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  1. Majin-Wolf

    Some things never change!! :)

  2. Dissension

    Totally what I would have done. x3

  3. EchoFireant

    dawww.. thats a good way to vent :>

  4. Darcin

    Good to see he’s not venting via “AND SO SPOT(SUPERDOG) BEAT UP ALL THE LIONS BECAUSE THEY WERE JERKS”. The Land of Eternal Candy is a much nicer outcome!

    Speaking of the Land of Eternal Candy, what relation does it have with CANDIED ISLAND?!

    • Stevie Maxwell

      I just hope there’s no relation to Candy Mountain. We’ve already got a griffin, we don’t need any unicorns.

      • Lanagor

        Im sure theyll be safe if they regularily do a kidney disfunction check….

    • Frank

      It probably has a lot of relation Candyland! Seargent Ralph confirmed that Housepets like that game, especially the “tackle” variation of it.

      • Darcin

        But that has nothing to do with ADVENTURE!

  5. Chip Uni




    Enjoy the Land of Eternal Candy, Saso!

  6. ReCreate

    Is it just me or does peanut look oddly… weird? (the eyes)

    (please don’t tell me this is a new style… i liked the old ones a lot better)

    • Dissension

      I think you’re seeing and/or imagining things! He looks normal to me!

    • Dovewolf09

      No ReCreate you are right it does look wierd but I think it is just tears

    • valerio

      that was my first impression too. I dunno…he looks somehow obsessed…

      • Frank

        “Bwahaha! The damsel is tied to the tracks and the midnight express is on its way! I will now make an infinitely improbably happy ending by having the train suddenly turn into a shower of daisies!”

        Or did you mean some other kind of “obsessed”?

        • SamBlob

          And I dreamed I saw the bomber death planes
          Riding shotgun in the sky,
          Turning into butterflies
          Above our nation.

          - from “Woodstock” as sung by CSN&Y

    • Wolf Pup TK

      They look much more circular than normal, IMO.

    • Thelonious

      His head’s wider than usual.

      • Dissension

        Are you sure?

        Everyone should remember that things look different based on angle and perspective…

        • Thelonious

          You have a point. His head LOOKS wider than usual.

  7. ReCreate

    (and for a moment I thought that this was a separate arc XD)

  8. Nuclear_Fusion

    Beautiful touch in that last panel. He’s trying to cheer himself up, but I get the feeling that it just isn’t working.

  9. Doomwolf

    “And then they put candy in there mouths because candy is good in the mouth”

    • Kamron

      That’s where I like to eat it!

      I also like SHARING

    • Frank

      I think it’s more something in the vein of “And so they cleaved onto the eternal candy and they ate it as candy-eater and candy-bar… and it was good”

      Wow, writing has certainly come a long way, hasn’t it? If these two styles can be so similar, I mean

  10. Lax

    I’d rather see him degrade into cookies and ice cream than this sad sap story :/

    • Frank

      He’s just channelling his upsettedness in a productive way. I mean, come on! If you do sad things when you’re sad, you stay sad, possibly for months (ever heard of artists’ “blue periods”?) but if you do something to cheer yourself up, well, you end up cheering up.

      And I think it’s quite obvious nobody is going to cheer Peanut up, so he has to do it for himself

      • Lax

        Obviously after he ruined his friends’ fun, they wouldn’t beg him for forgiveness. And I always cheer up later, not emo like him

        • valerio


          • Frank

            Was… was that a raspberry?

          • Zekermeme

            I concur, Lax’s lack of comprehension cannot be remedied by words.

          • Frank

            You know, the funny thing is I thought he was agreeing with me X-D

            “I think it’s quite obvious” → “obviously”
            “you stay sad” → “I always cheer up later”

        • Lax


          • Kamron

            Mm, I love it when your arguments degenerate into name-calling, Lax.

            Even if Peanut is reacting strongly over this entire situation (and justifiably so, considering that he just got into an argument with his pseudosister and best friend), nobody has complete control over their own faults. He’s not perfect–not a “Mary Sue”–so it’s scenes like this that show how his imperfections and make him an interesting character.

            It’s called story-telling, Lax. I sure as heck wouldn’t be reading this comic if everyone had absolute control over their emotions.

            As for this situation, I feel that Peanut is taking it fairly well. His smile in the fourth panel indicates that he’s coping and will soon return to his normal state.

          • Rick Griffin

            Come on, no name calling.

