Game Over

Note: Third panel speech bubble was changed 1:50 AM, because Max sounded like he was saying something I didn’t intend him to say

Note 2 Electric Boogalo: Okay his phrasing was off again, so I fixed it again, 1:04 PM

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  1. Majin-Wolf

    Peanut is one pure hot dog!! 0.0

    • valerio

      he cute when he’s angry!

  2. EchoFireant

    Poor Peanut :<

  3. Dissension

    Poor, poor Max! *hugs Peanut and Max*

  4. Cannon Fodder

    Sorry Max, you should’ve put more quarters in.

  5. AbortedSheepFetus

    Tarot! Comfort mode, now!

  6. Repicheep22

    Why do I get the feeling that someone’s getting a broom to the face in the near future?

  7. Darcin

    …Wait a tic. Tarot arrived because she foresaw Peanut being in need, but if she hadn’t shown up, this whole mess would never have started and then -


    • Kamron

      Hey, don’t worry about that sort of thing; you can’t glue something back together without a couple of bones!

    • Foxstar

      That’s assuming that things weren’t headed downhill to start with. Remember, the cats decided to take a ‘break’ and left Peanut hanging before Tarot even came into things. Her use of powers simply sped up the decay of things as it was.

      Her arrival does nothing to address the underlining issue, that being that this was a private playtime between Grape and Peanut,. It had been for a long time and was not the type of thing you bring outsiders into without asking first which Grape failed to do.

      • Frank

        Actually, I’d say she slowed down the decay of things. Peanut would’ve probably left the game sooner if Tarot hadn’t shown up; he was basically threatening to go to her place unless Grape and Max kept on playing.

        In short, when Tarot saw Peanut needed help, she tried to help, but didn’t succeed.

  8. Sleet

    Awwww. :(

    We all knew what was going on, but I never expected the term “Mary Sue” to be invoked by name here.

    • HonorèDerazey

      It caught me but surprise too…

    • K-Kun

      Why not? Sound perfectly what a character like Spot is, much more on a setting like this.
      Super powers are typically poorly seen in many adventures, and for roleplaying? That’s just winning the Mary Sue/Marty Stu award in a heartbeat.

      • AbortedSheepFetus

        Well, it really depends on the degree of the superpowers. I get it in Spot (Superdog)’s case because he’s the every-power superman stereotype. But it can work out if they have limited super powers, such as the ability to conjure cutlery.

        Actually, bad example. That’s more powerful then superman could ever hope to be.

  9. HonorèDerazey

    Geez, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Peanut this mad! O.O I thought the time Joey charged him $20 (I think it was $10. Ah, I’m too lazy to go back a look) for a drawing was as mad as he could get because that was RIDICULOUS!

    BTW, if I was Max in the last panel I still would’ve broom-to-your-faced Tarot! =D Not technically hitting her.

    • Dissension

      Looks like Maxwell isn’t -always- a jerk to the other pets. = P

    • Hopper200456

      Its ten..He is pretty mad…

    • Frank

      It’s supposed to be a spear, so I think he was only going to jab at her with the bristles.

  10. Repicheep22

    Why do I get the feeling that someone’s getting a broom to the face in the near future?

    • AbortedSheepFetus

      You already said that.

    • Repicheep22

      Oops…I hate slow internet.

      • Frank

        I hate total lack of internet :-( Stupid April showers took out my telephone line.

  11. Cerberus

    Awwww thats not fun. D: Peanut and Grape shouldnt fight. I just doesnt seem right. They go together like………well i think we all know what like.
    But you have to admit, when them two get heated, they boil.

  12. Chip Uni

    *snugs Peanut*

  13. Shen Hibiki

    … why I’m only worried for Tarot, actually?
    Peanut’s angry wit a reason, true.
    Grape’s mad, with her own reasons too.
    Max is sad ’cause he dodn’t got to play, not a big reason…

    .. but Tarot can end up blaming herself for this, after all without her there’s no simulation, no Mary-Sueing, and no BIG fight.. <.<

    D: I worry for Tarot….

    • Argent Stonecutter

      At least we got another shot of tarot-the-hyena.

