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  1. Foxstar

    Peanut is a very good natured dog, I tell you what. Witty too.

    • GameCobra

      The Force is strong with this one…

  2. Majin-Wolf

    haha nice!!

  3. Dissension


  4. GameCobra

    Their shirts are off!

    Oh, wait…

  5. Nuclear_Fusion

    Peanut is naked! D: He seems… strange without his collar on.

    • Valerio

      naked and chained.

      • Angelkitt

        Mhmm, thinking the same thing…. heheh *is hit by flying frying pan* ack

        • Valerio

          his nakedness makes his chest even fluffier *scritch chest* :D

    • Frank

      Funny. I had noticed he looked strange, but I couldn’t tell why until I read the comments

  6. mamoru

    wow he really dosn’t have a collar RARE….. but ummm chop suey lol

  7. Snowmon

    My h4rt is not there… Why’s peanut naked? Well, except for the fake hat.

    • Kuperfox

      Sacrifices always have to be naked =3

      • ShadyKitsune

        I thought they all had to be female virgins?

        • Max Wolfe

          Heh, year one reference xD?

  8. CalaverX11

    You forgot “SHAZAM!”

  9. Regvarde

    Grape was right. Only with the collars off do they truely look naked!

    • Pokeblue

      Yeah, strange really, but interesting.

  10. Cog Cyprian

    I tend to agree with Nuclear_Fusion… for some reason I find it incredibly disturbing that Peanut is without his collar. Probably that has something to do with the Roadtrip Woo arc, specifically the “Unspilled Milk” and “The Other Alternative” comics. Maybe it’s just me, I dunno.

  11. Silverpaws

    true, they look so naked when they dont have collars

  12. TD

    Foregoing all the ‘naked Peanut’ comments people are making, I’ll just say that I agree with our canine main character; Max is kinda insensitive about stuff like that.

    • Dissension

      Is it insensitivity or youthful exuberance?

      I did the same thing when I was younger, and I was not trying to insult anyone…

      • FuRrY321

        Did what, get strapped to a piece of cardboard labelled “sacrifice” naked? Or shout a stream of random things from different languages that you have no idea what they mean?

        • Frank

          “Ándale, ándale! Arriba, arriba!” doesn’t really mean anything in Spanish. Except, of course, that you’ve watched too much Speedy Gonzalez.

          ok, fine. It means “go on, man, go on! up, up!” but when have you actually heard someone say that?

  13. falcon01

    it IS kinda strange how they look so…naked without their collars on. That aside, Max is getting into the RP thing very well.

  14. BlueAnubis

    Calima! Calima! Something French People Say!!!

    for some odd reason, Max’s hat makes me think of the “Secret Order of the Water Buffalo”

    • Frank

      Is this the same as the “loyal” order of the water buffaloes?

  15. Sleet

    I surrender!

  16. Whiskers

    I know a couple people have said it already but OH DEAR PEANUT’S NUDE!

  17. Dr. Wilde

    HE’S NAKED!!

  18. TallenMF

    Incredible how a simple and somewhat small change in Peanut’s design suddenly makes people scream “OMG PEANUTS NAKED THE SKY IS FALLING DOWN!!”

    Rick, you’re awesome.

  19. Chandraya

    Haha, all that fuss about Peanut being naked and I didn’t even notice until all the comments about Peanut being naked. I guess the fast food hats threw me off the scent. ;P

  20. SamBlob

    Max: “You can keep your hat on.”

    On another note, Max left out “Hava Nagila!” and “Igziabier!” (Hebrew and Amharic, respectively)

  21. anonymous

    Now what terrible things could they do to him? D:


    lol Max is awesome and full of insenstive win.

    • FuRrY321

      You forgot what he’s holding. Tho’ it is a broom, the “broom to your face!” thing is getting a bit overused…
      What else could a broom be used for?!
      (Just finished a whole shwack ‘o’ math that robbed me of my creativity.. somebody help me out here!!!)

  22. Argent Stonecutter

    Laundromat! Tally ho! Shucks, pardner…

  23. Chochi

    Sorry,Molar….my h4rt is in another castle!!!

  24. FlareKitsune

    No one else caught the “Temple of Doom” reference?

    You kids today.

    • Tom Flapwell

      I think most of us did catch it and didn’t feel like talking about it.

      • Valerio


    • Argent Stonecutter

      We talked about the Indiana Jones thing last strip. Now we’re talking about funny words and naked dogs.

  25. 1PlayerD

    In the third panel is in German for:

    Quick Quick,Attention

    Chop Suey isn’t German though,or French /:

    • FuRrY321

      No, it’s a Chinese dish. Google it!

  26. xGrenadier

    I think I remember Indiana Jones being shirtless in this scene, hence the lack of collar-have.

    • Frank

      Then that means (gasp!) Peanut is wearing pants!

  27. JB

    Will someone save Peanut or is the poor pup’s life ends here. To be continued….

    What happened to Square Round? Oh, died by falling a cliff. Get a need another replacement. Lol. xD

  28. GameCobra

    So Maxwell has the horns and villanous broom to prove he’s the big bad. I honestly was expecting Grape, but it’s nice to see Max getting so involved <3 can't wait for the climax of this arc =3

    This feels like something everyone wanted: Maxwell Vs. Peanut! only it's pretend!

    Only question is, what role will Grape play in this now? i'm guessing she's either going to rescue Peanut or play as the Lava monster now, or both!

