Yes I’m Still Using The Same Background

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  1. Foxstar

    Sounds like some of the debates Rick and I have had talking about RP’s. And to be fair, Peanut was perfectly happy with the old style of RPing before Max and Grape begged him to get Tarot to allow them to do all of this.

    • Frank

      “But it ruins the ENTIRE point of playing pretend!” :D (alt text)

    • GameCobra

      It’s interesting to note also that Peanut apparantly wanted to play canines as well. I was wondering the same thing as Grape and i’m guessing that that’s the reason she went along with Max’s suggestion as well: She thought Peanut would play as Saso.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Hyenas are more closely related to cats than dogs.

        • Ohnoepotatoes

          Lol can’t wait for ur next one I’v read them all ur hilarious and sould keep it up nice job

  2. Foxstar

    Also, poor Tarot. I doubt she will let -any- of them ask her for anything else ever again. No wonder the spirits hate this kind of thing.

  3. Sleet

    My question is why couldn’t Peanut do that with Tarot some other time, and let the cats have their authentic Pridelands experience?

    • Foxstar

      Why should Peanut sit out and let Grape and Max use his girlfriend as their own psionic holodeck? Plus do you think they would be happy with just this one time?

      • KzT

        Its more along the lines of Peanut should at least let Grape and Max have some fun fighting before he jumps in and starts destroying the army single-handed.

    • Frank

      When else is Tarot going to agree to this? Peanut’s not the kind to say, “make with the kitties before I explode!” and Tarot’s not the kind to give in to that unless she’s foreseen Peanut really is in dire need of it. Isn’t she?

  4. EchoFireant

    We like beating up armies single handedly :D

    • Frank

      And, if you think of it, that really is the reason video games sell so much. (I’m going to try not to think of it because it’s 1:15 AM here)

      • Kamron

        Speak for yourself; I only play games that require me to do a series of tedious domestic chores in a neverending cycle. It’s really quite enjoyable.

        • Frank

          The Sims?

          • Zekermeme

            Animal Crossing.

          • FuRrY321

            Harvest Moon (shudders)

          • HonorèDerazey

            Farmville. D:

          • FuRrY321


        • Argent Stonecutter

          I play games that let a computer programmer get the kind of groupies normally reserved for rockstars.

          • Mook

            ….I must know what this is. Halp? Please?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Look at my avatar. What game is that in?

          • Zachs Kappler

            That’s not a game, that’s not a game at all!

          • FuRrY321

            I don’t know. What game is it from??

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Aaaaand, my comment is awaiting moderation.

            You can check out my whole Snapzilla album while you’re waiting. Just click on my website link on my name.

          • FuRrY321

            Finally I find out what life these avatars come from: the second one. :)

            Who knows, maybe I’ll join and frequent between the two lives?

    • Chip Uni

      Once you beat up one army single-handedly, you just can’t stop!

      • BlueAnubis

        That’s why there are so many levels on Dynasty Warriors.

        • EchoFireant

          quite true. After that, you get harder modes of it :>

  5. Majin-Wolf

    Yeah Superdog makes it too easy for everyone we need to see equal power status from a common enemy!!

    • Frank

      And that common enemy is soon to become Spot himself!

  6. ReCreate

    lol at how grape points her fingers towards spot in the last strip XD

    • Kormiak

      Actually, she’s not pointing her fingers at him, she’s holding out her hands in a sorta :see what I mean?” kinda gesture.

  7. Frank

    Wait, Saso burns innocent villages but can’t beat an army? Doesn’t he have an army of his own which he can command with one hand? I’d think that qualifies as “beating an army single-handed”!

    • FTW

      Yes, but indirectly.

  8. Sleet

    Also: before it comes up, no, hyenas aren’t canines. They’re canids, along with foxes and pretty much anything other than dogs and wolves.

    • Ebly

      No, they’re not even that, they’re in the feliformia suborder as their own family, hyenidae. Not related to caniformia, let alone canidae.

