Exceeding Expectations

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  1. Majin-Wolf

    Oh wow!! Nice!!^^

    • Majin-Wolf

      I’m listening to “Hero” by Chad Kroeger while looking at this strip :)

  2. Krystal

    Haha, that is absolutely Peanut.

    • ReCreate

      See in the tags: Peanut as Spot(superdog). It is peanut.

      • DZ

        I read Krystal’s comment to mean more like, “That is totally something Peanut would do,” rather than, “Peanut is playing the part of Spot.”

  3. ReCreate

    Haha! I knew peanut was going to play spot(superdog)! :P

    • ReCreate

      Those other people who predicted it were right. :P

  4. EHH

    I have a big smile on my face right now! :D

  5. Repicheep22

    Peanut, you are officially my hero.

    • toboe


    • valerio

      I won’t be able to read a Spot comic by Peanut in the same way.

    • Frank

      Now you’re getting literal

  6. HonorèDerazey

    Oh, I’ve shoulda guessed…

  7. johnwolf

    OWNED if only they new

  8. Cannon Fodder

    I now have a catch-phrase :V

  9. ReCreate

    Is it just me or does peanut/spot(superdog)’s mouth look like it’s swollen?

    • HonorèDerazey

      Probably just the angle.

    • Majin-Wolf

      He’s puffed up like that ReCreate, cause he’s awesome as charged!! Ready to whoop some butt!!

    • shdwfox

      I think it’s that one line under his jaw that makes it look like that. Spot looks so awsome but also, so naked.

      • FTW

        Well, compared to everyone else, he is naked.

        • Frank

          What do you mean he’s naked? The hyeans have capes, Spot has a cape. Our regular cast has collars, penut has a collar. He’s wearing one too many layers of clothing!

          • NobodyYouKnow

            it is the ridiculously large tag, not the collar, that makes them look dressed!

      • Chip Uni

        I agree. Very, VERY naked.

        (And droolworthy…)

      • valerio

        anthromorphization factor. Peanut/Spot looks so more human here!

  10. Knaveofclubs

    Everytime I look at that last frame I laugh

  11. Sleet

    Wow, I think people called this one.

    Let’s see how the cats like this inclusion. Also, is this the first time Spot is drawn in the “normal” style?

    • Frank

      This makes me wonder, does Max know about Peanut’s Spot (superdog) comics?

      • valerio

        Kitty’s in for SOME surprise! ;)

  12. Quiv

    It’s neat to see Spot (superdog) drawn out of his usual sketchiness. =)

    Go Peanut!

  13. shdwfox

    Wait…so King Cheetah was too powerful but Spot Superdog isn’t?

    • falcon01

      I suppose it helps when your girlfriend is running your fantasy.

    • valerio

      yes, but Spot also plays by the rules his enemies set, so he is compensated

  14. BlueAnubis

    That is by far the most awesome one-liner in the history of ever.

    See! I knew he would be playing the Cape Dog! (Who is awesome incarnate) I just missed the fact that he was playing as a dog wearing a cape instead of as a dog from the Cape. I really do need to get my foresight checked.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Do your Vision benefits cover foresight?

      • Frank

        Do your glasses cover foresight, Argent? :D

      • BlueAnubis

        Yah, that’s why the premiums are so high, and the only place I can get it checked is located in an otherworldy mall between the Phantom Limb Chiropractor and Matilda’s Magical Home Emporium. it’s a pain to get there because of all the toll roads to get there.

        • Frank

          Let me guess, you have to pay in knuts and sickles, don’t you?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Troll roads, you mean.

  15. Fireclave

    I think I just awesome face’d.

  16. GameCobra

    oh snap! Alternate universe!

    quick! shut the gates!

  17. Zanzawolf

    Lol, I had a feeling something like this might happen XD.

    Oh Peanut, you goofball.

  18. Maark30

    That was too cute for words. Great job as always Rick

  19. Tamer

    Oh~~~ Muscle~~~

    • kuisbright

      Second! Murrf!

      • valerio

        Stripe (who despite the appearances is not a cat) is one lucky girl!
        But… who is gonna play Stripe, now? Hmm…

        • Ada

          Me me me me me!!!

          • NobodyYouKnow

            ada! I present you with a white flag! truce!

  20. JasonF

    Awesome! Peanut as Spot (Superdog) is spot on brilliant!

  21. Pokeblue


  22. Darcin

    I was almost expecting them to accuse Spot (Superdog) of turning someone into a newt.

