Give me an hour to an hour and a half more tonight, have been having computer issues

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  1. brostudios

    I need my hit!!!!

  2. Frank

    Funny, I haven’t had an excuse to stay awake in months, and now that I do and try to stay awake for the comic, it’s gonna be late. I guess God wants me to get some sleep tonight, so good night everyone.

    • Frank

      Before I get a religious flogging, “I guess God wants X” is my way of saying
      “I’ll do Y or, God willing, I’ll do X.
      “God isn’t willing. Figures. I’ll do Y”

      Er, you do know the saying “God willing” doesn’t really carry a religious weight… don’t you?

  3. ReCreate

    Aww crap. :( I was even counting down to 12:00 AM. At least it’s not canceled. :D

  4. Dissension

    No prob, Bob! We can wait!

    Sorry to hear about the computer issues. :( *hugs*

    Also, because Frank seems to be expecting it and I don’t want to disappoint him…


  5. rWolf1991

    I think it’s time for a new computer! I suggest a MAC!! :)

    • ReCreate


      • ReCreate

        You don’t even know what issues he’s having. >_> 99% of problems can be solved with a reinstall.

        • Tails++

          If by reinstall you mean reinstall of the operating system, than it’s like killing a fly with nuclear bomb…

          • ReCreate

            Yes. Fixes the problem very, very well.

          • Tails++

            I think you’re missing the point here.

  6. ReCreate

    Argh… my name is taken by… myself and i cant get this gravatar thing setup >_<

    • ReCreate

      oh wait it works now :D

  7. Sylum

    lol @ ReC It took me a while to get the gravatar thing working too. A bit odd of a process but it’s working. XD

  8. ReCreate

    Hmmm… its been aprox 1 hour 30 minutes now…

    • GameCobra

      might wanna get some sleep =P

      i think i’m gonna snooze shortly as well. @_@

  9. akwolf

    lol I cannot believe people are so hardcore for this! I love the comic and all but it shouldnt have to be so urgent when it’s a 4 panel strip