Getting Your Drama Face On

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  1. Majin-Wolf

    Hmm Interesting!!

  2. Dissension

    Not the worst excuse, either! *laughs*

  3. Kamron

    Way to roll a 1 at noble carriage, champion!

    • Billy MT

      “Your fanboyism is showing! It’s not in the script! No freestyling!” XD

    • Kamron
      • Frank

        Interesting. What would happen to Peanut in the “real” world if he were speared to death in the fantasy?

        • valerio

          sir, such considerations are, at best. morbid

          • Frank

            I was figuring he’d simply wake up and be able to see it all from the outside, or (like Grape) be assigned a new character

  4. Legendario 777

    HAHAHA !!!!!!

    • Ekevoo

      There’s no way I wouldn’t squee in their place :)

      • valerio

        Lots of squuueeeeee! and group hug!

        • Angelkitt

          and Kwee too!!

  5. Sleet

    On one hand, I liked Pridelands being a noodle series of sorts, but on the other hand, this arc looks like it has a lot of promise.

    • Frank

      Oh, you mean something like this?

    • aerion

      Well, I keep getting confused on whether it IS noodle or not.
      Frank’s lack of a “oh, no, it’s totally based on this book” comment makes it more likely it is, but the fact that there IS a book series called “The Pridelands”, although with a plot that… Doesn’t exactly fit in here, makes it confusing…

  6. ReCreate

    this the first comic i read at midnight :p regarding the strip – no comment lol XD

  7. EHH

    I think Rick’s alt text gives my impressions of this strip well enough. ;)

  8. Repicheep22

    With Tarot, who needs paper bags, or a holo-deck?

    • Darcin

      But then how would the malevolent holo-deck villains take advantage of the faults in the system to periodically materialize in the real world and wreak havoc for a period of about 30 minutes to an hour before being forced back into the virtual world just in the nick of time?

      • aerion

        Well, the spirits could decide they want a physical body, and make one of the creatures in this world stay “real” when the rest of the illusion ends.
        I find it more likely that something goes wrong with the poorly tested (or even explained) powers of some dog when used for something they weren’t intended for, than some heavily used, fully-intended-for-this-use, not-exactly-experimental-anymore, proffesional holo deck.

  9. ReCreate

    odd how my above comment is awating moderation O.o

    • Frank

      Yeah. Never ever refer to “1″ by its ordinal number. The server will think you’re jumping in to say “ZOMG! I HAS POSTET B4 ANYONE ELZE!”

  10. ReCreate

    oh wait it got approved xD

  11. Sylum

    Oh god I lol’d XD

    • FuRrY321

      Nice gravvie! (LOL I love saying that!)

  12. Snowmon

    Something tells me this will not end well…
    And by “wont end well” I mean that it wont end as nicely as the falling into lava thing. (-_-);

    Bets on who will be crying? Place your bets!

    • FuRrY321

      Max because he is the Princess’ servant from the looks of it while Peanut is “Lord Parnok”.
      They really seemed to be getting into their roles, so much so that I thought Tarot had really made them their characters, but then when “Lord Parnok” and “Princess Illyaya” squealed like mice (grape actually kinda does look like a mouse in Panel 4, doesn’t she?) I knew they were still just playing. ;)

      • Chip Uni

        Actually, that’s Max as Parnok. Take a look at the tags.

        • FuRrY321

          Aw, darnit, beat by not-too-fine-print-that-nonetheless-I-can’t-see-until-someone-points-it-out-to-me yet again!

    • Frank

      Tarot will be crying. “No! I can’t do this! I’m not strong enough to project 400 lions battling 500 hyenas!”

  13. Zanzawolf

    Oh my XD
    Yay for Tarot and her awesome powers ^_^.

  14. Tamer

    And then… All of pets (mostly cats) will come and join the show.

  15. Cid

    That is awesomesauce in the most awesome sense!! Also lions in tribal gear ftw!! <3

  16. GameCobra

    hey,hey,HEY! You’re being out of character, you two!

    on a serious note: <3

  17. Chip Uni

    There is NEVER a bad excuse to draw lions in tribal wear!

  18. JB

    Haha, their dreams has finally came true. xD Aren’t we all glad Tarot appeared?

  19. Darcin

    With all this reality-altering Tarot’s getting into, I wonder if Pete will take notice and decide to do something mischievous.