  11. falcon01

    canine chocolate! yay!

  12. Pokeblue

    Wow, he seem to cheer up pretty fast. Much faster than I expected. Oh well, good to see him smiling again at least. I wonder how the others are doing…

    • Dissension

      Peanut may be smiling, but he has a river of tears flowing from each eye… I don’t think he’s terribly happy.

      • valerio

        most definitely not!

  13. R-One

    Should be interesting to see how Grape and Max are “venting” this Friday… and should be doubly interesting if/when Grape learns just how upset she’s made Peanut once she finally calms down.

    • Frank

      Grape? She’s probably finally taking a nap. Max? probably out in the rain, or getting involved in Bino’s latest scheme (unquiestioningly if he’s half as upset as the other two)

      • Zekermeme

        Somehow I doubt he’s that upset. There’s something not quite right about that boy.

  14. AcetheGolden

    Ah the wonders of fanfiction, where deceased characters find the magic potion of super-life that they secretly drank before they died. I wouldn’t mind them so much(there are plenty of chars I wish had survived) if they were written WELL. Though I like how this strip pokes fun at that XD

  15. Frank

    Yay! The Tish-You!s are back! We haven’t seen those in a while.

    I’m guessing it’s the end of the arc. This means we’ll see some of the other characters soon. I wonder if the spoils of the Easter Egg Hunt will be involved?

    This ending reminds me a bit of One over Zero (a rather long read. Long-story-short, when the author is ending, he realizes his fictional universe will end, and so teleports his characters elsewhere, with little more than saying “good luck”)

    • valerio

      yey, someone else remember 1/0!!! It was pure genius!
      let there be light!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      “This means we’ll see some of the other characters soon.”

      Jo… King!

      As a Hyena!

      (no, wait, I’m crossing the threads)

      • Stevie Maxwell

        Don’t cross the threads. It would be bad.

        Try to imagine all animal characters as you know them becoming human and every environment in the comic becoming photorealistic in the blink of an eye. Total plotline subversion.

    • Bruja

      Could anyone explain the pun in “tish, you” – I wasn’t able to find any translation for tish on the web. It’s enervating to miss a joke.

      • valerio

        tish you! = tissue

        • valerio

          also (sorry for forgetting)

          tish, you! = make you look good

          • Frank

            Tish, now a verb

          • Alahmnat

            I think it’s a reference to the Homestar Runner strip where Strong Bad is sick, and asks The Cheat for a box of similarly-labeled tissues, more than an urban dictionary usage. ;)

  16. Frank

    Only just noticed: Peanut changed his choice of colors to make this Saso look more like Tarot’s (previously, he drew more cartoony spotted hyenas)

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s kind of the same thing that happens when you see the movie of a book: regardless of how well-described the characters are, and how you imagined them to be, you’re going to be influenced by the look of the film when you re-read it.

  17. valerio

    We’ll miss you Saso, even if you caved in to peer pressure.
    *sniffle* HATE see Peanut crying!! :(

  18. valerio

    Princess is *evil*

    • Frank

      Why? because “We can’t stop all the war because the princess said so?” I think that’s more of a way of saying “just because”. Characters are rarely created so naïve that they just give up when told.

      • Zekermeme

        Well, when you think about what it actually means to be at war, and you assume that the hero in question has certain limitations, including unwillingness to wipe out both sides completely forever, really, you CAN’T stop a war if the leaders don’t want it stopped.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Build an impenetrable unscalable wall between the factions?

          • Frank

            But they would just dig under it
            or worse, resort to rocketry

          • Argent Stonecutter

            They’re not rocket scientists, you know!

  19. valerio

    I still think that it will be Max to bring Grape back onto the road of reason. At that point, Peanut will reconsider his position about her kittyfriend

  20. Cid

    The mere sighting of Tish You incorporates an impending soft scene between two or more pets.

    • valerio

      we’re thinking on the same line, here!

    • Frank

      Okay, help me out here. TishYou! first appeared on September 5th, 2008 and then again on November 12th, 2008. In both cases the comic that immediately followed showed “a soft scene” between Bino and Sasha. Do we have any other appearances where the following strip didn’t involve Bino and Sasha?

  21. Metaceryn

    I ship SuperdogXSaso. IT WAS MEANT TO BE.

    *braces for onslaught of rotten produce*

    • Loki Impisi

      HEEEREEEETIIIIIC!!!!! *throws rotten napalm grenade*

    • Valerio

      *throws rotten zombie tomato*

  22. James319

    i wonder what max and tarot are doing, weren’t they left in the same room?

