When All You Have Is A Hammer

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  1. Majin-Wolf

    Oh awesomeness!!

  2. KzT

    Ah, the simplest strategies are often the best.

  3. EchoFireant

    Punch to the head!! :D

  4. CannonFodder

    Sticks and stones may break your bones, but a punch to the face will hurt you.

  5. Sleet

    …Every problem looks like a nail.

    Where did they get an urban skyline? I sense the cats complaining.

    • Loki Impisi

      Its a hyena STATE. So anything between a territory to a city state. Also, they probably outnumber lions 4 to 1.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      It’s skyscraper-like rock formations, of course!

      • Ekevoo

        Absolutely! Also, even if we don’t see it, it obviously has construction like interiors and window-like holes. :)

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Oh, that’s just ancient meerkat cliff-dwellings.

        • FuRrY321

          For some reason, when I read that I thought of Last Resort from Halo 3 (Zanzibar, H2)

  6. BlueAnubis

    Makes me think of the line from Halo 3

    Cortana: You got a plan to get us out of here?
    Chief: Figured I’d shoot my way out, mix things up a bit.

    • Frank

      “shoot first, then shoot some more, then shoot a little more, and when everyone’s dead, then ask questions later”

  7. johnwolf

    PERFECTLY EXICUTIED LOLS this made my day.

  8. Ruduen

    Wonder if he’ll remember to get away before they catch him again, or if he’ll be too distracted punching people.

  9. Eric

    The sound effects in this one are great. I love how they’re punctuated with periods. It’s like it’s a common and not-particularly exciting occurrence when it comes to Spot (superdog).

  10. HonorèDerazey

    It’s just like playing one of those strategy games where you have set up towers the do a specific thing to stop a line of enemies going long a track. (Play the game Ballon Tower Defense to get what I’m talking about) Yeah, I could use STRATEGY, but it would be much easier and simpler just to drop an atomic bomb on each wave of enemies.

    • HonorèDerazey

      BTW, what is Spot (The Superdog [Peanut]) talking about in the 1st panel?

      • TomFox

        Well, Cesar Millan is the Dog Whisperer. And I figure Orphanite is his Kryptonite (I think it was mentioned in a previous installment of the Spot series)

      • Watcher

        Apparently “orphanite” (made from orphans? I don’t remember) is similar to Superman’s “Kryptonite” and saps Spot (superdog)’s strength.

        As for the Cesar Millan’s ghost thing, to me it just sounds like it is a cliche’ comic book character interjection sentance, much like Robin’s “Holy ____ Batman!”…
        Cesar Millan is a dog trainer… so I guess it is fitting?

      • valerio

        Spot’s qote comes straight from Superman’s Perry White guy who used to say oftten ‘Great Caesar’s Ghost’

      • HonorèDerazey

        Ok, thanks guys! I knew what orphanite was and knew who Cesar Millan was, I was just confused about why Spot (The Superdog[Peanut]) was using it.

  11. mamoru

    yeah thats tha way you do it

  12. Darcin

    When in a pinch, just punch.

    • Frank

      When in a punch… well you’ll probably be quite wet, that’s all. :)

      • FuRrY321

        Unless that punch is spiked!
        Shazam! :P

        • NobodyYouKnow

          uh… guys? *rimshot*

          • NobodyYouKnow

            by “*rimshot*” i mean i used infliction, not the… oh never mind just put the link!

  13. Ada

    He’s probably lucky Superdog’s still weak. That’s only a heavyweight prize fighter full strength punch, I’d wager. XD

    Also, Peanut’s cuteness shines through Spot’s hotness now that I can see his eyes. What a combination. <3

    • valerio

      ‘The best of two worlds’
      I LOVE Peanut’s mind :D

    • Frank

      Spot seems to be capable of many types of punches. We have a light “shut up, you stupid” punch ( http://www.housepetscomic.com/2010/02/03/the-intermission-of-spot/ ) and todays “knock ‘em off their feet” punch

      Also, yes, you can really tell that’s Peanut. The new angle definitely helps. Let’s give Rick a big hand!

      • Valerio

        Hot-Spot Hi-five!

      • Hopper200456

        Hey Rick,Do you want my Left hand or Right hand?
        There not very big though..

  14. ReCreate

    I totally forgot about checking this XD just now i remembered and love those sound effects! :P

    • Frank

      Oh? “All the King’s Men, part 1″ charmed you a bit too much?

  15. valerio

    Heck, even his TEETH look AWESOME!

    • RockstarRaccoon

      yes that is a nice close-up on the teeth…

  16. Cid

    This looks like superman’s usual Strategy! Break out of stuff and beat the nearest guy senseless. Mind you, superman wasn’t the smartest cookie either.

