Turnabout Is Fair Play
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  1. Majin-Wolf

    lol Max get out of there!!!

  2. Two_Twig

    Oh that Tarot. *Wags finger*

    • Frank

      “What do you mean, ‘I knew Tiger would eat all the pizza’?”

  3. Serp

    hurry tarot! burnt pentagram is terrible :<

    • GameCobra

      The spirits don’t like that!

    • Kamron

      Nah, it’ll just dry out into…

      …pentagraham crackers. Yay!

      • HonorèDerazey

        Penta-Crackers! Only $6.66! Lick some candles, make a blood covenant with Satan and you get a discount! That’s right! The discount will bring the price down to your soul! You only have ONE soul! Why waist it on something OTHER than Penta-Crackers?

        • Fhang

          ok, that was just bad

          • FuRrY321

            Oh, come on! You didn’t even bother coming up with a comment that matches your avvie! :(

            But yeah, that is bad (in more than one sense of the word…)

          • NobodyYouKnow


          • HonorèDerazey

            @ Fhang and FuRrY321

            You guy just don’t have an appreciation art! >=O

      • TheFilmTwit

        *groan* Oh, that was bad.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        That pun only works if you’re American.

      • Sleet


        • Frank


          And don’t even think of putting shades on!

          • FuRrY321

            Do Transitions work? ;)

  4. KzT

    Panel 3 Tarot Expression.

    Looks like she saw that coming as well!

    • rWolf1991

      I think you’re right! Hahaha

  5. Dissension

    Oh, Tarot, you’re so awesome.

    Also, last-panel Max is incredibly cute. x3

    • Valerio

      seconded! Max got the best kitty grin :D

  6. Pokeblue

    Lol, at least they’re taking this a better than I expected.

  7. Eric

    Plot hole AVERTED! :D

  8. Repicheep22

    “Uuuuuumm, the spirits…were…yeeeaah. Gotta go!”

  9. ReCreate

    I have an excuse:” some things can’t be predicted”?
    But regardless, either grape is really tall or tarot is really short. frame 3. grape sitting down is about the height of tarot standing…

  10. ReCreate

    and whos leaving tarot or max?

    • Frank

      Tarot. She’s pushing Max out of the way. He’s really a third wheel at this point.

      • valerio

        I’d run away faster than a bat out of hell, right now, if I were in his fur

        • ReCreate

          Oh the puns… fur… lol

  11. HonorèDerazey

    Wait, if she’s physic, how come she was caught by the time? But wouldn’t she have foreseen herself being caught by the time in thus not being caught by the time? Yet she foresees things that WILL happen so won’t she foresee being caught by the time and prevent it? But if she prevents it then it WON’T happen and she won’t for see it. How can she prevent it if she doesn’t know it will happen? If she… if she… *twitches 3 times*…. doesn’t foresee… CAUGHT BY THE TIME… *sparks fly out*… malfunction WARNING! malfunction WARN- *head explodes*

    • Snowmon

      I suppose it’s a little late to say, “don’t think too much about it”, now? Isn’t it?

      Oh, well! I’ll get the mop.

      • HonorèDerazey

        The mop is in the hallway closet!! Oh wait, I forgot. Mah head exploded. *Falls back to the ground*

    • Ekevoo

      It’s all deliberate. All of it! BWHAAHHAHAHAHAH!!!

    • falcon01

      No wait, that’s the point, she saw it coming so she had to let it happen because it was “fated” to happen…errr…or something.

      • valerio

        perhaps, Tarot’s visions are ‘blurred’. She can see a lot of possibilities, rather than a single outcome. The shorter the time lapse between her vision and the fact, the most accurate the prophecy.
        I guess.

        • Justice193

          orrr… maybe Tarot is shy… that would explain allot to me, including why the spirits don’t mind dealing through her… you know, ’cause they know that when they say something is going to happen she’s not going to try and interfere.

          • Snowmon

            Oh sure she’s too shy to predict the future, but not too shy to bug them about finding the TV remote.

          • NobodyYouKnow

            foresight comes with the responsibility of letting the fated happen, even when you don’t like it.
            sucks, doesn’t it?

  12. Snowmon

    Here’s what Tarot should say, If I prevent the inevitable from coming then you shall never learn from it. Because simply stating that it would happen is not the same as experiencing when it happens.

    If you try to stop anything that you see coming, it will only cause it to happen at a different time. You know, short of things on a timer like bombs and stuff.