      • Justice193

        aww man… the mental projection being broke totally ruined the surprise of her being a potential spy :(

  14. Kajex

    I’m siding with Peanut on this one- Mary Sue or not, it didn’t look like it wasn’t going to be much more than a 1-vs-Isengard-Emptied fight anyway (least, I didn’t see any other fighters besides Max and Grape). Sure, it might be self-centered to include a self-inserted mary-sue character into a story, but that doesn’t excuse being selfish enough that both kitties didn’t consider Peanut’s (nor Tarot’s, to be fair) feelings on stopping an already good game just to play something else (even if it IS on a super-cool psychic holodeck).

    • falcon01

      I agree completely, they first hijacked the playtime when they found out what Tarot could do then they have the guall to get mad when Peanut wanted to have some fun too. in every other pretend time Peanut and Grape had they DID just roll with whatever the other came up with, and even at first with Max they were doing fairly ok. The kittys got greedy and spoiled it for them all.

      • Shurhaian

        I’ve said it elsewhere, I’ll say it again:

        Peanut did not object to the suggestion of Pridelands. At all.

        And he Mary Sue’d right over Tarot, too.

        • Justice193

          that is true, tarrot did warn him ahead of time, in fact, she can’t even blame herself, this is something that could of happened without the mental projection. *will give two sense laterz, in me own comment :P *

        • falcon01

          Actually at first he wanted to continue the indy storyline and it was Max who jived for the Pridelands…does Peanut like Pridelands? yes, but it was Max who hijacked playtime and pushed hin for Pridelands

          panel 2 and 3

          panel 4

  15. LoneTiger

    Who is “Mary Sue”?
    I do not get the reference… -.-

    • Kajex

      It’s a term referring to a cookie-cutter character that, like Mary-Poppins, is practically perfect in every way. Essentially, anybody without reasonable character flaws.

    • Lance

      Mary-Sue: Injecting yourself (the author) as a super-character into fiction (usually, though not always, fan-fiction). Wesley Crusher, in Star Trek: Next Generation, was supposed to be how Gene Roddenberry viewed himself.

      It’s a term that both Peanut and Grape, as amateur writers, would have a good chance of knowing.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        They have internet in Housepets world, right? They gotta have TVTropes.

        • Frank

          Yeah, it’s Rule 43 (or something ) of Internet 2.0, isn’t it? If it exists, there’s a wiki about it.

  16. GameCobra

    Hopefully they can sort this whole thing out.

    I’m guessing Grape will realize the way she was behaving, but i’m also wondering what steps she will take next?

    • Justice193

      as sad and terrible of a person you may consider me for saying this, I think peanut is largely to blame.

  17. 2MK

    Why isn’t Peanut’s tail go up? a dog’s straighted up tail means that it’s mad and/or angry.

    • Kamron

      I think panel #3 scared me the worst out of any Housepets comic. Max, who was not a part of the prior conversation (perhaps they can hear each other at all times in magic pretend land?) reacting with a vicious line like “Yeah! With that dog gone…?” Couple it with that face, and it’s a bit alarming how vehemently Max appears to feel that Peanut leaving was a good thing.

      I could anticipate him becoming angry, but this sort of meanness was surprising. He seems to radiate superiority, smugness, and a hint of cruelty.

      • Kamron

        …aaaaand that was not meant to be a reply. sryplz

      • valerio

        I lost Max’s speech 1.0, and I’m glad I did, or I would’ve posted an inappropriate comment on that cat.

      • Shurhaian

        The impression I get from the way it stands now is that things got retconned to just before Spot laid the smack down on that hyena, but everyone was left with a semi-memory of it. Thus the “whatever that was”.

        • GameCobra

          I don’t recall Rick doing this much. Only time i recall was at the start of this arc when there was no knocking on the door.

    • Foxstar

      Remember, this is a comic about cartoon animals.

      • FTW

        I agree, i think you guys are reading too much into it. Spot (superdog) is a dog, so refering to him as such is natural, and not an insult at all. Besides, all Max knew about him was that he was a dog, he didn’t know about Spot (superdog), so what else would he call him?

  18. shinmera

    I saw that coming…

  19. valerio

    Aw :(
    Poor Peanut!
    And poor Maxie: if he had known what was going to happen, he’d had dropped Grape’s invitation.
    Also, methinks it will be Max who will help those two to make up.

