Indiana Was The Dog’s Name
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  1. Majin-Wolf

    oh wow lol!!

  2. Dissension


  3. Cannon Fodder

    You know what’s even better sneaking up behind someone, right next to their ear and breathing like a deatheater from harry potter, the last person I did that to thought she had died.

    • 1PlayerD

      I go up to someone and talk in a demonic voice just saying something a saitinist or something would say,I am not one tho i just joke around with stuff like that.

  4. rWolf1991

    Hahaha!! I love it!!

  5. EHH

    Is there something wrong with Maxwell’s right ear?

    • Sleet

      It’s always been like that.

      • Angelkitt

        It’s been chewed off, possibly since he was in the pound. Look back at “maxie” and notice, it’s almost always his right ear, but sometimes, it ends up being the left… once ever like 20 comics he is in. Yeah, I checked.

  6. EchoFireant


  7. Asteri


  8. Aoi

    Roflmao! I love the last panel Max looks so Evil~<33333

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      Less evil, IMHO. More like a fuzzy imp.

      • ShadyKitsune

        Now that you mentioned it, the blanket fits like a cape/wings on him. xD

  9. GameCobra

    <3 Maxwell, you'll always be my #1 favourite cat.

    and to top it off, he's the villain. why is this comic suddenly becoming everything i dreamed of? T_T

  10. ShiroNoOokami

    lol, story of my (childhood) life!

  11. falcon01

    Max’s face in panel 4 = Priceless!

  12. Regvarde

    And now his ear is chewed off again! It wasn’t in the last comic!

    • HonorèDerazey

      No, it was chewed off. Look closely.

    • Asteri

      … I was wondering that too,
      I think it depends on what angle you look at his ear..

    • Foxstar

      Angle dude. Angles.

  13. HonorèDerazey

    I LOVE Max’s face in the last panel. 50 bucks for anyone if it doesn’t become an avatar!

    You know those “lolcat” photos where if the cat is chewing on something, *nom nom nom* is usually put under it? Well Max is a cat and he made the “nom” noise. Is it possible Max is an lolcat?

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      Maxwell iz Basement Kitteh!

      • ShadyKitsune

        Bewt if Maxwell iz basement kitteh wut does dat make Grape? :o

        • FuRrY321


          …wha? Havn’t u evur smeled a marker b4???

          • 1PlayerD

            I have :P

        • HonorèDerazey

          Grape iz fryin’-pan kitteh!

          • ShadyKitsune

            Naw, shes teh kitteh tht brooms ur fais!

        • HonorèDerazey

          OK fine, we’ll call her, “Utenzel Kitteh”.

  14. GameCobra

    Maxwell was always my favourite character and this comic comtinues to prove why <3

    Also, he looks awesome in that blanket.

  15. GameCobra

    So let’s see also…

    Maxwell is the villain…

    Grape and Peanut are the heroes…

    yup. Best comic moment of my life. <3

  16. redwolfmatt

    did anyone else read the title in shawn connery’s voice?

    • BlueAnubis

      *Paw up*

    • Icharus

      Yay, someone else got the reference! I did!!!

    • Valerio

      does the Italian-dubbed voice count?

  17. BlueAnubis

    Tee hee! Henry Jones Sr. reference FTW!

    Ahh, “Lava Monster” was one of my favorite games on the playground. Good times, goood times…

    When I first opened the page, I thought Max was dressed like Dante, Awesome pose.

    Grape *in the midst of beating Max senseless*: uhh, Maxie, I think Peanut really is dead.

  18. brostudios

    That expression is totally Warren T Rat from American Tale. Evil……

  19. s123i68

    Hey all, long time lurker, first time commenting, but I just had to say that I love Maxwell’s expression in the last panel.

  20. Valerio

    OK. Maxie is KEWL! :D Total win!

  21. Pokeblue

    Lol! I like his costume. Very nice.

  22. gatherer818

    why do I picture nightmares for our heroes now that end in “It didn’t ring. It didn’t ring. WHY DIDN’T IT RING?!”

  23. Majin-Wolf

    “You were named after the dog!? Ahahaha ”

  24. Scott Panthertaur

    I have yet to figure out how it is possible for something to be scary while its going “omnomnom”. Even the deepest most evil voice i can imagine still makes me giggle.

    • Residentfriendly

      If u read this post, u probably just tried to nomnomnom out loud in an evil voice

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Cookie Monster… recorded at 78, played back at 33.