    • Indagare

      There was some comment on this once. I seem to recall a quite that goes something like: “Are you always this dense?” “No, only when the plot needs us to be.”

      I don’t recall who said it, or where, but basically characters like Superman tend to be only as smart as the storyline calls for. Even in if the character *should* have genius-level IQ, that character will somehow miss the obvious solution until nearly the end of the plot just so that the plot *can* occur.

  17. Majin-Wolf

    Gotta love those fearsome pearly white canine teeth!! :)

  18. Max Wolfe


  19. Frank

    I particularly love the realization marks from the hyena in pannel 3, and how by panel 4 all the shadows are scampering. So simple, yet so much attention to detail.

    And, “How did you THINK he was going to get out of this one?” I was hoping a little bird would have something to do with it.

  20. valerio

    He’s so cute when he’s angry!

  21. TLV

    He could’ve just flown away, but I digress, punching everyone in sight is just plain awesome.

    • valerio

      The enemies of Saso are HIS enemies.
      Also, great excuse for some awesomeness (of which he’s guilty as charged!)

      • ShadyKitsune

        If Saso was a minor villain who was originally supposed to die, but in this alternate continuity Spot helps him escape… Spot is now a villain too?!
        *dramatic “dun dun DUNNN!”*

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Unless the hyenas are villains, which would make Saso and Spot heroes. Speaking of Saso: if Peanut isn’t Saso, what’s Saso up to?

  22. James319

    How did we Think he was gonna get out of this one?

    By PUNCHING thinks of course!

  23. Sockmaster

    Cesar Millan’s ghost, LOL xD

  24. falcon01

    Peanut/Spot is just too darn awsome!!

  25. Tommy

    awesome epicness Peanut is spot

  26. El

    I’ve just read your comic from the beginning and i must say one thing – this is awesome!!!! But i still hope Peanut and Grape will become couple soon ;) You have polish support from my site :D GJ!

  27. Salenstormwing

    “Reality is: you are a hyena–”
    “–I AM A DOG!”


    Seriously, that’s what I think of when I see the comic.

  28. valerio

    Just a sudden, dreadful realization.
    What if Spot was punching TAROT?!?
    Oi mama…

    • Ekevoo

      Well if she’s guiding everyone than he actually did that.

      • FuRrY321

        Nooo, he’s punching projections of enemies that Tarot created. She’s not actually guiding them (I think), rather, she’s making them act independently based on what she gleamed from Peanut’s mind.

        • Ada

          I think those are Tarot’s eyes in the female hyena who did not get punched. I think she possesses one character at a time and puppeteers the rest.

          • Ekevoo

            I’d like a minute of silence dedicated to the awe of such a powerful mind.


            Tarot rocks. That is all. :3

  29. Tigergulp

    “Cesar Millian’s GHOST! If her weredead! “XD


  30. ShadyKitsune

    Please don’t maul me for this but…
    Optinoal sound effects:
    Panel 3: Falcon.
    Panel 4: PAWNCH!

    Also works with Hulk SMASH and any other 2 word war cry.

    • AflacMan13

      *(you have been mauled)*

      • ShadyKitsune

        Yes <–

        • BlueAnubis

          *Inserts a quarter*
          Just two more levels and my name will be #1 on the leaderboards!
          *Presses Start*

    • Argent Stonecutter


      • FuRrY321

        *Orc stares at you*
        *You hit Orc*
        Gained 500 ESP! (Extreme Spot Points)

    • wingedwolfgirl


  31. Gaboris

    Yeah the best strategy a superdog could posibile come up with. XD
    Great job keep it up. ;)

  32. AceyWinters

    I just have to say this.. Spot is amazing…. that is all <3

  33. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Hahah, I love the designs of the hyenas. X3

  34. Evanne

    Very good strategy… lol

  35. iHavezMyBirdo

    NICE xD

  36. Odos

    everything but what I fear has been said, so I won’t reiterate it. Really, as awesome as this is, I’m just hoping that peanut remembers who he actually is. I have this feeling that, since Tarot got a huge chunk of peanut’s psyche, then peanut may be without that part, of which seemed to be a good deal of his imagination psyche. But, it’s too early to tell, so I’m not going to jump to conclusions until I see how this pans out.

  37. Yojimaru

    Hyena: Watashi wa shinen, SHINENZU!!!
    Spot: Spot… PAAAAAWNCH!
    *alternate universe explodes*

  38. Hopper200456

    Good job Spot(Super dog)!

  39. FuRrY321

    I love how Peanut thinks. Or is it Spot (superdog)? Or is it Rick, secretly pulling the strings behind the scenes? (By the way, you don’t wanna go back there, it’s just metal rods and gears and such, nothing important at all, yep, nothing at all…)

  40. Profesor Rod

    Awesome :O

  41. metaceryn

    Darn, I was hoping Spot (Superdog) would stay tied up a bit longer.