    Besides all that, You can’t expect psychics to see EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. They’re psychic, not Omniscient.

    • valerio

      totally quote!
      Tarot is there to help her friend, not to go godmode. Pete is doing that with King…power can be a bad temptation…

      • Frank

        If Pete = Jerk and Pete = Godmod, it logically follows that Godmodding = Jerk (we all agree so far?)

        Peanut godmodded because (simplifying what Tarot said) he was being ignored. Therefore, being ignored is enough justification for acting like a jerk

        er… Quod Eras Demonstratum?

        • valerio

          OK, so I put it with the wrong words. My bad.
          I meant that Tarot is willing to use her knowledge to help Peanut, but not to change the course of the events (godmoding)
          Pete is being a jerk for reason we don’t know yet AND he’s abusing is godmode.
          As for peanut godmoding, we explored those argoment wit the previous comment box, I don’t see the need to rinse and repeat

        • Justice193

          that is not true, and I thought the same of those tests for quite some time, even though Pete is a jerk, and Pete is a godmod, that does not make all jerks god mods, that is what we call stereotyping.

          if all peaches are fruits, and all fruits are juicy, that does not make everything that is juicy a fruit, let alone a peach it does make all peaches juicy, but not the other way around. Similarly; if Pete is a godmod, and Pete is a jerk, that does not mean all godmods are jerks, or visa versa.

          we had a rather good GM who Godmoded all the time, that did not make him a jerk however, as the instances he Godmoded were important story points that ended up making it awesome in the end, and he always made it obvious that he was trying to advance the story.

          Now then, carry on.

        • Frank

          Oh come on! Only two people are going to object?

          • Justice193

            my “quod erat demonstrandum” was better than yours :p

            why should there need to be more people to object? :)

        • NobodyYouKnow

          ok, i want to learn latin, but just because i want to doesn’t mean i do, so don’t think im dumb for not knowing what Quod Eras Demonstratum means, wich is bound to be a common phrase. whatevere, please tell me!!
          (if this is riddled with typos forgive me my computer zoomed out i can’t see the words theyre to small how do i fix that? i need help!)

          • NobodyYouKnow

            fixed it

          • Justice193

            “that which was to be demonstrated”… I loves google :P

          • Frank

            Q.E.D. is what was placed at the end of mathematical proofs before box symbols were invented

  13. shinmera

    Reminds me of “Who’s got the monkey?”

  14. Sleet

    We were all thinking it. Also she’s very cute and I want to hug her.

  15. Frank

    Yup. Tarot can’t (or won’t) look into the future to see the consequences of her own actions, maybe to keep tings interesting in her life. But she always keeps a burnt pentagram handy in the oven, in case it turns out she should‘ve, but didn’t. :)

    • Ekevoo

      I still say she saw it all coming including Grape’s question in panel 4.

  16. Frank
  17. Rai'kuro

    I imagin she let this happen as a way for Grape to learn to consider peanuts feelings more?

    • Frank

      “I cannot leave unless you accept [that your place is with] Peanut, fully”

      • FuRrY321

        She just said that outta anger…
        though thanks for showing us that again, I just love the last panel :P

    • fastbreak333

      I’d like to think it’s because if she revealed all that, then we wouldn’t have this arc in the first place. :D

  18. valerio

    Congratulations, Grape! You’ve succeeded in being even meanier than Bino!!! You may not be in love with Peanut, but frick! it takes Tarot, who just came into the scene as of recent, to realize what you’ve done??
    OK, so it’s not the end of the world, but it’s painful to see how inconsiderate you’re being
    OK, now I’m gonna vent with some eternal candy

    • Frank

      Do you have any idea how much preservative eternal candy has to make it eternal? :P

      • valerio

        as long as it doesn’t rot my teeth *shrugs*

    • Justice193

      … you do realize that being cruel and mean spirited is a Girls second nature right?, especially when someone they like is involved… and if you ever tell them that, even in casual conversation like I’m making now, be ready for a quick retreat *cowers in fear of flames*

      • Valerio

        Where did I put that Flamb-o-Matic 3000? Oh, please, Justice, hold still…

        • Justice193

          … do I get a treat after? 0.O

          flames are not worth it if there is no delicious food being made with it, and trust me, I do not taste good.

          • Valerio

            I’ve got enough sauce to compensate

          • Frank

            So… the silhouette in your avatar is a hamburger?

          • NobodyYouKnow

            i always thought it was the closing scene from the lion king

          • Justice193

            … I’ll leave you to guess what it is, I don’t know where hamburger came from though.