    • Frank

      This makes me think that Tarot can’t see into the future things that are affected by her actions, otherwise it would’ve been her who objected to the invitation.

  20. TheBrigeedaRocks

    Was I the only one making *STOMP STOMP STOMP* sound effects in their head when Peanut stormed off?

  21. Tahoe

    Assuming they couldn’t hear one another (extrapolating from previous comics), I prefer what Max said originally. It fits the scene and the character. I honestly didn’t see him being malicious at all in what he said.

    • Rick Griffin

      Yeah, but other people are making dumb assumptions

      • Argent Stonecutter

        To me the new text doesn’t make sense at all. It took me a second reading to “get” it, and it still seems awkward.

      • Justice193

        I second that notion, I didn’t even get to see the original text, and I can’t say this really looks entirely coherent.

        we all know what it does to people when we assume things :) .

      • Darcin

        I didn’t even realize the implications until I saw that it had been edited.

  22. fastbreak333

    Yeeeep. Saw this coming. Playing pretend can be really nasty when you can’t agree to anything. :(

  23. Azreail13

    I have nothing personal against Grape and Maxie,but (You knew it was coming) They totally “Stole the show” as it was,took over everything then when something didn’t go their way Grape went all Diva.I think it’s about time Peanut stood up for himself.

    • valerio

      totally ditto!!
      Also, Tarot was quite clear about it: ‘Only with Peanut and only if he’s okay with it.’
      Grape is twice guilty: she could have asked Peanut in f—t place and he would’ve agreed to let Max in the game.

      • Shurhaian

        The key phrase there is “only if he’s okay with it.”

        Which, recall, he was. He said he LIKED Pridelands.

        At least, he did when he could be the only one of the lot to actually accomplish anything, or even have a coherent thought(see 31 March).

        • Azreail13

          I didn’t take it as he could be the only one to have a coherent thought,I interpreted it as he was trying to keep in story as much as he could,what with inserting a character for himself to enjoy the game,and that Tarot was acting on knowledge that Saso couldn’t have had,so he had to explain that she,as Saso,couldn’t use that knowledge to act.I think that made sense,at least to me it did XD.

          • valerio


          • Shurhaian

            The point Tarot was making at the time, though, was that Saso ought to be able to figure things out from what he already did know; to make him incapable of doing so would be to turn him into an airhead.

      • Justice193

        he did agree to let Max in the game, sure it was after the fact, but he still did, and his terms were that Tarrot would play too, and lo and behold, she got there before he could even call :D

        I don’t see how anyone can really blame grape when Peanut was completely ok with everything, I mean, we all know the only reason Peanut may of had to deny allowing Max to play may have been jealousy… which could be why he wanted Tarrot to come over, when he could of chosen from a motley assortment of any other one of their friends.

        it might look like the cats hijacked the show, but that’s only because their characters were separated, this battlefield was where their characters should have met up, and continued on from there, how were they to know he’d be playing as spot? you ask me, Grape has every right to be angry, more-so if she ever figures out his ulterior motives (if he really has them) to setting up their game that way

        (ps: thanks for losing, I win :D )

  24. valerio

    ‘Playing Pretend’ is just like Monopoly, but without the cardboard.

  25. James319

    LOL poor guy

    i think you mean Gary Stew XD

  26. Shurhaian

    Let’s see.

    Peanut could have held firm on the issue of inviting Max without his okay. He dropped it as soon as Tarot got involved.

    He didn’t object to the Pridelands switchover – he said he liked Pridelands when Maxwell grovelled at him.

    He Mary Sue’d right over Tarot, aghast that the character she was focusing on might do anything other than let him save the day – that she might even think.

    He admitted in the prior strip to wanting to clobber an army on his own, thus going with an unstoppable superhero rather than a heroic but more balanced character.

    And this is all AFTER Grape and Maxwell got nudged into different characters than they had planned, because of the impressions of consistency and balance that Tarot got from – that’s right – Peanut.

    So his thoughts tuned THEM down, but he had no problem with stealing everyone’s thunder.

    And now he’s storming off because they didn’t meekly accept this.

    He may have valid points in there, but I’m honestly not seeing him as very sympathetic right now.