    BTW Saso in the 2nd panel looks looks great :D best drawing he’s made so far, id say but whats that in front of her? his hand? his back? ._. im confused

    • valerio

      saso is a male, meremembers.
      Also, it’s Spot’s paw in front of him

  23. Argent Stonecutter

    “But I’m dead, in my universe. Plus I’m really an a**h*le.”


    “You wouldn’t like the real Saso, Spot.”


    • Frank

      Best comment yet! (no offense intended to other commenters… we’ve gotten some really good ones today)

  24. Gaboris

    Awwww, that’s just too cute. X3
    Ya know the funny thing is that this is just the thing you’d expect Peanut to do if things aren’t goin the way he likes it. So pure and cute like a child. Great job man! >wO

  25. valerio

    Group hug for Peanut!!

  26. Sienna

    Oh Peanut…getting emotional because of a story of his own design. He’s so sensitive!

    …but that is pretty sad. Poor Saso.

    *just cries*

  27. Draco_2k

    I said this before and I’ll say it again.

    Best. Comic. Ever.

  28. Cid

    Where in heavens…ok, Grape better be in the next comic. Reconciliation sucks when it’s prolonged

    • Cid

      ummm, am I the ONLY one seeing something in the squibbles? Because I really feel there’s something in there…eh, imagination rox and sux at the same time

      • Frank

        Do you mean Panel 3 or 4? In panel 3, I think Peanut started to draw Spot’s neck and torso getting sucked into some sort of vortex, but then scratched it out. In panel 4, the only “scribble” that attempts to make any sense is the one at the bottom of the TishYou! box, but all I can make out is “w/ lations%”, which doesn’t make any sense at all

    • Frank

      ooOOOooo… speculation will abound like it did between the end of the “Down at the Farm” arc and the start of the “N-ple date” arc

  29. Azreail13

    Aww poor Peanut,But I’m happy that he at least found a good outlet for him feelings.

    • valerio

      he’s not the kind of guy to give in to prolonged brooding. I think Grape is.

  30. microbuss

    Tish,You! STILL a funny gag ;-)

  31. valerio


    • Frank

      And we had Verne under the car there and the exterminator on the other end, and we were wondering, “how are we going to get Verne out of there?” So we cheated. When the camera wasn’t looking he simply disappeared, and reappeared on the other side of The Hedge gasping for air.

      –Tim Johnson

      • valerio

        cheater! no fair!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Heresy! There was no OTH movie!

        • Frank

          Hey! That was an awesome movie! They just… mistitled it, that’s all.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            No! If there had been a movie that completely ruined the comic strip my brain would explode, therefore there WAS NO SUCH MOVIE!

  32. ShiLin

    Don’t know why nobody said this before but I feel a little bad for Tarot; I mean, it’s obvious that Peanut still like Grape not her. Even if she may not likely feel sad herself, but still…

    • valerio

      Well, Tarot was sincere since her f—t apparition: she came into Peanut’s life to help him in a moment of distress, and in prevision of a great change in his and Grape’s life. My best guess is, she knows she hasn’t a very intimate relationship with Peanut, but if such a situation will evolve in favor of said relationship or toward a Peanut+Grape situation (yay!), it is for the Spirits to know.

      • ShiLin

        I don’t really think we can ever understand the thoughts of Tarot, and I do not think she will sad for this. I just feel for her situation……

    • Ekevoo

      Well Peanut lives with Grape and likes to spend time with her; it’s hard to compete with this. To me it didn’t look like Peanut is confusing his feelings (significantly).

      I’m really hoping to see Tarot’s personal (not the “the spirits” thing XD) reaction to all this. =3 Have I mentioned I like her?

  33. friendly fur

    D’AAAAAAAAAAAAW. Peanut’s so cute :D , and I feel sorry for him D: Everyone do a D’AAAAAAAAAAW with me now :)

    • ShiLin


    • valerio


    • wingedwolfgirl


      …Do I win something?

      • Frank

        Probably a bigger screen ;)

  34. Profesor Rod

    That pup with a heart of gold~

  35. Lenn


  36. jack


    • Valerio

      I’m sooooo tempted to join you in a goodhearted maniacal laugh… But knowing rick, I KNOW I’d regret it.

    • MelSkunk

      Hey, some of us LIKE licorice!

