I Can Show You The World

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  1. lolparty


  2. EchoFireant

    The title cracks me up XD

    • Pokeblue

      I completely second that statement. XD I have to admit, that definitly caught me off guard.

      • Legendario 777

        Make it a third…

        • Rahiros


  3. Treobearn

    on a more comic related note, Grape sounds like she’d be yelling at a little brother who just ate the last cookie :P

  4. KzT

    Peanut! Stop playing with that gasoline next to the fire!

    • Manix

      oh your sentence made my day XD

  5. Dissension

    This is priceless. *laughs hysterically*

  6. Repicheep22

    I love the “literal” sound effects, and the title is made of win.

  7. Sleet

    I love the alt text. It reminds me of (a much more cuddly version of) an older 8-Bit Theater comic. ♪I’m walkin’ on sunshine!♪

  8. Lightwolf21

    Widest open mouth ever drawn in this comic. :O

    • microbuss

      oh yeah I agree! & its also funny! lmao

    • FuRrY321

      She is a lioness, after all. ;)

    • Sleet

      Her teeth are too human though.

  9. HonorèDerazey

    I don’t get what’s so funny about the title, but the mouse tag is funny: Stepping on the bodies doo doot doot doo.

    Makes me want to step on some bodies… hmm… maybe I could kill the lurks on here and step on THEIR bodies. *Pulls out shotgun* Here lurky lurky lurks, where are yooou?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Peanut: I can show you the world
      shining, shimmering, splendid
      tell me princess now when did you last let your heart decide?

      I can open your eyes
      take you wonder by wonder
      over sideways and under…
      on a magic carpet ride

      A whole new world
      a new fantastic point of view
      no one to tell us no..
      or where to go..
      or say we’re only dreaming

      Grape: A whole new world
      a dazzling place i never knew
      but … PEANUT!

      • FuRrY321

        Hehe. I suppose the genie (or in this case, the magical doggie/birdie/hyena) made you do it?

  10. Rider098

    Aaaaand cue the “my fantasy, our fantasy” argument! Well, this is Pridelands based on Peanuts dream… so I guess Peanut would win.

    I can already imagine what Grape sounds like with her mouth like that, like a sound that when zoomed out to outer space you can still hear. Peeeeaaaaanuuuuut! XP

  11. SomeGuy

    Someone has entitlement issues…

  12. jack

    what does he mean by “Any of you”? … I love frame 3 by the way. Grape seems to be like… what the hell?!

    • falcon01

      Tarot and Max both dropped out of charecter in the last couple strips and now of course we have Grape doing the same…of course in each case it was DUE to Peanut being Spot that caused said slips.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Frame 3, cue avatar in 3… 2… 1…

      • valerio

        …aaand, done!

  13. WolvenPaw15

    Peanut is in the dog house now…

    • valerio

      and atta royal collar :D

  14. ReCreate

    LOL at the title xD cant wait to see what happens next! :D

  15. Darcin

    Ehh, technically speaking, the only reason why they have fantasy world is because of Tarot, who arrived for Peanut.

    granted i doubt neither grape nor max would really care about this right now

  16. falcon01

    I have a feeling the dream will be ending soon and the gritty reality of war…err…feline revenge will be setting in very soon.

  17. valerio

    Peanut is total cuteness!
    C’mon. folks, I’ll bet he accepted to play this scenario with Grape JUST for this moment. D’AAWWW!

    • Ada

      D’aaaaaw! :3

    • Whiskers

      I totally called it! You all saw it I so called it a couple strips ago >:U

  18. valerio

    maybe two wrongs don’t make a right, but if Peanut started playing godmode, Grape *should* remember that 99% of this fantasy is copyright by Peanut and has come to life as a favor. It’s not ‘her’ fantasy.
    Really, those two should settle down and talk this out before things degenerate.

  19. Argent Stonecutter

    The irony! It burns!

    (get some water on that, irony is soluble in water)

    (or is that poison ivy?)

  20. valerio

    Did someone see if my gravatar changed? If so, how can I have the new one appear on my screen? I still have Miles’ shown (not that I mind!!)

    • FTW

      It changed.

      • valerio


  21. shinmera

    Waaait. “my fantasy”?
    I thought it was because of peanut that they could even play it like this.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Yeh, it was Max who came up with the idea of doing Pridelands. OK, maybe it was mere seconds before Grape but still…

      • shinmera

        And plus, without peanut and tarot, they couldn’t play it in as “realistic” as this.

        • valerio

          uberquote! Just don’t be a spoilsport, kitties!!

  22. Pokeblue

    So that means he’s been in character this whole time…Cool. Too bad Max and Grape are still gonna hurt him for this.

  23. Zachs Kappler

    Just having read this strip after dropping from a TF2 match I can just hear the Huntsman’s SFX as she lets him have it with her bow.

    *Vwoof* *PING!* Strongbad: Arrowed!

    • Hopper200456

      Or… StrongBad: Its a piece of pizza!

  24. Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

    Oh! BOY! “O.O
    Take cuver, mao! She’s about to blow! \\(O_O)//

    • FuRrY321

      Do you have to work at talking like that? Or does it just come naturally?…. :|

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        Bit of both, nya! ;p

  25. JB

    Cut! Redo scene. No revealing actor’s real name during filming. Back to your original places everyone.Take two.