    They got better, of course.

    • FTW

      Monty Python FTW

  23. pet_fox123

    this makes me giggle. i should have guessed peanut would do this….or tarot did that just for him

  24. lolparty

    Jaw, this is Foor. Floor, meet Jaw.

  25. Fuzzypaws

    That is the best line in the entire history of this comic to date.

    • toboe

      It just might be the best line in the entire history of anything, ever.

  26. Icharus

    Oy, the gratuitous buff-ness of all the characters… so different!

  27. Cid

    I sense a disturbance! As if a half dozen double entendres were made and suddenly silenced

    • Frank

      Cid (and Furry321, and anyone else who feared what Spot would look like when not drawn “that crappy on purpose”) are shaking with fear back there, or shaking with awesomeness?

  28. thewhitedragon

    holy hell, a muscular buffed up Super spot XD

    excellent detail there lol XD

  29. metaceryn

    …I am using that line at work next week. It will happen. Yes.

    Assuming I ever get over how ludicrously BUILT everyone is in this universe (of which I wholeheartedly approve and wish there was a signup sheet somewhere).

    • Fireclave

      It must be the future. A Hollywood chase scene and alien invasion are sure to follow. Because that, too, would be awesome.

  30. ShadyKitsune

    And we stumbled upon Peanut’s fnafic made semi real by the help of Tarot…

    Also, everyone else wearing loin cloths draws attention to Spot’s/Peanut’s lack of anything apart the cape…

  31. Dissension

    That is so awesome. I wish I had a catchphrase like that.

  32. falcon01

    absolutly perfect! and very murrr too!

  33. Kajex

    This strip’s final panel contains several subspecies and levels of awesome.

    And of course, Spot is the only one who is exactly who he wants to be.

  34. valerio

    *cold shower*

  35. Chip Uni

    Wasn’t Spot (Superdog!) originally blue?

    • Islefox

      Yeah. The blue and red would be hard on the eyes. But, I like the white. :)

      Still the comic is: Awesome As Charged.

    • Frank

      It looks like a bluish gray on my monitor

  36. Indagare

    Holy mother of Krypto!

    • Frank

      Indagare, that’s such a great comment it deserves a reply comment, but I can’t think of anything except “no comment” :-|

      • valerio

        best comment so far!

      • NobodyYouKnow


      • Indagare

        It’s okay. :-) I’m glad you, Valerio, and (I think) Nobody You Know liked it. :-)

        • NobodyYouKnow

          yes i did. i just hardly ever lol, only lqtm. exept when i typed “lol limewire” into google and clicked “im feeling lucky”
          that means do it

  37. Edam is tasty

    KNEW IT.

  38. Profesor Rod


  39. Zalrex

    That like is awesome!, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was made into some kind of artistic meme.

    • Zalrex

      I mean, the LINE is awesome. Darn typos.

  40. valerio

    he must’ve been accused of high treason for saving Saso, earlier.

    • Frank

      To be accused of treason to a state, you need to have stated loyalty to that state beforehand. I’m guessing they took his saving of Saso as that.

  41. valerio

    the filter of the comment box will be soon overloaded :D

  42. JoeyWolf

    I read Spot’s voice as the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    • valerio


  43. residentfriendly

    I guess thats why superman wears his underwear outside eh?

  44. Ada

    Hottest. Hero. Ever.

    Oh, Tarot, you sly reality shifter!

    • valerio

      methinks she’s so glad to second Peanut’s fantasies. :D

  45. AstroFenn

    XD awesome…. heeheehee ^_^.

  46. Gaboris

    This strip just came up and already so much comments… well no wonder it’s great. X3
    So I must say great job on the story, nothin least was expected of penut then makin himself a hero. XD
    BTW: Who cares if in reality they wouldn’t be able to hide their… things, this is a comic aboot animals who are just like humans, how realistic is that? So drop the subject already.

    • NobodyYouKnow


  47. Rukral

    OMG I KNEW IT! THIS IS AWSOME (also, it’s like a super cool B-day present for me yay!) GO PEA-SPOT

    • Frank

      OH? Happy Birthday!

      (rushes out to giftwrap some spotted peas)

      • NobodyYouKnow

        *sings “happy birthday”*

  48. Sockmaster

    OH MY GOD, YES! :D

  49. valerio

    this arc is going to collect more comments than all comments ever posted for the rest of the comic

    • Sind

      frankly, I doubt this will beat King’s story in amount of posts =P

      • Blue_Elite

        There was also when they went to the farm and all the happenings with the suggestive farm cats. Oh how the comments did fly by the time Peanut had to take a “cold bath” in the pond.