    • FuRrY321

      I have a feeling a Gryffon would look just a little out of place amid all the lions in tribal wear, don’t you think? ;)

    • valerio

      Tarot did not alter reality. She is projecting mental images so that single players are living the experience in ‘hyperreality surround’, but looking from outside you still would see our heroes acting and speaking in their own old furry selves

      • Ekevoo

        Augmented reality then?

      • Frank

        Tarot: Oh, sorry. There’s a table there in reality. I forgot to represent it
        *poing!* (five-foot rock appears out of nowhere)

        • FuRrY321

          “Oh, and don’t worry about the vase.”
          “What vase?”
          “Not again!”

  20. Pokeblue

    Lol, it’s always fun to have lions drawn in tribal gear.

  21. lethe

    This just illustrates (pun intended) how we actually need a Pridelands book now… :)


  22. BoximusPrime

    What a brilliant excuse to draw tribal gear.

  23. Asteri

    why use paper bags when we can just use mental projection :D :D:D:D
    so… I’m guessing Peanut was the guard?

    • Dissension

      Actually, that’s just a nameless character. Peanut isn’t in this strip.

      • FuRrY321

        No actually, there is no “Nameless Guard” since who would act as him? Rather, Peanut is “Lord Parnok” and Max is the guard. I don’t seem to recall Max having a particularly long muzzle, do you? ;)
        ;) Winks everywhere!

        • Ekevoo

          Check the tags just below the strip. It says who plays who.

          • FuRrY321

            That’s it, in further Opera releases I’m requesting a feature that lets you highlight a specific area in specific URLs. That, or I need to put Post-it notes around my desk to remind me to read the tags before posting! Grr…

      • Frank

        So then, could we consider Tarot to be the nameless guard? It’s her who’s doing the projection, so she probably has to control any Non-Player character.

        ….oooh, this doesn’t look good for the stampede scene

        • FTW

          But you’d think that Tarot would cast herself as a girl. I mean, that’s not a huge thing to change from Peanut’s memory of the book.

    • JB

      Nope. My guess is Peanut will be playing a role of the Heyna.

  24. 8feet

    this is just to hilarious that I’m mah,that I’m mah,That I’m A Firing Mah Lazors!!! KO MU NI TANG BANZ–BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    p.s. GOD Bless!!!

    • wingedwolfgirl


      Don’t know why I did that.
      Bless you too. :3

      • FuRrY321


        Thanks anyway XD

  25. Dissension

    Wait, what is the servile lion’s scabbard attached to? I wouldn’t think that loincloth offers enough structural support for that much weight…

    • Frank

      Looks to me like he’s holding it with his left hand/paw (possibly through some handle/strap on the side). Why else would the fist be clenched like that?

      • FuRrY321

        Hey, guys, this is a mental projection. Therefore, nothing has to follow the rules of reality. For example, what about that 5-foot rock you mentioned earlier? In things like this rocks are never less than 3 feet, those are pebbles, and anything that is at least a foot taller than your main character is considered a cliff. :P

        • Frank

          Oh, sorry. I meant five feet wide, not five feet tall. On the other hand, aren’t tables supposed to be taller than our main characters?

          • FuRrY321

            That depends. Is your name Alice and you’re looking for the white rabbit? He’s late, you know, and I wouldn’t keep the Red Queen waiting. I really wouldn’t.

  26. Cthulhu

    I’m wondering now. Are there any hyenas in the Pridelands?

    • Salenstormwing

      Of course there are. Spot (Superdog) saved one of the hyenas from the Pridelands at some point.

  27. falcon01

    oh yum! :)

  28. valerio

    I approve of the awsomeness of this strip.
    I understand why lions in tribal gear make a good argument :D

  29. FriendlyFireForKids

    Lost so hard.

  30. FuRrY321

    Just when I finished telling Rick he didn’t do enough shading! :P

    • Frank

      He does shading when the lighting allows/forces him to. Remember “oops, I arced”? All those cool shadows with the flashlights/torches? (“Torch” in the british meaning of the word)

      • FuRrY321

        Yeah, but he doesn’t do shading in every comic. Which is fine, really, as it saves time when doing the comic, as well as providing a fresh art style as compared to comics where the shading looks like it was done in The GIMP (ie watercolours; I know because I have a drawing on DeviantART that was “shaded” in with GIMP’s pressure-sensitivity brush).
        It just seems ironic, though, since I was just emailing him a few days ago complimenting him on that. :)

  31. Manachu Boy

    I presume Grape’s previous doubts about Tarot have all been conveniently forgotten at this point, huh?

