed”

    • FuRrY321

      “Great work, Jobs! Now, why don’t you come and join me for some tea?”
      “Yes, sir, Mr. Gates!”

  56. Foxpup

    Lol guess the dead chicken gave it away

    • manix

      not really and thats mine hands off>_>

  57. ShiLin

    See if there will be a new record of comment quantity…

  58. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Aww Peanut’s so cute with those headphones on. X3

    And girl’s are scary, they just know when you’re crushing on them. o o

    • Justice193

      not all the time, aside from a child-hood crush I got over fast, I’ve never had another one, but because of my lifestyle choices, I’ve had people think I have crushes… and the opposite, that I just hate women, neither of which are/were true :) .

      People use emotions and body language to say much more than they think they do, from their marital status, to their current mood, what they think about someone to how much they like them, someone who has chosen an abnormal life role, confuses people and causes them to draw false conclusions about said individual, as people are just far to used to watching for certain emotional and visual cues without even realizing it.

      The thing that confuses most men about women is the fact that women are generally better at noticing these subtle cues than men are, and as men generally blind themselves to it, preferring to be upfront with words, they ignore the fact that they openly display their emotions and thoughts, whereas women, who are again more aware, are generally better at guarding those emotions, but both still subconsciously pay at least some attention to these cues.
      Men paying less attention to them is, in my opinion, the single cause of men thinking women are both mind-readers, and emotional wrecks, whereas the same goes for women who think their man was stupid because he didn’t realize that she wanted him to do something, she didn’t actually verbally tell him, and lacking experience in the area of unsaid messages (well, most of them it goes without saying what men are normally better at picking up on than women), he just won’t pick up on it.

      now enough going off topic for one day from me ^.^.

      • Pokeblue

        You know that was very well said. I’m sure that’s probably the case with here as well.

        Problem is though, when a girl says that to a guy, and he has a crush on said girl, it usually leads to something along the lines of mental black out.

        • FuRrY321

          Or white out. Black out can lead to remembering said cause of crash, and the possibility of crashing again. Whiting out will (hopefully) “white out” the memory of said cause, like liquid paper does to pen.
          There’s my logic at 10:00 PM on a Tuesday. Just be glad it’s not a Monday or Friday.

  59. Stravvy

    Peanut? Peanut?! PEEEAAAANUUUUT!!

    • valerio

      knock knock knock/knocking on Peanut’s brain!

    • Cuckoo


      I’m afraid… We’ve lost him…

    • ShadyKitsune

      Obligatory Metal Gear Solid Game Over Link:

    • Fireclave

      Thus the lifeforce called Peanut was not even allowed to be born into this world. Fate as no forgiveness for those who dare stand against it…

      • MistingWolf

        Hooray Chrono Cross reference XD

        Yeah, I spose I shoulda seen this coming too, but since I intentionally blind myself to trying to figure out what’ll happen later on, it was a bit of a surprise. A nice and funny one.

    • Valerio

      he just went to the land of candy eternal

    • HonorèDerazey

      Don’t worry everyone, I’m certified in CPR! *Slaps Peanut across the face repeatedly* STOP BEING A VEGETABLE!!! >=O

      • Hopper200456

        LOL!That was funny.

      • FuRrY321


        *slaps himself for saying he likes healthy foods, when chocolate-chip oatmeal pentagrahams are so much better*

  60. KennyT

    So cute. I love how cavalier she is about it.

    • ReCreate


      • Gaboris

        It’s a bit wierd to say that I don think this fit’s the mood at all, but it’s hard to define what this means, so here’s what I found on google. XD

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Cavalier – casual, frivolous. The “cavaliers” were presented as being “party animals” by the “roundheads” in the English civil war.

  61. FlareKitsune

    10:22 AM with a 108 comments, and most are gone. CREDIT TO TEAM!

    I predict glomphug with Peanut.

    • GameCobra

      try hitting the previous comment button >.>

      I think that’s why people keep on thinking they mysteriously disappear <.<

      • Gaboris

        I did think the same thing once and rewrote the whole stuff and just as I was aboot to hit submit I saw a lil link with an arrow sayin “previous comments”. XP
        Could use some numbered pages like on forums or somethin… or a bigger sign. X3

        • Justice193

          yes, bigger sign/button would be much appreciated.

