Nature Is Ruthless

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  1. Majin-Wolf

    Haha lol Grape!!

  2. Tahoe

    Hey …. There’s a monty python reference RIGHT THERE! =D

    • Tahoe

      Ahahahahaha…. And THEN I read the flavor text

    • Ada

      Two references if you count “And now for something completely different.” foot stomp.

      • Sahoni

        INDEED :D

      • FuRrY321

        I thought that was a curb stomp? ;)

  3. Luu

    I feel happy! I feel ha-*CRUNCH*

  4. Dissension


  5. Asteri

    ROFL, Monty Python reference XDXDXD

  6. Pokeblue

    Lol, nice.

    BTW, is anyone else besides me having the same problems? I can’t see the recent stuff (it seems to only go to the cat/dog food strip) or click the next button unless I go into the comments first.

    • Batman

      I am, i just have to go to a different comic and then i can go to the most recent one (normally just click a random archive entry)

      I had pretty much that happen outside my window once, bird flew into it then my dog whacked it one, lol, poor birdie.

      • BlueAnubis

        likewise. I keep getting Show and Tell first.

        Help us Rick! Use your magic to fix the internet!! Then cure the common cold and make people in forums make sense!

        • FuRrY321

          “The Internet’s broken!”
          “I highly doubt that. The Internet is a globally connected network of computers transferring data to and from each other constantly. It can’t be broken.”

          A special treat for you if you can get that reference, and another one if you can correct if for me!

          • MonoTwai

            The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, in the London Webshow episode?

    • falconthefox

      have you tried clearing your cookies? i had the same issue then dumped my cookies and temp files and it went away

  7. root

    Deleted scene: Grape says, “Look, a dead bird!” Maxwell, looking up, says, “Where?”

  8. S

    Monty Python and oblique Calvin and Hobbes–not bad for a Wednesday.

  9. Fuzzypaws

    Smoosh ^.^

  10. slacks315

    I’m sure you can split the birdy. Or just give it to grape. She might give you a kiss because of it.

  11. Valerio

    oooo, Monty. I approve of it.

  12. BlueAnubis

    Monty Python FTW

    Max! Be a gentleman… gentletom… gentlecat… whatever it is
    Ladies first + finders keepers rule = Grape gets it.

    • Cid

      [sarcasm]Grape is a GIRL!?[/sarcasm]

      The bird hitting windows thing is actually more true than most cartoon jokes…a chock-lot of ‘em seem intent on killing themselves by hitting stuff like trees and electrical poles where I come from.

      • MrMutt

        And leave bird shaped smears on windows. At least at my house.

        • FuRrY321

          Are those smears white with bits of food in them?

          A while ago, I was sitting in my mom’s van with her while I was waiting for her to finish texting on her phone (since you can no longer use phones if they aren’t hands-free while you’re driving) when a bird delivered a certain “present” on the recently-washed vehicle right beside us. That really startled us, as 1)it could have hit us and 2)we obviously weren’t expecting that. :D

        • MrMutt

          Naw. It definitely wasn’t that. And I could definitely confirm that it was a bird splat because of the carcus outside the window. They go bonk all the time on the windows.

          Also, don’t park under trees. Birds have a field day with one’s car.

  13. Cerberus

    I’ll be honest that crunch made me wince. Just the brutality i guess. Love the Monty reference and yes, Monty Python is an epicenter of comedy.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Cats are brutal. That’s the cold hard truth.

      And they always shoot first. Han Solo is definitely a cat. Probably a puma.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Cats are brutal. That’s the cold hard truth.

      And they always shoot “1″st. Han Solo is definitely a cat. Probably a puma.

      • Frank

        Hey, I like that solution! Let’s just hope the people who caused the word to become forbidden don’t find out.

  14. HonorèDerazey

    People are saying this is a Monty Python reference. I don’t watch Monty Python so I don’t see it. Only thing I know from Monty Python is, “I’m a Lumber Jack”.

    Oh Rick! You must do a comic where the whole cast dances together! That… would… be… EPIC!!!