    • valerio

      Peanut went all godmode, and we all agree it wasn’t a nice thing to do.
      Nontheless, the cats could just have helped setting countermeasures with Tarot’s help once they got the jig. They just wanted everything to be canonical to THEIR whishes. In fact, they practically wanted to change the game (lost again, frick!) without his consent, and it took Tarot to involve him.
      had Peanut the right to insert Spot? Yes. Had he to be more considerate? Yes.
      Had Grape the right to yell at him? NO. COnsidering Peanut would crawl into the fire for her, she could just have asked him instead of going diva. And even if storming out of a game (arrgh!) is quite childish, Peanut has all the reasons to be angry.

      • Justice193

        Peanut set himself up for grief, whether he knows it or not, I personally believe Jealousy has played a big part in his decisions, and is only slightly percievable, as it should be, and while I’d love to agree that Grape is at least partially to blame, she’s just trying to be certain that the plot line follows the original plot line, while still letting everyone have fun, her points stand firm to the test of the original story context, and therefore, no matter how selfish you may consider it, she is absolutely correct and in the clear, and seeing as Peanut had full control over the character he chose, he should have chosen a character from the story he could still have fun with, as the cats had gotten… and unless the character had relations with other characters that prevented it, if worse came to worse; he could have even switched the sex of a character to suit his needs, and everyone would of still been able to have fun…

        I like to think this arc ties into the story somewhere, so I’m going to focus of Peanut’s jealousy ^.^.

    • CalaverX11

      1. They’re kids. They’re going to be irrational until they get their way.
      2. Grape is just as guilty of being “my way or the highway” as Peanut is of being Mary Sue.
      3. People are reading waaaaaaayyyy too much into this comic. :P

      • Valerio

        hey, reading into this comic is half the fun!!

        • Justice193

          weeeeeeee……. *runs in circles chasing comments he missed*

  27. Ada

    Best case scenario, Max and Grape apologize and try things his way, we get to see …
    Heropets! Betcha Tarot makes an adorable sidekick. Also Batmax and the Wonder Grape!

  28. Cid

    givim a hug!!

  29. valerio

    Spot lost a fan :(

    • Cid

      Hopefully not a friend. Max is taking it a little better than I though he would

  30. chrisQ

    What’s a >>Mary Sue<< ???

    • Nohbody

      Very simply, a perfect character with no flaws whatsoever, that can always save the day no matter how bad the situation is, and all other characters (especially canon ones, in fan fiction) are falling all over themselves to be the Mary Sue (or Gary/Marty Stu, for male versions) character’s best friend, and basically worship the ground the Mary Sue character walks on.

      Named after a character in a Star Trek fanfic with that name, written many years ago, that pretty much created the modern definition.

      Do note, though, that “Mary Sue” is subjective, and all too often the accusation is thrown out without the accused actually being guilty of anything other than being written as a non-sucky character.

  31. jack

    What’s bad is that Max and Tarot were having fun playing and then Peanut was having fun playing destroying an army single handedly. It was Grape who blew up and ruined everything because it wasn’t her perfect little image that was happening.

    Playing “make-beleave” is just that… you can’t get technical with imagining without getting serious. Relax grape, become a super hero too and pop off some heads! lol

  32. MalixDexide

    Sounds like Peanut said the 6 forbidden words! XP

    Hint: IDWTPA

  33. KzT

    It looks like Peanut doesn’t like sharing the spotlight. Unconsciously at least (and hopefully).

  34. Argent Stonecutter

    Yeh, I blame Peanut too. Tarot should have paid for the ten buck prediction.

  35. Spirit

    wow… I don’t think we’ve ever seen Peanut so ticked off before…

  36. FlareKitsune

    …Yell. Yell. Meant yell. x_x

  37. valerio

    my impression, or Tarot *does* look upset..?

    • EchoFireant

      I’d think Tarot is upset with Max’s remark.

  38. friendly fur


    • valerio

      OK, despite everything, he is!

  39. TallenMF

    Awww, poor Max. Also, I think the term for Peanut would’ve been more appropriate as “Marty Stu” instead.

    Hrm, I wonder how long it’ll take until Peanut and Grape make up.

