For The Birds

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  1. Majin-Wolf

    This is getting good! ^^

    • Majin-Wolf

      A peanut for your thoughts!! :)

      • valerio

        What will happen, in a peanutshell?

  2. byt

    It was worth the wait! I don’t think we’ve seen a bird drawn here before; it looks absolutely amazing.

    • HonorèDerazey

      Actually, we have seen a bird drawn here before. It’s Pete PART bird?

    • Frank

      The last bird was a sort of chickenhawk or something

      I’m not sure what this one was supposed to be, but it sure doesn’t look like a blue red-billed hornbill (the species Zazu is supposed to be). My first guess was a yellow-bellied bluebird, but it turns out their not native to Africa.

    • Frank

      The last bird was a sort of chickenhawk or something

      I’m not sure what this one was supposed to be, but it sure doesn’t look like a blue red-billed hornbill (the species Zazu is supposed to be). My originalguess was a yellow-bellied bluebird, but it turns out their not native to Africa.

  3. ReCreate

    Wheres peanut? Anyways worth the wait indeed. :D

  4. byt

    There are only 3 of us up at 3 am?

    • Foxstar

      We lost a lot of 12am posters when Rick finally took care of the flood of people trying to 1st poster. Now people comment thought the day and week instead of trying to be on the spot when the comic goes live.

      • thewhitedragon

        I never understood the “childlike” game of “saying first..

    • Frank

      I, for one, went to sleep when Rick announced the comic would be late

  5. Lucien

    XD lol makes me wonder who peanut is.

    • JB

      Same here. Maybe playing a bigger role. I already guess that Peanut might play Saso even though he’s an ‘unimportant minor villian’ as Grape said to be.

      • Shadow Wolf X7

        That’s true, Peanut did say he liked that character… then again, I wonder if a special twist might happen. Could Spot the Superdog be planning a surprize appearance?? :)

        • Solario the Visored

          Doubt it. That’s like what I think someone mentioned about the last strip: getting “shot” and saying, “Nuh-uh! I had a forcefield!” Besides, Tarot seems to be indicating that the neccessity of having canonical characters for the setting comes from Peanut’s own mind. We know he pays a lot of attention to details (at least in fiction) because of all his Spot comic’s “supplimental material”.

          • Shadow Wolf X7

            True, but it would be a weird twist… but also a rather unfair one at that. I guess time will tell. I’m going to leave it up to Mr. Griffin to decide what happens. :)

  6. Profesor Rod

    Smartest dog ever! … in his own sort of way >.>

  7. Dissension

    And thus begins the adventure! I have a feeling Peanut will be showing up sooner rather than later.

  8. Chip Uni

    How COULD Kurok have allied himself with the cheetahs? Even though I’ve read six different guides to the stories, I still don’t have an adequate explanation!

    • Stevie Maxwell

      It’s actually part of the prophecy, even though it’s not specifically mentioned. You have to realize that Saso was just a pawn of the Dragon Council, and his betrayal caused Kurok’s exile and subsequent alliance with the cheetahs.

    • Ekevoo

      ‘Cause us cheetahs are made of awesome! :3

  9. Fuzzypaws

    It’s LARP!

  10. valerio

    This arc is making me want to read a PRIDELANDS book with an obsession.

    • Stevie Maxwell

      PRIDELANDS — Harry Potter for pets (and fans of this comic). Or have the masses moved on to the Twilight Saga?

      FWIW, I’ve never read any of the HP books, but I would gladly collect PL.

      • Frank

        Apparently, only the first book of the Twilight saga (the one actually entitled Twilight) was sold widely. The rest of the book have been limited to a more teenage girl market.

        Not that that’s a bad thing

      • ShadyKitsune

        I think Preidelands has a lot bigger rsemblence to The Lion King.
        With a high fantasy flavor thrown in. Kinda. I dunno…

        • Ekevoo

          It is. I’m squeeing myself at every page with the The Lion King similarities.

      • wingedwolfgirl

        I can’t wait to hear about “Team Saso” …Or something.

      • gatherer818

        The second book is very inaccessible to anyone who’s not a teen girl. The 3rd and 4th books are alright. But most people who don’t want to hear pages and pages of the main character obsessing over her missing vampire never finish the second, and those don’t move on to the better third book.

    • Ekevoo

      I’m probably hitting a dead horse with this question, but does this PRIDELANDS series exist outside the comic or not?

