Let’s Get This Over With
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  1. Majin-Wolf

    So Much for rich and glory!!

    • Majin-Wolf

      God only knows what Miles is gonna do now to poor ol Thomas b4 Miles hands Thomas over to the cops! A torture scene perhaps, dunk him in cold water, force his eyes open, tied down to a chair and watch nothing but the fabulous life of Rock and Thomas on VH1 over and over again!!

      • Majin-Wolf

        opps i meant Lana! :D

  2. Dissension

    So that’s what those big muscles are for! xD

  3. Pokeblue

    Lol, either a modestly good distance to the pool, or she’s has a texting speed faster than 100wpm.

    Maybe he’ll have better luck next time, if he’s not thrown into jail first.

    • Musimba

      Ferrets would have smaller hands so they should be able to type on those tiny keyboards more easily and faster than using big thumbs.

  4. Lucien

    and that’s what we like to call an:


    • Kamron

      …followed by an EPIC FLAIL.

      • Bryan Pope

        And then EPIC JAIL

        • Spirit Studios 2010

          … fail.

          • Manix

            noth y0u guyzz Phail *falls down drunk* =3

          • Kamron

            What can I say? The common pun is a failment that affects us all.

        • BlueAnubis

          I doubt he will be able to afford to pay the EPIC BAIL.

          • Zaffa

            And this is why I love the comments. Because of all the horrible, horrible wordplay.

          • Valerio

            Ain’t it EPIC, Zaffa?

          • NobodyYouKnow

            then you’ll love/hate (?) this!
            Get back, write braille
            Get jailed, jump bail
            Join the army, if you fail
            (this is a lot funnier and more relevant if you look at the comments for “and now back to the show”, January 5th)

          • Lucien

            Wow didn’t expect such a recation to my post but then again those two words can grab anyone’s attention.

        • Infurnous

          Oh yes it can

          • NobodyYouKnow

            oh yes what can?

        • Duskyo

          All of these comments are EPIC WIN!!!

  5. Lutrinae

    Totally unrelated but… Do they live in Florida? they mentioned a court case in one strip that was the state of Florida v. something i forgot what.

    • Frank

      It was snowing on November 17, 2008, so I’m guessing “no”

      • Lutrinae

        Actually its snowing in Florida now, as well as here in Mississippi.

      • Frank

        I know I always put the date, but in this particular case, I meant that it wasn’t snowing in Florida in November, and it wasn’t snowing in 2008. Therefore, it is very unlikely they live in Florida

  6. Serp

    his mustache is visable through the mask o_o…O_O

    • Justice193

      you kidding? he made a space in his mask for his ’stash, can’t be wrecking it now :P .

  7. Asteri

    epic fail :)

    …you know his mustach matches quite well with his facemask

    • Frank

      Yeah! I hadn’t noticed until now that they are the same color!

  8. Kamron

    Okay, I’m sorry. Am I missing something from an earlier plot? Why would getting to the pool save his sorry hide?

    • Kamron

      Diggin’ through the archives, but I’m still not finding it.

      Is lost could use help plzkthx

      • Stevie Maxwell

        If you notice the background of the pool room the “window” that leads outside seems to line up with the pool, which suggests that one could swim outside that “window”.

        Other than that, I have no other ideas.

        • FuRrY321

          Umm… but wouldn’t that allow the water to get out the window?…

          Agh! Stupid cartoon physics!

        • Frank

          Escaping a house by swimming the length of a double olympic pool that leads to the wintery outdoors? Dunno, something in there seems like a bad idea.

          Of course! He didn’t bring his swimming suit!

        • Poplick

          I think it’s a pool with half of it covered by the building. I’m not entirely sure what use that would be, but it sounds much better than a window.

  9. Maark30

    He probably thinks that Wolves cant swim.

  10. Nyrufa

    Maybe, but they could still camp around it and wait for him to get out.


    • Maark30

      Never said that he was a bright guy. He blew through his own fortune after all.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        And invested in a pneumatic tubes company.

        • Kamron

          That one worked out for him, though!

          • Valerio

            the sweet irony! He could have made a small fortun with the pneumatic tubes for the ferrets instead of being wolfed down!

  11. 2MK

    Watchmen of Loaded Ferrets

  12. falconthefox

    hehe! way to go Miles!