  50. Zlashdrive

    OMG ITS SPOT! Awesome as charged :D

  51. Dreama

    Is this based on that old comic where Superman was accused of witchcraft?
    XD “Awesome as Charged”

  52. Legendario 777


  53. ToonTorment

    Jeez, Peanut/Spot, at least put some briefs on! No need for a shirt, though. :-P :-)

  54. HonorèDerazey

    I’ll bet a lot that someone will make a gravatar out of the last panel

    • Dredore

      You bet that someone will!

      • dredore

        I think I failed at using the gravatar >.>

        • Edam is tasty


  55. valerio

    we need a darn SCREEN SAVER out of that panel!!

    • Indagare

      We need a full page pose of Spot (Superdog) – that is, if it doesn’t melt our monitors.

      • metaceryn

        That’s something I’m willing to risk.

  56. FlareKitsune

    8:21 AM and most of the comments are gone. Congrats you guys! What are you gonna do now?

  57. Salenstormwing

    Hyenas and Spot! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Seriously, Spot looks freakin’ awesome.

  58. Squival

    lol could have done with some undies on but i still lol’ed

  59. Kegan

    YAY FOR SPOT/PEANUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whohoooooo!!!

    • Zykor


      • FuRrY321

        Well, at least that’s better than Big Bang Theory’s “C-Men”! XD

  60. valerio

    I’ll bet Bino would stop pestering Peanut now!

  61. Nightfirex

    There is no amount of awesomesauce this comic contain..

    even in the alt text, he using caps…. CAPS

    everyone knows that CAPS = cruise control for COOL!
    and and.. we get to see Superdog in all his glory.. so much better then that crappy superman superdog :) .
    but now I am curious.. would superdog be too powerful according to the rules of pretend?

  62. Kesslan

    Best. Comic. Ever :D

    • Frank
      • tahrey

        In a world… dominated by superlatives… where everyone lives out their lives in anonymous internet fora… there is ALWAYS room for an upgrade.

        This summer, get ready for a movie experience like no other. Peanut Butter Sandwich IS Spot (Superdog) in… Pridelands: Imaginarium 2 – the return of WTF?!

        • Frank

          Don LaFontaine?

        • Solario the Visored

          *Announcer Voice*
          “In the Pridelands…you must fight to survive… He was a super hero from another dimension…and the Dhier Order wanted him dead…”
          “HOW DO YOU PLEAD!”
          “Awesome as charged.”

          Sorry, Pablo Francisco is funny. :)

      • NobodyYouKnow

        at the risk of sounding stupid
        how do you cite comments?

        • Frank

          >blockquote<? there’s also a >q< tag, but I haven’t tried it.

          The actual citing is you copy-and-paste-ing

  63. Frank

    Funny. I’d always heard “jauntily” but never “I’m going to jaunt”

    • NobodyYouKnow

      read meafestio in onyx

  64. Tom Flapwell

    If no one else makes the obvious pun, then I will:

    That’s a hot Spot.

  65. Eric

    “Awesome as Charged!”

    Best. Line. Ever.

  66. Nyrufa

    I immediately laughed upon seeing Spot even without reading his speech bubble. ^_^

    Wonder if he’s got Stripe in this scenario too. That would be awkward.

    • Evanne

      Phwahaha! So did I! I thought Peanut would be Saso at first, but then I was like ‘hold up a minute…’ :D

  67. KeeganWolf

    The last panel is just Epic. Peanut looks almost like a modern superdog with the matching collar and cape

    • valerio

      Anyone else thinks he should have a nice black bolt tattooed on his side?

      • Frank

        I don’t think Spot would trade the ability to fly for a Super Bark

        • valerio

          but he would do *a lot* with the ubercool laser eyes!!

          • Hopper200456

            I don’t know about lasers and S-Barks But Can he crash through walls?

          • Valerio

            “Nothing is too hard for spot!
            He can fly, punch trough walls, breath fire, and that’s only the beginning!”


            oh, yes, and he’s got the power of SUPREME AWESOMENESS too!

          • NobodyYouKnow

            i feel like he used to be better at drawing spot.
            (does that mean that his artistry has deproved? inproved? unproved?)

          • FADFRANKIE

            YEAH AND X-RAY VISION.

