Solitudinem Faciunt, Pacem Appellant

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  1. Majin-Wolf

    Peer Preasure!!!lol Poor Superdog

    • Majin-Wolf

      Pressure! My bad! But yes it’s getting better by each passing arc ^^

      • Ekevoo

        Peanut clinging to an illusion is so cute. : )

        • valerio

          Not even in *my* own fanfic have I ever forgiven such sins.
          Yup! that’s cute…

  2. Squival

    lol! Am liking where this arc is going xD

    thats pretty strong peer pressure ;)

  3. Loki Impisi

    Always works. It only takes a thimbleful of peer pressure to do “fun” things with fire and hair X.X

    • Shadow Wolf X7

      speaking from past experiences there, perhaps? just joking

      • Loki Impisi

        Yep. Turns out hair burns like a million tiny fuses…

  4. Repicheep22

    Ah, character reinterpretation, ya gotta love it.

  5. Stevie Maxwell

    Ahh, this brings back memories of my college days, playing in an absurd D&D alternate world history campaign. And then somehow I got roped into actually running it when the players shifted dimensions.

    But I would definitely want Tarot as my GM. :)

  6. Keg

    DARNIT, I wish Pridelands were actual books. They sound so cool.
    Wait, or is it an actual series? Because that would be awesome.

    • Evanne

      Well, there is a series called pridelands, but it is EXTREMELY adult… I wouldn’t recommend looking it up

      • Kormiak

        Why not? If the story is good, that shouldn’t matter.

        • Chip Uni

          The Pridelands in this comic have nothing to do with the other series called Pridelands.

      • Kormiak

        UHHHHHH………Nevermind………Forget EVERYTHING I just said!!!!

  7. Foxstar

    Peanut’s fallen into a comic fan/fanfic trap, but I forget the name of it.

  8. Rider098

    The more I read this ark, the more I become interested in Pridelands itself!

    Tarot doesn’t seem to be having as much fun as everyone else in this game, she just seems to get more and more annoyed due to the further deviation of the actual story. Hope they don’t push it too far! I wish it was Monday tomorrow… ah well I can wait.

    • Foxstar

      Tarot is the outsider. The outsider is the greatest foe of fanfic writers and fanfic because they tend to point out how utterly silly the whims of fans are.

      • Chip Uni

        Wait! You mean there ISN’T a secret love affair between Parnok and the Cheetah King? That all the wars weren’t there as a cover for their ravaging luuuuuvre?

        I feel cheated!

      • Ekevoo

        I wonder what will be Tarot’s opinion about the whole experience after it’s over. So far she clearly isn’t having much fun. For now it kind of makes sense because she has to actually understand the dynamics both the game and the scenario even though she knows the theory behind it all.

        Learning isn’t fun until you feel you’re making progress and you get to use your new skill.

  9. BlueAnubis

    Peer pressure? And I thought it was bad in school, they never wanted me to lay siege to a city! Well… I wanted to, but nobody else ever did.

  10. HonorèDerazey

    Lol, quote from Tacitus in title. Meaning: “Where they create a desert, they call it peace”. If anyone was wondering. Did you purposely not put ‘Ubi’ at the end? Just wondering.

    I gave into peer pressure once. To shoot myself in the leg with a CO2 gun… It hurt =(

  11. Darcin

    The obvious solution to this entire situation is a bout of good old-fashioned super-weaving.

    • DarkDeity5

      And spinning! But not just spinning, super-spinning.

  12. Cid

    Seeing where to look and seeing what to see.

  13. ReCreate

    Hmmmm… I dont get it can someone explain?

    • WingedwolfGirl

      Saso was killed earlyer in the Pridelands serise, but was Peanut’s favorite character (I’m guessing).
      Peanut thought up and alternate story in which Saso stays alive, but this has somehow caused a plot-hole in the story.

      Peanut liked the character so much that he justified Saso’s actions,
      Killing, being war-like into -> wanting peace, and misunderstaning.

      As for the Tag-line,
      I’m guessing it eludes to the Superman story, when he flew around the earth to bring Lois Lane back to life.

      The Title?
      solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant ?
      “they make a desert, and call it peace”
      (that’s all I can get out of Google.)

  14. valerio

    The beauty of this arc is the way to give us a full overview of the Pridelands as if in those old movie trailers back in the ’70s, when a story was condensed in about 10 minutes of clips!

  15. Profesor Rod

    Well, I understand Peanut. Saso looks TOO adorable to ever think of the atrocities commited. |3

  16. valerio

    talk about ‘minor villain’… Way to go, Saso!

