Among Thieves
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  1. Dissension

    Ahahahahah, “honor among thieves.” Yeah, right! x3

    • Frank

      They need to sign a Pirates’ Code. Oh right, backstabbing was actually encouraged in those …so long as it didn’t make holes in the ship

  2. HonorèDerazey

    I hear voices too, but they don’t come from the ceiling. They’re in my my head. I think one of those voices is a schizophrenic… >.>

    • ndigit

      It’s an alien. His name is Bob. He lives in your pinky. And when he talks, he tries to get you to buy him tubes. Guess what kind?

      • HonorèDerazey

        Pneumatic tubes!! =D…

        I think…

        I’d ask him, but the voice that is mute is currently occupying his mind at the moment…

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      I also hear voices.

      One wants to fit in.
      The other tells me to be myself.
      The third tells me to walk on all fours and act like a wolf.
      The fourth one is the only one with a physical form. I call him Mini’thulhu. He lives on my shoulder and controls peoples MINDS!!!
      Then the last one is a music addict. He’s currently been forcing me to listen to Caramelldansen (Speedy Cake remix) and sing it over and over again. I’ve about got it memorized.

  3. ndigit

    So…dreaming of muffled bad words is a regular occurrence I see…

    • Stevie Maxwell

      Kinda makes me wonder how Mr. Steward handled it the previous times, and if it’ll be S.O.P. for this one.

      • Frank

        Uh, which use of S.O.P are you referring to?

    • Snowmon

      That or he’s been stuck in the closet for days on end.

    • Frank

      I think it’s kinda cute that they go to Mr. Steward when they have a bad dream. Yes, I said “cute”; you got a problem with that?

      • Kamron

        Not really, no.

  4. Kamron

    Like a promise Thomas makes at this point is going to matter. He’ll just stab her in the back later, so Celia shows a lack of caution by revealing her treachery early.

    If either of them are smart, they’re going to be carrying weapons until one of them gets away with ALL the sweet loot.

    • Kamron

      I also want to point out that XKCD made a reference to Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma tonight. It’s not directly related to the current scenario, but it’s interesting in relation to Thomas and Celia’s overall behavior.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I think the world needs an iterated prisoner’s dilemma version of truth-or-dare, calculate the payoff matrix for embarrassing versus non-embarrassing questions and dares. You could even compare a partial knowledge version (using a “secret santa” scheme) with a full knowledge version (instant askbacks).

  5. Fuzzypaws

    Pillows are delicious.

    • Carma

      Of course pillows are delicious. Why else would they look like giant fluffy marshmallows?

      • FuRrY321

        I’ve never mistaken my pillow for a marshmellow. Because I know what they truly look like, under those pillowcases. Besides, I’d probably choke on the zipper before I ate the whole thing, anyway. :P

  6. Cerberus

    Okay i feel better now, i thought i was the only one that hears those kind of things. They talk to me and we have great conversations. its kinda fun.

  7. RaptorAnton

    When I woke up, my pillow was missing too. It’s a conspiracy, I’m sure!!!
    I hope that they won’t call me and demand ransom for giving my pillow back.

  8. james319

    Pillows are marshmallows to me some times ._.

  9. RaptorAnton

    - In my dream I was eating marsmallows! ^_^
    - Who cares? It’s just a dream!
    - Yeah, but when I woke up, my pillow was missing…
    - … Uh… Were those marshmellows… hmm… tasty?

  10. SamBlob

    Thomas (if he were smart): “O.K., here are your options: Rat me out and get the original percentage of *nothing* AND get ratted out as an accomplice in turn, or help me get out of here and get what we had agreed on.”

    Then again, Thomas isn’t smart, is he?

  11. Squival

    wonder if either the wolves or Mr. Steward will handle this in the end… or neither ;)

  12. FuRrY321

    I occasionally “hear” my parents or my sister calling me. Usually it’s my mind playing tricks on me, though it rarely happens anymore.

    Mind you, that’s because I have the Logitech X-540s set up in my room, and they’re loud enough at 50% to block out any “voices” I hear. :D

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      I used to be that way. I thought it was the Animorphs calling me through their telekinesis.

      • FuRrY321

        That’s it, you’ll be hearing *snerk* Yeerks in the middle of the night tonight, slithering to take over your mind!

        • Greek Geek

          HA, Love that. You get mighty kuddos for that reference.
          <3 cassie. shes awesome.

  13. FlareKitsune

    Aha! I always knew she was a Spy.

  14. Jack

    its funny that i never posted here ever since i joined the forum…

    that is one strange dream to be having. and who is this mister steward?

    • RaptorAnton

      I dunno. At first, I thought that it’s their batler, but his name is Jeeves… Maybe he is Steward Jeeves?

    • Frank

      “Everyone, this is Herman Steward, our court-appointed steward. Yes we are quite aware of the pun, we requested it specifically.”
      –Lana Milton. July 27, 2009

      He was also mentioned on January 18, 2010 in the Daily Talk Show. How could you not watch it?


    i think that the ferrets are lucky S.O.B’s to even need to hire guards to patroll their grounds

    • Frank

      Uh, technically a female ferret is called a ferret; no “B” there

      (Yeah, I know, this is a poor excuse for a joke. Don’t kill me.)

      • Argent Stonecutter

        A female ferret is a “jill”. A male ferret is a “hob”. Don’t blame me, it’s those wacky old English who come up with this stuff.

  16. wingedwolfgirl

    Well, now we know where Celia’s loyalty lies …Nowhere.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      “Cruella de Vil, Cruella de Vil, if she doesn’t scare you no evil thing will…”

  17. Spirit Studios 2010

    I really loled last panel.

  18. The game

    Ha, the ferrets all have comedian blood in them :D

  19. Darcin

    Hey, she’s trying to make him promise payment under duress! Legally, he’s not entitled to…oh, right.

  20. Cat-Lover Cross

    Someone forgot to sweep out the aliens in the attic again!

  21. Zekermeme

    That was unwise. I don’t think Celia has ever seen this type of movie, because that’s usually the character who gets murdered horribly.

  22. Salenstormwing

    Usually problems like that can be solved with a nice glass of milk or water and a pat on the head. Usually.

    • FuRrY321

      Ah, but what if the ferret(s) is/are lactose intolerant? It’ll make them constipated, and besides, food right before bed is supposed to give you bad dreams, anyway. (Yeah, right. I used to always have snacks before bed. Mind you, now I can never remember my dreams… maybe that’s why?)

      • Frank

        Depending on the food, it either makes your mind much more active than it should be (thus making it easier for the dream to go off on a tangent into the “bad”) or less active than it should be (rather than your brain doing the stuff it’s supposed to do while you sleep, your body is focusing on digestion). If you eat something “light”, it should make no difference, because the digestion gets over with quickly, and there’s nothing extra for the brain to burn extra activity on.

  23. Asteri

    and you’d think they’d be suspicious by now…

  24. Silver Dragon ordinence

    THOSE STUPID CRIMINALS! They made the cute ferret have a bad dream. I wish ill-comings on all of the bad guys!