    • valerio

      Tarot just got a her new best friend ;)

      • FuRrY321

        “got a her new best friend” is now in the Tarot/Grape reference book. You’ll have to specifically request for it to be in the Peanut/Grape and Max/Grape books, however.

  32. Zlashdrive

    Best comic ever. Tarrot also got a lot of new friends by this.

  33. Mindraker

    I wonder how Peanut is going to fit into all this. And I doubt he’ll appreciate the cats using Tarot for play so selfishly.

    • Indagare

      Remember, he likes Pridelands too. He had to agree to let Tarot use his memories to create this virtual reality, so I don’t think it’s entirely selfish. My only wonder is how Tarot feels about all this.

      • valerio

        Tarot only wants to make sure that Peanut is okay with this, even if it meant (paradoxically) that Peanut will not be happy, since he wants Grape to be happy at the cost of breaking his own heart.
        Yet, after all, he won’t be left out of the play since he likes PL too and will be given a role himself.

    • Chip Uni

      I think that a noble hyena will show up soon…

      • FuRrY321

        You know that’s a contradictory term, right? Hyenas are never noble. Not in Pridelands (Lion King), anyway. ;)
        No, there will be a hyena, but Peanut [Spot (Superdog)] will save the day!

  34. kennyfox

    awesome. roleplay is so fun.

  35. Theolis Wolfpaw

    My bets are on Peanut being Saso. XP

    • Frank

      He’s probably now doing what grape was doing, and playing several characters at once. It’s not hard to imagine that he might somehow be controlling the guard there.

      • Dissension

        It’s probably safe to say that Peanut isn’t involved until we get “Peanut” and “Peanut as So-and-So” tags.

        • FuRrY321

          No, no, no! You misspelled it! It’s “Peanut as Saso“, not Peanut as So-and-so! (And So!)

  36. Squival

    last panel is priceless xD

  37. FTW

    If the pets normally don’t wear any clothes, then why do the lions? It just seems odd that the tribal animals are more modest (at least as far as clothing goes) than the pets in modern times, when most people (assuming the comic takes place in America) wouldn’t be caught dead wearing just a loincloth.

    • valerio

      tribal gear = smexy

      • FTW

        Even more so than complete nudity?

        • valerio

          as a psychological mechanism, since animals walk around in the nude as a normal status, we get used to that. Certain gears such as the police/guard jackets and tribal stuff enhance our imagination as to what’s concealed under them.

          • FTW

            Good point, and I’ll have to agree with you about that, thats the way it is with most of Rick’s art.

    • Frank

      “A hundred lions in tribal gear make a convincing argument all on their own”

      Or, it could be a visual pun. Lion –> Loin

      • FTW

        You might be onto something!

    • Kamron

      Besides, who wrote the book, and for what audience was it intended? If it was written by a human or was intended for both humans and pets, there might be bit of anthropomorphization to help relate to one of the involved parties.

  38. Frank

    The funniest thing about this comic is that I’ve been reading Max so far with a more-or-less childish voice, and as I read this I figured he would retain it through the fantasy.

    If you don’t think that’s funny, imagine Arnold Schwartzenegger under the effects of helium.

    • FTW

      OMG complete hilarity! I LOLed so hard!

      • FuRrY321

        Me not so hard, but I lol’ed nonetheless! XD

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Oooh I’ve always loved the idea of keeping characters with their original voices!
      Great concept! :D

  39. friendly fur

    I bet they are both just waiting for a kissing scene! xD

  40. FlareKitsune

    Tarot is the greatest. Period.

    Hell who needs imagination when you have her around?

    • Frank

      Well, you need imagination to suggest what she should project

      Yeah, I know, you meant it as rhetorical, but don’t completely discount the powers of the mind just because it’s not empowered by some mystical “spirits”

  41. Cid

    I dare not imagine if she would mentally project the adventures of Spot (superdog)

  42. shenhibiki

    . . . I totally saw them on their awesome character voices.. then sqeeing on their normal ones… XD;

  43. valerio

    That guard must be very young not to have a mane on his head

  44. Hoheh

    Yup. Tarot took pretending to a whole new level.