        • Frank

          I could use a sign that didn’t disappear after the comments section closed, but that’s not going to happen at least for another year :(

          • Gaboris

            ? How come?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          They could scroll down instead of paging…

          • Gaboris

            Yeah but that could be too long and no one likes too long comment lists… :s

          • Argent Stonecutter

            No, I mean always show “the most recent 50 comments”… scroll what’s displayed instead of arbitrarily chopping it up into pages and giving the people who just arrived a shock.

          • Gaboris

            OOOoooh I get it, so you mean just add a scrollbar to the side?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            No, I mean you would still sorta have pages, but the page “scrolls” over the LATEST N comments instead of having a page of the first N comments, then start over with the next N comments, and so on.

        • Frank

          Apparently, The Great Rick has heard our prayers! Way to go Rick! I’ll take this any day over paging

          To future comment readers: in case you haven’t figured it out by now, for most of this year the comments section would split into two pages at the 100th comments or so. This was part of the upgrade to Comicpress 2.8 ( see http://www.housepetscomic.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=263&p=15588 ) and also caused all those messages near the end with links to a “comment-page-1″ address

  62. othorlimmis


  63. Draconikus

    Does he actually have any pupils left in that last frame? Or is he jst that surprised we can’t even see them?

    • MenachemSchmuel

      They got so small that they turned inside-out.

  64. friendly fur

    Dang, you brkoe Peanut!

    • friendly fur

      Dang, you broke peanut*, Sorry for writing mistake, I have slippery fingers, I know…

      • Frank

        It was funnier with the broken “broke” anyhow :D

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Typing with paws?

        • friendly fur

          No, I just got as surprised as Peanut, thus messing up :D . She kind of broke me too with that one.

  65. hennessyvenom


    • Hijack

      Oh god yes.

  66. Pogiforce

    This is awesome. And now that Peanut’s crush is out in the open, I can only see things heading up from here.

    • Sleet

      Don’t expect too much; with the romantic tension gone this comic would lose a lot of potential plots. Plus there’s the issue of Max and Tarot. And we don’t even know of Grape is into dogs. More likely than not, she isn’t.

      Of course, that doesn’t mean things can’t get interesting now.

      • Valerio

        the way you just prospected it, it’d be a VERY boring conclusion to this arc. :(

      • Gaboris

        Yeah good thinking there, that’s what troubles me too… It would be so nice, but it would end the whole thing. >_<"

      • MenachemSchmuel

        Well, how much different can it get? Peanut will still have a crush. Grape will still know he has a crush. The only difference is that Peanut knows that Grape knows.

        • Gaboris

          Or does she??? Look for my new theory, I’m gettin to deep into this story. XD

  67. TallenMF

    Pardon my lack of knowledge, but is there something about Weird Al for Peanut to be listening to him right now? (From Brazil, don’t know that much about foreign music)

    • Kamron

      Nope, there’s nothing special about Weird Al. He’s just goofy, so Peanut is probably just looking for a little levity.

    • Frank

      “Weird Al” Yankovic basically makes a living out of taking the melody of a song and puting compleately unrelated lyrics over it. Of course, much of the humor comes from knowing the original song (and seeing what he’s replaced), but often the lyrics are wacky enough in themselves to give you a laugh.

      So, go! Find a song, find Wierd Al’s parody, and have a good time! Find out what you’re missing

    • Gaboris

      Wierd Al’s the best with these parody songs so you sould go check, YouTube has almost all of them. X3

    • FuRrY321

      My favourites: “I’m Fat”, “Trapped in the Drive-thru” and “Eat It”

  68. Colin

    Another webcomic with a character suffering from vapor lock. :-D

  69. Guy

    Don’t do it! She’ll just rip out your heart…

    • AflacMan13

      And eat it like the mouse king in the first season.

      • valerio

        for how much I criticized Grape, i *can’t* believe she could be this evil..!

  70. Profesor Rod


    And if that song is running in the background through peanut’s headphones it’s hillariously mood killing XD

  71. Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

    In teh famous word of Yami (from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged):


  72. Absolut

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, I’ve been reading this since the beginning, but just decided to post because this is getting a bit odd. So, as far as I know, Peanut has a thing for cats, that’s a given, even though it’s considered taboo. Also, Jelly and Peanut were virtually raised together? I can’t say I know their past or history but they, in my eyes, were like brother and sister. You could consider my brain = fried. I thought Peanut liked cats, just not Jelly in that way.