    • Frank

      Grape’s angry. I think she’s “allowed” to ignore subtlety

  40. KennyT

    In all fairness to the arguments, she seemed to be just fine with his decimating the army until she realized he was playing as spot. It was because he didn’t pick a cannon character that she got so upset.

    Great comic Rick. I’ve been reading for a while but this is my first time commenting.

  41. KeeganWolf

    Awww, is the adventure over? :[

  42. Gaboris

    That’s how overcomplicating ruins a game, it’s true that Peanut wanted all the fun time and that also ruins it, but he’s right with Grape and Max starting it.
    So the end for this arc will be Peanut and Grape making out already? XD Kay-kay bad joke. X3
    No idea what it could’ve been what you didn’ want Max to say and that’s too bad, but it’s your story so I’m fine with it. Keep up the good work. ;)

  43. Profesor Rod

    Poor Peanut :>Tarot: Hug Peanut now!

  44. othorlimmis

    tearjerker ahoi!

    gityer tishyous mateys!!

  45. puddy15

    Grape- hey! tarot get me outta this fantasy i’m stuck in here!!!

    Peanut- tarot don’t even think about letting her out of the “fantasy” pride lands place!!!

    Max- faze 1 complete, time for faze 2-getting revenge!!! 1-agitated 2-getting revenge

  46. Justice193

    well, as much as I’d like to say this is Grape’s fault, I have to side with Grape on this one… sure, her inviting Max over without getting Peanut’s approval was wrong, be he did invite Tarrot over… which she predicted, but that would appear to be as much as Tarrot went into the prediction, “Peanut needed her” to come over and play with them, so he could have a friend over too, that was that. all Max was doing is having fun, the whole time, even when Peanut sort of took over the battle.

    even though it was the cats who came up with the idea, Peanut still agreed with it “hey, I like pridelands too you know” was how he put it if I can remember correctly.

    In proper DND style, one would have to select from the cast of the story, or the DM would have characters already in place that s/he knows is balanced for the adventure at hand; Tarrot warned Peanut that Spot was not a wise choice of character, and even he admits he could still had fun while being a different character (and lets be honest, he likes cats).

    Instead of playing with everyone else, he chose an overpowered character, and got mad when someone pointed out that him being that character took the fun out of it for everyone else, and freaks out because deep down, he knows he’s wrong, and therefore I end my side of the argument with:

    Peanut is to blame for this abrupt and uncalled for end to their game, because he refused to heed warnings, and consider the feelings of other players… with maybe a hint of jealousy I’ll throw on there for people to consider, and to seal the case.
    End Case.

    annnd counter arguments, GO :D .

    • Valerio

      boo *hiss*

  47. ReCreate

    awww… poor maxwell, they ruined all the fun.

  48. Michelle

    he did agree to let Max in the game, sure it was after the fact, but he still did, and his terms were that Tarrot would play too, and lo and behold, she got there before he could even call :D

    I don’t see how anyone can really blame grape when Peanut was completely ok with everything, I mean, we all know the only reason Peanut may of had to deny allowing Max to play may have been jealousy… which could be why he wanted Tarrot to come over, when he could of chosen from a motley assortment of any other one of their friends.

    it might look like the cats hijacked the show, but that’s only because their characters were separated, this battlefield was where their characters should have met up, and continued on from there, how were they to know he’d be playing as spot? you ask me, Grape has every right to be angry, more-so if she ever figures out his ulterior motives (if he really has them) to setting up their game that way

    (ps: thanks for losing, I win :D )

  49. Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

    Mah worst case cenario came true, mao… /._.\
    Hope this fight doesn’t turn their friendship into kitty-littu, mao… (Ah need a hug nao… /._.\ )

    • wingedwolfgirl

      HUG!!! :3

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        Thnx, me gonna dwown mah sadness in chocolate milk nao! {:3

  50. wingedwolfgirl

    Ouch, total burn.
    2nd time in the comic that’s happened (1st was w/ King when that present exploded).

    But, I’m on Peanuts side here.
    Grape owes him an apology,
    THEN he owes Grape an apology.

    Tarot and Max?
    They’re bystanders in this one.

    Yea, just pointing out the obvious. -_-

  51. Tibarus

    I don’t know how any of you can think Peanut is primarily at fault here.