  45. Stevie Maxwell

    At least Grape isn’t trying to be Gapre with Maxwell being Petir.

    Would Tarot be able to join in the RP if she’s running the projection?

    • aerion

      Can a GM join a game when he’s running it?
      Technically, yes, but it will be hard to keep it fair (though Tarrot will have an easier time than usual, as I suspect she’d be “Guard #1274″ instead of “Hero #3″ like most would)
      Also, it would be hard, I suspect.

  46. MelSkunk


    I once wrote a TLK fanfic that was only a fraction so cool, but if it magically happened I would be all SQUEEEEE myself.
    I also wanna see Peanut. And a Cape Hunting Dog.. just ’cause..

  47. Valerio

    considering that once grape wrote to one of the actors of the Pridelands movie that she wanted to have his kitties…
    O dear…

  48. HonorèDerazey

    *Squeeeeeeee*! That must be their secret language! :O

    • Frank

      You must not spend enough time around girls, particularly the giggling, squealing sort.

      Or better yet, get Bewitched (the film) and fast-forward it to when the Samantha says “I don’t know why we’re doing this, but it’s so much fun!”

      • FuRrY321

        Please. I didn’t watch the whole movie, but I do regret watching what I did. o.O

  49. aerion

    I somehow doubt it, at least until after any fight scenes.
    Who knows, perhaps Grape’s instincts actually get kicked on when some adrenaline is applied?
    I hope not, though, it’d ruin my mental image of Grape as a Tomboy

  50. aerion

    I just realiced…
    If this is Peanut’s memories…
    And he retconned it in at least one drawing (wouldn’t be surprised if there were more that we did not see)…
    Will this be the real story, or HIS story?
    It’d explain why it HAD to be Peanut too, so it makes sense both in-story and meta-story >:3

    • Kamron

      Don’t forget that Grape wrote some fan-fics, too! That could really make things interesting…

  51. Nia

    Well there’s a huge moment of geekness I’ve ever seen. It’s like if a Star Wars geek woke up one day as Boba Fett.

    • Shadow Wolf X7

      Pridelands seems to have the same affect on its audience as the Twilight saga has on theirs… Don’t you agree?

      • Darcin

        Now that’s just insulting.

        • BlueAnubis

          I agree! Don’t insult Pridelinds like that!

          • Shadow Wolf X7

            sorry sorry, I guess I made a bad comparison… ^^;

          • Evanne

            I think it’s more like Harry Potter

        • valerio


        • Cid

          hey I resent that

        • FuRrY321

          ‘Tis very insulting to compare les vampires rabâché to the totally original Lions in Loincloth of Pridelands! (No, I’m not French, and use a translator if you don’t understand what that means.)

        • fastbreak333

          You know, if a Twilight fan was reading that comment, he or she would’ve found that insulting too. Watch what you say, please.

          • FuRrY321

            Yeah, but who here is a Twilight fan? XD
            But really, we kid. We’re not bashing Twilight; we’re just making fun of the people who go nuts over it. ;)

      • Kalvin

        It has the same effect on fans as Twilight, but it’s plot is not a romance from what I can tell. It’s more of an epic adventure so it actually probably deserves some of the hype. It’s hard to tell since not much of Pridelands cannon has been revealed to us.

        • R-One

          … probably because it’s mostly used as a plot device? :D

          • Kalvin


        • Shadow Wolf X7

          I never intended to compare plots, just the amount of “geekiness” of the fans. It’s not a serious comment, just a thought that came to my mind.

          I guess I learned a valuable lesson here: the power of fans is nothing to be tampered with.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I can think of a lot of people I’d rather wake up as than Boba Fett. o_O

      • FuRrY321

        Yeah, like Darth Vader before he was burned! XD

  52. wingedwolfgirl

    I agree with Grape now,
    Lions in loin-cloths really are a convincing argument. :3

  53. Foxstar

    No, they are not. I can tell you that right now.

    Also, best to keep some thoughts to yourself.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      But I hadn’t actually SHARED any of my thoughts,
      what are YOOU Implying Friend? :D

      • Evanne

        Foxstar (i believe) was referring to the twilight comment above…

        • FuRrY321

          No, I’m pretty sure it was a reply to something, because I remember reading that comment and it making sense, but it seems the comments get getting broken and then fixed, broken then fixed, and onandonandonandonandon….