    • Odos

      HAH! 2 minutes later and I post something that relates to this XD

    • Justice193

      umm… it’s Grape, not jelly, I made that mistake too on my first post XD

      if you’d care to look back at the whole “down at the farm” arc, I think you’ll see it’s pretty obvious.

      Tarot later tattles on Peanut, in case Grape hadn’t already figured it out.

  73. Odos

    Actually, it makes sense that Grape would know about Peanut’s crush on her. If it wasn’t the signs he gave off before Tarot, Tarot pretty much gave it away when she joined the comic.

    As for me, I feel like I’m the only one who likes Peanut and Tarot as a couple. I don’t know, it just feels like if Peanut and Grape got together, it would be like step-siblings going out, you know? It’s perfectly alright, but at the same time, you’re still dating your legal brother/sister.

    • Justice193

      I also like Tarot and Peanut as a couple, and prefer how this is always reserved for comedy :)

      in addition to what you’ve said if Peanut and grape were to hook up, we’d see much less of Max and probably almost never see Tarot again; Peanut is one of the only concrete things holding her in the story at the moment, besides her relations with Pete, which have yet to be revealed.

    • Pokeblue

      I actually like Tarot and Peanut as a couple as well, I’m just not out to say it much since I’m not sure where it will go, so as of right now it’s pretty equal scale with me. Any couple statements from me are usually after I’m really really sure it might go in that direction.

      • FuRrY321

        Being “really really sure” of something is a good way to be caught off guard.
        Especially when dealing with Rick.

  74. Gaboris

    HEY!!! Somethin just got to me… What if Grape doesn’t know anything, it’s just that she’s being sarcastic? Or something like that?
    Yeah it doesn’ fit the situation and doesn’t make any sense buuuut… what if?
    Yeah-yeah then it could go on like: Just messin around and turns out it was a misunderstandin and nothin changes(bad way).
    Or: Peanut confesses and Grape goes “The hell are you talkin about???” and a new plot rises. (Tip: Good way. X3 )

    • Gaboris

      … Okay the title gives it a bit away, but it may be a distraction…

    • Valerio

      hadn’t thought of that! PLUS, it would BE in Rick’s style.
      You’re in for a virtual big cup of coffee if you got this right :D

      • Gaboris

        Why thank you, I’ll be sure to collect it. X3

        • valerio

          It only takes a plane to Italy. Whenever you want.

          • Gaboris

            Cool. That’s not so far away from Hungary, so I could just take a bus. X3

          • valerio

            double cool! I’d welcome you with open paws!

          • Gaboris

            Kay we’ll see, bro. X3

    • Frank

      As Honorè said some 20 minutes before you, if she didn’t know before, now she’s sure

      • Gaboris

        Hmmm… good point so it’s point two then, I hope. X3

    • Pokeblue

      You make real good point. Didn’t cross my mind it might be that way, so you get a congradulatory pat on the back.

      • Gaboris

        Yaaay, this made my day… well night since it’s 1am in Hungary but still. X3

  75. Argent Stonecutter

    This is the first strip tagged “music”. Surprising.

  76. Draco_2k

    Eight hours later, my brain is still ringing from the inside because of this strip.

    • Gaboris

      I read it this morning and I think I broke my record of number of visitin and commenting on a webcomic on one day. XD
      This guys a freakin genius right? X3

      • Valerio

        he is, totally!

  77. Score

    Ah, it wasn’t even that long ago [in Webcomic time] that Peanut discovered that Grape was a girl.

    • Frank

      But there have been two winters in the middle!

      • Gaboris

        That’s 14 in dog years. I think. :)

  78. Charlie

    Ah Peanut. You so did not expect that. Neither did I.

  79. Kalvin

    Of course Peanut listens to Weird Al. Why did that doubt ever occur to me?

  80. dani


  81. puddy15

    Peanut- you know about that?

    Grape- uhhh you kinda in a way told me! and you act like you like me as well…what about you and tarot? don’t you like her?