  29. wingedwolfgirl

    conveniently marked! :D

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Everyone has now pointed out the absent collar,
      …I’m just gunna stare. :3

  30. Charlie


    No collar … I cover my eyes at the nudity!

  31. Hoheh

    Max is pretty good at offending or annoying people. I submit that he should do stand-up and put thesepowers to use!

  32. zeekthelion

    Heheh so freaking adorably naughty sometimes :3

  33. The game


  34. Pvt. Sellur

    Peanut looks more older and muscular with out the collar. Maybe he should get a thinner one. (Keep the bone though)

  35. zane2099

    with out his collar peanut looks naked O_O the last panel is the best max is like me LOL

  36. Kazerad

    This entire plot arc makes me want to go get a bunch of scrap cardboard and just be a kid again.

    • HonorèDerazey

      Having parents to clean up after you, never having to work, being energetic and athletic? We all want that back. I only got 3 more years of that left. =(

      • Frank

        Huh? Why? College comming up for you? You know, you can get away with some pretty crazy things in college just by saying it’s a prank, hazing, or that you’re drunk

  37. ShadyKitsune

    I think I share Maxwell’s sense of humor. >.>

  38. ndigit

    This is by far the most awesome!

  39. jack

    Where’s Grape?! Don’t tell me Penut’s the second sacrifice? AAAHHH! LOL

    • Alex-chan

      Don’t you remember how that scene went in the movie? Grape’s prolly in a cage (read: travel kennel) that’s hanging over the ‘lava’

  40. GameCobra

    So Max is more involved now, getting his own paper bag mask, a broom and a insane backstory… He’s the bad guy! <3 I hope he and Peanut get to do a playful duel in the end. with Brooms!

    • ShadyKitsune

      Max: “Together we can end this useless war and bring order to the galaxy!”
      Peanut: “I’ll never join you!”
      Max: “Osee Two never told you what happened to your father…”
      Peanut: “He told me enough! you killed him!”
      Max: “No Dupe. I. AM. Your father!”

    • Frank

      okay… so.. I’ve discovered one link if it’s just the address, is ok. One link using <a&g; is not ok. Two links using just the address are not ok.

      Yes, I have a comment awaiting moderation, and am slightly annoyed by it.

      • Frank

        sorry, the &g; is supposed to be a greater than symbol, which is represented using &gt;

  41. Tahoe

    Wow… I was staring at the comic for like forever wondering why Peanut looked so FUZZY and I didn’t even notice his collar was off until the comments.

  42. Frank

    I don’t get the “Enuck-chuck desu ye? Yatta!” reference. I’m guessing the “desu ye” is Japanese and the “yatta” is from “yeah yeah, yadda yadda, whatever you say”.

    Anyone care to explain?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      “desu” and “yatta” are internet memes.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      “desu” and “yatta” are internet memes.

      Second link removed to avoid moderation. Replace “desu” with “yatta”. Grumbleschmutz.

      • Frank

        You… gotta… be… kidding… me.

        Well thank you! No, seriously! Thank you very much! I had no idea!

        Any leads on “Enuck-chuck”? Or is that just a mispronounciation of nunchuck?

        • Rooth

          Enuck-chuck is what Apache Chief from the Superfriends would say just before he grew to gigantic size. The funny thing is the VP of my company was named Chuck Enoch, but of course whenever I saw it listed in the phone registry as Enoch, Chuck, I had to chuckle. ;) (pun intended)

          Aside from desu and yatta being internet memes, they’re also Japanese words. I don’t think he was referencing the memes specifically, but they’re recognizable japanese words thanks in small part to the memes. Since the rest of the comic is basically random strings of foreign words, like “schnell schnell, achtung!” (“hurry, faster, attention!”, possibly a call-back to Hogan’s Heroes or snippets from Raiders of the Lost Ark, which would tie in the previous strip, but likely just common recognizable German verbage). I took the “Desu ne? yatta!” as same. “Desu ne” in Japanese roughly translates to “so it is”, and usually the ‘u’ is dropped, except by particularly meek, uncomfortable, or horribly cute japanese characters, like in the “desu” meme. “yatta!” is an exclamatory, like “hurray!”

          Of course, “andale andale! Arriba arriba!” is arguably a reference to Speedy Gonzalez, the super-fast mexican mouse brought to us by Warner Bros in the era pre-Animaniacs.

          But I think in this context, the references are irrelevant, it’s the random string of mumbo-jumbo not-quite-evil-cult words that makes it funny. ;)

          • Frank

            Hey, I wanted to do that analysis! Too bad my Japanese sucks.

        • Rooth

          Sounds more like “E-neck-chuck” than “E-nuck-chuck”, but everyone remembers it as E-nuck-chuck. ;)

          • Frank

            The Wikipedia article on him spells it as “Inyuk-chuk”. And here we see one of the oddities of the English Lanuage: our name for the letter “e” is the sound of i/y

  43. ProudOne

    Zurück, Schweinehund!

  44. Drake Husky

    Max in this strip is so me. :P

  45. chrisQ

    …there’s an ‘N’ missing in the first ‘SCHNELL’… :P

    • chrisQ

      …ah, it’s been taken care of… sehr gut !… :P

  46. toboe

    *reads comments*

    …and Rick will never draw a character without their collar ever again…

  47. James319

    The best kind of English

  48. Kamron

    Sacrebleu! The broom returns!

  49. Squival

    Peanut looks nekkid, put a collar on! :P

  50. IHazAName

    i have a couple more ppl i’d liek to offend…ಠ_ಠ

  51. Rane

    CHOP SUEY! S.O.A.D.!!!