            *cou ninjajumpingthroughflames gh
            ↑ this is easier to see on forums that support transparent PNGs ↑

            never did see the lion king there, that’s a pretty neat and unintentional illusion… which I may never be able to un-see 0.O.

          • Frank

            Where did the hamburger come from?

            “flames are not worth it if there is no delicious food being made with it, and trust me, I do not taste good.”

            There are flames in your avatar which, being your avatar, you must’ve put there. Since you do not put flames where you think they aren’t worth it, what’s behind them is not you, but some “delicious food” of sorts.

            Hamburgers are delicious.

            Therefore, what’s in your avatar is probably a hamburger. (though it’s equally probable it’s a pizza, apple pie, roast turkey, etc)

      • The game


    • NobodyYouKnow

      Q:what do you call Bino with a broken foot?
      A:whatever you want because he can’t catch you

  19. Lax

    Heh, she couldn’t admit that she wasn’t able to predict it all!

  20. BlueAnubis

    The problem with being a psychic is that if you try to prevent something from happening by telling the person it is going to happen to, they think you’re crazy, though it will probably change their actions so it doesn’t happen. However, if you don’t try to prevent it, the person it happens to gets mad at you because you didn’t. So all around, it’s a lose-lose situation.

    • Frank

      But… can’t you just say you were focusing on something else? Say, at December 2012?

    • FuRrY321

      What, Christmas? :D

      • Valerio

        nah, just the end of the world.

        • FuRrY321

          Oh. No biggie, then.

          • NobodyYouKnow

            to be exact, 12:00 december 21 2012
            you know, on that day, the earth, moon, and center of the universe will be in a line

          • Valerio

            kewl! Thus I can aim the champagne’s cork and strike the unverse’s center!

          • FuRrY321

            Did you know that it’s actually the center of the galaxy, not the universe, and that our sun lines up with it every 2 years?


            It’s been a bit since I’ve read this, but I’m pretty sure it’s two years.

          • BlueAnubis

            Persoanally, I’m going to be saving money a few thousand dollars for the day after that day. Why you ask? To buy Lamborghinis. What I’m thinking is that people will quit their jobs, buy expensive houses, and go into massive debt, thinking that the world will end that day. However, when it doesn’t, they will have to sell their expensive new toys for cheap in order to pay back the loans.

            It’s pretty close to what happened when the world ended when the Y2K bug happened.

  21. valerio

    Grape, now don’t start to change the subject, you!

  22. chrisQ

    Tarot must have some -motive-, surely…?!

  23. Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

    LOL! Ah think Tarot haz a secret plan >:3
    For as long Grape haz a relationship wif Max, Tarot can have a relationship with Peanut ;p
    Ah think she so totally wanted this happening, nya! >:3
    Or the spirits did nut tell her this, cause they actually did nut want her to use her powers for this sorta gamez “^-^
    Eithur way… It still happened, nya… ~^w^~

    • Leinad

      every time i read your comments, i die a little inside.

      i know you mean it ironically (at least, i HOPE you do) but… gah!


      carry on.

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        Dun take meh too serious {:3
        Ah only blabber away sumtimes just fur sum attenshun ~^w^~

        Or just 2 B annoying ;p

        But plz, dun die for mah sake! Ah dun know how to use CPR “O.O

      • Frank

        Haven’t you people ever played Final Fantasy kupo? It gets you used to characters that talk like that kupo!

        • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

          lol Ah like moogles ;p
          Their Pom-pom’s R so atractive… Me wanna haz it \\OwO//

  24. Gaboris

    Hehe not bad, lemme guess, so many ppl asked the same thing of you that you got inspired… and bored of the same question right? XD
    BTW I realy don get why ppl make such a big thing of these stuff saying: “You didn’ know this’ll be coming?” I don think psychics work as a tv broadcast that’s aired before the originals, I’d say they are like teasers/trailers and stuff… MAN I’m makin tv references… I gotta get off the tv. XP

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      Well it totaly depends on wich source you get yer premenitions, nya!
      Some people get it from spirits, by using taort-cards, tossing bones, tossing runes, crystal balls, or whisperes they hear or get it from their 3rd eye as a glimps of what “could” happen, a dejavu, or a feeling in their gut (intuition), nya!

