Secondary Objective
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  1. Dissension

    I am increasingly appreciative of Pit’s personality. <3

    • Frank

      I guess he’s what Walt E. Disney would call “a practical man”. Of course, Pit’s definition of what’s “practical” probably differs from Walt’s.

      Isn’t there anyone else awake right now? Just us three?

      • BlueAnubis

        Yes, I believe you are.

      • rWolf1991

        I’m awake but it’s only 11:00 where I am

  2. Darcin

    Well, so much for the treasure hunt. Why look for treasure when you can get a blank check?

    Oh hey, male ungrateful relative has a name now.

    • Frank

      He always did. See July 20, 2009 (and see the comments section two strips ago for why it now appears in the tags)

      • Darcin

        Why so he did. My ignorance has proved to be slightly-to-moderately embarrassing!

  3. Frank

    What’s the difference between clear and transluscent? Or for that matter, between transparent and see-through?

    • loudhawaiianshirt

      clear means you can see through it clearly. translucent means you can see through it but not clearly.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        For now we see as through a translucent tube, fuzzily. – 1 Cor:13

      • Justice193

        his question bugs me, mostly in that I want to get all scientific, but really because he’s asking if they want thin or thick tubes…or at least that’s what I would ask if I was secretly trying to kill them >.>.

    • Weaver

      As these two good folks said.

      Oh, and by the way, as to Pit wanting a ride: called it! Of course, maybe I lived around ferrets too long. I know more or less how they think.

  4. KzT

    I nearly forgot the reason they were. Apparently so did he.

    • Frank

      The reason they were what? The reason they were not toys? The reason they were going to case the joint? The reason they were filthy rich?

  5. BlueAnubis

    I bet that’s what Pit says to everyone, and that’s pretty close to the answer he always gets.

    Hmm, Thomas is actually quite intelligent in this field… I wonder if it is something he learned in his larceny days?

  6. Cerberus

    I agree. marble has no pratical use, and its not “shiny”, its more of a glossy. So the best idea would be to tear it up and put sometihng in thats practical and useful. Like a pneumatic tubes, or a GIANT TRAMPOLINE FLOOR. :D

    • Argent Stonecutter

      From personal experience I can say that freshly waxed flooring is every bit as fun as soaped flooring, and a lot shinier when it dries.

    • Firewing

      I vote for GIANT TRAMPOLINE FLOOR! Anyone else? Yes? No?

  7. Snowmon

    If you can’t beat them, Join them and then shoot them through a pneumatic tube.

    • Frank

      Why? so the pressure differential kills them? That’s quite the dirty way to end up “beating them” anyway!

      • Justice193

        no silly, to see if it’s safe, then do it too :D .

        • Snowmon

          No. Frank’s right. Plus the pay roll is well worth it.

  8. Kamron

    This is making me think of the glass elevator in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Just press a button and– vwhoom!

    • Frank

      Every time I hear of the Great Glass elevator I remember the time I once got (by mistake) on a cargo elevator at a mall; it actually went sideways on one of the floors!

  9. slacks315

    Far be it from me to question the ways of the rich, but how the hell do they keep their money?

  10. Frank

    I just noticed they’re in the same room that Fox and Bino were back on August 3rd, 2009. Of course, there could be many rooms with the same wall, so I may be wrong

  11. Thoth

    There seems to be a certain lack of serious villainy there. Otherwise, why warn them that they might get hurt playing with pneumatic tubes?

    Ah well. Still can’t rule out that the real answer to the apparently rhetorical “Do you know how many orphanages I’ve had to foreclose?!” wouldn’t be something like “Well, you couldn’t cover their payments any longer now that you’ve got no money!”. I’m sure the ferrets would enjoy sliding through a plot with enough twists for a corkscrew, and reversing so many perceptions would be a good one.

    • Kamron

      Of course, Thomas’ warning could’ve just been a way to dissuade Pit from actually purchasing anything. That way he wouldn’t have to worry about continuing his front once he got the info. Of course, now that he’s accepting a check, this plan is going to get knotty.

