The Dayjob Of Spot

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  1. Dissension

    I would complain, but you seem to have beaten me to it…

  2. Spirit Studios 2010

    I didn’t find this funny until the last panel.

    • HonorèDerazey

      Yep, them comics will do that to ya…

    • Silver Guardian

      Well, then, you’re one up on me. I didn’t think it was funny until I read the alt text.

  3. Lax

    I hate Peanut’s comic pages! If he could only draw better than I’d even ignore the script…

    • ndigit

      Well he could draw better…if Rick willed him to.
      Remember ’tis only a cartoon character.

    • Foxstar

      Peanut can draw as well as Rick wishes him to draw. That said remember both Peanut and Grape are -kids-. How well do kids draw?

      • Gardevoirian

        Depends on which kids… i know kids that are miniature picassos!

        • Severedevil

          Peanut’s comics would look worse if they were cubist…

        • Silver Guardian

          I know what you mean; the only thing separating the dabblers from the masters, in any given field of study, is a willingness to learn.

          And I can offer my younger brother as further proof of that; when he was just barely into his teens, he was part of an amateur square-dance team that took first place in a multinational tournament.

      • Two_Twig

        He may draw like a child, but he certainly doesn’t write like one. The level of witty repartee Rick allows Peanut to display in his writing sometimes go well beyond the technical skills of his drawing.

    • ShadyKitsune

      You do realize Rick does these Spot comics when he is closing to a deadline with an unfinished comic and needs a filler skit, right?
      Peanut’s poor hand drawing gives the perfect excuse to draw them in 10 minutes or less or your meals free!

      • Dissension

        Spot comics are not always last-minute affairs; sometimes there is a concept that only makes sense coming from a superhero/professor.

    • Poplick

      Draw better? Peanut’s drawings are better than most people’s in the world.

      • Wolf Pup TK

        Actually… he DOES draw better than I do…


  4. HonorèDerazey

    Wait, the graph is continuous, it should be discrete… I think I’m proving Rick point in his comic right now…

    • Sleet

      There could just be a large number of data points with a very high linear correlation.

      Also, this comic had an XKCD feel, with the graphs, the cheap art and the self-reference.

      • HonorèDerazey

        Possibly… Comics aren’t suppose to be correct to every last detail so it’s kinda dumb to even get into it that deeply… IDK

        • Kamron

          I disagree.

  5. Lax

    Indirect assaults are better made this way. He’s closer to the characters than we are

  6. Legendario 777


  7. Darcin

    We’re never going to go back to that orphanage (where everyone grew up at), are we?

    • HonorèDerazey


      • Darcin

        You know, the orphanage! Where Spot (Superdog) and his girlfriend were tied up before all those holiday specials and the random intermission scene.

        • HonorèDerazey

          Ooooh, I kinda forgot about that…

          • Darcin

            I think almost everyone has.

  8. James319

    no one can, not with THAT guy XD

  9. root

    At first I read this as Professor Spot (superdog) has an okay day job. Was expecting the joke to be how his day job is not that bad, on the whole.

  10. SamBlob

    To paraphrase Grape: “GAH! It was a cop-out! I mean, a Spot comic! ”

    Here’s where Grape said (something like) that:

    • wingedwolfgirl

      At this point, we find an implement from the comic.
      like graph-paper.

  11. Eric

    I love this! I LOL’d.

  12. wingedwolfgirl

    Yep. That’s what I love about Housepets.
    It’s ever random.
    …And impossible to plot.

  13. Silver Dragon ordinence is now more awsome than it was before it was silver dragon ordinence because now it is Ancient Awsome Power of the Dragon's Wing

    That “ha” at the end explained every thing.

  14. Silver Dragon ordinence is now more awsome than it was before it was silver dragon ordinence because now it is Ancient Awsome Power of the Dragon's Wing

    By the way, like the new name?

    • FlareKitsune


    • Silver Guardian

      Yeah, it’s pretty nice… except that you misspelled “ordinance”.

  15. littlebeast

    Hey wait, shouldn’t the line in that graph be going downward?

    • Silver Guardian

      No, because the corner represents zero on both axises. If the line were going downward, it would mean that the more graph jokes there are, the less likely it would be for their authors to preemptively complain about them.

      Which doesn’t make any kind of sense, any way you slice it.

      • littlebeast

        The way I’m understanding this, the graph is supposed to be saying “The less graph jokes there are, the more likely authors will preemptively complain about the lack of them to use.”

        I suppose it makes sense the other way too though SO HUH.


  16. Kujiiro

    Did not get.

  17. Fuzzypaws

    *crumples graph*

  18. NobodyYouKnow

    genius! he’s avoided complaint and made a not funny joke thats funny cause its not funny and confuses me when i think to hard about it but we can’t complain!

    on the downside, everyone’s complaining about not being able to complain. well not everyone, but still

  19. Frank

    Oh, if only graph theory in real life was like this.