      • Gaboris

        Yep just what I was sayin. X3
        Thx for the support. XD

        • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

          Mah pleazure, minya! ~^w^~
          Ah like 2 talk about the supurrr-natural, nya!
          It is one of mah interests, and hobbies (not that Ah practice any of it…. Thnk the Ceiling Cat fur that, or else there would be undead kitty-cats prowlin’ on the streets “^w^ ).

  25. Gaboris

    Oh yeah almost forgot: Tarot looks so cute in the 3. pic, she must have felt what’s comming. XD
    BTW, how can I reply on other comments, with a code or is there a hidden button? >_<"

    • valerio

      just click on the magic word ‘Reply’ in the line right under the username

      • FuRrY321

        Hey, I tried that, okay? Not my fault it thought I was commenting on BlueAnubis’ comment and not Frank’s!

      • Gaboris

        Yeeeaaaahhh… that’s what I meant by “hidden button”… Xp
        Thx for the info valerio. X3

  26. Venice

    Did you realize that max doesn’t have his ear scar in the last panel?

    • Frank

      For once, I think we have a winner! The bite-mark is no there! There’s even this light little line which is probably where it was supposed to go, and it was painted over!

      Unless, of course, that small intersection between the outline of his outer ear (black) and his inner ear (light gray) at the bottom is supposed to be exactly that.

    • Frank

      For the sake of historical interest, I saved the last panel back then. If anyone’s wondering what Max looks like without the bite mark, or doesn’t believe us, the image is here:


      • Leinad

        nice move!

      • NobodyYouKnow


        • NobodyYouKnow


      • Justice193

        I think you Photoshoped it, rick is infallible :D .

  27. Frank

    Is it important that he’s listening to Wierd Al? I mean, is it a reference I’m not getting to a specific song?

    Also, did my last comment just get deleted?

    • Frank

      Never mind, it reappeard. I’m still curious about the reference to Wierd Al though.

      • Squival

        maybe because listenin to Weird Al usually puts him in a better mood?

    • Justice193

      for some reason all I can think of is “hey hey this here anakin guy, maybe vader someday later…”

      I don’t know the names to any of his parodys though…

    • Chanonymous
      • Chanonymous

        actually, weird al is only a guest in that, but I bet it’s close enough…

  28. Kifu Miamo


    Thats the only thing that came to my mind since I happened to glance over it prior to seeing this. Don’t see much significance overall. The lyrics are stimulating, though amusing ones self can only go so far.^^;; Who knows though, maybe its like a mantra. Just keep repeating certain lyrics till you can’t think about anything else. I mean, its not like he’s really brooding over everything…right?

  29. Zlashdrive

    Rick just keeps getting better and better at emotions, compare how the comic style seems to change over time.

  30. BillyMT

    Makes me wonder… Being a psychic, is it fair to use spoilers IRL to avoid problems? Or it ruins the whole get-go?

    Hey, at least we had three months (three?) worthy of comics that we wouldn’t read if Tarot avoided all of that! XD

    …And no one here would have fantasies about Spot. To put it lightly ¬w¬

    • valerio


    • Ekevoo

      I suppose you have different kind of life problems. Part of it is how you interact with non-psychic. The very first problem is, can you rely on it enough to make a living out of it? And are you entitled to you anyway, since it’s, you know, “the spirits”?

      • Ekevoo

        Errata: are you entitled to it anyway?

        • BillyMT

          But then you’ll ruin the surprise, the thrill! O:

          …E por que =você= tá falando comigo em inglês, Kebu? XD

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Saso was cuter.

      • Valerio

        Saso is cute.
        Spot is AWESOME!

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I guess I don’t have the right wiring. I can go along with “Spot is made of awesome, he scares Chuck Norris, …” cos it’s a joke. But he just doesn’t look right to me… he’s kind of grotesque.

    • Justice193

      clearly the best thing in that whole arc was the Bow, nothing else, just he bow… bows are awesome… =p

      • FuRrY321

        If they have exploding bolts or Light Arrows. Otherwise, with good enough armour, the regular arrows are useless (then again, it depends on the distance and speed at which the arrow is traveling…).
        On another note, it’s funny how we abandoned bow-and-arrows for guns now, because a good bow could put an arrow through a bullet-proof vest any day. (But again, depends on speed, distance, and, oh, strength of bowman.)

        • Justice193

          guns are admitedly faster and much harder to dodge from a great distance, but they’ve only got velocity to back them up, no real momentum, arrows may not have as much velocity, but they do have much more momentum, and will push through more things than bullets will… then again, bullets will travel through things arrows won’t, so it’s a toss up, and you really can’t get armor good enough to stop arrows, maybe protect you, but if someone is aiming to take you down, and you aren’t within melee distance, and they have any decent training with a bow, you’re dead, the Mongolians proved that.