  68. Raizel


  69. Tigergulp


  70. Hoheh

    Go Peanut. Wonder how this will go. Orphanite is probably his weakness, after all. Maybe he won’t be beatable. Will Stripe show up?

    • Knaelidos

      Knowing how Peanut affects the whole pretend universe. Either he’ll make one out of pure pretend material that we will soon make a name for. Or he will change tarot or Grape into that form.

      My guess would be the first one.

      • NobodyYouKnow

        he doesn’t control it. tarot does, but she shaped it in the image of the universe peanut had created.so unless peanut inserted stripe into this universe (that is a universe parallel to pridelands with small changes) before tarot pulled it out of his mind, she’s not here.
        good thought though!

        • Frank

          Stripe is in this universe, she’s just on the other side of the ocean… isn’t she?

      • FuRrY321

        Well, it would help the “who is not a cat” argument. After all, is Tarot a cat? No.

        • Hoheh

          Tarot would be perfect for that argument. Grape would be a neat way to have Peanut getcloser to her. Either way, Stripe works based onthe girl. Imagine if, for some reason, Stripe was Daisy. *chuckles*

  71. Darkflame215

    Totally awesome!!! So Peanut is Spot and he’s being accused of the dark arts, hmmm wonder what happens next?

  72. tahrey

    this just about made my week. way to perk up a crappy friday :D

  73. Edam is tasty

    I will deffinatly tune in at the same spot time and spot channel next monday.

    • GameCobra

      *Gets the popcorn ready*

      • Valerio

        I was eating a lot of’em today at the office. My coworkers stared at me curiously…

        • NobodyYouKnow

          another office reader (see falconfox’s comment last friday. lots of replies, hard to miss)

  74. Blue_Elite

    I’m sorry, did you want that MANcake for here or to go?

  75. Zephyrion

    Hah, they’re in a crossover self insert fanfic by Peanut!

  76. Hopper200456

    I knew it!I knew it!I knew it!I knew it!I knew it!I knew it!I knew it!I knew it!
    I SO CALLED IT!!!!

    • Valerio

      we knew it! we knew it! we knew it! we knew it! we knew it! we knew it!

      • Hopper200456


  77. Hopper200456

    Tarot should be Stripe!

    • Hopper200456

      Too bad..

      • NobodyYouKnow

        she did say she was going to be several people to guide them (see yesterday). i think stripe would be a perfect fit to guide spot




      WHY IS THAT?

  78. Dreama


    Did this already happen or is it about to happen?

    • Valerio

      already happened. That’s why the hyenas are putting him on a trial

    • Lucien

      XD I see now heh heh spot just created a new plot!

      Saving a major villian…. Wy spot, Why!

  79. Frank
    • Valerio

      next step: THE WORLD!

  80. Rider098


    Oh, that was good. I can already see Grape doing a face palm when she sees Peanut. Guess everyone is getting what they want out of this! Definitely looking forward to the next strip.

    • FuRrY321

      She’ll do a facepalm alright, but when she looks down she’ll ditch Max for sure! :D XD
      Either that or she’ll break the (4th?) wall by shouting at Rick, “At least make him put some pants on!!!”

      • FuRrY321

        Ohwait, not a face”palm”, face”paw”!

        • Lucien

          Our word of the day: Facepaw- Where furrry characters of high intellegence meet great annoiance at how rediculous somthing is.

          This has been our word of the day~

  81. wingedwolfgirl

    So THAT’S what Spot the Super-dog really looks like! :D

    • Valerio

      That’s why he was drawn that wasy, previously: to avoid eclipsing the rest of the strip!

  82. JB

    Aww~ darn. I lost the bet. RICK! You tricked me. -shows fist-
    Whoa, Spots looks awesome than he does on paper.

  83. Hopper200456

    What bet?

    • JB

      My friend and me was guessing what role Spot will be playing. I was wrong and thought it was Saso, but I should have seen that coming. > 3<;;;;

  84. Randomcommenter

    I wonder if he includes spot (superdogs) girlfriend (who is not a cat despite all apperences).

  85. Hopper200456

    I hope so!

  86. Calbeck


  87. FuRrY321

    Well, Grape and Max are in for quite a shock – especially Grape! XD

    But really, I like this new character. I just noticed that there are irises/pupils in there – all I saw was the whites (and it makes it look even more macho!) :P

  88. ReynardGearhead

    Rick, you could probably make some money if you were to sell Spot in this form as a Second Life avatar. It’s not every day that an artist draws muscles properly on a furry-type character. They are usually overly-done and look awful. Not so here.