  17. ressy

    Lol peanut will be peanut~

  18. JB

    Hee hee. Funny when he tries to comes up with an excuse to save one minor character.

  19. Ada

    Well if that isn’t the cutest superhero shrug. ^.^

    Valerio, you are so correct. Peanut’s mind = awesome!

  20. Noir the Sable

    Quidquid latine dictum, altum videtur?

    • Frank

      Veritas est!

  21. Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

    Minya! Ah luv this comic! ~^w^~ It’s so adictive, minya! (Like catnip centered chocolate mice)
    This strip realy reminds meh of mah beshtesh friend, she’s almost exactly that way in fanfics, ;p She had a ” fan-crush” on Kisame (naruto character) “^w^ He killed many people and was a bit of a… Psycho… “^w^

    • valerio

      do tell ME!
      I am a long-time fan of Freddy!

      • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

        Freddy? As in Freddy Crueger? ÒwÓ
        Ah like ‘em! He’s phunny. X3 “Welcome to prime time b%&*h”

        • Valerio

          Freddy rulez!

      • SamBlob

        And then, of course, there’s *Cleve*.

        There’s no way to rewrite “Best Seller” to have Cleve live, though. Either *someone* would kill him (as David Matlock did), or he’d be arrested, convicted of murder one, and get the death penalty.

  22. valerio

    Hmm, it is possible that Saso was under the influence of some external evil force. After all, magic seems to work, in the Pridelands. If so, we could discover that Saso has some important connections some evil clan wanted to be broken in the most effective way…

    • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

      You mean, just like Dragon Quest VIII? Where the magic staff will posses the bearer and tries to use it’s powers so it could create anothe age of darkness, minya? ÒwÓ
      And when the staff is taken away, and the grip of power fades away, that person becomes self aware again? ÓwÒ

      • valerio

        With any magical object, it would have been easier for Saso to prove his innocence…
        Maybe the key to his dilemma lays in the ruins of Illystos. If this particular event was taken as an example, maybe it was relevant enough to hold clues to the truth.
        I also wonder if the hyenas of Pridelands are as matriarchal as in our world. If so, perhaps Saso could ask help from his own mother until he finds proof of his innocence…

        • Aerix "the Twilight" Spades

          Where do ya get allo’da info of Pridelands, nya?
          Or am Ah a bad reader, nya! “^w^ *Caugh* (Darn dysl- Destl… LYSDECTIA! “>.< )

          • Valerio

            *suspenseful music cues*
            I also daresay that perhaps Spot is NOT the only one who could’ve seen the truth behind Saso’s actions.
            What if, ironically, that lion who used to know him when they were young had kept an eye on him, noticing the sudden change in the hyena’s attitude? For all we know, by now that lion is doing his best to convince his pride to get in touch with Saso, to help him and at the same time avoinding a conflict with the Laughing Face…
            Hmm, Spot the arbiter..?

  23. Salenstormwing

    Uh… maybe he didn’t want the people to starve anymore… so he burned them. Burning folks don’t have to worry about starving or something. Uh… yeah.. uh… *points* LOOK! AN OBVIOUS DISTRACTION!


    • FuRrY321

      Well, that was weird, my comment didn’t post…

      Anyway, Salenstormwing, have you read the webcomic Emergency Exit

      • FuRrY321

        And now the link doesn’t work… >.>

        They have merchandise that says:
        Look! A distraction!

    • Frank

      You mean this sort of obvious distraction?
      (to get the joke in the last panel, you’ll need to read the previous strip)

      • Salenstormwing

        Ahh Freefall, one of my favorite comics of all time. But yes, much like that.

        Oh no! Look out! That Obvious Distraction is right behind you!


      • FuRrY321

        Wow, Frank, we sure do read a lot of the same comics!

        First Housepets, then Commander Kitty, and now Freefall! What’s next?

        • Frank

          Have you read Narbonic? I mentioned it yesterday at 10:18 AM

          • FuRrY321

            Nope. What’s it about?

            …never mind, whenever I ask that, I just end up checking it out, anyway. But seeing as how we have similar interests (in comics, anyways) I’m sure I’d like it.
            But why don’t you tell me anyway? :)

          • Frank

            Very basically, Helen B. Narbon is a mad scientists (who admits to being mad) and is obsessed with gerbils. Her company, Narbonic Industries, has two lab subj– I mean employees, who are comparatively sane, but still follow their boss in her “take over the world” schemes.

