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  1. Kamron

    Well, THIS is a twist.

    He is holding the ferrets’ map, right?

    • Gardevoirian

      which is probably scribbled on and unreadable.

      • Angelkitt

        Or it’s just a fake, or something… though, i feel a But coming along within the next comic. Hehe… someone is in for a suprise.

  2. Thoth

    Well, there are still plenty of banks using them… Still, I suspect that the ferrets might be willing to trade a treasure map for pneumatic tubes anyway.

    • Frank

      My local big-box store (no, it’s not a Wallmart) uses to transport checks.
      And the film Elf shows the Empire State building still uses them.

      I think what Thomas means is that nobody needs new pneumatic tubes installed

  3. JoeyWolf

    “Sorry Mr. Burglar but your map is in a different castle.”

    • FuRrY321

      WHAT!? Then what’s this big, red “X” here for? That says, “this way to money”?

      “Oh, sorry, that’s what Daisy calls her laundry bag that she got all her money in. She calls it money.”


      (That’s what would happen if Mr. Burglar guy here happened to waltz into Daisy’s chambers of the Milton castle. What? We all know she lives there now; she spent all the prize money she won on dog biscuits.)

      • Frank

        I thought she called it “Hi, I’m Daisy!”

        • FuRrY321

          In hindsight, that’s what she calls her dog biscuits, too.

  4. Snowmon

    Okay I remember someone saying that the map would be on a table in a well lit room.
    Does that room look well lit to you?

    • ShadyKistune

      I don’t assume you put your lights out for the night?
      Having a well lit room when everyone is asleep is such a horrible waste of energy, and a good way to raise your electric bill.
      Did I mention it’s night in the last panel?

      • Snowmon

        Yes, well that was the joke, but you took it too literally to be funny. and well, I’m not very good with jokes so no one should have laughed at that stupidity because the stupidity of that joke was so bad that any other comedian would have been ‘boo’ed off the stage for it.
        And yet… You can’t read a map with shades in a poorly lit room.

        Did I forget to mention that my last comment was a joke.

  5. Dissension

    I like how the box is marked “SECRET MAPS.” x3

    There is no way this could be a ruse. *laughs*

  6. KzT

    Mind is blown! Things HAVE to go wrong. He said the cursed line!

  7. ndigit

    WELL then.

  8. Cerberus

    You never know. Millionaire ferrets could bring the pnuematic tube back in style. Stocks on pneumatic will raise and other money stuff i don’t understand. By the end of it, the ferrets will have more money than they could have thought possible (thats if they even cared for the money in the first place).

    • Cerberus

      And also….. um what villian with a history of larceny whistles during a heist?

      • Spirit Studios 2010

        … a really good one?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        One whose ski mask matches his moustache

      • Frank

        Hudson Hawk!
        Oh wait, that wasn’t whistling, that was all-out singing

  9. BlueAnubis


    • 2MK


      That dosen’t even make any sense if I said that.

      • Darcin


        • ShadyKistune

          Erecting a map!

  10. slacks315

    Famous last words right thar.

  11. Maark30

    If you wonder what kind of villan whistles during a heist you have never delt with a mortgage broker.

  12. brostudios

    Our hospital uses pneumatic tubes to send blood and urine specimens from the ER. Most do.

    • Kormiak Rue

      Too Much Information!

  13. ShadyKistune

    How… How could this be?
    He said those cursed words, HIGHLIGHTED EVEN!
    It will probobly come in effect in the next strip…

  14. Pokeblue

    I know the ferrets can be careless at times, but that’s too easy. There’s gotta be a catch somewhere.

    • Cat-Lover Cross

      Or a huge plot hole. This is just way to even to be fair :D

      • FuRrY321

        Or a huge covered hole behind him, that’s actually part of an enormous underground pneumatic tube system hidden beneath the mansion/castle. Watch as he wonders why the big red “X” is right where he’s standing xD

  15. BillyMT

    What, he actually found it? How anticlimatic…

    • Frank

      You just wanted to see what a literal ballroom looked like, didn’t you? :D

      • BillyMT

        I’m a carpet-shark at heart x3;

  16. Spirit Studios 2010

    I foresee him turning around to see about 50 OTHER burglars wanting to steal the map.