    • james319

      Didn’t think he’d get “this” Job

  13. Valerio

    MILES = AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rWolf1991

      Agreed. And darn you I was going to use that pic.

      • HonorèDerzey

        HAHA! U phale more than Thomas!!!

        • rWolf1991

          It’s ok. Have also had something else in mind. XP

      • Valerio

        I’m a darned sock tube :D

  14. WakkaLakka

    Holy crap he’s lifting up a grown man with one hand.
    No wonder that one guy freaked out when Miles first tried talkin to people

  15. Stevie Maxwell

    got bdguy lol bbq nao?

    • Valerio

      rotfl! :D

      • BlueAnubis

        OMG, LOL! BBQFTW!

        • NobodyYouKnow

          i wish i were more computer-acronym literate…
          surely theres some face that would go well at the end of this comment

          • Pvt Ssellur

            NobodyYouKnow, where did you get the avatar for Fnar?

          • NobodyYouKnow

            on the issue called “Someone’s Favorite Thing”. i just used the print screen button to copy it to paint and then i edited it to just show the last panel and got rid of the “ttfn” sign. then i saved it and uploaded it as my avatar.

  16. Cid

    That is awesome Hawtness. The Wolf not the badguy in the shimmy diving position

    • Valerio

      *sigh* some humans are soooo lucky :P

  17. Doomwolf

    I think the pool scene might be a reference to Metal Gear Solid, you know the part at the very beginning of the game wear snake has to sneak past the guards to get to the elevator but if he get’s caught he has to jump in to the water and wait for the timer to countdown.

    • ShadyKitsune

      Too bad Miles is smarter than an army of poor AI guards, eh?
      Too bad for Thomas that is.

  18. james319

    cute Text :P

  19. BlueArmy

    Wait, Miles understands texts? (Enter Thoth)

    • Frank

      Hey, yeah Thoth, and when you get there, maybe you can tell us where Miles is keeping his cellphone / pager / whatever he’s receiving the text message on, ’cause it sure aint his collar!

      • Alahmnat

        I would assume he keeps it in his green vest-y thingy.

  20. FuRrY321

    “Hey guy! Say hi to MR. WEDGIE!”
    *bad guy gets away, but with the humiliation of losing HALF HIS UNDERPANTS!*

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. It looks like he’s holding him right around there, though. And BOY IS THOMAS EVER LONG to span TWO WHOLE PANELS!!!!

  21. Frank

    So they turned the pool room into something more literal as well, right? (please nobody start a discussion on pool vs. billards)

    • Argent Stonecutter

      You’ve been snookered!

      • Justice193

        that comment is made of win :D … too bad I’m too sick to think of anything :(

    • Frank

      Okay, I’m not going to say anything just because that was such a good one

  22. Legendario 777

    HAHA !!!
    You got owned man !

    Miles = Wolf Chuck Norris

    “That was fun !
    I’m texting the guards now”

    That HAS to be one of the best lines in Webcomic History.

  23. Spirit Studios 2010

    1) Lana is hilarious.

    2) The alt txt fits so well.

    3) EPIC FAIL!!!

    4) Did Miles just happen to be at the swimming pool when he got the txt or was there enough time in between for him to run there or is Miles JUST THAT FAST? (I’m hoping he’s just that fast)

    5) A two hundred pound man (estimate) being held up by a 150 pound wolf (also estimate)… HOW MUCH CAN MILES PRESS, MAN!?

    k, i’m done now.

    • Valerio

      considering those biceps, man, it’s no wonder at all! :D

    • wingedwolfgirl

      I’m still wondering how fast Lana can type!
      she sent Miles a text mesage in that short amount of time after all.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        We don’t know how long between the panels.

        • NobodyYouKnow

          i think we can assume that the ferrets would just looooooove to spend a bagajillion dollars to make the distance between the pool and the kitchen as superfluously long as possible, filled with tube socks and pneumatic tube plans, and all the stuff we saw in the background of the tube sock episode

          • FuRrY321

            I thought that was just a single hall separate from both the kitchen and pool area used just for the purpose of banging into things and breaking them with a sock over your head?

            In Olympic-related news… http://www.ctvolympics.ca/luge/news/newsid=39315.html

            I’m sure many of you have heard of this tragic accident, but a Georgian luger was killed during a test run. Check the link for more info and a recording of said accident.