      • Frank

        Apparently, yes. It’s been mentioned every so often that a series titled Pridelands actually exists, albeit totally unrelated to the one in Housepets!. I looked it up on Amazon and it seems the real books are rather mature. (The link pointing you to it has been intentionally left out for that reason)

        • Chip Uni

          I looked it up, at your reference. The good news: it is furry. The bad news: Even the sample that B&N gives is X-rated.

  11. valerio

    mmm, beefy lion…

  12. HonorèDerazey

    I hope Tarot didn’t get the chunk of Peanut that knew how to breathe. >.>

    • Tails++

      I think she used call-by-value, so it’s ok.

  13. RockstarRaccoon

    Giving new meaning to “A little bird told me”.

  14. Marluxia Kyoshu

    Kind of seems like a half Lion King parody and have fantasy/adventure parody in general.

    I mean what with the bird being adviser to the lions, y’know?

  15. Max Wolf

    It makes you wonder if Peanut is the hyena he drew for his comic “Superspot”…

  16. Cid

    Mind you I hope he gets that chunk of his mind back rofl :D

  17. FuRrY321

    I wonder if this now means Tarot has a thing for cats?…
    I hope not! :D

  18. FuRrY321

    The real reason Max can’t play any of those characters is because he’s way too muscular. Going from “no muscle that we can see” to “so buff it looks like he could squish Grape” (though she looks strong, too) is too much.
    Also, I think Tarot’s mental projection means just in their minds, otherwise how could they walk this far and do all the things that they do? I think that they move around in their minds, while Tarot provides some sort of “server” of sorts for their thoughts.
    Though it would be funny to see Grape talking while Max is walking beside her, then he hits something in the real world while Grape goes on, not noticing that Max is no longer beside her. :)

    • Frank

      So far, it looks like they’re staying within the palace/cave/whatever, probably so that they have something to represent the walls of the house. This means they can move around, so long as any obstacle is represnted accordingly in the projection.

      Of course, Rick will probably have a better explanation

      • Solario the Visored

        I have this mental image of Mr. and Mrs. Sandwich coming home to find Grape, Peanut, and Max sitting in a circle around Tarot in the living room, all of their eyes glowing green and they all have creepy smiles as they “play” inside some kinda trance-thing. O~o

        • ShadyKitsune

          So it’s exactly like a LAN Party?
          Except the eyes reflect the glow of monitors.
          And Tarot is replaced by a bunch of computers.
          And they’re playing a computer game.
          Other than that, EXACTLY like a LAN Party!

          • FuRrY321

            Yeah, I would know.
            24-hour-straight-goodness FTW!!!
            (mind you, I had to wait around 5 or so hours before I could get a computer better than my 2006-clearance-model laptop that I bought in ‘07 (never, ever buy a laptop for your first computer, remember to tell your kids that if/when you have any).

          • FuRrY321

            What?! WHY is my comment awaiting moderation?? I didn’t put the ordinal “1″ in there anywhere, why would it say that??

  19. Argent Stonecutter

    Jeijan looks like a sacred kingfisher (look at the top of the wikipedia article on kingfishers). Kingfishers are pretty awesome birds.

  20. Argent Stonecutter

    Oooh, “The sacred Kingfisher, along with other Pacific kingfishers, was venerated by the Polynesians, who believed it had control over the seas and waves.”

    Yesss… in this case, that would be exactly correct. :)

    • Frank

      One of the problems with the Sacred Kingfisher theory is that they’re native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans’ islands. To be a Kingfisher, she would have to be a river kingfisher, not a tree kingfishers, since those are the ones that are actually seen in Afirca (albeit only when they migrate south for the winter, or west for the rainy season)

      With this as a starting point, she has to be a common kingfisher with an exceptionally bright coat, since the only African species with a similar plumage (the Malachite kingfisher) has a red bill. The blue-eared Kingfisher matches the plumage almost exactly, but is native to south-east Asia.

      The other problem with the sacred kingfisher is that it is too lightly colored in comparison. To bad, it would’ve been neat to have that symbolism.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        You’re assuming the equivalent of Disney and/or Studio Ghibli in the Housepets universe did the research.

        I don’t think the common kingfisher has that yellow blaze in front of the eyes.

        The brighter colors are just cartoon exaggeration.

        Oh, Rick…?

        • Frank

          I did consider that, but I thought it was a rather safe assumption considering that everything Pridelands has been paralleled to (except, perhaps, the Twilight Series) are people who did do their research.

          Psst, Rick, this is your cue to jump in and say “actually, there’s an interesting explanation in Glories of the Pridelands of how Jeijan got here all the way over from Indonesia” or something

          of course, “you mean there’s more than one kind of kingfisher?!” is also acceptable :D

          • Evanne

            I feel like this is an argument worthy of Monty Python and the Holy Grail…

          • Argent Stonecutter

            There’s no way even a kookaburra could carry a coconut that far.