  17. james319

    That easy? huh….. XD

  18. Sockmaster


  19. Stevie Maxwell

    Secret maps don’t always lead to money. Just something that the mapmaker wanted to keep secret.

    • ShadyKistune

      The Late Mr. Milton’s stash of erotic literature?
      I KNEW he was a dirty old dog! Man, dirty old man…

  20. Argent Stonecutter

    Maybe the old guy just collected secret maps.

    • Justice193

      that… would be… HILARIOUS XD.

  21. Frank

    Hey! The larceny gloves are back!

  22. FlareKitsune

    He never really was on your side.

    • ShadyKistune

      That Pneumatic Tube Engineer is a SPAH!

  23. FuRrY321

    Sigh… will the bad guys never learn? Will Rick have to use every cliched- (what keyboard shortcut do you use to make the accent?) line-that-you’re-never-supposed-to-say just to teach them a lesson?

    • Frank

      On windows, and a keyboard with a number pad, ALT+130. (The other vowels are in the wikipedia article for the acute accent)

      If you don’t have an option key (see Argent Stonecutter’s post below at 3:05 PM), Windows, nor a number pad, copy and paste the letter from somewhere else (say Word’s spell check, or googling for an accented e or something)

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Option is the key with the “⌥” symbol on it.

        Oh, you can also use compose-’-e if your keyboard has a compose key. If you don’t have a compose key modify xorg.conf to have something like ‘Option “XkbOptions” “compose:rwin”‘ in the InputDevice section (that will make the right “⌘” key “compose”).

      • FuRrY321

        I have a kéyboûrd with a num pad, I’m using WIndows for some reason (I also have Linux installed) and I have an Alt key.

        Neither on my laptop’s keyboard, nor my Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 keyboard, do I see an “option” key. And at Argent, I thought xorg.conf was just in Linux? I wasn’t even aware Windows used it too. Also, are you using a Mac? ‘Cuz that supposed “Windows” symbol looks suspiciously like the symbols I’ve seen on Macs…

  24. Argent Stonecutter

    Option-E : cliché

    (if your keyboard doesn’t have an “option” key, I’m sorry)

  25. HonorèDerazey

    NOTHING could go wrong with an epic mustache like he’s got!!!

  26. The game

    He did it…HE SAID THE LINE

    and he dun-dun-DUNNNNNNNNNNN …..whistled!!!!

  27. Frank

    Question: who is the “he” that bought out the pneumatic tube company?

  28. wingedwolfgirl

    Soooo basically, I getting that…

    -The Pneumatic Tubes WEREN’T part of the scheme to get into the house, they were just a method of generating funds for their treasure hunt.

    -Annnd even though he would have been allowed in (to install Pneumatic tubes), he still “got out his larceny gloves” …and broke in.

    That actually DOES make sense.

    • Justice193

      yes, take suspicion off the pneumatic tube installer. >.>

  29. Justice193

    anyone else Really want to see this map lead them on a wild goose chase? :D

    • FuRrY321

      Nah, that’s too clichéd. I think Rick should come up with something original to happen to the villians (or villian – he’s the one breaking in). Like, say for example, Pete appearing to HIM and making him fall into the giant pneumatic tube I mentioned earlier. ;)

    • Silver Dragon ordinence

      Totally! That would be awesome and soo stupid of them.

  30. Valerio

    I dunno… I have problems imagining ol’ Milton putting away a big pile o’money to be found via a map. Especially after covering any possible legal gizmo in favor of his beloved ferrets…
    Oh, Rick, what a surprise you must be having in store!

  31. Silver Dragon ordinence

    These two are so stupid. Taking money from totally awesome ferrets.

  32. Argent Stonecutter

    Cave furetos tabula ferentes.

    • FuRrY321

      Just ‘cuz I’m too lazy to go to Google Translate…
      what does that mean?

  33. Fuzzypaws

    That was kind of sudden actually. :3

  34. pkpg

    Ah crud…
    He said it…
    He just HAAAD to say it… -_-