    • HonorèDerzey

      @Spirit Sudios 2010

      Look at the comment I left below about how physically impossible it is for Miles to stop him so fast…

  24. tahrey

    ah, slapstick, is there nothing you can’t funny up?

    • Kamron

      The Donner Party. Other than that, you’re golden.

  25. foxfireattack

    The Pool is Closed

  26. wingedwolfgirl

    No, srisly,

    • Majin-Wolf

      Ha well he has to be in shape to keep “Epic Faliures” like Thomas at bay!! :)

  27. Zaffa

    I TOLD you that’s why they called it the Pool Room.

  28. q

    Oh dear. I hope Thomas doesn’t get fed to the cubs.

    • Frank

      At this stage of the game? They’ll probably force him to play video games! (Yes, that is “against the laws of nature in ways that even I cannot understand.”)

    • Maark30

      Besies, he would make the cubs sick. he is definantly “ROTTEN” meat.

  29. HonorèDerazey

    I don’t think it to be physically possible to stop a 72Kg man with a momentum of 146 Kg*m/s that quick without falling in with him… er… has Newton would probably state…

    • Mephrum

      And now, somewhere, Domo-kun has killed a kitten.


      • HonorèDerzey

        That wouldn’t surprise me… Domo-Kun looks dangerous…

    • Justice193

      now imagine that it is physically possible for Miles to stop him that fast, and you’ve started to touch on just how strong Miles is :D .

      you also do not consider that he was at the apex of his jump and may have made a more upward jump, instead of a straight forward one, in an effort to look more dramatic, turning his momentum at that moment in time to a rather low number, and all Miles really had to do was hold his weight.

  30. NobodyYouKnow

    this is going to sound reallllllllly of topic, but if ada is reading this, reply, because i have to ask you a question

  31. Justice193

    and then he finds out that they freeze the pool like that because it’s fun to skate over the bumps :P … good thing miles stopped him :D .

  32. Kume

    all right. last thing you wanna hear fro mme #2

    OMG THE MUSCLES! *drools*

  33. Anonymous

    There are a bunch of suggestions for why he went for the pool.
    I haven’t seen this one yet – maybe it was to lose his scent trail?

    • NobodyYouKnow

      first of all, you where posting at 1:58 this morning?


      second of all, that is an interesting theory

      • NobodyYouKnow

        i’d also comment about how your name is Anonymous, but i guess im really not in the position to do that, seeing that my name is equally obscure

    • Justice193

      a well trained tracking dog will prove to you that this doesn’t work, because your sent will poll in any and all areas on the water’s surface that it can, this will be places along the bank, any little eddy in the stream, and anywhere that the water pools up… like in a pool, small stream, or lake… and entering one does not wash away your scent, the instant you leave it, you begin to leave another easily tracked trail, your actually much better off mingling with other human scents, such as a large town or city, where your smell may become confused with other ones.

  34. The game

    Goodness be!!! Miles is strong!!!!

  35. Silver Guardian

    I just had a scary thought…

    When this guy goes to jail, does he get turned into another one of Pete’s pets? It wouldn’t surprise me; he seems to have the same kind of problems that Joel/King had.

    • Indagare

      It was stated near the beginning of the arc that Pete wouldn’t touch this guy if you paid him, so it seems unlikely he’d be transformed.

      • Kamron

        Would blackmail convince Pete otherwise? >:3

      • Silver Guardian

        What? Dang it, how’d I miss that?

        Okay, now I gotta go back and check.

      • Silver Guardian

        Okay, I went back and checked, and this is what I’ve come up with:

        IF the alt text is to be taken definitively, then you’d be right; it won’t happen. I understand that.

        However, one must consider the source of one’s evidence along with the evidence itself. Based on the content of the alt texts I’ve seen around here, the general purpose of them seems to be nothing more than taking their respective jokes a half-step further.

        With that in mind, it still wouldn’t surprise me to see Pete make an appearance.

  36. 1PlayerD

    i just can wait for the next part,im just hooked to this comic now lol

  37. Fuzzypaws

    The woof should have stomped him into pulp!

  38. Wolfspawn

    Buff wuffs are hawt :P

    • Kamron

      I believe you mean buff wuffs are, um… huff.