sorry, computer crashed and nothing got saved. I don’t feel up to redoing the comic tonight so you might get it on saturday if I feel up to it then, but I have a lot of homework to get done . . .

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  1. Dissension

    I think I speak for everyone when I say “I understand.”

    Although if that is the case, perhaps I should be saying we understand. *hugs*

  2. Frank

    This is the second time I stay up late and try to get the comic at midnight (am I giving you bad luck or something?).

    The funny thing is, all I can think of are those guest strips I left unfinished last year :P

  3. HonorèDerazey

    Homework? Hmm, I’m guessing you’re in college then. I imagined you to be somewhere around your early 30’s… with kaki’s, sandals, and a button up white shirt… maybe that’s just me. >.>

    • Rick Griffin

      You think I’m how old?!

      • FTW

        Actually, I’m kind of with him. I assumed you were at least out of college, but not quite 30, maybe mid 20’s. I never really put any thought into how old you were, just that you didn’t have to deal with homework anymore.

      • rWolf1991

        I’m guessing 23- 24 years old.

      • Chip Uni

        Oh, I DEFINITELY thought that when people met you, you’d be telling them about the Spanish-American War (“Remember the Maine!”), about penny-farthing bicycles, and how you never dd trust those electrical lights!

        • HonorèDerazey

          OK Rick. Geez. I was just playing with you… I thought you were in your 40’s… I just didn’t want to offend you…

          • HonorèDerazey

            Also, what was your reaction to your computer crash? Looks like you work hard on your comics. If I was drawing and my computer crashed and deleted my work… I would probably throw it out the window THAT or go Angry German Kid on it.

          • Rick Griffin

            What good would that do me?

          • HonorèDerazey

            Absolutely none! =D

          • Frank

            Now, now, Honorè. Let’s be rational. No need to be like π

          • HonorèDerazey

            Sorry, but what is TT?

          • Frank

            π, not “T T”
            A very irrational number

          • HonorèDerazey

            Oh, the symbol for Pi. It’s hard to tell without the curved top.

    • Frank

      You really ought to read this:
      You’ll never try to guess people’s age again!

      • Majin-Wolf

        Rick was born in the late 80’s he’s in the early 20th range! But the age part I’ll always say “its just a number!”^^

  4. Buckdida

    *Winces* Ouch. That sucks. Well, I know how homework can be, and how crashes can be. Good luck getting your stuff done, Rick.

  5. GameCobra

    sorry to hear man :(

    it’s no worry though. i’m sure your fans will understand. i’m sure one day won’t kill them =)

  6. FTW

    I’m actually in the same situation as you. The only reason i’m not asleep right now is because I have to write a giant essay about something I didn’t read. (Yeah, I kind of screwed myself but hey, it was a boring book.)

    • Rick Griffin

      Is fine, I’m going to have to do four of those before the end of the semester

      • FTW

        I feel for you. I don’t have that much, but I can imagine how that would be. Ya know, very very bad and stressful.

    • brostudios

      @FTW did you use sparknotes?

      • FTW

        The teacher purposfully choose a book that was translated from another language and so didn’t have a sparknotes entry. Or any other kind of summary anywhere on the Internet.

  7. dragonnutds

    aw man, oh well, guess ill just have to wait tell later, cant wait. also, be glad the whole system did not crash, as in no longer works, that happed to a computer of mine and it sucked…

  8. Pontos

    Nothing got saved? Uh :-S
    Not a big deal though, so it’s ok.

    Btw, who drew your avatar? I don’t think that’s your style :-o

  9. FTW

    Did you lose any homework in the crash? I hope not, because if I lost what I’m working on now I’d have to throw myself at my teacher’s feet and beg for more time. It’s that serious.

    • Arcum

      Well (at least in the college I’m in) that would be really hard to get any more extension on time considering that we have less than a month left of school. Not sure if that’s the case with Rick though. All I know is that college tends to get a little crazy near the end of the year and usually gets a lot of people stressed… assuming they care about there grades that is.

  10. Frank

    Wow! 15 posts in 15 minutes! Hey, if we get more than 28 comments by 1:30, we’ll officially have posted faster here, than on Wednesday’s comic!

    • FTW

      Unfortunately I’ll probably still be awake then :-(

    • Frank

      So, here we are at the other side of 1:30. 25 comments. That means there’s slightly more people when there’s an actual comic.
      Let’s just hope everyone else takes it as well as we have

  11. rWolf1991

    I’m on Spring break right now so I don’t have to worry about my home until Sunday. XD
    but it always a good idea to focus on your homework!! espcially if your in college and paying for it by yourself.

  12. Majin-Wolf

    Hopefully everything is all good Rick. I knew I should have got me a Mac because right now my PC is acting up funny again meh. I’ve helped my sister buy a Mac b4 she left to UCLA last week.

    I knew I should have got one too darn it -_-

  13. Rider098

    Considering how well you have kept this comic on time, along with all of your other work in real life, I’d say take your time man!

    Heck, it seems like the only time you were later than 15 minutes or so was because of some sort of computer problems or other understandable exception. You’re a pretty punctual guy in terms of this comic!