    It was Grape that went behind Peanut and invited Max, it was the two cats that hijacked the play and it was Grape that was under the impression that the entire simulation was for her and Max.

    I’m backing Peanut on this one.

    • Kajex

      Amen- it’s worth noting that initially, Peanut was going to raise an objection, before Grape quite rudely interrupted with a call of “Seconded!” If he hadn’t agreed to it, there’d be a long period of groveling and begging from Max. :P

    • Sleet

      The cats are justified in criticizing Peanut’s role playing, though. Sure, they did something worse, but no one is innocent here. Except Tarot.

      • Indagare

        Except if Tarot foresaw that Peanut was going to call her over then she’d also have foreseen the results of it.

        • Flexico

          Let’s not go there … we could be here all night! XD

        • Zekermeme

          I’m going to go out on a limb and guess she’s taken a bit of omniscient morality license with this one.

  52. The game

    I also back up Peanut, not just becuz he’s my favorite but becuz he’s right! Grape was the who invited Max with his knowing and then kinda crashed his party, not to mention shun him and be all ‘lovey-dovey’ with Max(ie). I see that Grape is to blame.

    • MC_Hollis

      I am also with Peanut! Though I see it like Little Brother being over ruled by Big Sis’s Friends. I Personally know how that is…. :( But, I kinda see why others go with Grape- It’s like going up to a Pokemon tournament with nothing but Legendary Pokemon. He’s just trying to have fun.

  53. Pogiforce

    That DnD argument would be sound, if it weren’t for the fact that you assume Peanut is just another player. considering Tarot is pulling the fantasy from peanut’s memories, Isn’t he essentially the one sculpting the story? Doesn’t that make him the DM? The game stopped when he quit, you can’t run DnD without a DM. And DM gets to say what is allowed and what isn’t.

    Now really, Peanut shouldn’t have been Spot the Superdog. to go back to that DnD reference, it’s like having a DM run character doing all the work in the campaign. your players don’t get to do much, they get bored. And that has probably the most to do with the game ending up ending. But still, ultimately, I have to take his side. I find his outburst most justified. and here’s why.

    Peanut was getting zero say in how things were run as soon as Max showed up. it was Grape and Max’s show. don’t say he was completely okay with it. If he was he wouldn’t have complained in the first place. “Three’s a crowd, panel 3 and 4″ Peanut was clearly upset about the third wheel. he was overruled. He didn’t allow Max in, he was forced to roll with it. “The Calling” panel 2 and 3. Peanut even mentioning he was left out of the decision making process. his suggestion about calling Tarot was probably more rhetorical out of anger than a true intention, but Tarot showing up on her own made it happen. “Kitty Talk”, panel 2 and 3, Peanut wanted to keep playing Indiana Bones. He was overruled. By Max no less, with the statement of “Idol nothing! If we’re going to be playing in hyperreal sensurround sound, I am putting in a request that we drop the idol and switch to pridelands, NOW!” That any way for a guest, in fact a guest in a normally private and personal game, to act? yes, Peanut agreed to pridelands after the fact, but that’s like someone turning off my xbox while I’m playing a game and forcing me to play a different game. I like both games, but I’m playing not by my choice. That’s pretty much what happened to Peanut. And if he complains, he’s either overruled, or get viewed as a spoilsport. Now, in “”Exceeding Expectations” it’s made clear that this is Peanut’s Scenario. Probably the first thing he was given decision making powers in since Max’s arrival. Peanut is DM, his rules, his way. But when his way doesn’t work with Grape’s way, she yells at him.

    Now after having evaluated all that, grape’s argument that “you ruined everything” and “you’re taking all the cool stuff for yourself” sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. she invited max, forced a change in the game’s rules, then they quit without informing him, then forced the game to change to something else. Grape and Max have been ruining it for Peanut this whole arc, and taking all the cool stuff, like say decision making powers, away from Peanut. Yes, peanut being Spot was a bad decision, but having been forced to go along with everything thus far, I don’t really blame him for wanting to try to make it fun for himself, and I most certainly don’t blame him for his reaction here.

    • Lupin the Vapour

      I agree. Besides all that, if you look at Max, not ALL the bad guys got pummeled by Peanut, if Grape had just rolled with it, she could have had plenty of fun. At the very least, a lot more fun than she would have had without the help of Peanut and Tarot.

