Quick Valentine’s Bonus

Last year’s was here: http://www.housepetscomic.com/2009/02/13/cut-on-the-dotty-line/ in case you need more!

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  1. Lutrinae

    ROFL, you should make these in the printable version like the last ones.

  2. WirelessPB

    I love these! Especially the third one with the black kitty. :D Thanks, again, Rick, for putting a smile on my face.

    Now if I only had someone to give them to. :(

    *pitiful sob*

  3. thewhitedragon

    I wonder .. if you agree to date with bigglesworth, do the whole pack comes to you? XD

    • Cingal

      I think they’re interchangeable depending on your tastes.

      Thus the tick box.

  4. Icharus

    Very cool. I was hoping we’d get a set of these in the “new” style.

  5. Kitsunami

    Not bad.

    I dont have anyone for that so ‘ill pass, but very nice.

  6. Valerio

    I definitely would use king’s valentine.

  7. mathgrant

    . . . How the crap is “male” or “female” an answer to “will you be mine?” I know there’s a joke in there somewhere about how all the Mr. Bigglesworths (male and female) look alike, but the answers are incongruous with the question! D:

    • Erkhyan

      I think he/she’s trying to be sure beforehand. Last time we had two Mr. Bigglesworths embarrassed to discover they were both male when they each thought they were dating a female…

  8. Deruty

    Definitely like the black cat’s one the best :3. Have we me this character yet, I don’t recall him/her before :o

  9. Rennis Tora

    King’s is the best one… If you find V-Day a task more then a time for wuv.

  10. Hikaru Hoko

    I love king’s Valentine! I’ve got to give that to my dad!

  11. 1PlayerD

    Kings is awsome :D

  12. Spirit Studios 2010

    King is win… as is Tarot.

    What’s best about King’s is that it is able to be used for any holiday! Not just St. Valentines Day.

  13. Rukral

    I’m printing some out to give to my friends for fun, these are awsome

  14. james319

    LOL must print!!!

    i somehow miss Keys ._.

  15. ShadyKitsune

    I think this is the first time we see any characterization added to Keys?
    Well, except that he is musical and impatient with indicisive people at restaurants.

    • Liam

      In retrospect it occured to me that the strip at the restaurant could have been the first hint at his emotional instability.

  16. scuba_cat

    just as good as last years!

  17. Sockmaster


  18. slacks315

    XD, I have passed a few of these out along with some from last year. I hope they notice the website on the side and give you more fans.

  19. Cerberus

    Ha i love these. Kings is probably the best out of these but i still think that Max’s one from last year is the best overall.

    • NobodyYouKnow

      me 2

  20. Argent Stonecutter

    Yay, more Jo..King.


    Well, it’s a start.

  21. wingedwolfgirl

    luv the bottom 2.

  22. LoftyFox

    Hehe.. I love seeing more of King! =D

  23. HonorèDerazey

    The one with Keys is probably the best one for me! =D

  24. falconthefox

    I used King’s one for my mate this year, she got a heck of a laugh out of it. She reads sthe strip too but had agreed to not look at it till i gave her the card lol!

  25. toboe

    Keys, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  26. Caleb

    All right I really missed King. And even if he isn’t actually in a new strip it is great to have more anything with him in it.

  27. Tamer

    Beware the power of TSUDERE!!!

    King are SO CUTE!!! I want to see him MORE!

    • Caleb

      I agree.

    • Asteri

      you mean TSUNDERE?
      regardless, yes :D :D:D:D

  28. Caleb

    He should be a main character.
    Instead of just a supporting character.
    He has the personality and back story for it as well as enough fans.

    • Caleb

      And by he I mean King

  29. Chip Uni

    I’m even more in love with the Mr. Bigglesworths. Thank you!

  30. Fuzzypaws

    King will never stop being adorable ^.^

  31. rWolf1991

    I’m gonna give my friends these.
    Also Kings was the best.

  32. MagicalSarai

    This year’s cards are much funnier and I actually used the one with Keys.

  33. Squival

    honestly dont know how you can come up with these cards so well, they’re brilliant