  37. anthroguy101

    If you go to the land of eternal candy, can you ever come out? O_o

  38. HonorèDerazey

    Would the land of eternal candy be something like this?


    • wingedwolfgirl

      That… has to be the most disturbing thing I’ve seen –yet.

      • HonorèDerazey

        I know. We still haven’t figured out why my cousin would make such a thing…

    • Rick Griffin

      No posting things like that

      • HonorèDerazey

        Sorry. =(

      • HonorèDerazey

        As disturbing has that video is and as much it should be burnt into my brain I actually forgot that much gore was in there.

        BTW, Isn’t ‘Baleeted’ used in Homestar Runner?

  39. MelSkunk

    Aww, Peanut is crying? Poor puppy!

  40. wingedwolfgirl


    Suddenly, my 2nd fav-character in-the-whole-wide-world, sprinted in,
    And scooped up my Anti-mary-sue (who’s not the least bit perfect, and totally NOT me).

    Then carted her away to the magical kingdom of everlasting happiness, where they lived happly-ever-after; but still had many wonderful adventures and pups.

  41. Malak1147

    Methinks Peanut cracked a little bit…

    I’ll help.

    Malak: *To Peanut* Oh Peanut!!

    Peanut: *Sniffle*

    Malak: You you like to play with me and King?

    Peanut: Wow, really? What are you guys playing?

    Malak: Doctor. :D

    I’m evil…

  42. Fuzzypaws

    Peanut needs cookie dough ice cream. That always helps me :3

    • Lax

      Or if not, at least gives you a stomach ache :D

  43. Rin Kagamine

    “And no one ate dinner that night”.

  44. E-104 Epsilon

    Dogs can cry?

    • valerio

      in Housepets! they can.

    • Frank

      Technically, any animal that has tear ducts can cry

  45. Lucien

    No wait better yet let’s go to “Candy Mountain!” and let’s bring Charlie!!

  46. Malak1147

    Maybe, maybe not…

    Btw, does Peanut look a bit… “nutty”, to you? *Cymbal Crash*

    *Chuckles Heartly* But seriously, he does have a kind of crazy look in the last panel…

  47. Authur

    I’ve pretty much been wondering this the entire time I’ve seen this comic…what kind of dog is Peanut?

  48. Argent Stonecutter


  49. Hoheh

    This definitely constitutes “something completely different”, I reckon.

  50. FuRrY321

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…
    Spot (superdog)’s hand looks… wrong…

    On another note…

    Peanut Sniffles!!!

    • Justice193

      … hand? where?

    • iHavezMyBirdo

      I don’t think that’s his hand, but I can see that too…

  51. Zander

    Oh my God, the “Tish, you!” box returns! NOW WITH LOTIONS :O
    Praise the all-mighty “Tish, You!” box!

  52. puddy15

    Peanut- why would i care if your dead in your universe! i never liked you so…

    Tarot- GRAPE WEDGIES!!!!!!!!!!

  53. puddy15

    Peanut- ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tarot- oops! sorry peanut thought i could scare ya!

    Peanut- ……………….?

    Max- TAROT SNEEZLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Peanut- whats with you people?

  54. puddy15

    candy mountain charlie candy mountain! candy mountain charlie candy mountain candy mountain charlieeeeeeeeee!!!

  55. deet

    What’s with the bone on peanuts chest/tummy?

    • puddy15

      its a tag that attaches to the collar!!

    • puddy15

      I thought it was his hand…. (okay, that’s not what I originally thought it was…)

  56. deet

    oh nvm its his collar tag. :p

  57. GeminiDragon

    I think it was unfair for Grape to yell at Peanut! I mean just because it wasn’t in sync on how she thought the story should go, doesn’t mean that everyones has to have it just one way. Besides Peanut always put on his own spin in stories & Grape always seemed to get along with it.
    I feel sad for Peanut.

  58. Frank

    As usual, here’s the link to the previous page of coments for when the link at the bottom of the page disappears:

    • puddy15

      What do you mean, disappears? It’s always been there? (Or maybe I just come at the best of the times, hehe.)

      • FuRrY321

        Oops. Heh, guess we both did it, huh, sis? :hehe:

  59. MistingWolf

    Peanut’s lucky. I can’t even draw vent art. I’m too frustrated, and if I don’t get things just right, I’ll get even more frustrated!

  60. Wolfspawn

    Meh candy dog :P

  61. Supuhstar

    Anybody else get the “Tish, you!” Reference?