  21. valerio

    The implications of what Tarot just said in the lat panel are mind-staggering. it means she basically has no immediate control on what she plucked out from the others’ memories. If something bad happened to someone, or at least something that would hurt feelings, she could be too late to prevent it…

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I think it’s just like memorizing the textbook without doing the exercises. You can repeat it back on the exam without understanding it.

      • FuRrY321

        Thankfully there isn’t any exam for understanding other people’s thoughts, eh? :P

  22. Stevie Maxwell

    I really like how the color of the eyes matches those of the “player” characters; it’s a nice little detail that’ll help differentiate who’s an NPC and who the players really are. Windows to the soul and all that.

    • Frank

      They do? Hey that’s right, they do!

      Tarot’s characters not matching her eyes is an admissible exception since, as she just confirmed, she has to play everyone

      • Anonymous

        But Tarot’s eyes glow green when she uses her powers, right?
        That might be why they’re green in here.

        • Frank

          The problem is, since Tarot is “guiding a little bit of everyone else”, the guard from yesterday should’ve also had bright green eyes, and they were more of a highlighter yellow

  23. Sleet


    • FTW

      My thoughts exactly!

  24. JB

    I’m getting excited just wondering how this is going to be played out. > w<
    Hmmm…Tarot playing as a blue bird called Jeijan. Reminds me of Simba.

  25. falcon01

    I’m waiting to see how Peanut fits in…altho i have this image of him stepping out of the shadows still dressed as Indy.

    • FTW

      It could happen, since this is based off of his memories he could have Tarot cast him that way.

    • valerio

      Or…SPOT! (way to kill drama!)

      • Hopper200456

        He should be spot!That would be so funny!!!

        • wingedwolfgirl

          It would be awesome to see Spot as a mental projection! :D

          • FuRrY321

            Oh… crap. :O
            Great, now I got a mental image of what Spot might look like here, which is worse than a projection because it changes constantly! And that is not good when Peanut’s involved!

  26. Frank

    When I read the last panel the first thing I thought was “oh man, I’m all out of chunky peanut butter!”

    My brain is wierd.

    • FuRrY321

      Chunky peanut butter?
      …wait, so do you purposely stick it in the fridge/freezer and have Peanut-sticks?
      Mmm, Peanut sticks. :D

      • Frank

        “Chunky” is a brand of peanut butter, and it also means “put a nice thick layer of peanut butter on” as opposed to “smooth”. The viscosity of the peanut butter has little part in that.
        I thought enough people would know it to get the relation…. Oh let’s just kill it with another rimshot, shall we?

      • Chip Uni

        In the United States, there’s different kinds of peanut butter. (Yes, we’re a little obsessive about ground-up nuts.) ‘Chunky’ peanut butter is made with larger pieces of nuts. Some, like me, say that it gives peanut butter extra texture. Others say that it has the mouth-feel of sand.

        • Rick Griffin

          Sand? It has the mouth-feel of gravel. Delicious, delicious gravel.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Americans are weird. I never really appreciated how much I hate peanut butter until I came to the states and discovered you crazy yanks put it in EVERYTHING.

          • Dissension

            Mr. Stonecutter, Sir, I take offense!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            You betta put that fence back, or all-a the chickens is gonna run out onna road and get run over. And then we gonna have feathers everywhere, and I’m allergic.

          • Frank

            S’okay mate. Here, have some vegemite on your barbie! You’ll see it goes just bonza with anything!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Vegemite on light toast with butter. Or on VASA brand crispbread. Mmmm… hmmmm…

  27. Frank

    Okay, this once I’m just going to sit back and wait for my posts containing the ordinal number for “1″ to be moderated. Can anyone think of an alternative way to say, “That was the 1th thing I thought of,” or “the 1th thing that comes to mind,” without using the correct ordinal for “1″?

    • Kakurady


      †Not really.
      ‡Now that people know it, this won’t work next time.

