The Princess Uses A Bow

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  1. Majin-Wolf

    I love the third panel!! :)

    • Frank

      Yeah! There’s so much light, she has to shade her eyes from it to make Spot/Peanut out!

      • Snowmon

        No there’s plenty of light. She was just making sure that she was seeing what she thought she was seeing. It’s kind of like seeing someone dressed in, well, any costume really. You have to get a second glance (wether you’re right or not.)

        • Frank

          A double take? Hmm… I like that explanation.
          What I was saying is that there is too much light, and it’s getting in her eyes: Thus, she needs to shade them

          • Majin-Wolf

            You know somehow the Crescent moon gives her that aura of mighty power I can see it! 0.0

          • Frank

            I’m not too sure. It’s a waning moon after all.

  2. Frank

    In panel 4, Is Tarot trying to stop grape, or lending her a hand to make it easier for her to go down and beat up Peanut?

  3. EHH

    *Looking at alt text* Lioness or cat, she does have night vision.

  4. ReCreate

    LOL spot’s ruining all the fun XD

    • valerio

      …and ruining Spot with violence won’t do much good, either…

      • FuRrY321

        It’s okay, unless she has some Orphanite with her she can’t do much (I think). Mind you, if Peanut’s not too caught up in the action of being a hero, he’ll remember his feelings for Grape, and stop.
        Plus, she’s a princess. He has to obey her!

  5. DZ

    From my childhood, I’d have to say it was never that fun playing pretend with the person who’s power was to have all the powers.

    • Frank

      That reminds me: we tried to play Superman in my school playground… once. The kid who played Superman hated it because he had to wait too long before being able to burst in. The kids who played everyone else hated it because Superman beated the bad guys too easily. We stuck to Tag after that.

      • LilithxChan

        My friends hated playing superheros with me because i’m too big a Comic book nerd XD

        “I’m the Flash so you can’t catch me because I’ll run A thousand tiems faster than the Speed of Light”

        “I don’t need to catch you then because now you are trapped in the speed force”

  6. Repicheep22

    Can Spot (Superdog) survive the wrath of the vengeful Purple Princess? Tune in next time to find out!

    • Frank

      So long as he doesn’t blame it on her! Remember, Hell hath no furry… wait, I’m messing it up, ain’t I?

      • FuRrY321

        Yeah, Diablo, you are…
        or wait, is that Dante??

        WHO SAID THAT?!

  7. HonorèDerazey

    Hey, she should be thankful she actually GETS to kill someone. I NEVER get to kill someone, my parents say it’s illegal *pff*. ¬¬

    • HonorèDerazey

      Yayz! Mah avatar changed! I LOVE Straight Line Stitch! Alexis Brown is SO HOT!!!! :3

    • lolparty

      How can she hit anyone with a with the limited range of a bow and arrow if they are merely dots on horizon?

      • HonorèDerazey

        … I never thought about that… Where’s the logic in this, Rick?! HUH?!?!

      • Frank

        Maybe they’re not dots because they’re on the horizon, but because she’s so far up

      • Argent Stonecutter

        It’s still playing pretend.

      • Justice193

        really, that all depends on the materials used in construction of the bow, which looks to be a European style longbow, which can shoot pretty far and accurately if constructed properly, and though hard to pull back and hold, can shoot further if the wood is put through a few treating processes. how strong she is (it’s pretend, so we can pretend she can pretend she has the strength required), wind direction, arrow construction, and how much elevation she has over her targets.

        the biggest thing she probably has to worry about is wind speed, and while people typically shoot at targets, they normally don’t raise their bow any higher than 10 degrees off of their target, and that gets some incredible distances, the distance she is shooting looks to me like she would be using anywhere from 35-45 degrees to get the distance, but if the wind is at her back she may be aiming a little higher just to let the wind push the arrow a little longer, however, due to varying wind directions, unless it’s a nice calm night, she will only be able to aim at a group of soldiers, not individuals, and only individuals with years of experience… which she can pretend she has :) .

  8. Snowmon

    Like I said before, someone is going to be crying when this is all over.

  9. Frank

    Since it’ll take a while for the second wave to get here, I’m just going to throw this out: it was well worth the wait. I can easily see how annoying it would be to redraw all thoselittle dots in panel 2, and make the arrows in panel 1 look right.
    Congratulations on another job well done!

  10. Dissension

    Jeijan: “No, wait!”

    I only have one complaint: No hyenas in the foreground! *grrr*

    • Frank

      You wanted them atop the castle?