  54. fastbreak333

    Lions in tribal wear. Me likey.

  55. Rukral

    This is gonna be a real epic arc. I wonder who Peanut is gonna be though

  56. The game

    Peanut is soooooo gonna be Spot, and rescue Grap-Illaya from the meanie Parnok!!!

  57. FuRrY321

    I think Tarot would either exclude them from the mental projection, thus ruining their fun, or would punish them. After all, they are playing pretend, and you never let real life, especially feelings towards one of the players, get in the way of playing.

    • FuRrY321

      Stupid. Reply. Service. Is. Broken. Again.
      I Think?!

  58. Firewing

    I think this arc got a WHOLE bunch Geekier!
    (…coming from the dude with glasses. ¬_¬)

    • Firewing

      Yes i seriously have glasses IRL. but no one cares. :P

  59. BlueAnubis

    It’s funny, that’s the same sound I make when I read some of the webcomics I frequent.

    • toboe

      such as…?
      share the love!

      • BlueAnubis

        To name a few (in no particular order)
        Faux Pas
        Two Kinds
        The Whiteboard
        Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures
        Sonic and Pals
        Sandra and Woo
        You Say it First
        The one with Kieri and Bwaro (the site won’t let me put it’s name)
        And several others that I can’t remember without my list.

  60. Justice193

    so I come back after doing some bit o’ work at school and… lions in loincloth? o.O… well, I’ll be honest, looks cool :) .

  61. Solario the Visored

    Grape/Illaya’s face in the last panel is mega-win! :3

  62. iHavezMyBirdo

    Awesome xD

  63. Kit Mayer

    The very idea!Not how royalty should behave; SUCH SCANDAL!!! *faints*

  64. Rennis Tora

    That smile alone tells us that’s Max… I wonder when and where Peanut will show up?

    • Cid

      he must be the nameless npc…I mean guard!

  65. GeminiDragon

    I am so noob… But I just started reading this & I had to look back to get it. I thought the psychic female pup and the black cat was a couple. So I was so excited because I thought they were so cute together… But now I see it’s Grape & Lucky… I have to admit, I liked my first impression better. But this is a very cute comic & great read. I love magical adventures!
    P.S. =^x^=
    I already use an avatar for my comments. Do I have to use some other web site’s avatar? I want to use my own.

    • Indagare

      No, but you need to load up your own to the system so it will be able to be used.

    • The game

      Lucky? Do you mean Peanut or Max?

  66. brostudios

    Rennis, Is your avatar Hobbes done in Housepets style?

    • valerio

      methinks that’s the tiger Peanut & Grape visited douring their latest tour at the zoo. Only colored.

  67. Kume

    O.o ::Wants to read Pridelands now::

  68. Calbeck


  69. RockstarRaccoon


  70. Meggido

    I just wonder what kind of mental strain this is on Tarot

  71. toboe

    My head asplode

  72. James319

    Just couldnt help it XD

  73. Nyrufa

    Come to think of it, this might be an excellent way for Peanut to live out his secret cat fantasy!

    I foresee Grape spending a great deal of time with Tarot now.

    • ShadyKitsune

      It’s Joey who likes to wear catsuits and is in love with a mouse…
      Peanut only likes… Certain features of cats. (Comparable to “Nekonomimi” with humans. AKA Catgirls)
      Peanut still likes beinga dog. He just likes cats (as well as Tarot).

  74. Cthulhu

    Heeeeey, hold the phone AND the mayo!

    Wasn’t Peanut a big fan of the evil hyena dude? I’d half expected him to be the hyena and antagonize the lions!

  75. Argent Stonecutter

    That young male at the door reminds me of Val Kilmer in Real Genius.

  76. anthroguy101

    Wonder where Peanut will be in this fantasy.

  77. AceyWinters


  78. ShiroNoOokami

    lols were had

  79. Frank

    With half an hour to go for tomorrow’s comic, I think it’s safe to say this is as far as the comments will go. For future reference, older comments are at:

    In fact, you can see the older comments of any strip simply by adding “comment-page-n” at the end of the URL

  80. Fuzzypaws

    A wonderful excuse to be sure.

  81. Padfoot

    Totally random question…that may or may not have been asked before.

    What is Pridelands based on?