    Peanut- i kinda don’t like her! i sorta used her cause you have max!

    Tarot- …………….!

  82. puddy15

    Tarot- GLARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Grape+Peanut- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Peanut- eep! uh tarot you know i didn’t mean that uh right!?


    Peanut-( puppy eyes) ! !

    • Gaboris

      Yeah not a bad idea, but who knows whar will come. X)

    • HonorèDerazey

      I always wondered what Peanut would look like with puppy eye. Draw that Rick!!!

  83. Wingedwolfgirl

    Reads panel 1-2: Goood, they made up…

    Reads panel 3-4: 0_0

    • ReCreate

      It’s what you wanted and you know it. :P

  84. ReCreate

    Wow, over 170 comments in less than 16 hours. O_O Anyways. This arc is finally getting INTERESTING. :P I REALLY cant wait for the next strip. :D :D

    • Gaboris

      Same here, can’t wait. X3

      • Hopper200456

        Rick should do it every day…….hour………Minute…..O.o
        Just joking!That would be alot of work.He already does it all the time.
        I hate saying this ‘cuz I love the comic, But Rick needs a vacation..

        • Gaboris

          I don’ think I got the right to call him on his name, but true. He’s doing a great work and if he can stop the story without a cliffhanger he’d earned a break. X3

          • ReCreate

            I think anyone can call him by his name? O_o What else should we call him?

          • Gaboris

            Wow only 4 replylevels are made, that’s new. XD
            I just don’ know, if he ever thinks to comment on one of my comments and says I can then yeah.
            I just think without knowing a person or anything(in forums and such) it’s just impolite… and creepie. XP

          • Frank

            Use his full name (Rick Griffin). But please do not yous “Mr. Griffin”

          • Frank

            sorry, “yous” was supposed to be “use”. No idea how the “y” got in there

          • Gaboris

            Good point, but I’ll stick with my own srtategy… I’m a stubborm mule I know. X3

          • Argent Stonecutter


          • Justice193

            just for that frank, I’m this close to calling him Mr. G *thinks back to some really old movies*.

      • valerio

        he should start giving us double-strip comics in this arc

        • Gaboris

          Let’s not be too hard on him, he must have hard times with the one strip ones too. He’ll know what to do. :3

    • TallenMF

      …I’m sorry, FINALLY getting interesting? I liked it right from the bat!

      • ReCreate

        Yeah. :/ I found this arc oddly boring. Ooh. yay. Lions in tribal wear in mid-evil times. >_>

      • Wingedwolfgirl

        beginning of the ARC?
        itz been a great comic since its START! :D

  85. AcetheGolden

    …he thought he kept it hidden? Wonderful, now she’s broken Peanut again.

  86. The game

    Peanut: um…ah…gah….
    Grape: sigh….*kisses Peanut’s cheek* bye Peanut
    Peanut: UM….AH….GAH…..!!!!!!!

    • Gaboris

      That’s a bit mean to do that, Peanut would never recover. :(

    • AflacMan13

      If she were to kiss him mid BSOD his head woulod go kablooey and the Parental rating would go from kiddie to R for intense gore. (hypothetically of course)

  87. Hopper200456

    Wow….How is this going to end?

    • Gaboris

      Oohh, we got a few ideas of our owns, so just look around, you’ll find some of them interesting. ;)

      • Hopper200456

        Yes,I saw those…….I doubt it will end in a kiss..:(
        (Im a Grape and Peanut fan.)

        • Gaboris

          It would be awesome, but still it would mess up the story… :(
          (Same here, since the cattail drawing strip way back at the start. :3 )

          • Hopper200456

            Peanut would burst..

    • ReCreate

      Where’s your avatar from? What strip?

  88. Tarkana262

    I had a feeling that this was coming, but it’s still no less surprising.

  89. Pokeblue

    Wow, that actually made me have to do a double take. I almost made my friends think I was crazy from just suddenly laughing.

    In any case, I’m slightly concerned now, since I’m thinking Max is still around, and if he’s in earshot (which I’m thinking likely since he is a cat afterall)…. Anyway, hope Peanut recovers and he doesn’t try kissing her or somthing, and if he does, Grape or Max don’t scratch him.