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      Go to YouTube and watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail, that’s where this reference came from.

      “Now for something completely different: The dog with six legs.”

      Backstage manager: “He ran away!”

      “Well then, now for the cat with three noses.”

      Cat with three noses: *Blows nose* *Blows nose on stomach* *Blows nose on elbow*

      And we must always remember this: BEWARE THE WEB’S WONDER! Though you may only get a flesh wound.

  15. Salenstormwing

    It’s only resting…

    • RadioactiveMusicHound

      ” This sir, is a late parrot!.”

      ahh the dead parrot sketch

      • 3 Doors up

        sad, sad.

  16. Sleet

    This makes two things that can talk that Grape has murdered! I wonder if the animals (not the corn) that goes into the pet food could talk too. That’s a disturbing thought.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Remember the strips when they’re at the farm? “I’m gonna eat you….!”

      And anyone who has a cat knows that this is completely in character.

  17. Angelkitt

    Maybe it’s just me, but is Grape really that cruel? hmm, maybe… depends…. *ponders on this and falls over* ack!

    • Salenstormwing

      Grape isn’t cruel. Grape’s just a cat. It’s the same thing she did with the head of the mousey revolution.

      • FuRrY321

        Pesky food chain…

  18. Theolis Wolfpaw

    XD I totally read that line like Monty Python before reading the sub-text thingie.

  19. Lenn

    Oh, wow. Does anyone else recognize the Calvin and Hobbs strip this is from? That one made me cry years ago…Housepet’s version makes me laugh so hard!

  20. kira

    I’m getting better! I feel happy!

  21. Angela

    Ah, nature, survival of the ruthless.

  22. Kamron


  23. Weebz

    You’re not fooling anyone, you know…

  24. Valerio

    Now Grape should understand why th birds at the zoo threatened to unionize :D

  25. Valerio

    also, her foot should go ’squish’, not ‘crunch’

    • Sleet

      Bones don’t go squish.

      • Valerio

        the big foot does

  26. JReq

    Wow, the opening credits foot stomp, the “Dead Parrot” sketch, and maybe a “Silly Walk” at the end there? That’s a week’s worth of Monty Python right there!

    • Zekermeme

      Did you miss the main Holy Grail reference, or were you just omitting it?

  27. 1PlayerD


  28. Rukral

    I want dibs on the bird :3

  29. wingedwolfgirl


  30. Spirit Studios 2010

    Grape’s face in panel two make the think of her as a purple wolf… now my brain hurts.

  31. nightroxas67

    lol i always hated birds

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      Do they keep stealing your quarters?

      • toboe

        for every coin, there is an equal and opposite bird

    • HonorèDerazey

      I hate birds too, especially seagulls! Gosh I hate seagulls! One of them stole mah sandwich >:(

      • Foxstar

        They are aggressive when it comes to food. It’s just their way.

  32. Ancient Awsome Power of the Dragon's Wing

    hm. and the cycle goes on

  33. silver Ancient Awsome Power of the Dragon's Wing

    i was formerly silver dragon ordinence

  34. silver Ancient Awsome Power of the Dragon's Wing

    i think l’ll switch back

  35. Silver Dragon ordinence


  36. 3 Doors up

    funny and sad for the little bird right there.

  37. James319

    LOL was wondering when she was gonna eat someone new XD

  38. 8feet

    poor bird good thing its not someone else bird Lolz;D!

  39. Argent Stonecutter

    … and, yes…

    … there’s a lot of creepiness in the Housepets world, it’s kind of halfway between “Dilbert” and “Kevin and Kell”.

    Where it’s digging its own cute little uncanny valley in the emotional landscape.

  40. Stevie Maxwell

    Calvin and Hobbes and Monty Python! Two great references, one great comic — Housepets! :)

  41. Kume

    Lol and thus we are reminded that they ARE still predatory animals. XD

  42. Frank

    Is it just me, or does that bird look like Henery the chicken hawk?
    (a bit late, I know, but I couldn’t remember the name)