    For purely plot-related reasons, I assure you.

  42. Hoheh

    I can’t help but respect his strategy.

  43. wingedwolfgirl

    Yea, I had wondered how he’d get out of this one.

    Nice Teeth! :D

  44. Kalvin

    It’s awesome seeing Spot as an actual character instead of a drawing.

  45. Randomcommenter

    Well.. the shortist way between two points is a strait line… usualy the one connecting somones face to your shoulder.

  46. CalaverX11

    From now on, whenever I attack somebody, I’m going to speak exactly what I’m doing.


  47. BlueAnubis

    Oh no! What if they have not-special bows and try to kill him with regular arrows!?

    • FuRrY321

      I’m fairly certain the arrows would just bounce off…
      However, it’s the spears I’m worried about. Their pointy logic-defying shape (arrows!) might overpower our hero, Spot (superdog)!
      Heyy, waitaminute…
      If the spears look like arrows, what would the arrows look like? Feathered spears? :?

      • Cid

        I’m fairly sure some of ‘em must be made of orphanite, else capturing him woul look silly and put in too many plotholes!

  48. Hopper200456

    I can’t wait..

  49. Fuzzypaws

    Totally powergaming ;D

  50. Randomcommenter

    Mabey the cyborg and that guy in a skirt will show up…

    • Nightfirex

      See I was thinking that too.. to balance the pretend out.. but you know what.. this is good.. we may have to keep Spot cause he like any Paladin with a hammer. :)

  51. HAWKE

    The KISS principle never fails…

    • Watcher

      Keep It Simple, Stupid!


  52. kira

    faaaaaaaalcon paaaaaaaaaaaawwnch!

  53. Manix

    more like……

  54. Solario the Visored

    Heh. Not an anti-kidnap forcefield, but it works. :3

  55. Sahoni

    Superdog as Peanut sees him Huzzah <3

  56. Bamith

    i have always lived by this principle for video games with guns… if it moves shoot it, it still moving after you’ve shot it, shoot it some more, if by some unholy chance its moving use a rocket launcher, if that fails just punch/knife it .
    and i have a prime example of that working, cod6 me vs a juggernaut, i used all my ammo on it 120 shots from assualt rifle 20 from sniper rifle, i was outa ammo, so i just ran up to him and knifed him in da face, it worked >_>

    • Lazureus Falcone

      Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

      • Ragequit

        Unless you’re dealing with giant mutant cockroaches. Then you can NEVER be sure.

        • Zolan the Broody

          ESPECIALLY if the cockroaches are green, intelligent, and been extensively trained in the martial arts.

    • Hoheh

      If it moves, shoot it? Allies tend to move…

      • Chip Uni

        Allies don’t move as much after you shoot them!

        • Hoheh


    • BlueAnubis

      I find the best way to kill a juggernaut is to shoot it with either a Barret 50. or a Desert Eagle if one of them is available.

      Also, Hwat about Civilians on MW2? They move, and if you shoot them, YOU FAIL!

      • Darcin

        “No Russian” says hi.

  57. Cerberus

    Ahhh im gone for a week and when i come back to find a supermuscled doggie beefcake knocking the lights out of a hyena. I had to restart my comp because to sudden OMGness froze my processor. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
    I also find an amazing King story that made me sad i missed :(
    I dont know if im ever going to go anywhere without internet again *laughs*

    • metaceryn

      …wait, there are places without the Internet?

      • Wolf Nanaki

        You didn’t know that?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I don’t think they have the Internet in the Pridelands.

      • Cerberus

        yea i was gone camping and even if there was wifi, its just not in the spirit to be checking updates in the middle of the woods :(

      • tjprower

        @metaceryn o.0 You are either joking, or you’re quite naive. Wifi, even at best, doesn’t cover the entire globe. There are entire areas, countries even, without Internet connection. Just like I can’t get Wifi in my room to play wirelessly with my D.S., but I can’t move my computer (desktop) to another location so that I can stay on top of the tournament while in wireless range. >.>

  58. Hoheh

    I hypothesize the hyenas are wearing clothing that holds Orphanite, but, due to its radioactive nature, before being taken out for use, it is ineffective against Spot (superdog). This would explain both how they caught him and why he just Spotpunched one. The ‘magicxal/holy stones of purity,’ perhaps. They called him a witch effectively and all. Well, there’s my insane guess.

    • Chip Uni

      At least, Spot (superdog) doesn’t need to worry about orphanite in HIS clothes!

  59. SamBlob

    Not strong enough to fly yet, Spot? xD

  60. Keegan Wolf

    Must think of a strategy… oh wait, break free and kick tail.. awesome!!

  61. Psidra

    I Love this. BREAK. PUNCH.