            Sunday strips follow a separate continuity, but these affect the main continuity in the end.

  24. FuRrY321

    This is the greatest problem of any writer: You have to create a full backstory for every character, no matter how minor they may be.

    I have a feeling that Peanut will deviate so much from the story that Tarot will “put him in his place”: how she’ll do that, we’ll just have to wait and see. ;)

    • FuRrY321

      Hey! That kinda rhymed! :D

  25. Alahmnat

    I’m loving the overwrought dialog in Peanut’s fanfic scenario here… “We could fix the world!” XD

    • Frank

      Yeah, it’s the polar opposite of “Come over to the dark side. Together, we could take over the world!”

  26. WolfDude

    Lol, peer pressure. xD

    In the 3rd panel, shouldn’t it read “he was unable to see how that as a POSSIBILITY” instead of “he was unable to see how that as an impossibility”?

    • ilikepie

      No. “Peace through war” is the impossibility.

      • Frank

        Unless the war is started by someone else. Remember that small politician with a toothbrush mustache?

  27. BlueAnubis

    To ravage, to slaugher, to userp under false titles, they call empire.

  28. WingedwolfGirl

    Methinks the truly misguiged person here, is Peanut; with his obsesion to keep the Saso character alive.

    …This is why all my fanficion happens AFTER a series ends. -_-

    really love how Peanut’s character is showing through in the 4th panel!

  29. Argent Stonecutter

    The villages were really zombie-infected, and only Saso knew it… if he hadn’t destroyed and sterilized them they’d have taken over the Pridelands.

  30. WilkFiadh

    Look’s like Peanuts got a bad case of “Draco in Leather Pants” syndrome~

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I TOLD you there was a page on TvTropes for that!

      (it’s a pity Draco didn’t get to stay as a ferret)

      • Frank

        Except that, as Rowling explained in Tales of Beetle the Bard due to the way he was turned into a ferret, he would have no memory of his past life.

  31. Gaboris

    Nope Penut isn’t biased, not one bit. XD
    Great job, love that cute naive look of spot. X3

  32. Argent Stonecutter

    I’m reminded of the Jhereg series, where “everyone knows” that Morrolan sacrificed two villages to his demon goddess. It turns out that he’d actually destroyed two villages of bandits who had raided and killed everyone in his goddess’s temple and the village around it… but he never bothered to explain this because he’d rather be seen as bloodthirsty than apologetic.

  33. ZakuTen

    I’m amused how he “de-supers” when he got nervous, really– from being Spot to just whitish-Peanut…

  34. Hopper200456

    Lol..I love this comic..

  35. FuRrY321


    Peanut looks cute in that last panel, I’ve always enjoyed seeing characters stuck in sticky situations – a “pickle” – and watching them try to creatively struggle out of it.


    • FuRrY321

      Though how they would get out of a pickle is beyond me… how’d they get there in the first place?! :lol:

  36. Cerberus

    It amazing what peer pressure can make you do. Any one that made it through high school knows that. and those that didnt…………well whose idea was it to drop out?
    Anyways i like how optimistic Peanut is. And Tarot is doing a pretty good job at what shes doing making sure everything fits. I like it :)


    i really like these housepets comic strips.

  38. Frank

    By the way, Happy Easter every one. I wonder how the water balloon fight is going?

    • Frank

      Yeah, I know, they don’t explicitly say they’ll have a water fight this year. But, well, there’s water guns involved so…

      • FuRrY321

        Perhaps they’ll have jellied gasoline flamethrower waterguns?

        Hey, if they somehow manage to get a house on fire without the use of any such thing, I wonder what would happen if they did.

        • Frank

          “Hey, Tarot, I know a prideland is supposed to be hot and all, but don’t you think you’re projecting a bit too much?”
          “I’m not doing anything! It’s coming from outside!”

          • FuRrY321

            Next we see Bino enter the projection, breathing fire:
            “Hey guys, what’s *burp* up?”
            Peanut:Bino!? Why are you breathing fire!?”
            Bino: Huh? I dunno, I was just eating this jelly here… *shows jar labelled “Jellied Gas-” – “oline” is faded away*
            Tarot: “Oh, that explains it!’

        • Puddy15

          jellied gasoline flamethrower waterguns? would that work?

          • Frank

            Tarot can make anything work!

  39. puddy15

    poor tarot, she knows too much!

  40. Fuzzypaws

    I was going to bring up Draco in Leather Pants, but someone already did! Anyway it’s hilariously awesome that Peanut would fall for the trope :D

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