  31. jack

    RUN TAROT RUN!!! lol

  32. Salenstormwing

    “Look at my wrist, got to go!”

  33. friendly fur

    If she saw this coming, why didn’t she run the moment she had the chance to, instead of waiting for grape to finish the sentence :P . Also, this is the first time Tarrot did something funny and normal, instead of her psychich stuff :D

  34. Argent Stonecutter

    Don’t worry about the vase.

    • Lupin the Vapour

      What vase? *knocks it over*

      • Valerio

        there is no vase

        • Frank

          After this, all I can say is “dont’ try to bend the vase, because that is impossible…”

          • Justice193

            *very slowly heats the vase,*
            *uses tongs the gently bend the vase once it’s heated enough*
            *lets the vase cool again*

        • Argent Stonecutter

          There is a vase, there is no cake.

          Because I’m not gonna make cake for people who break my vase!

  35. FlareKitsune

    God this comic is never disappointing XDD

  36. Tom Flapwell

    This may have been answered before, but what does the shape of Tarot’s tag signify?

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Did a quick search, hope this is right

      If Not, try searching Wedjat or Udjat.
      It’s basically a symbol relating to the psychic and supernatural. *shrugs*

    • Frank

      It’s the general concept of the “all-seeing eye”, developed independently by the Egyptians and the Norse. Adopted by most cultures that have the concept of an omniscient being.

      Now for the speculative bit: it’s her connection to The Spirits Themselves

      • FuRrY321

        So if she lost her collar she couldn’t ask the spirits where it is?

        • NobodyYouKnow

          Pay attention, RIck! take notes!

  37. Dreama

    …Why does max look scared in the last panel?

    • Justice193

      Tarot turned around really fast and almost dashed straight through him.

  38. Asteri

    oh, you left a pentagram… I see

    ….wait WHAT?!

  39. AcetheGolden

    I don’t know why they’re not more concerned. Peanut’s listening to Weird Al WHILE DEPRESSED.

    • Valerio

      why do you think Tarot had a word with him? Surely not for evil Grape’s sake.

      • Leinad

        probably for sweet, innocent, tarot’s sake. or peanut’s, for that matter.

        i hear a good conversation with one’s significant other is good for cheering up

    • NobodyYouKnow

      awesome avy

  40. Argent Stonecutter

    I wonder if Tarot wanted to have fun with Peanut, and is maybe a little upset that Spot left Saso to go beat up an army.

    • Frank

      Ah, superheroes. They always use “duty calls” as an excuse to disappear.

  41. FuRrY321

    Grape-Max!! help me out! i don’t know what to say to peanut!

    Max- your on your own!

    Peanut- spot is awesome! but sadly i now i have to retire him since hes only benn working for**** years!

    Grape- peanut im sorr…! wqhat are you doing!! im retiring spot the superdog! hes getting too old!

    Grape- thats my state-of the-art mini cathouse that your retiring spot on!

    Peanut- oops i didn’t notice! but i except your lammme excuse for a apology!

    Grape- …………sniffle…sniffle..sniffle! goooodbyeeeeee my wonderful cathouse!!

    Peanut- ……….?

    Grape- what? i can be dramatic too!

    • FuRrY321

      Grr…. :evil:

      • Justice193

        di-… wha-… O.0
        is puddy15 also FuRrY321 or is this some weird hiccup-thing that happened?

        • Frank

          Short answer: Puddy15 and Furry321 read Housepets from the same computer. Sporadically, one will forget to “log off” and post as the other.

          • FuRrY321

            Thanks for that, Frank. She’s been posting her comments from a different computer (the family computer) so it wasn’t an issue, but my dad was on it at the time (it is his).

            Oh, and you forgot the “!” in Housepets!

          • Justice193

            that makes sense, only real reason I questioned it is because I’ve seen bots doing it in places as of late.

  42. puddy15

    Grape-Max!! help me out! i don’t know what to say to peanut!

    Max- your on your own!

    Peanut- spot is awesome! but sadly i now i have to retire him since hes only benn working for**** years!

    Grape- peanut im sorr…! wqhat are you doing!! im retiring spot the superdog! hes getting too old!

    Grape- thats my state-of the-art mini cathouse that your retiring spot on!