  26. valerio

    Spt is mightier than the humans!
    He can fly, punch trough walls, breathe fire…but can he win a princess’ heart?

    • SamBlob

      …or stop a princess from ripping his out and eating it with fava beans and a nice Chianti?

      • valerio

        *gasp!* cannibobble!!

        • FuRrY321

          No, canisamblobble!

      • Legendario 777

        Mayor LOL’s !

  27. valerio

    I so do have the sensation that for the next three panels there will be Illaya shouting like a dragon and filling the panels with angry words.
    Panel 4: Spot silences her with a kiss.
    OK, so I am still optimist about those two. Sue me :D

    • BlueAnubis

      and then the big panel at the bottom would be everyone freezing and a big *record scratch* sound effect or *crickets chirping* as everyone stopped and stared.

      • Valerio

        I approve :D

        • FuRrY321

          No, wait that didn’t come out right!
          Da… dur… dud…


  28. SamBlob

    Grape/Illaya in the last panel reminds me of Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal… with a lot fewer teeth, of course…

  29. valerio

    “…But, my pricess, I WUV you!”

    • Hopper200456

      Lol….I don’t know Spot would be like that… :C

      • valerio

        He is
        He is…

      • Frank

        “But princess, my super intellect is melts in your presence!”

  30. Ada

    Hilarious again, you’re on an awesome roll, Rick.

    Also, I love Peanut in panels 3 and 4. ^_^

  31. Gaboris

    Nope they can’t, but Peanut’s overdoin it a bit. Great job! X3

  32. Nia

    Well Peanut has finally done it. He angered Grape, I hope he enjoys the next .0032 seconds of his life, for they will his last

    • Zekermeme

      …but then wouldn’t she fall to her death?

      • Nia

        Don’t cats usually land on their feet?

        • Frank

          Is that how Max explained his landing?

  33. Fhang

    this story arc is too awesome.

    got to love grapes expression in panel 3.

    • Hopper200456


      • Fhang

        that look of utter shock is priceless

  34. Zarrock

    That is unbelievable. Grape and Max are so SELFISH. I mean, they don’t even try to think about Peanut. Look at that, “Ruin my fantasy” huh, he’s the only reason they are able to play it! If I were Tarot I’d get really peeved at both of them, probably toss ‘em in a washing machine.

  35. mamoru

    *laughs hysterically* the last panel wow

  36. FlareKitsune

    Biggest mouth opening ever.

  37. Squival

    oh Peanut, what wont you do!

    • valerio

      the things you do for love!

      • FuRrY321

        But that would mean you wouldn’t have done that… :?

  38. Justice193

    I think there is a possibility that Peanut only casually reads Pridelands and has filled in some of the blanks with his imagination…

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      No, Ah think he’s just fan-fic-ing “^w^
      Just like Ah would do… Eventualy… Especially Mary Sue-ing alot, just like peanut is doin’ nao… “^-^” Ehehe…

  39. friendly fur

    Nope Peanut, they can’t.

  40. Celysus

    Haha! I love the SpongeBob reference in there, that was probably my favorite thing he ever did.

    • Sleet

      There was a Spongebob reference? I figure I would have gotten it if there was one.

  41. BlueAnubis

    I almost fell out of my chair when I read the last panel.

    Grape: So Max couldn’t play the Cheetah King because he would have been too powerful, and you are playing FREAKING SUPERDOG?!
    Peanut: It’s pronounced Spot (Superdog)
    Grape: *Twitchtwitch*

    *Censored for strong language and bloody violence*

    *Bonus* Read the last panel as “IMMA FIRIN MA LAZOR!”

    • FuRrY321


  42. wingedwolfgirl

    Excuse me miss stomp-out-in-the-middle-of-the-battlefield,
    WHO is ruining WHO’s fantasy? \:3

  43. Ace

    Spongebob reference FTW.And the Lazor thing made me laugh SO hard…

  44. FuRrY321

    Another way to read the last panel…



  45. iHavezMyBirdo

    Mhm, very dangerous.

  46. Zekermeme

    Seriously, what did you want him to do? You’re all three way the heck over HERE and he was way the heck over THERE. Isn’t the point of roleplaying that it’s a group activity?

  47. ToonTorment

    I don’t know, I think the title should have been “Can you read my mind?”

  48. Kit Mayer

    Awww, puppy means well…

    • valerio

      how can you be angry at those blue love-filled eyes?

  49. fastbreak333

    Uh-oh. Something tells me that playing pretend is going to end prematurely on a very bad argument. :(


      I agree.

      • Hopper200456


  50. Hoheh

    This would be (even more) adorable if she wasn’t so mad at him.

  51. Solario the Visored

    Aaahh, now I see. Peanut became Spot (superdog) so he could “rescue” Grape! Sneaky pup. XD

  52. Amy

    Bit of both, nya! ;p

  53. Fuzzypaws

    He doesn’t want to confront Max, so he tries to do an end run. Too bad no one’s in the mood. :3

  54. Flexico


    That is all. ^_^

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