  90. Hopper200456

    Next comic:
    *And…Fire!Arrow heading for the bull’seye!And..And….Perfect hit!
    (Peanut’s lips=Arrow. Grape=Target.)
    For Peanut=Dream come true….
    For Those Grape & Peanut haters…..NIghtmare.

  91. Solario the Visored

    I think right now, inside Peanut’s brain, the “bombing of Parliament” scene of V for Vendetta is going on, with lots of explosions and the 1812 Overture playing. XD

    • Chris Thrailkill

      I think it’s more of the squid from watchmen. the carcasses represent his brain!

  92. Adrien

    oh snap his secret is out!

    • Frank

      His secret has been secreated


      • Justice193

        heeeeyyy, you can’t rim-shot yourself, it goes against the whole principle of the thing.

        • Frank

          Not even when the pun is that bad?

          • Justice193

            no, the rim shot it to make something unfunny, funny, or to top off a good joke, but doing it yourself, let alone in the same post, ruins it.

  93. Randomcommenter

    Perhaps Rick is planing to expand on there relationship…

    • ReCreate

      This i want.

      • Hopper200456

        Me to.But,I don’t worry about it to much….
        I think this: come on,With a Male name Peanut butter Sandwich
        and a female named Grape Jelly Sandwich they have to be together no matter what species!

      • valerio

        this I want too

      • Frank

        Shameless Shippers!

    • Zekermeme

      …’fraid not. There’s no reason it would happen now, either gauging by realistic reactions or by narrative analysis. In fact it’s even less likely than two days ago. Chances are it will take between one and four more story arcs dealing with these two before they are likely to achieve a resolution we can truly count as definitive. Not to say it couldn’t happen now, but at best it would be an on-off thing at least for a long while (not to say that’s not good – remember Boy Meets World?) and at worst it’d be unsatisfying and anticlimactic, and also really angsty (so exactly like the end of the farm arc).

  94. SamiwolfKo


  95. DarkCloud

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHALOZOMGROTL Peanut just froze up, although I probaly would too if I was in his position I gotta crush on grape too

    • Grape

      You what?

  96. Midnight Siren

    So funny!! Grape broke Peanut!! XD

  97. ReCreate

    testing. ignore this comment.

    • Hopper200456

      Will do!

      • CassidyAndBotch

        But how can you respond to something that doesn’t exist?
        How can I respond to something that responds to something that doesn’t exist?
        Do I exist?

  98. Hoheh

    Holy… TOTALLY didn’t see this twist coming. Good show.

  99. manix

    this is remindin me when they awent to the barn

    • Hopper200456

      How so?

      • ReCreate


      • Gaboris

        Heeeey… Where did my comment go? :(

  100. Rags

    Hello hello hello
    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me
    Is there anyone at home?

    • Wingedwolfgirl

      is anybody there.
      does anybody care.
      does anyone see,
      what I see?

  101. Thiron

    Now that’s just cruel…

    • Gaboris

      That’s nothing, look at my new theory, now that’s somethin to mess up poor Peanut. XP

  102. valerio

    if Fido + Sabrina works (and he is a POLICE DOG for pete’s sake!), Peanut + Grape can work as well, with extra humor!
    Not to mention the numerous plots that can be entwined once the two couples start talking…

    • Gaboris

      True-true, but we’ll just have to see how it will go, things are already set in motion so there’s no turnin back, nor changing them. X3
      Except if I’m right with my new theory… hope not. XP

  103. Nyrufa

    aaaaand Score!

    You sunk his battleship!

    • Frank

      See the little arrow pointing “underwater” at the bottom of the page? It’s called the “previous comments link” :)

      • Frank

        Or did you mean Peanut’s brain?

        • Gaboris

          I bet he meant his brain. :)

  104. B.S.Q.

    This is Tango, Echo 2 do you read?
    (Echo 2) “we copy whats your visual?”
    we see the enemy, sending coordinates, fire at will~
    and thats what happened as a combat simulation in Peanuts head

  105. Ekevoo

    Dudes! Is this the 3rd page of comments?
    I dare not say anything for it certainly has been said before.

    • Gaboris

      Yeo the third, and just say it if ya don’t want to read the other pages since most ppl forget there ARE other pages, so you won’t mess up much. :3

      • Hopper200456

        And to think that the first page only had like,ten comments!