    • Whisper

      The nearest thesaurus probably has quite a few. Personally I’d go for something like “initial” or “foremost”, since that’s the least awkward thing I can think of, but if you want to be creative you can try something like “premier”, “starting”, “numero uno”, “original”, “beginning”, “primordial”, “earliest”, “introductory”, ect

      (I’m sure a thesaurus has more. I’d try to think of them but I’m pretty sure as soon as I started heading into other languages I was aimed towards silly territory)

      • Frank

        “the foremost thing that comes to mind” might work. Thank you, seriously, but what I was looking for was more of another phrase entirely

        sort of like “they should’ve decided what parts they would play 1 s t” can be replaced by “they should’ve decided what parts they would play before doing anything else”
        or “It was in the 1 s t few strips of this arc” for “It was near the beginning of this arc”
        or “that was what he was going to do the 1 s t time around” for “that was what he was going to do originally”

        Yeah, I know ST actually means “street” or “saint”. I’m squeezing all those spaced out ordinals through the filter

  28. friendly fur

    Her brain went from what we call a peanut, to peanut butter

  29. BlueAnubis

    Okay, Tarot’s last line is obscenely adorable!
    I wonder if Peanut will be the Cape Dog? He is awesome incarnate you know.

    • Dissension

      Since Grape and Max seem to have been assigned their characters based on the scenario that exists in the Pridelands universe, I would assume that Peanut will be treated the same way.

  30. tjprower

    Heh, awesome. I actually find Tarot’s form amusing.
    But you didn’t beat the previous comic’s rather creepy win. XD
    Also, thanks to the formers who led me to the Priceless.

  31. Stevie Maxwell

    I just realized that Max and Grape kinda look kinda like their Halloween costumes.

  32. Hopper200456

    Me?I think that Peanut needs to get Grape.
    Hm..I cant see Max and Tarot together…

    • FuRrY321

      Uh… that would be just as creepy (in the Housepets universe) as Fido and Sabrina (though I kinda like those two together). Only it would be creepier, because we know Tarot *does* have feelings for Peanut, and AFAWK, Max has no feelings for her.

      • Hopper200456

        Yes,Yes…I know..But I really want Peanut and Grape together.
        Who thinks this?

        • Solario the Visored

          Yish-yish! Peanut and Grape 4evar! <3 <3 <3

        • Ekevoo

          I kind of do, but not at the price of seeing less of Max *or* Tarot. I like them too. :3

  33. Hopper200456

    New Avatar!

  34. Hopper200456

    Wait….What?How to you get avatars?

  35. Hopper200456


  36. Hoheh

    Tarot is incredible. Relaying useful and sensible reasons for things without clue what she’s saying is pretty impressive.

    • Gavinfoxx

      Relaying useful information from sources while she doesn’t quite understand everything they say is her DAY JOB, though! The whole “Medium” thing??

      • ShadyKitsune

        She’s a pet, do pets have jobs???
        Oh wait, Fido…

  37. GameCobra

    Dear Tarot:

    I’m in ur mind
    giving you my plotz

    Love, Peanut

    • FuRrY321

      Nooze! U mispeled teh wurdz! Iz “Deer Tarot (dat part stayz teh saem), I’m in ur mind, givin u ma plotz. Luv, Peanut”!

      • GameCobra

        Hax! how dar u thnk i tlk lik tht lolz!

  38. wingedwolfgirl

    Now I’m exited to find out what role Peanut is playing! :D

    • The game

      I hope it’ll be worth the wait!

  39. The game

    Gah!!! Just realized who Grape wanted to be, and who Peanut might be!!

  40. Cid

    For all we know, as the mind who created the whole scenario, peanut might be the actual King/Emperor/Chief

  41. betatag

    inset that peanut in the last comic welcoming max? the lion had peanuts eyes…

  42. Zanzibar

    Oh yea gods!
    All this Pridelands talk made me wonder i such a book series doesn’t exist. Well, it doesn’t, but there IS a bookseries with that name. By Jade Buchanan.

    Man, it’s a 50% fit at least. The other 50% though…, *shudders*

  43. Mandy

    I wonder if Peanut is going to be the minor character he had Spot (Superdog) save in one of his adventures right after reading the book…?

  44. Hopper200456

    Yeah he might be,
    Thats what lot of people are thinking.
    I think Peanut should be Spot!(Super Dog)

  45. Solario the Visored

    I know most of us have already said it, but I would LOVE to read this “Pridelands” series. It sounds so in-depth, and everybody (or at least all the cats and cat-lovers) is so enthusiastic about it! :D :D :D

  46. Frank

    I only just noticed the Pridelands characters have rather long whiskers (hadn’t seen them yesterday, either) which is Ok really. Real Life lions do have rather long whiskers

    Also, we’ve passed the 100 posts. You people think we’ll go on to a page 2 again?

