Plan B

That’s all folks! This thing is over now

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  1. Dissension


  2. slacks315

    So it ended without him getting the map and no one finding the treasure?

    • Fuzzypaws

      No, he DID get the map… a picture on his cell phone camera which he emailed to himself.

      • NobodyYouKnow

        yeah, he just printed it on carbon paper

  3. falconthefox

    Sgt Ralph looks a little miffed that he has to let Thomas go

    • rWolf1991

      He does.

  4. Fuzzypaws


    Such a portentous sound effect. :3

    • HonorèDerazey

      More than *explosion*?

      Go to this link if you don’t get my reference:

    • Frank

      Unlocking handcuffs is more of a clicking noise, but “click” is usually reserved for the actual locking. We need a better word for that. How about “kcilc”?

      • HonorèDerazey

        Or *ker-chick*, you know? Like *KER-POOOOWWW* but with a *chick* at the end.

        • Frank

          A clicking/chipping noise that makes people think of dating and/or poultry. Something in there doesn’t seem like a good idea. Wonder what it is?

  5. 1PlayerD


    • Lenn

      Yeah…I miss Grape and Peanut.

  6. ndigit

    Er…kind of a cliffhanger there, which I don’t like, but I guess most of us are ready to move on.

    • Frank

      Well, he did say earlier that he needed money to go treasure hunting, and that it was the reason why he seriously applied his pneumatic-tube-installing knowledge.

  7. BlueAnubis

    *drinks some water*
    ahh, that’s better. Now where was I? oh yah….

    Sargent Ralph seems shorter than he previously was. Must be the lack of sunglasses.

    • ShadyKitsune

      Sungalsses = Authority?
      Authority = Height?

      • Frank

        If sunglasses = authority, and authority = height, then women could save a fortune buying sunglasses instead of high heels!

      • Frank

        What are sungalsses? Wait, you don’t mean the eyepiece from CSI we’re not supposed to mention? *Gasp*

        By the way, if sungalsses = authority, and authority = height, then women could save a fortune by buying sungalsses instead of high heels!

      • Frank

        Huh. That’s wierd. I ended up having three commentes where I only wanted one. Oh well, the next comic will be up in three quarters of an hour or so, so I guess it doesn’t matter much anymore

    • Watcher

      Actually, we’ve never seen Sgt. Ralph standing next to humans before. The only time we’ve seen him with a human was riding in a car…

  8. Turpentix

    hes probably used to a noisy dot matrix printer

  9. Noir the Sable

    How does one confuse carbon paper and standard paper?

    • Salenstormwing

      Maybe he has a ferret who stocks the paper for his printer?

  10. HonorèDerazey

    Could someone explain this? I KINDA get it, but my OCD won’t let me sleep well until I understand fully…

    • HonorèDerazey

      Oh wait! I saw the computer screen on the 5th panel, no need for explaining now!

  11. Majin-Wolf

    Thomas has been yelling “AAAH” for the past several panels now lol!!!

    Sgt Ralph is like “I got my eye on you” ಠ_ಠ Glares at Thomas suspiciously!

    • Frank

      Holy censors! Where did you get that letter from?

      Never mind; looked it up. “Kannada language is one of the Dravidian languages in India” ಠ is the aspirated retroflex consonant which apparently means it sounds like a gasp.

      Oh, and if you’re looking for the pop culture phrase/gesture, it’s “I’m watching you”, though I guess a first person variant of “keep an eye on him” had to exist somewhere

      • Justice193

        well… there’s a song that I hate by that name :P

        • Majin-Wolf

          Ah you mean”I put a spell on you” By Screamin Jay Hawkins ◕ ◡ ◕
          Maybe im not sure lol!!

        • Justice193

          n no , it’s called “I got my eye on you” it’s got women’s vocals, and it’s so cheesy it makes me want to barf every time I even think of it.

          now that you mention it though, I never did care too much for “I put a spell on you” either ;P

  12. Darcin

    For some reason, I can’t help but picture Thomas with a monocle and a tophat in the fourth frame. All he needs is a cape and he’s ready to go and tie some young lady onto the railroad tracks!

    • HonorèDerazey

      It’s probably the mustache…

      • Frank

        Thomas’ mustache is a funny thing. In his first appearance, it was a lot more like a Mexican “charro”; but apparently, he waxed it as part of his “pneumatic tube installer persona” and hasn’t been able to get rid of the wax ever since.

        • HonorèDerazey

          He probably already had a shower so you would expect it to have already come off.

  13. Rider098

    Laughing maniacally in the police station right when you are getting released does not seem to be the most wise decision for any criminal with common sense! XD

    • 1PlayerD

      Not unless hes insane

    • Frank

      I thought we had established that the one with common sense here was Celia? You know, all that ranting about being a “perfectly rational human being”?