    • valerio

      your comment, sir, is the best articulated argument I ever read for this arc. Kudos!

    • GameCobra

      You have a strong argument there.

      There’s only one thing i have to say in Max’s defense though and it was only reinforced because of Grape: It depends on guest rules in the house. certain families and formalities sometimes allow the guests to do what they want. It usually is a type of formality for kids from my experience to call for a change and get some sort of approval. in this case, as soon as Max saw something cool, he immediately threw a suggestion to “play it that way” towards Peanut. if Peanut said no, it would be fine, but Grape stuck up for Max first.

    • Fuzzypaws

      Fourthed. What else can I say that you haven’t?

    • Justice193

      well said, and I give you an additional kudos, as the one who made the original D&D argument :P .

      I hadn’t thought about it like being a game someone unplugged you from and then shoved you on another machine, and while I would argue that you could be upset about the switch, it’s likely that even I would go with a majority if I liked both games… though I’d play it just because I like either one and wouldn’t care either way :P .

      *reels in fishing line and collects prize*

      and now that both arguments have been made clear, I think it’s very easy to go from here and say the final result is everyone’s fault, except maybe Tarot, because while one party did what they wanted, the other did the exact same thing, and two wrongs don’t make a right.

      again, very well versed, I was expecting this to take much longer to arrive at the conclusion of the argument, and another kudos is deserved for that alone :) …. and another for good measure :D .

  54. Stryde

    Mmmmm, drama. It’s not an RP without it!

    • Lupin the Vapour

      Too right. If you don’t have a good argument, then you’re not playing right. XD

      • Stryde

        … LUPE. LOL. You’re stalking me!

        • Lupin the Vapour

          I THOUGHT that was you.. and no.. I’m barely stalking you at all… >.>

          Great minds love great comics? XD

  55. Poplick

    Typo: Incompatible, not incompatable.

    Also, that hyena isn’t Tarot. Note the eye colors. :P

    • GameCobra

      i’m pretty sure that’s Tarot in Panel 3. Panel 3 and 4 closely reflect it, though it’s just funny that after she turns off the game, Max was looking like he was gonna broom her XD

      • Poplick

        Huh, you’re right. I saw that the rest of the cast had the same eye colors as in real life, but Tarot changed to green.

        But then again, the tags uses a “Pridelands characters” instead of a “Tarot as Hyena”

    • ilikepie

      Also, it’s “all of A sudden” not “all of THE sudden”.

    • Lupin the Vapour

      Check out any of the other panels where Tarot is using her powers, her eyes turn green.

    • Zekermeme

      …it’s “incomparable”, not “incompatible”.

  56. icarus

    i think all parties are at fault, jeez. it’s like a bunch of kids who had a major misunderstanding while playing pretend and got upset.

    also the front page HTML is still busted, i still can’t see the comic when i just go to

    • Mandy

      …it IS a bunch of kids who had a major misunderstanding while playing pretend!

  57. Jasper-Must-Speak

    It’s like watching my own childhood.

    … except, my childhood wasn’t nearly as prettily colored and there was a lot less comedy.

  58. Hopper200456

    Um…..Is it just me or does Tarot have 3 arms in panel 4?

    • Chromeheart

      Nope. I think that’s the lower part of her front mane.

  59. Noah

    Wow this seems alot like how playing pretend usually plays out for kids. *sigh* poor guys

  60. Tommy

    im siding with peanut

  61. FlareKitsune

    115 comments and most are already gone? Damn you guys are good XD

  62. iHavezMyBirdo

    Dang :\

  63. KzT

    I find both sides are equal as they both make good points but if I had to choose a side, I’d go with Grape. Its like playing an action game with a friend who is really good at the game and right before the most actiony and fun part of the game, he does all the work completely putting you in the background doing nothing and leaving you bored.

    That and I found Peanut’s reactions to having Max over as over-exaggerated.

  64. Lance

    The “fight for the spotlight” is seen not just in kid games… it reminds me of every non-moderated online RPG/dramatic MUD I’ve ever seen. “Powergaming”… ugh.