        • wolfsangel

          ! this is lol X3

      • wingedwolfgirl

        Yes, I did.


        • BlueAnubis

          Yes WingedWolfGirl… what is your comm-

          hey, what’s this i’m typing?

  25. Max Wolfe

    *OM NOM NOM NOM* +1 :D

  26. Chandraya

    Mwuhahaha, love it! :D

  27. White Rhino

    Totally, totally didn’t notice until today that Max has a bite taken out of his ear.

    And I usually pride myself on my Encyclopedia Brown-esque “noticing stuff” abilities.

  28. ferretwithaspork


  29. ndigit

    Max has the most awesome expression I have ever seen.

    • Valerio

      indeed, he has no equals so far in the whole comic’s history. Aw, it’s understandable that Grape fell for him!

  30. Salenstormwing

    Heh. Why is it the floor is always lava? Why couldn’t it be something less… lava-ie? Like… Mash potatoes? Hmm. Wait, potatoes have carbs. Right. Lava’s more healthy. Nevermind. Continue with your “Floor is lava” game.

    • Stevie Maxwell

      Toxic acid swamp water floors were my childhood memories. It helped that my father’s dog was still being housebroken so my brother and I always added radioactive yellow cesspools and earth-colored mines.

    • GameCobra

      We could always have Cave Blobs!

    • Indagare

      Quicksand was my favorite method of ridding myself of siblings.

    • HonorèDerazey

      Not only that, but mash taters are also too unpredictable! You put a tater in the microwave and one side is hot and one side is cold! One minute you could be walking through a cold spot and wonder into a BURNING hot spot.

  31. zane2099

    LOL love max’s face at the end its great!

  32. Kegan

    Rolls around on the floor laughing “PRICELESS!”

  33. Kiwaku

    Love that expression on Max XD Awesome

  34. 1PlayerD


  35. Sleet

    Max’s smile looks like of like Rocky’s from Lackadaisy.

  36. FlareKitsune

    HA. Love the title.

    “The dog? You are named after the dog?”

    Also inb4 OMNOMNOM

  37. MrMutt

    I love the face in the last panel. Screams evil. Just needs the laugh… mwuhahahahaha.

  38. vash

    Wow That last expression is pure win. and looks like peanut is a tiny bit jealous. His bell doesn’t ring, interesting.

  39. wolfsangel

    two things, 1: i loled SO HARD, i think i hurt my side. 2: i love max’s face in the last panel, so evil >:3

  40. Whiskers

    I really do like Max, he’s a pretty cool cat… He and Grape seem to get along really well too… but I just can’t help that little bit of heartbreak seeing Peanut’s jealousy :<!

  41. mamoru

    woot woot go max own um

  42. Draegwolf

    Max looks sadistic in that last panel, kinda reminds me of a vampire XD

  43. Weebz

    Apparently, Peanut and Grape just lost the game.

    • ShadyKitsune

      Darn you!
      Now I lost it too. -.-;;

  44. Zoe

    I REALLY like the look of Max’s ears. They’re bigger and the fold doesn’t go all the way up, it’s more like a real cat’s ear. He’s turning out to be a more memorable character with those dynamic expressions too.

  45. Valerio

    I’m beginning to suspect HOW did Max got that ear-chew…

  46. MagicalSarai

    and while this is humorous… Max still irritates me.

  47. ShadyKitsune

    Silly Peanut! You don’t have stats in LARPs!

    And to awnser Grape’s question: “It’s a fashion statement.”

    • FuRrY321

      Another answer: “I unlocked the silencer for it.”

      So Peanut’s “RPG” suggestion gets ignored by Grape, and Max goes for the kill (if Peanut didn’t hate Max before, he sure does now!

      • ShadyKitsune

        No no, see Peanut said they already tried that, and they ended up LARPing.
        Peanut’s point was any scores/numbers when playing pretend just doesn’t work for his and Grapes game.
        And yes, if he didn’t die of an heartattack, he sure will hate Maxwell now. xD
        Also “Only I get ot call him Maxie!” Ouch, poor Peanut.

        • FuRrY321

          I’m a stupid n00b who’s never played an RPG game other than Final Fantasy and Star Ocean…
          what’s LARPing?

  48. FuRrY321

    Dawg gone, Rick. You sure did a great job with Max’s pose and expression!

    This reminds me of a Fur-lo Halloween comic special when Crimson dressed as a demon…

    Go check it out yourself! I ain’t giving you a link! Besides, Fur-lo is a very short series based on the original HALO, even if you don’t like the games check it out, it is a great furry comic.