      • FuRrY321

        canidae sound like Canadien, pardon my French. :D

        • Frank

          Vous avez échoué Français pour tout des temps :P

          Canidae is Latin, literally meaning “family of dog-like animals” (can=dog, canid=dog-like)

      • Sleet

        Mind = blown. Turns out they’re on the side with cats, not on the side with dogs, ferrets and bears.

        That’s the last time I trust “common knowledge” about taxonomy. I honestly should have known better at this point.

        • Sleet

          Come to think of it I think it was jackals I was thinking of, not hyenas.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Yep, hyenas dog-like appearance is parallel evolution. Kind of like mongooses and ferrets, which are otherwise no more closely related than cheetahs and foxes.

  9. Icharus

    Wow I’m really starting to see the Peanut and Grape within the characters. Interesting.

    • Frank

      I’m beginning to think that the whole point of this arc is similar to the point of Duck Amuck. (If you don’t know Duck Amuck about, go watch it on You Tube now! The second best animated cartoon of all time is well worth it.)

      According to [its] director Chuck Jones, [Duck Amuck] demonstrated for the first time that characters can have a recognizable personality, independent of their appearance. … Jones is speaking to the audience directly, asking “Who is Daffy Duck anyway? Would you recognize him if I did this to him? What if he wasn’t even a duck anymore?” In all cases, it is obvious that Daffy is still Daffy

  10. Ruduen

    Saw this coming, but I can’t place any blame on either side.

    On one hand, power balance in games is a really tricky thing, and even a slight advantage can be difficult to handle, never mind an overpowering one. Fairness is tricky.

    On the other hand… I’d totally want to do that.

    • Frank

      Don’t play D&D with Ruduen! :D He’s just admitted to god-modding! :D

      And speaking of… why not go all out and take over Tarot in controlling the world? Do your own change night for day and then stick your tongue out at the skeptics? Why is playing the überly buffed-up character better?

      • Zekermeme

        I’ll take that challenge. If I can turn a cocky elf into a gold bug, I’m sure I can handle Ruduen.

  11. Frank

    The best way a magician has to hide his trick is to call your attention to it. In this case “yes, I’m still using the same background” and “So, she said, setting up th segue”

    Good work! I truly hadn’t noticed, and it provided additional laughs

  12. RockstarRaccoon

    LAWL. I like the contrast of Peanut-Spot’s full-body-expressions…

  13. OutOfNowhere

    All this happening while Max is out fending for himself.

    • JB

      That is what I’ve been thinking too. Hopefully Max has troops nearby to support him or he’ll really need superdog plus Grape.

    • FTW

      But at least he is finally seeing some of that action that Peanut had stolen earlier.

      • Justice193

        something tells me max is doing fine and having the time of his life while those two duke it out XD

  14. DJ Nightfire

    It like Dynasty Warriors!!! the Comic! Watch Spot smash the attack button repeatedly as he goes against a somewhat endless army to untie Pridelands as one. And… toss in some random ancient proverbs, some background heroes and old man that say that only ‘you’ can unite pridelands and end the chaos in the land.. and done!

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      Actually, this reminds me more of God of War, nya!
      Peanut/Spot (Super dawg) being so buffed, wearing red and pale (like Kratos)figting an enemy army without relent, nyaha! X3

  15. falcon01

    Peanut/Sopt in panel 3……………………

    • falcon01

      or spot even lol

      • Frank

        Now, now. Sopping is correct. It’s like mopping, but with food!
        Of course, it would be more applicable to panel 4

    • valerio


  16. Cthulhu

    Peanut’s not getting into MY D&D group. Glory hogging munchkin.

    • JB

      Yeah, one HUGE army. Unfair that Peanut is playing a godly character. Someone bring out the orphanite.

    • Zekermeme

      Oh, come now. My group has a term for a DM who can’t cope with a munchkin. Do you know what it is?

      A DM who… well, who simply isn’t very good at all!

    • Justice193

      I love Munchkin, munchkin is an awesome game! :D

      • HonorèDerazey

        The word, ‘Munchkin’ always made me hungry. *Eats a sammidge*

    • Sleet

      You know how I would handle those kinds of players?