      • 1PlayerD

        I still think hes insane

    • Justice193

      and so we all get a real laugh when he actually did have his finger over the lens XD

      wait… thumb?? how do you hold a camera of any sort so that your thumb ends up over the lens, if you are actually trying to take a picture? O.o

      • Frank

        Use both hands

        • Justice193

          but your thumbs will be on this side, not the other side… try it :P , I’m holding my Cannon PowerShot G10 right now and I still cant figure it out… maybe if you were resting the camera on your thumbs to take a picture of something under you, but that’s rather uncomfortable and *almost drops camera* O.O… can lead to you breaking it. when you try to press the shutter button.

  14. root

    And here I was expecting this arc to end with the both of them being sent to prison and then getting themselves transmogrificated by something blue, feathery, and obnoxious.

  15. Valerio

    Aww, poor ralphie! Don’t be sad, we’ll give you another baddie to lock up!

  16. SamBlob

    At my office we still use carbon paper.

    And typewriters.

    Not together, though; we use carbon paper to fill out forms in triplicate and typewriters to type envelopes.

  17. thewhitedragon

    watcher: you can actually “compare” sizes, we’ve seen the size similarities with Kevin, Ralph and Fox, so you just have to compare Fox ;)

  18. Nyrufa

    I’m in a conflict as to who to cheer for, the fact that mustache guy had the foresight to plan ahead or the fact that greedy lady ratted him out.

    I’m gona cheer for the mustache, since mustaches make people much better villains than greedy old ladies.

    • NobodyYouKnow

      example: wario, waluigi, weird guys wearing capes, top-hats, and monocles, etc.

  19. Spirit Studios 2010

    he he… Ralphie means wolf… and he’s a German Sheppard… he he.

    Anyways! I’s wondering what will happen next. This so far has been a good arc.

    • NobodyYouKnow

      okay, im confused. half the people think the arc is over (see sockmaster) and then others say its to be continued. personally, i don’t think rick is going to let this go until Thomas finds the treasure, which happens to be a chew toy, angrily gets rid of it, the ferrets find it, figure out it belonged to king Georges bulldog, and sell it for $10,000,000. until one of the parties suggests evidence that provides proof that the arc is (not) done, stop posting otherwise.

      • Rick Griffin

        See post below comic

        • NobodyYouKnow

          somehow i knew you would reply to that. okay, strike everything i just said. i guess im happy that we get to see grape and peanut again.

          • Frank

            Who said anything about going back to peanut and grape? Next arc is going to be dedicated to (bwahahaha) Daisy!

    • 2MK

      Ugh, I’m sick of people misspelling “shepherd”.

  20. Sockmaster

    IT’S OVER, YAY! :D
    This was a funny arc, but I laugh much more at animal antics and one-offs. ;)

  21. Valerio

    I owned a GSD, and boy was he TALL when standing! Either Thomas could play basket, or Ralph is a shorty!

  22. Argent Stonecutter

    Cool, we can has wacky hijinks now?

    • Frank

      CAN HAS
      I HAS A index R 1
      I HAS A tags R get_tags(
      IM IN YR loop UPPIN YR index TILL BOTHSAEM index AN tags.size
      PLZ BOTHSAEM getTagNumber(index) AN “Peanut”
      {VISIBLE “Yay! Peanut!”
      ONOES PLZ BOTHSAEM getTagNumber(index) AN “Grape”
      {VISIBLE “Yay! Grape!”
      IM OUTTA YR loop

      • Pappy

        ROTFLMAO!!! LOLZ programming language!

        • Frank

          Glad you got the joke :)

      • Spirit Studios 2010

        Mai brane jst meltd becuz of mass txt talk ovrlode… ε:>

      • Justice193

        but… where are your “;” and proper syntaxing, and declarations, and commenting out blocks of code in case you ever need to come back to it in the future, and… all that stuff programmers do? :p

        you didn’t even declare your PLZ BOTHSEAM variable, and where are your PRINT commands?????? or your error catching statement to make certain the user in imputing either Peanut or Grape and not some random jargon??? I WANT PROPER CODING!!!!!!

        rant’s over :) …. XD

        • Frank

          LOLcode doesn’t recognize the semicolon (and probably doesn’t recognize brackets either)

          Here’s the “proper code” equivalent:

          int main(void){
          int index;
          char *tags[] = get_tags(;
          for(i=0; i<size(tags); i++){
          if( strcmp(tags[i], "Peanut") == 0 )
          { printf("Yay! Peanut!"); break;}
          else if( strcmp(tags[i], "Grape") == 0 )
          { printf("Yay! Grape!"); break;}
          return EXIT_SUCCESS;

      • Frank

        Okay, in plain, ordinary English, this is what my code(s) say(s):

        1. Load up
        2. You will need enough space to write down a number, and a list of words.
        3. Write down all the tags you see in the list of words
        4. Check each tag in the list, writing down the number of the tag you’re checking, and see if it says “Peanut”. If so, put a message on screen that says “Yay! Peanut!” and don’t check any more of them.
        5. If not, check to see if it says “Grape”. If so, put a message on the screen that says “Yay! Grape!” and don’t check any more of them.
        6. If not, keep checking each of the tags, making sure you keep erasing the number to always have it be the tag you’re checking at the moment
        7. When that number becomes greater than the number of tags you have to check, stop checking the tags
        8. You’re done!