        • Gaboris

          That’s always like that. :3

  106. Silver Dragon ordinence

    That is as funny as when my brother accidentally bit my cats tail and the cat ran into a wall.

  107. BillyMT

    W-w-w-wait, she KNEW, and instead of embracing it or even sit to talk it out before, she just moved on, pretending nothing happened?!

    Now THAT is being evil!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      She’s a cat.

      • BillyMT

        Your point being…? Oh, that thing about being Lawfully Chaotic again? XD

    • Valerio

      I *so* agree!

    • Justice193

      not really, the easiest way to avoid a problem you think is over with is to ignore it for a bit and then bring it up later in a situation that says “I know but it doesn’t matter now because your over it”… didn’t work this time, not fully anyways.

  108. Replyguy

    I haven’t heard anyone mention the possibility of a Max + Tarot couple as they console each other on the loss of their other loves.

    So far all the mixed couples were male dog and female cat, why not the opposite? Max seems to have had a rougher life than the other house cats, but no one he’s close enough to too love and Tarot is attuned to peoples wants and needs and she certainly seems to have a lot of love to give and she’s tried from the start to get Peanut and Grape together, so on some level she seems to have accepted that she’ll never have Peanut for herself.

    • Sleet

      Because they have shown no affection towards each other at all, hardly know each other, are both in relationships, and interest in other species is the exception, not the rule.

      We don’t even know if Grape likes Peanut back, and whatever happens chances are we won’t see them together (since that would close too many potential plots). Hence, Max and Tarot are likely to keep their significant others, at least for now. If you look at things like a writer rather than like a shipper, then it’s pretty obvious why no one has suggested the idea of Max and Tarot getting together.

      • friendly fur

        Who knows though? If Tarot’s not as busy with Peanut anymore, it could end up twisting to an even more hilarious plot, where Tarot goes raging because of it. and the most twisted storyline that has ever been made is released from the madness of Tarot. If that wouldn’t be funny, I don’t know what is(Except for Housepets as it is :D )

    • Pokeblue

      I’ve actually thought about that, but I didn’t think it will work out, at least with what we understand at the moment. I mean it makes sense to pair Peanut and Grape since they have known each other for a long time, if anything they would already know most of the basic facts it takes to be a relationship.

      What interest would the like? Like, between the current pairings so far (Grape and Max, and Peanut and Tarot) they have at least one thing in common. I mean both Grape and Max like Pridelands, and Tarot can do these weird, but cool, things, and Peanut seems very much into that.

  109. Gaboris

    Am I the only one or is this the longest commentlist on this comic so far? XD
    This guy is onto somethin to move so many ppl at once. X3

    • Frank

      Can’t be sure. I know we’ve gone onto three pages before (don’t remember when, though, but I’m willing to bet it was during the “It’s a Wonderful Dog’s Life” arc). If we go onto four pages, I think there won’t be a doubt.

      • Justice193

        there is no way t know now, but I suppose we can count the number of comments >.>.

    • Sleet

      I hope so. I’d like to be the one to say that I got the first comment on the longest Housepets! comment thread.

  110. Gaboris

    Another one, my comments got deleted. But why? :’(

    • Justice193

      are you using an illegal word? such as 1st?

      • Gaboris

        Don’ know aboot that, but I’ll look out. :)

  111. Draco_2k

    It’s been two days and this strip still refuses to get out of my head.

    Love it.

    • Hopper200456

      It happens to me as well..

  112. Gaboris

    IT’S OVER NINETHOUSAAAAA… *Cough-cough* I mean over 300 comments. X3
    This is official I’d say, most epic strip ever. X3
    I’m commenting too much am I? XP

  113. Supuhstar

    X3 That’s so cute~ ^-^

  114. JB

    Lol. Brain busted once again. xD Poor pup. Aww, Peanut is a jealous brother.

    • Hopper200456

      Brother!?!?More like Housemate!
      I e-mailed Rick about this and he said that they where like Housemates.

      • Gaboris

        You even mailed him? Hehe that’s nice. X3
        Well yeah we could say if the author says then it’s not awkward at all. :)

        • Hopper200456

          Your on,like,All the time Gaboris.