    • Chip Uni

      But we DO have Illaya in the foreground. Raaaar. Yummy!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I don’t know about the other hyenas, but we need more “Tarot As Saso” cuteness.

      • valerio


  11. Lax

    Yeah! Go kick Spot’s butt for stealing the spotlight :D

    • valerio

      Spot has ended up in a hotspot

      • Lax

        Indeed. Not even a superdog can escape unscathed when facing a female warrior :D

        • valerio

          hell hath no fury of an irate fan…

  12. HonorèDerazey

    Wait, I think this is the longest archive so far. Is it?

    • Cid

      No no, it’s the most DEMANDED arc ever! What possible excuse can you give to not draw those awesome bodies in tribal gear!! :D

    • Frank

      This is the 18th strip of this arc. After checking all other arcs by tag, I’ve confirmed that yes, this is the longest one so far. Of note is the “we’re going to the farm” story, which consists of 23 strips: 7 tagged as the “roadtrip, woo!” arc, 13 tagged as “Down at the farm”, and 1 tagged as “n-ple date”

      • Frank

        Okay, technically the “one-off” tag has 34 strips, and technically, if we add up every strip where Spot has appeared (including those where he’s played by Peanut) we get 23. But neither of those are a single story (Spot has gotten one-offs too, remember? The orphanage story is only 10 strips long up to now)

  13. metaceryn

    Borrowing on the two great traditions of horrible puns and Star Trek: The Next Generation, I have devised a name for this altered state of reality.

    It’s not virtual reality. It’s not Surround-o-vision. It’s not “playing pretend.”

    It’s…the Tarodeck.

  14. valerio

    Poor Grape, did you think it was Kimba down there?

  15. valerio

    Tarot is NOT going to be pleased…

  16. FoxBlood

    Whoah!!! @_@ I see it now. It’s Krystal if she were feline. I’m serious with that. third panel looks the closest.
    Oh and before i forget…*ahem* DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN!!!

  17. Ada

    *Can’t comment, still LOLing too hard.*

  18. BillyMT

    *scribbled in a corner*
    Spot: killed by GameMaster for godmodding

  19. Chromeheart

    Is Princess Periwinkle gonna hafta smack a Spot, the Superdog?!?

    Tune in next time for the uncanny ripping of limbs!

    • FuRrY321

      Aha! I see now why she was made a princess!
      (Can’t believe it took me that long… >.>)

  20. FuRrY321

    She’s looking more and more like the lioness princess she plays and less and less of the purple kitty-cat we all know and love.

    Keep it up, Rick!

  21. falcon01

    “Of all the opponents on the field this day, you are about to face the most deadly my son, may the gods have mercy on you…because SHE will not!”

  22. GameCobra

    Goodbye, Peanut!

    I`ll always remember you!

  23. friendly fur

    Am I the only one thinking Grape looks nice? xD

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      Anybudy for fan-service?! X3

      But she does look kindah nice tough, purrrrz! ~^w^~
      Ah always have a fetish for grrrrrlz in loincloths. (or should Ah say “lion”-cloths?..)

      (srry fur the bad pun-pun… “^w^)

      • BlueAnubis

        Friendly, I agree with you. She does look nice and you can still see her personallity shining through her, dispite her appearance.

        Aerix, however, I’m going to have to light on fire. Sorry, but I prefer to give a level of dignity and respect given to my favorite characters. (dispite the fact that they probably won’t have it for them elsewhere on the internet)

        Don’t worry, I’ll put you out… eventually…

        • FuRrY321

          But… but… YOU’RE BLUE!

          • BlueAnubis

            Ah! you forget I’m a Hedgecario. I used this!
            *Pulls out a CD*
            TM 38, For when you want to light people on fire with a giant flaming Kanji!

          • Stravvy

            He could just have a box of matches. Unfortunately my power is over blades. So I’m just going to wait for someine to put him out.

            ….anyone got some popcorn?

          • Justice193

            fire is pretty, you can make it whatever color you want, so long as it behaves like fire, though different colors generally represent strengths, so his blue would be stronger than yellows and reds.

        • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

          Dun worry, Ahm im-purrr-viouse to fire…. *sniff sniff*
          Wut’s that smelll? O.O
          YOUCH! Ah forgot to put on mah fire-proof pants! HOT-HOT-HOT!
          Icy-breath! *puts out fire* Yeeesh! Ahm gunna get U fur that, nyaha! ÒwÓ
          Ahm gonna power glomp ya!
          Aerix uses POWER GLOMP.
          But it misses…
          Drat… Pwnd again! X3

          • Aeonera

            at least u remember some lines off vg cats lol-w8 thats said by the crazy hobo

  24. Gaboris

    Yeah that’s the best part, but it wouldn’t be so good if it made sense. XD
    But the “albino champion” part is also a good one. X3

  25. Argent Stonecutter

    What I want to know is what does it mean that she’s climbing over the walls instead of going down the stairs. Is the castle really made out of furniture? And what are those arrows doing to the rest of the room?