        • Justice193


          just another note, this would obviously (at least to a programmer) go with another set of code that allows the user to input tags, or that grabs tags from a source.

          and umm… you are 1337 PR09R4MZ0R5 :P .

          you know I was just razing you for being awesome enough to think up the proper LOLsyntax for that right? :D .

  23. Lenn

    God arc, but I’m glad to moving on to other characters now! :D

  24. Frank

    The phone number starts with 555! :D

  25. jack

    how come we barely get to see the eyes of people? i mean the eyes give the most emotion. if you dont have eyes you have to exagerate the emotions way more than needed

    • NobodyYouKnow

      its to express how the story is about animals, not people, and to show how the world is seen through there eyes. to them, the humans are “above” them, and more significant, (kind of like how you never look teachers in the eye in japan) but also insignificant, as humans are not part of the “world” of pets.

  26. wingedwolfgirl

    -camera phone.
    Thomas, your one of my new favorite villains.
    BTW, what would happen if one were to call the “#” in panel 5?

    • Frank

      +1 means “leave local area code”
      555 means “Directory Assistance applications”.
      3786 is out of the range currently reserved for fiction, according to the wikipedia article “555 (telephone number)” so you’ll probably actually land someone. The article also says that most applications for 555 numbers are supposed to be mnemoic, with each number corresponding to a letter on the dial pad.
      Pulling out my cell phone and writing an SMS with 3786 in it brought out as options “drum”, “3som”, and “Esto” (spanish for “this” or “hmm”)

      Conclusion? You’ll probably be directed to buying percussion instruments, end up becomming the third wheel in a date, or be hired to explain things to immigrants.

  27. The game

    I didn’t know ‘unlock’ was a verb….

    • Frank

      So when I unlocked the door this morning, what was the verb?

    • The game

      wait, i didnt mean verb, meant onomonopia…my bad

  28. Burninghart

    Wait… so why is he getting out?
    If it’s bail, then how on earth did he get the money? Oo

    • Frank

      “I am prepared to write you a check of any size”
      –Pit on January 25

      • Justice193

        ooooh, good point, totally covered his rear there, never thought of that :P .

  29. Shoji

    I honestly have to say that I wasn’t able to follow along this story arc at all..

    • Argent Stonecutter

      That’s because it was the arc of the covenant.

      • Frank

        O_o ……… :D :D :D :D :D :D
        How do you come up with these things, mon ami d’argent?

  30. FuRrY321

    “Why did I put that in the printer?”

    Well, three reasons:
    1) To ensure there’s no evidence the police could take away from you;
    2) You thought that you had a laser printer so that you could burn the map outline onto the carbon paper, and make it look cooler than regular white-paper-printed maps;
    or 3) You ain’t smart.

    I’m voting for the third option, personally.

    • Frank

      4) he wanted a cylindrical map (it is now carbon-copied onto the printer’s roller, also known as the drum)

      • FuRrY321

        Well, you know, you do lose a bit of realism when looking at a map as compared to a globe (the land masses are out of proportion on a map). I guess Thomas found a compromise: make a more accurate map by making it cylindrical! After all, don’t many of us find ourselves trying to connect the two “sides” of the map to tell how far away the nearest land mass really is? (For example, Asia is NOT as far away from North America as maps would lead you to believe: the concept of a never-ending east and west is ruined when viewed on a map.)

        Mind you, he’s looking at a map of a mansion, and unless there are corridors that lead back in of themselves (for example, if there were teleporters at the end of a hallway leading to the opposite end of the same hallway, or a giant pneumatic tube-like launcher device that shot the ferrets into a curving tube that led back into the same wall they came out of – more likely, considering they are a playful sort!), then there would be no real practical use for a cylindrical map.

        • Frank

          Ahh, but how do we know that it’s in the mansion, or somewhere that can be reached directly from the mansion? All we know is that it’s in some place other than   Lake Michigan :D

          • FuRrY321

            Your two spaces have the same effect as an ellipses.
            Was that intentional?

            Oh, and just because it’s just SO much better than Windows Vista…
            Who here is running Windows 7 (Home Premium or above)?

  31. Stevie Maxwell

    For some reason, I was expecting something similar to the start of the previous arc:

    - “Hello Thomas.”
    – “So… we’re switching to an insanity plea?”
    - “Is that supposed to be a joke? This is just a bail hearing.”
    – “Why so serious, Celia?”

  32. Wolf Pup TK

    I liked this arc, but I don’t see how there’s any sort of conclusion here… am I missing something? Doesn’t he just need to reprint the map on different paper? It would have seemed like an actual ending if his finger really was covering up the camera.

    Maybe panels 7 and 8 got switched? O_o