  47. Odos

    First off… This could be bad… For all Max, Grape, and Peanut know, what they see, feel and do is REAL. Though they’ll always have Tarot to remind themselves that this isn’t real, if it gets to a point where things start becoming fuzzy, Tarot might have to pull the plug on the “Hyperreal Sensuround” thing that they’re doing right now… And I don’t know if Tarot will know because she ALWAYS knows this isn’t real, and seems to be the kind of person to forget that she’s not exactly normal in this regard. It could turn out that Max and Grape LIKE this other world, and only Peanut is the one to try to pull them out and make them realize it’s not real, no matter how much they want it to be.

    And, also, My thoughts on peanut: He’s going to be…. Rather embarrassed. Think about it, What are the chances that, in this time period, he got cast as a non-lion, especially since Max and Grape got cast as lions. Now, we know that peanut likes cats, but is still a little “Ehnhnhn” about the whole deal. So, this leaves peanut as a lion, and antagonist, or a minor character, which would all be embarrassing things, but it would make sense for “The Scenario.”

    On the other hand, Peanut has a HUGE role (I.E. King or something) and it’ll hold a place of jealousy over Max and Grape, which’ll cause friction. Either way, I feel as though the main problem won’t be what’s going on in this dream (Which could be the case, they’ve all just been hypnotized and put to sleep by Tarot, and she’s making the dream seem real), but what happens between Max, Grape and Peanut within’ this dream.

    Or I could be completely wrong, and it’ll turn out something like “If you die here, you die in the real world!” And “You cannot end this until the scenario is played out.” And all that, making the Max, Grape and Peanut too scared to ever want to do this again.

    • GameCobra

      While all of this maybe true, i was thinking after seeing this comic with Tarot in it is actually more beneficial.

      Both Tarot and Max for starters are both more actively involved with Grape and Peanut, moreso Tarot since Tarot feels like the quiet type to me, similar to Sabrina and it seems to me that both Max and Tarot wil both get along to the point that it fits comfortable with Peanut and Grape on a regular basis. The way i look at it, i think the bigger challenges is whether anyone takes this game of pretend too seriously, but if Grape and Peanut went so far as to play a game of “Curiosity killed the cat” with one another, i doubt they would.

      The way i look at it in the end is that everyone in the end has a wonderful time in this new version and that everyone involved is no longer feeling uncomfortable with one another, maybe even consider them a reliable friend from now on: Mainly Peanut with Max and Grape with Tarot

  48. Hopper200456

    That would be so funny!

  49. mamoru

    wow guess she didn’t expect to get that much of peanut lol
    where is he anyway

  50. Hopper200456

    Oh, Im sure he will be back next comic!

  51. Whiskers

    I had a strange thought… If this projection was heavily influenced by Peanut’s preferences… I wonder if he has something crazy in the works… with his in depth knowledge of the pridelands lore and such he may be arranging some sort of mischief

  52. Argent Stonecutter
    • Frank

      “That does not look like Jeijan” :D

      Quite a good picture, but notice the collar goes all around the head, with a spot on the back
      On Jeijan, however, the collar does not cross over her back. She may, however, just happen to have a spot so large, it’s bigger than the collar.

      Okay, now I’m reaching. I just happen to like the symbolism.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Look at the third frame. Almost the same viewpoint. Collar goes up over the shoulder in both pictures. Artistic license and limited models explains frame two. I can’t find another kingfisher that’s got the black-and-white beak, blue wings, yellow blaze in front of the eyes, white bib, and yellow front.

        • Frank

          Perfect. I’ll buy that. (gives 100 monopoly dollars)

  53. Dratch

    Wait..if she got an enourmous chunk of Peanut…

    ..Do you think Peanut got a chunk of Tarot?

  54. Raizel

    Wait. Where’s Peanut! :O

    • MrMutt

      Probably recovering from temporarily loosing a chunk of his thoughts. :D

  55. Welsh

    I take it Jeijan is based off Zazu? (from the lion king)

  56. black cat

    mabey “spot the super dog” comes in at some point or something like that

  57. Hopper200456

    Yeah,Thats what I was thinking.

  58. shenhibiki

    I love how easily she reacts to the fact she just said a lot of stuff that makes sense, and she doesn’t get it herself XD

  59. MagicalSarai

    I love the whole “Enormous chunk of Peanut” line… I died! Died laughing… but I’m all better now.

  60. Zekermeme

    …warriors… hm…

    Who are they fighting, then?

    (I’m guessing that’s where Peanut comes in.)

  61. Randomcommenter

    Fun fact for all you British comedy fans out there. The person who did the voice of Zazu in the original Lion King was actually Rowan Atkinson (or Mr. Bean).

  62. Hopper200456

    I know!I looked that up and I was like WHAT!!!!

  63. ReCreate

    5 minutes to friday’s comic! :D

  64. Frank