  14. Icharus

    No worries there, Rick. These infernal machines break down more often than they’re worth, we understand. Take what time you need to get everything under control.

  15. Fuzzypaws

    *hugs* It’s okay big guy. We’ll still be here Monday if that’s when it comes. :)

  16. valerio

    We *so* feel for you, Rick.
    After two similar accidents at work, I got paranoid and now I save every WIP about every 2 minutes.

    • Majin-Wolf

      And its good to have flash drive too, those things sure comes in handy you may never when a bad day looms just around the corner and you lose all your unsaved data!!

      • Arcum

        Yeah backups help a lot. I’ve gotten myself so paranoid when it comes to getting work done on some computers that I save it three times in different places and then bring it over to my portable hard drive when I’m working on 3d models. They seem to have a tendency to get corrupted on my external hard drive… that wasn’t fun the first few times I realized this… So having backups of backups usually helps with data though the problem is that it fills up a computer quickly.

  17. Majin-Wolf

    Lets all give Rick a big hug *Hugs Rick*

    • valerio


  18. Arcum

    I understand. These things happen though this gets annoying when school gets involved (weather it was the subject in question or not). Actually the same thing happened to me during mid-terms and I lost my whole mid-term that I was struggling to finish. Worked on it for 6 hours straight…. I made a back up sure but it was so far back that it was like I practically did nothing. Man that was a really bad day, I was stressed out to the max.

    Anyway good luck with college and getting that stuff done. I’m happy to wait if you need other things to be done first. Its funny how school seems to catch up to you after a while even if your trying to stay ahead.

  19. Foldo

    I sympathize. :|

    The crash is with the hardware or the software?

    • Frank

      From what we’ve heard up to now, I’m guessing software.

  20. Andrew tiscareno

    No prob. Man. Just do wut u need to

  21. Chip Uni

    College is much more important than this comic, Rick.

    Good luck with your homework!

  22. Esquire Fox

    Having to draw the same thing over again is really dull and it usually ends up looking worse the second time around.That’s why I save after every layer I do. It is unfortunate, but like everyone before me has stated, we understand that education comes first.

    Take your time with your assignments and enjoy your weekend Rick.

    • Rick Griffin

      Actually I’ve found that drawing something the second time makes it better

      • ReCreate

        The second is always better than the first!

        • Esquire Fox

          Maybe it is just me then. When I lose something as part of an accident or hardware failure (like a game save, or a drawing), it is a bitter journey to redo what was undone.

          I try to get through it as quickly as possible, it just doesn’t leave me the same satisfaction the second time around. Luckily, these issues are few and far in-between :) .

        • Frank

          Yeah, but the third time is usually crap.

          The good thing about doing it on computer is that you can move your lines even a pixel at a time, so it is technically possible to come up with exactly the same drawing.

  23. Tails++

    I came back from school, woke up main computer, refreshed homepage and found that there’s a big crack in the universe, possibly caused by smaller, microscopic crack in timespace coordinates which were occupied by Your computer hardware at the time of the crash :D Unfortunately, it happens sometimes :-(

    I know how is that, when you loose hours work because of malfunction, but over the years I developed reflex of pressing Ctrl+S every time I make even a small change in something I’m working on (which is, however, annoying in cases when that something is something in some application which takes several seconds to save, because of that something’s larger complexity, compared to other, less complex somethings created in that somethingware), plus I have been even paranoid enough to configure auto-save to 1 minute in some applications, like Word, which happened to be quite useful a few times when I was working on some articles. Doesn’t the software you’re using allow to configure auto-save?

    • Rick Griffin

      Photoshop cannot autosave because the files it deals with are too large to do so effectively.

      • Tails++

        But if it was configured to autosave every 15 minutes (assuming it could be configured), it wouldn’t be so bad, since that won’t be that much often to interrupt work a lot. But on the other side, it may cause lag lasting several seconds, which will be probably annoying while in middle of drawing something. But some automated reminder would be interesting – every 10 minutes for example, it would silently (no large popups and stealing focus) remind to save, but it will be up to user when he actually does so, but basically it will help to prevent cases when he forgets to save a work periodically.

        • Frank

          As far as I know, Photoshop doesn’t have that option. The closest alternatives I can think of are setting and a kitchen timer, putting an alarm clock and saving every time it forces you to hit the “snooze” button to shut it up, and buying one of those clocks that chimes every 15th minute.

          • Tails++

            What?! Why would use hardware timers, when it can be easily and more conveniently done by appropriate software. Also, the beeping timer ruins the point of “…it would silently (no large popups and stealing focus) remind to save…”

  24. Cid

    Some things are so awesome, the whole internetz just conspires to crash your PC. Mind you mine just crashed too, so I totally know what you’re feeling. !@##$!#$#$@$%$#@! yeah that’s right you frikkin’ salesmen, I’m on to you!!

  25. SCKnight

    You know, I also assumed you to be between oh say 25 and 40. No offense y’all but I went to college with people in their late 30s and early 40s, and I was in my early 20s.

  26. Lax

    Yeah, you reeeaaallly sound like an old dude, lol :D