          • Hopper200456

            I am too. :3

          • Gaboris

            Yeah this strip made me addicted for commenting. Since I woke up as long as I’m in the dorm the site’s open and I’m huntin for replys and comments. X3
            Good to know I’m not alone. :)

      • Valerio

        thus there is hope.

        • Gaboris

          We’ll just have to wait right? X3

      • BillyMT

        Technically, they’re um… Foster kids or something XD

        ‘Cause really, the day a human gives birth to a anthro cat and / or dog, the furry community will echo through the planet in a single cry of joy XD

      • Justice193

        I think Rick, like so many other authors, is just a fan of non-committing answers, you know, ones that tell the person what they want to hear without really telling them anything at all…

        If you really read them, some of them are quite hilarious, yet the person that its tailored to almost always walks away satisfied XD/

      • JB

        I just really can’t picture the idea of them being an item, rather close siblings. Already said my opinion way back about this topic. If they suddenly do end up together, I’ll be a little bit disappointed while others might cheer. But this doesn’t mean I’ll stop loving and reading housepets. Just need to get over the fact and move on IF it does happen.

  115. Hopper200456

    O.o new comment page.

    • Hopper200456

      Oops,My bad.

      • Hopper200456

        Sorry,You are alone.
        I got to get off.

        • Gaboris

          Hehe, no prob bro (bro? not bro? no idea Xp)
          I’ll only stay as long as I don go to sleep so it’s kay. XD

    • Gaboris

      Yeah I just wanted to say that… does that mean our ideas were read and thought to bee good? Wow if so then I’m impressed. :3

      • Hopper200456

        That would be Awesome.

    • Frank

      You weren’t necessarily wrong. We may have gone onto four pages, but it just changed. See this thread:

      • Gaboris

        Sorry it may be my bad but I don get it, all I see is that the page system is gone and the link you sent is this page soooo…

        • Justice193

          he’s showing you a specific comment out of the whole list.

        • Frank

          A little lesson on HTML and The Internet: when an address has a ‘#’ sign in it, it means it’s pointing to a “bookmark”, a certain point on the page. It’s the way we have to scroll you directly to what we want you to see, by putting it as close to the top of your browser window as possible.

          • Gaboris

            Thx big help, but it just doesn’t scroll to the comment that’s my prob and I’m in an informatics collage so no lessons needed… infos are useful though. XD

  116. Ki

    A hydrogen bomb just went off in Peanut’s brain.

    Physical recovery time: 6 minutes
    Mental recovery time: 6 years

    • Hopper200456

      Wait….*Stares at Peanut.*
      Doctor,Make that 7 years…

      • Gaboris

        I’ll be the badass and say make that dog years so 49. XD

  117. puddy15

    Grape said it to bluntly! she just came out and said it!

    • Gaboris

      Yaaay someone who has the same point as me. X3

    • Hopper200456

      I know!

  118. Psycho-Cat-Boy

    Syndicated Inc.
    one of my fav weird al songs


  119. Hoheh

    Was Grape aware of the crush before or after Pridelands pretending? Hm…

  120. CassidyAndBotch

    My prediction:
    Grape: You have a crush on me don’t you.
    Peanut: Aba ugah burble uh buh duh fuh
    Grape: That sounded like a no so let’s go somewhere else and never bring it up again

    Also panel 4 is lookin’ awesome.

  121. Lightwolf21

    Seems like the most comments for one of these comics.

    • Gaboris

      Yeah This is the champion so far. :3

  122. GeminiDragon

    Please oh Please….don’t let it just be another tease…Come on… Like noone is going to see what happens next. The whole “well let’s just be friends” speech.
    I just know that is going to happen…It happens to every time… It’s like every writer just goes the whole, “Air out your laundry & nothing comes out of it” route.

    • Frank

      Uh… is there a reason you posted this four minutes before Wednesday’s comic goes up? Nice rhyme BTW

      • Gaboris

        Good timing I’d say. :3

  123. Lupin the Vapour

    GRAAAAAAPE! You broke Peanut, didn’t you? Well, you’re going to have to pay to get us another one.

  124. William Frost

    …Lol. Did you delete my comment?

  125. Gaboris

    Only two more comments to go, so sorry if I spam a bit, but you deserve the 400. ;)