      • Frank

        Especially when the ferret fills out the “pay to the order of”
        Anyone else think the name will sound a bit too familiar?

    • Justice193

      orrrr… he could just be evil, and knowing he’d go with it anyways, warned him so that he could ask another question which could present dangers, as asking the transparency of the tubes could be used to assume thickness of said tubes which shouldn’t be used for personal transportation anyways in to hopes of having catastrophic failure which kills the ferrets >.>…

      or the prospect of having however much money he wants simply by working for them just made him open his eyes to the fact that he need not turn to villainy, which could leave some more potential for comedy :P .

    • Frank

      I think the warning is part of the act. If the ferrets ever tell anyone else about it (say, Mr. Steward) they’ll probably point out the dangers of the pressure differential. The ferrets would then turn to Thomas and ask how come he didn’t know that, which would make him blow his cover.

  12. Pokeblue

    Lol, who cares, you’re getting paid. XD

    You know, it’s pretty interesting here, the male relative, Thomas, seems to know quite a bit about the installation and safety measures that the ferrets have to keep in mind. Interesting work.

  13. Valerio

    Pit down the tube!

  14. Valerio

    the funniest thing about this arc is that the ungrateful relatives will end up rich just doing this work!

  15. ndigit

    And thus the immortal saying: “Money Talks.”

  16. james319

    Wow anything else the Milton ferrets need? XD

  17. Spirit Studios 2010

    Wow. This is the first time I’ve really laughed in this whole arc.

    The earlier strips seemed too serious until he got his gloves out.

  18. Silver Dragon ordinence

    Wait, doesn’t clear mean the same thing as translucent?

  19. Tom Flapwell

    Anyone else here familiar with Marble the ferret? I think Pit wouldn’t mind having her around:

  20. FuRrY321

    If Pit’s a guy, why does he have pink eyes?

    Mind you, in my Grade 8 class there was a guy who always wore a pink shirt…

    But he was a jerk…

    Unlike these ferrets! Say, can that guy actually install pneumatic tubes? I wanna see safe, transparent tubes for the ferrets installed, even if it’s just for the bad guys to get the money. :D

    • Frank

      Watch Polar Express

    • Echo

      Pit’s albino. White fur, pink/red eyes.


    i like albino animals. they just look cooler than the rest.

  22. The game

    I love Pit!!!!!

    aren’t translucent and clear the same?

    • wingedwolfgirl

      I think that’s kind of the POINT.
      As in:
      “Would you like the service done in 2 Business days or 48 hrs?”

      • Justice193

        but two business days means you could start on a Friday and end on a Monday >.>

        there is a slight difference, check Frank’s post at:
        January 25, 2010 at 12:02 am

  23. wingedwolfgirl

    They wouldn’t have to worry about the pressure differential if they installed ferret-sized capsules to ride in.

    Just a thought.

  24. pkpg


    make a capsule that the ferret rides in, that way he is safe, and still able to shoot through a tube at high-speed :D

    • Justice193

      but then it’s just a high speed elevato-… that would still be fun >.>… I want one now :P .

      • Chip Uni

        Can I ride, too?


        • Manic

          3 times the charm =3


  25. Manic

    Also they can probably do the same thing in G-force

  26. Argent Stonecutter

    Designing extreme toys for billionaire ferrets. Where do I send my resume?

    • FuRrY321

      You don’t need a resume. This guy didn’t have to show anything but a toolbox and a professional-looking clipboard (probably). Which most likely just had “PNEUMATIC TUBES” written as the title and a bunch of random nonsense underneath.

      …Wait, isn’t that how most contracts go?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Finding the billionaire ferrets is the tough bit.

        The relatives can wait them out, even with double lifetimes those ferrets aren’t going to live all that long anyway

  27. Fuzzypaws

    Squee, ferrettubes! If I was a ferret and had lots of money I’d get that too. And lots of hammocks. ^.^