  89. NobodyYouKnow

    Name that quote origin!
    153 points:
    “there is no price for awesomeness. or attractiveness.”
    *final jeopardy theme music*

    • ReynardGearhead

      Kung Fu Panda?

      • NobodyYouKnow


  90. NobodyYouKnow

    okay. the following comment is geared as follows:
    75%-to Rick
    24%-to readers
    1%- to myself (must check for typos!)
    once a year in march, the gang should get together with tarot and have another adventure in a land they vote on! with different guests each time! (wouldn’t you like to see bino as the dress-wearing badguy from spot?)
    reply with input! everybody!

    • Frank

      Yes, Bino as the bad guy in a dress would be hilarious, but I don’t think he’d be too happy about it… unless we can trick him into thinking its his own devious plan! Brilliant!

    • Lucien

      Agree. Bino in a dress. XD

  91. Rahiros

    I’m pretty sure this is gonna make Grape go heads over tails for Peanut ;)

  92. Kit Mayer

    Now we all know why there are NO superheroes in RL (alas)

  93. The game


  94. TD

    It’s official; this is the most AWESOME comic on the web at this time.

  95. TheFilmTwit

    Did anyone else hear Patrick Warburton when they read Spot(superdog)’s line?

    • Silver Guardian

      I might have; who’s he?

  96. Solario the Visored

    I don’t think anyone’s mentioned this yet, but how did the hyenas capture him? Doesn’t Spot (Superdog) have the power of an anti-kidnapping forcefield? Or was it decided that that was an unfair display of imaginary physics?

    • Silver Guardian

      Peanut’s personal feelings aside, Spot(Superdog) DID help an enemy of the state. Whatever powers he may have that might have helped him escape, Spot’s still a good guy. He probably had to let himself be taken by the hyena “police” who were sent after him.

      Because, yes, to do otherwise would not be fair.

  97. johnwolf


  98. James319

    i just KNEW he’d be Spot!!!

  99. Hoheh

    Awesome as charged. Best. Line. Ever.

    • Lucien

      You’ve been charged with:
      -Throwing a corrvet at a helicopter.
      - Punching a robot through a building.
      -Breaking through building roffs.
      -And flying without a liscense.
      How do you Plea…

      Spot: “Awesome as charged.”

  100. Terry Blackwolf

    I thought Spot was blue though, wasn’t he?

  101. metaceryn

    This strip’s been up for two calendar days now and I’m STILL coming back every 20 minutes to oggle.

    Well played, Mr. Griffin. Well played.

    • Aoi

      Seconded~<33 -oogles-
      I wonder how Grape would react to seeing that 100% grade A beef?

  102. Indagare

    Since the Tweets have broken the ‘previous comments’ link:

    I still can’t stop staring at Spot (Superdog). If this is what happens with Superman, it’s no wonder no one can remember his face!

  103. Lazureus Falcone

    Silly players… you should always assume that the player running the campaign always gets the best character.

  104. DarkDeity5

    I bet grapes going to facepalm so hard when she sees Peanut as Spot (Superdog). Also, it’s cool to see a fully drawn version of Spot (Superdog).

  105. necroprince

    nice muscle texture! i really like it.

  106. RockstarRaccoon

    YES! SWEET!!!

  107. Frank

    Okay… so… we broke another page… and no “previous comments” link at the bottom…

    No matter; you can paste
    into your address bar to see (you guessed it) page 1 of the comments.
    Change the 1 at the end for a 2 and, yes, you’ll be able to see page 2!

  108. Djinn

    Hey, it’s only fair. They get to have their fantasies lived out, why can’t Peanut?

  109. Fuzzypaws

    DM’s girlfriend! … Well, boyfriend, in this case.

  110. Stevie Maxwell

    Why does all the Awesome happen while I’m away at con without reliable internet access?

    So now begs the question: has “Peanut as Spot (Superdog)” beaten “King” as the most favorite character in the comic?

  111. SamBlob

    Max is not going to recognize Spot.

    Let me see: If the “Spot” comics had been published, this would be a crossover, but because it still exists only as drawings seen only by Peanut and Grape, this is merely an original character insert, I guess…

    One wonders how much of that beef is Peanut’s idea of Spot and how much is Tarot’s projection of Peanut as Spot?

    …and what will happen when Tarot finds out that Spot isn’t canon? Will she change Peanut into someone else?

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