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Your posts may at any time be filtered for appropriate content, so stop acting surprised when it happens, okay? Unlike the forums, I do not have a comprehensive system here to respond to your every complaint, so instead of making more inappropriate posts, why don’t you just ASK me?
YES, the word ‘first’ is filtered [...]

Just Friends

Also Stripe, I Mean Seriously

I Thought You Knew

Turnabout Is Fair Play

Okay bear with me, I tend to write up hugelong essays when I feel like people aren’t quite saying things in a coherent fashion. For the most part, anyone who saw today’s Penny Arcade and the accompanying newspost know that Roger Ebert is definitely in the wrong for uplifting his favorite media as art and [...]


Game Over

Yes I’m Still Using The Same Background

I Can Show You The World

The Princess Uses A Bow and vote! Voting is opened until April 18

sorry, computer crashed and nothing got saved. I don’t feel up to redoing the comic tonight so you might get it on saturday if I feel up to it then, but I have a lot of homework to get done . . .

I Need A Hero

Give me an extra 30 minutes, it’s been difficult building up steam today