      Lie to them. Rob them. Drive them mad. Concoct impossible scenarios whose only outcome is their death. And then, when their eyes glisten with shame and rage, drink their tears.

      Thankfully I’ve never had to DM for those types.

  17. BlueAnubis

    I am getting a vision

    *Glowy Blue Eyes Effect*

    Someone will see panel 3 and want to make it into their avitar, but then they will see this comment and change their mind. But than after. Reading the second part, they will re-reconseder considering making it into their avitar, but will once again, be confused by this comment.

    *Eyes stop glowing*

    I think I just broke my own brain with the logic of that vision.

    • Frank

      wait… you’re waiting for Valerio to say he’s confused by your comment?

    • Justice193

      you have made me WANT to make an avy out of it… but I’m not going to, cause I’m happy with mine :)

      • FuRrY321

        What exactly is your avvie, anyway? Everytime I look at it it reminds me of an anteater dying in flames. :|

        • HonorèDerazey

          No no no, it’s a SILHOUETTE of an anteater. Silhouettes behind or in front of flames usually means it’s evil. So it’s an… evil anteater? O.O

        • wingedwolfgirl


          A cartoon-y pokemon.

          Google Lucario.

          • FuRrY321

            I already know who Lucario is (I even have the movie “Lucario and the mystery of Mew”). But I still don’t see it. >.<

          • BlueAnubis

            Well, it’s a character of mine (that is my namesake) that I asked someone to draw for me (since my own artistic skills are limited). It started with a Lucario recolor (an extremely bad one) and I just kept adding to the character until it felt done. So now I’m here with my own burning anteater as my perrsona

          • BlueAnubis

            Well, it’s a character of mine (that is my namesake) that I asked someone to draw for me (since my own artistic skills are limited). It started with a Lucario recolor (an extremely bad one) and I just kept adding to the character until it felt done. So now I’m here with my own burning anteater as my persona and an odd combination of pokemon and sonic the hedgehog that would confuse even the most heavily medicated slash-fiction writing fangirl.

          • FuRrY321

            And now I’m sitting here reading both your comments so I don’t miss any differences. :P

    • wingedwolfgirl

      ThankU Anubis,
      good comment.

  18. valerio

    Princess, you really could use some diplomacy, here. Again, this is not YOUR fantasy only and you’re playing by Peanut’s intercession, not Max’s

  19. Ada

    Iiii’m sorry, Princess Grape, you just lost the argument. Panel three’s SuperPeanut pose invalidates your point.

    • valerio

      It *does* by enunciate 1 of ‘Eye Candy Compensation’ Law :D

    • Frank

      Grape’s answer? “Any problem can be fixed with the correct application of pressure to a stupid person’s face.”

      Trust me, you do not want to tell Grape she’s lost an argument

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        Yer right about that O.O Remember what happened to Bino?
        She smacked ‘im wif a frying pan on ze head, yeesh! O.O
        And he woke up at ze vet “^.^

  20. Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

    This also reminds me about that Zelda cartoon they had in the Super Mario Bros. Super show X3

    Grape: My hero… *saying that in a sarcastic tone*
    Peanut: Well excu~se me, princess! *also*

    Ah luv that show, just as Ah love this comic, nyaha! \\(^o^)//

  21. Squival

    cant say I blame Peanut for tryin

  22. TDW

    There should be consequences for the whole thing, I hope that ghosts start to intervene and shake things up even more :)

    • Justice193

      now that… could be funny, and is something that, if it works out well, I would then request in future playings, so no one has such full control over their characters stats :)

  23. Kamron

    Careful, you guys! We don’t wanna break New York City, now, do we?

    • BlueAnubis

      Aww! We Don’t? Why not?

      • Frank

        Uh, ’cause we don’t have the budget to make a disaster movie? ’cause we can’t fly to London to do a take 2? (at least not right now, check the news) ’cause we’d have to pick up after ourselves?