    Peanut- oops i didn’t notice! but i except your lammme excuse for a apology!

    Grape- …………sniffle…sniffle..sniffle! goooodbyeeeeee my wonderful cathouse!!

    Peanut- ……….?

    Grape- what? i can be dramatic too!

  43. puddy15

    oops! i typed it 2 times! stupid old computer!

  44. wingedwolfgirl

    Maybe Tarot was afraid that telling Grape might cause a paradox

    Grape, apologize to Peanut NOW.
    -the spirits say so.

  45. That Dude

    I just thought of something. Tarot has the whole collar and tag thing, so who owns her/ who are her “parents”?

    • Solario the Visored

      Presumably, she is housemates with Sabrina. We saw them together worrying over an old book when Pete was about to be released. It also makes sense, since they both have ancient Egyptian symbols for tags. Maybe their “dad” is an archaeologist, and the reason he’s never seen is because he’s busy running from giant rolling boulders and wading ankle-deep through snakes in old tombs! XD

    • Frank

      The Spirits!

      No, wait, that would complicate the paperwork…

  46. Azreail13

    Ahh Tarot the voice of reason,and with a sense of punctuality as well.

  47. petitcake

    D: I’m glad Grape’s being so mature about it, and she admits she was partially in the wrong too. NOW GO HUG AND MAKE UP. :3

    • Valerio

      grape’s NOT being mature. Not only she didn’t get it so far, but she’s half-reluctant about apologizing even after Tarot’s words. And in panel 1 she sounds like she’s telling ’sorry for not knowing Peanut’d be such a wuss, not my fault’.
      Not mature. At all.

      • Azreail13

        Now just for the sake of being the devil’s advocate here…Why so much agnsty goodness towards Grape?

  48. Valerio


  49. Hoheh

    Tarot is great at enlightening people moments after when the problem might have been avoided. She seems to not reveal the future unless doom or somesuch is being avoided by it..

  50. FuRrY321

    Grape looks cute in the third panel…
    too bad most women don’t look very flattering when they’re angry. >.>

    Ah, well. Say, is Max trying to get out of the way or is he trying to leave without inciting the wrath of Princess Periwinkle upon himself?

    • Justice193

      looks like a definite narrow miss as Tarot sprints away to me :)

      the expression shouts “that was close” in my mind :)

      • FuRrY321

        Either that or he’s staring in horror as Tarot’s tail erases his body from under him. :)

  51. MelSkunk

    Well it’s pretty logical. Tarot knows she’s only a fill-in girlfriend. Being psychic must stink some times

  52. GeminiDragon

    Oh BTW…Is Tarot pulling Max with her as she runs away???

  53. R-One

    Heh, nice question, Grape. But it’s a simple answer: “You only learn by doing.” Even when it goes wrong. ;)

  54. D.Durand

    Please, don’t put too many morale lessons in your webcomics. I hate when characters “who-speak-with-the-author’s-voice” start to give morale speechs. Too many webcomics do that.

    • Stew9703

      hey his comic, he will do things as he likes, besides that tarot’s character. Dont complain about something unless you did it or paying for it to be done.

      • Lax

        Hey, guess what – “My way or the high way” ain’t gonna bring you much friends. It has try and satisfy all or most people, or he’ll just end up playing by himself. Also, I could care less if we’re not paying for this, we still have a say in it, and you can’t do anything about it. Just like torrenting

    • Justice193

      I must agree, that is very “in character” for Tarot.

  55. WiseIdiot

    I don’t think so, Gemini. I think he’s just getting out of the way very quickly.

  56. FlareKitsune

    181 comments and most are gone.

    You all deserve a medal!

    • Kamron

      A-say what?

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      Their not gone Flashy-Nine-Tailed-Foxy, ;3
      Undah teh Submit Comment box is a Previous Comments link, nya! X3

  57. FuRrY321

    I swear if one more person says anything along the lines of “The comments have disappeared! Oh noez!!!” my head is going to implode (we’ve already have had ex-ploding in one comic, now it’s time for some im-ploding).

  58. Ki

    I always get the urge to squeal girlishly and hug Tarot when she appears in a comic. I think I just like dogs with poofy hair.

  59. Wolfspawn

    Haha :) She’s so adorable even though she’s a lil creepy

  60. Frank

    Okay, so, as is becoming custom, we’ve gone to two pages. Previous page is at http://www.housepetscomic.com/2010/04/23/turnabout-is-fair-play/comment-page-1/#comments for when the “previous comments” link disappears