    That being said, I understand Peanut. Grape and Max were just using him to get access to Tarot’s abilities, and that was very selfish too. Nobody’s coming away from this incident clean… well, maybe Tarot. We’ll have to see how she handles it to see if the ranks of the petty are complete :)

  65. Lax

    Idiot Peanut! Worst selfish friend ever!

  66. Nyrufa

    Siding with Peanut!

    Who hasn’t had dreams of joining in an epic battle from some of their favorite stories by incorporating an Original Character to the mix?

  67. Rakeela

    Wait, was Tarot about to be smacked by a broom if it hadn’t ended right then?

  68. Hoheh

    Hm… Well I got the completely different part right…

  69. ReCreate

    Maxwell’ looks cute in that last pannel. :3 poor maxwell *hugs maxwell*

    • ReCreate

      (the “Awww kitten” kind of cute)

  70. Ki

    Siding with Grape, though I understand Peanut’s side. But mostly I think Peanut is just jealous of Max, as he seems to be getting more attention from Grape.

    I have to say Grape, though, because as a writer and an RPer, NOTHING is more annoying than a plot killer. (Ex: “OMFG GIANT SQUID IS ATTACKING US.” “Lol, it’s ok. I killed it with my magic giant squid killign sword”) It takes all fun and purpose out of the game/story.

    • Ki


      Darn my spelling!

  71. tjprower

    Yep, both parties were out of line. I would’ve done something similar to Peanut, but my character isn’t THAT overpowered, so it would’ve still been fair. Peanut was slaughtering them! XD
    Out of curiosity, however, what would have happened if Max HAD hit Tarot with that broom? =D

    • Cid

      she prolly woulda shifted to another character. Or…’broom to her face’ thing is kinda counter intuitive of the comic’s theme

  72. Authur

    It would’ve been awkward if the owners walked in anyway. I mean…now we know the source of the illusion, so it’s still development.

    …also, I have to wonder if this guy has revealing Tarot’s owner in mind somewhere down the line. That would probably be interesting.

  73. Wolfspawn

    WHy’s everyone so buffed :P

    • AcetheGolden

      Honestly, if you were to have some sort of incredible imagination *Does Spongebob imagination rainbow thing* power, would you rather be buff, or your normal self? ^^

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I’d be about half my real height, with a really wiry build. And a ferret.

        • AcetheGolden

          Exactly. Although, I’d wager that many would love to be that anyway >_< hmm..what would I want to be?

  74. Luircin

    I think that both sides of the argument are at fault here, but I sympathize more with Peanut. Being abruptly shoved into third wheel status is not fun in the slightest, especially if your feelings are ignored in the process. I’d go on, but the argument made in the earlier post made most of my points for me.

    At the same time, Grape is right that powergaming does tend to ruin the fun for everyone but the powergamer. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that, so I don’t need to elaborate.

    Overall, though, I would think that if she hadn’t been shoving Peanut aside ever since Max showed up, he’d have been much more receptive to her arguments, and might even have taught him a lesson about making the games fun for everyone. But that’s not the case, and now she’s lost the source of her fantasy adventure in the process.

    I think that the question is, is she going to be upset more over Peanut being angry at her, or upset over the fantasy being gone?

  75. Luircin

    And while I’m thinking about it, I’m going to just assume that Max wasn’t aware of the argument going on. Because otherwise I would be VERY unimpressed with how he didn’t care about the fight and only about getting back to his lion fantasy.

  76. J.J.

    Oh… Poo!

    Max looks so… deflated.

  77. Argent Stonecutter

    So, next scene, they’re picking up stuff knocked down by Max’s broom and Grape’s whatever-prop-was-serving-as-the-bow? :)

  78. That Dude

    Uh-oh, Tarot better go talk to Peanut and see if she can make him feel better

  79. Zeekthelion

    Well…peanut does have a point. =/

  80. Flexico

    I was actually happy with the fight because it’s a good sign there’s still hope for GrapexPeanut!! XDDD

  81. Frank

    New comic is up. The standard deal: If the “previous coments” link doesn’t show up below, the previous comments can be found at

  82. Azreail13

    Aww Poor Peanut,Good that he’s found a outlet for his feelings though.

  83. Loki Impisi

    RAGE QUIT!!!

  84. K-JAG

    A cute strip. I’m glad the roleplaying arc is over; I was beginning to wonder how long it was going to last.