        …it sounded funnier before I wrote it :|

  24. HonorèDerazey


  25. Salenstormwing

    In other news, the lighting in the middle of the night is still outstanding! I guess having tract lighting that’s hidden really well helps a lot.

    • Frank

      Don’t turn around! You might see the lighting crew!

      • Salenstormwing

        Max might go all Bale on the lighting crew. And we can’t have that.

  26. Eric

    I gotta side with Peanut on this one. Grape has been much more inconsiderate than he has.

    • Rick Griffin

      BTW Happy Birthday

      • Justice193

        remind me not to post on mine XD

        • Frank

          For me not to post on mine is slightly easier: it falls on a Tuesday :)

      • HonorèDerazey

        I wish someone would tell ME, “Happy Birthday”. All I get is a beer bottle broken over my head from my dad and a cigarette in my eye from my mom. =(

      • Frank

        How did you know it was his birthday?

        • Foxstar

          That’s Rick’s RL big brother.

        • FuRrY321


          Frank, you don’t know something!?

          Just kidding, I did not know that, either. :D

    • Dissension

      Seconded. Also, Happy Birthday (again).

    • FuRrY321


  27. Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

    Well, it looks like their both inconsiderate… But Ah have to agree wif ya for a bit, Max an Grape wanted to do this, so atleast Grape and Max should give ‘im ze right to choose what ever/who ever he wants to play as a compensashun.
    Cause they are using Tarot’s powers after all, and if they wanted to play their own fantasy then Grape and Max should play pretend only with each other and not use Tarot’s power to do so.

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades


  28. AflacMan13

    (Mouse pointer Caption) “but it was only ONE army!” classic HAHHAHAHA!!!

    • Frank

      Reminds me of:
      “You killed her?”
      “Yes, but I only killed her once!”
      I can’t seem to recall where I remember it from, though

  29. MrMutt

    Hilarious. I love the conversation in the last two frames.

  30. Gaboris

    Awwww poor lil Peanut, the others won’t let him have his lil fun. X3
    I just love “Spot” in the last pic. XD

  31. Kitsunefan

    Jeez Grapes mean, not like she owns fantasies he can be whatever he wants to be =o

  32. Cid

    Has anyone even taken Tarot’s side on this? Poor little Pomeranian, everyone’s fighting for something that’s not her, even though that whole fantasy land was hers to begin with…

    • MrMutt

      The fantasy land is more Peanut’s. But being reminded of Tarot, I do feel sorry for her since she is the one doing all the work to make this fantasy world “real”.

      I hope she gets a real nice treat after all this.

    • Cid

      I think I sense the impending end of this fantasy 0_0

  33. SamiwolfKo

    (hurry!! i want moar D:)

  34. puddy15

    its soooo unfair grape’s fantasy is always ruined!!

    i wonder if Max has the same problems with somebody else?

    • HonorèDerazey

      You would think Grape would be use to it though. I mean, Peanut ruins her fantasies AND her naps.

  35. FuRrY321

    1st Panel: Evil Overlord Pose

    3rd Panel: Superman Pose

    4th Panel: Submissive Pose

    Spot (superdog)/Peanut is just awesome, ain’t he?

  36. FuRrY321

    I just realized how much I like Grape as Illaya! Even if she’s not in character! :P

  37. HonorèDerazey

    I’m all too familiar with this situation. I want to go on a zombie killing spree, but the stupid population takes away that opportunity by NOT being zombies. Don’t they ever think about me? >=L

  38. wingedwolfgirl

    Not sure which side to take here,
    Grapes right, but come on…
    this is his chance to have fun 4 once! :D

    BTW…Who said
    setting up the segue?

  39. Argent Stonecutter

    Panel 4, who wants to rub Grape’s tummy?

    We have 5 cats, but only one accepts tummyrubs. The others remind me that we haven’t declawed them yet.