  49. tahrey

    hmmm… you and Dan Shive doing Indy related titles on the same day… coincidence? Or something more… comic? :p

  50. Connie

    Hahaha, I love it! The look on Max’s face at the end is priceless.

  51. Legendario 777

    I just love seeing Grape’s and Peanut’s Scared faces !!!!

  52. JB

    Can we use a phoenix feather to revive them? Maybe a Pete feather? I think I already said this before…only Max can hear the bell because Santa gave it to him.

    • Lutrinae

      Yay for polar express!! I didn’t think pets were allowed without a collar though ;P

  53. wingedwolfgirl


    This page is AWESOME!

  54. Anthroguy101

    I told them in the forums that he was evil, but did they listen? Noooooooooooo.

  55. Sky

    …Max’s.. expression. XD

  56. The game

    Oh mannnnn!!!
    My bro and I say ‘nomnomnom’ all the time and i CRACKED UP at Max

  57. Wolf Pup TK

    I -LOVE- Max’s expression. Very well done, and one I haven’t seen from you by any stretch so far.

  58. nightroxas67

    haha xD love there expression

  59. zeekthelion

    AH I remember that game used to play it so long ago. <3

    heheh I just love Max's grin at the end of the comic. Great work with it!

  60. zeekthelion

    HA! I just love his huge grin at the end. I remember that game when i was little so much fun <3

  61. Shadow Wolf X7

    does anyone here have the “Indiana Jones” theme song stuck in there heads. Wait… is that a baseball cap on Grape’s paper bag?? lol “Dr. Jones!”

    …I can’t seem to remember the little boy’s name… anyone?

  62. kennyfox

    this made me lmao

  63. ShadyKitsune

    Wait, where is the lower part of Maxwell’s body in the last panel?

  64. Danieluyoshikoto

    Good job!

  65. Wolfspawn

    hjaha ^^ Awww max is cute

  66. Zeph

    Oh my, Max can play the role of the Cheshire cat! =O

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      Grape would be the Purple Queen.

      Purple Queen: OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

      Legume Hatter: But what did I do!? We just started playing!

  67. HonorèDerazey

    I know how Grape feels. My cat has a bell and I don’t EVER hear it when I need to! She always likes to sleep on my ceiling fan and when ever I turn it on I just see a furry, black blob fly over my head! She about scares the dickens out of me every time!

  68. Dzamie

    For some reason, I thought of a mischievous version of Darth Vader when I saw panel 3.
    Just the red cape and expression.

    …eehee, lava. fuuuuuuunnnn.

  69. Hoheh

    Can’t wait to see how this ends. Kind of liking Max’ face in the last panel. Hopefully, if Grape hits him, it isn’t too hard.

  70. Vivi

    On the note of ‘everyone knows the floor is lava’ I only learned of the game this year. And I’m 19. /failed childhood. So I’m with Grape and Peanut for this one.

    • Frank

      How about “the floor is water”? When I was a kid we played “the floor is water. If you stand there, you drown”
      sometimes “the floor is quicksand”, “the floor is super-fast drying cement”, “the floor is a snake pit”… you get the idea

      • Tom

        I remember the floor is made of lava, but I also remember the floor is made of shark-infested-custard!! …Not sure what that says about my upbringing.

      • Vivi

        Nope. None of that stuff. At my school we had a complex bartering system created using sand, pine boughs, bark, and stones. (All found on the school’s property, of course.) So we all had our territories/forts and the only thing we ever ‘played’ was getting and trading those things.

        Maybe The Floor is Lava is a boy’s game? I did go to an all girl’s school from age 6-17

  71. BillyMT

    The floor is lava?

    Luckily I’m on my bee 8D

  72. James319

    LOL i miss those expressions

  73. Hoheh

    I just noticed that Max seems to be missing part of his right ear…

  74. NobodyYouKnow

    when I saw omnomnom, i thought it was “ominous”

  75. Silver Dragon ordinence

    Look at how small their pupils are!
    by the way…
    Why doesn’t Maxwell’s bell ring?

  76. Rukral

    Omg, I can totally see Panel 3 as a T-Shirt design, with the caption “The Lava Blob Comes for You” underneath!

  77. RockstarRaccoon

    There’s that face again… such a cool face for him to make…

  78. Kamron

    Well, THERE’S an evil face.