    • Zim

      More than water all over the living room, that’s for sure.

    • Justice193

      Interesting… I don’t really want to know, and will continue assuming it’s all just pretend >.>…

      because that castle is really, really high.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        If it’s pretend like Calvin and Hobbes, they could end up in lots of trouble.

  26. wingedwolfgirl

    HA, Very nice! :D

    This was definitely worth the wait! :3

  27. FuRrY321

    “I am going to kill that dog.”

    Wait, what dog?! Surely you don’t mean Spot (superdog)!?

  28. Randomcommenter

    You have a bow Grape/Illaya… use it

    • Justice193

      range means she can probably only aim at groups of soldiers…. and then there’s spots super senses to get past. once she’s in range :) .

  29. Akai

    Did anyone know cats can’t see the color red? *Is shot by random fans*

    • Frank

      Here comes the usual rant: you have a bipedal, inteligent, talking cat, who also happens to be purple, and you’re complaining that she’s not supposed to see red? :D

      • Justice193

        and for all we know she can, because a bipedal cat may have gained some other attributes… like speech.

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      Oooh… A moogle! ÒwÓ
      Ah wanna catch it’s pom-pom, mrrrf! *Wiggles with tail*

  30. Kitty

    Wow… Grapes personality really~ shines through her appearance, that she has for the moment(She STILL have a male voice in my head tough, dunno why)

  31. CassidyAndBotch

    Hi, long-time reader, first-time commenter. I noticed that Grape/Illaya (how do you pronounce that)’s face in the 1st panel looks a little wierd – could be her right side of her head looks a bit small, or just the effect of smile + cross eyes. Rest is great though – loving the “studio lighting.”

    @Argent: I bet this ark is going to end the same way as the first – but to the extreme! “WHO SHOT FLAMING POPSICLE STICKS AT THE REFRIGERATOR?!”

    • Frank

      I guess illaya is pronounced ee (as in eel) la (as in the musical note) ja (as in German for yes)
      It could also be pronounced ih (like the ‘i’ in “risk”) lay (like the verb “to lie”) ye (like the ‘ye’ in ‘yeah’)

      The double L could also be the Spanish eljay (pronounced similar to a ‘y’) or the Welsh ɬ (which I’ve never actually heard pronounced, but apparently is similar to a ‘KL’. Please don’t send Pete’s Gaspar getup to kill me)

  32. jack

    The determination in Grape to KILL Peanut is awesome. lol

  33. JB

    See Spot fight. Spot can punch.
    See Illaya come. Illaya is mad.
    See Spot fly. Illaya shoots arrows. xD

    • Treobearn

      Run Spot, Run. XD

  34. Lax

    Would have been better if she said “I am going to shoot that dog” :D

    • valerio

      You are EVIL, lax. You lax compassion!

      • Lax

        Meh, he’s been asking for it from the beginning. Acting like a big shot and overshadowing the others ain’t praiseworthy

  35. Nia

    Super dog or not, when it comes to a angry Grape, even a super powerd being is screwed.

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      Ah’d say, nya… “^w^
      She would kill ‘em faster then a speedin’ bullet, hit ‘em harder then a train, and would even pounce ‘em over a skynscra-purrr! “Ó.Ò

    • Sleet

      He wouldn’t have the heart to continue to make her angry if she confronted him.

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        True true ÓwÒ
        Ah think he’ll either chang the RP, or that they will talk things out and then continue with teh RP under different rulez, nya!
        Or worst case scenario; they’ll have a fight and it’s the end of the RP fur noa, mao! /._.\ Meh dun hope so…

  36. Hoheh

    Make your bets! PPeanut and Max are victorious or Grape injures Peanut? Which will happen? Or, quite possibly, whichh will happen first? His being super is probably going to be useful now…

    • Hoheh

      So many typos, so little time.

    • Treobearn

      I say injuries occur to Peanut

  37. Ki

    Ah, godmoding at it’s finest. 8D Fight on, Spot. Fight on.

  38. Amy

    at least u remember some lines off vg cats lol-w8 thats said by the crazy hobo

  39. Fuzzypaws

    I would kill to have a fantasy world like that. :3

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