    • Fhang

      *raises hand*

      Tummy rubs for the win

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      Ah think she’s moar of teh behind teh ear scratchin’ then belly-wubs “^-^
      But if you can affor to losse a finger then goes aheadz an try, nyaha ;3

      • Frank

        I hate to say it, but I agree with Aerix on this one. As illaya, if Grape does not “accept” the tummyrub, it could mean you get your head ripped off

        • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

          Why do U hate to say it, nya? O.O
          Did Ah sead sumtin’ wrong? /._.\

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Cats tend not to be as cuddly as they look, they always have that bit of standoffishness… that “don’t forget we’re sadistic mass murderers under the fur” poise.

        • joey banana

          all cats come straigth from hell

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Dun say that, nya! O.O
            Ah dun come from hell, a come from mah mothers belly, hissssh! >:3

          • Thelonious

            I did have a comment right here and now its gone…

        • Argent Stonecutter

          My cute mass murderer delivered another dead bird this morning. :(

          • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

            Dun be sad! *Pats on head*
            Just think of it as nature, nya! ÓwÒ

          • Hopper200456


          • Thelonious

            they show it with pride, as it was a trophy… don’t be mad at her/him.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            No, she’s got five kittens to feed, so I just took it away and made sure her bowl was full of good stuff.

          • Thelonious

            whoa! that was quick replying!

            Nice, I would consider you to be my owner in another life.

  40. Hopper200456

    Grape is cute when shes mad!

    • Hopper200456

      I hope this doesn’t end up where peanut is all alone while Max and Grape play….

  41. joey banana

    actually I just noticed the background after reading the title…
    I don’t know why you think you had to use this as a title, as I don’t think your fellow readers are that picky

  42. Hoheh

    They have nice bit of chemistry, huh? Still wondering if it will end with a hug, a kiss, pain, or something completely different.

    • Kamron

      I’m hoping for the completely different option. I’d say we have pretty good odds, too, considering ability that Rick seems to have with ending things in a satisfying yet unexpected manner.

      • FuRrY321



        I can’t tell. :|

        • Hoheh

          Sounds like fun. Though Grape x Peanut is still an intriguing character romance I like. My pic is a good description of my opinion for such a relationship. No matter what, awesome and/or heartwarming is expected. The mystery will be HOW…

          • Kamron

            Personally, I’m hoping for a huge rift that needs to be gulfed. I’d really like to see Rick take on trying to bring Grape and Peanut back to a state of close friendship after it falls off the shelf.

            It’d be a relationship with a little more character than “we grew up together.”

  43. Lupin the Vapour

    Heh, Peanut reminds me of one of my players in my D&D game. “All I’m asking is to be able to completely destroy everything by level 3, that’s not much, is it?”

  44. Wolfspawn

    Awww… let him play :)

  45. icarus

    why’s the html busted? the front page doesn’t work. just shows up blank.

  46. puddy15

    peanut-does that mean i can’t play as spot the superdog anymore or does it mean that i can but your just upset that you didn’t get to beat them up with a lame arrow. you do realize that i have AWESOME MUSCLE POWER and all you have is a arrow so maybe its a good thing that i beat up the army, just in case your arrow doesn’t do anything!

    Grape- now you’ve crossed the line!! don’t insult the super arrow and don’t say that my arrow is weaker than your so called muscle power!!!

    peanut-but my awesome muscle power is better than that lame and weak arrow!! can i still be Spot the superdog and defeat all enemies for you? since your just a wonderful little princess!!


    • FuRrY321

      That would give Rick an excuse to draw that huge, gaping mouth again.
      Only this time with more feline-like teeth, yesno?

  47. puddy15

    peanut-being spot the superdog sure is fun.


    peanut-gotta reach for the…!

    grape-don’t even think about it!!!!

    peanut-ahhh!! wait grape you scared me, i thought you were sleeping.what?! i was just trying to take that sharp thing and play with it!!!

    grape-i don’t want to keep cleaning up your mess anymore so don’t even think about you know what!!

    Daisy- Hi i’m Daisy!!^^

    • Hoheh

      As an aside, I like Daisy. Her, Tarot, and Sasha could be a nice trio. Though Daisy would probably need to say more. Maybe.

  48. Fuzzypaws

    RP is srs business.